4Chan Uses Pornographic Images to Force Teenagers to “M”

4Chan is a growing threat to your young boy. This online web ring has a evil plot to force your boy into wanting to touch his flesh sword with sexual intent.

(Stats are for boys 11 to 19, who have visited 4Chan)
4Chan has been linked to masturbation in 87%
4Chan has been linked to poor grades in 34%
4Chan has been linked to disrespectful attitudes towards parents in 53%
4Chan has been linked to pre-martial sex in 82%
4Chan has been linked to obsession with Asian females having sex with tentacles in 65%
4Chan has been linked to pre-martial sex in 82%
4Chan has been linked to serial killer thoughts in 22%
4Chan has been linked to atheism in 9%

All little history and terminology:


4chan was started on AOL in 1998 by a 15 year old atheistic boy. He first used it as a chat room to share his drawings of Chinese porn to his friends and grew into a full community of digital smut drug dealers. Once the room got banned from AOL due to the large amounts of adult content, the young man named “moot” bought a domain and a hosting system from a local server shop and created 4chan. He got the name 4chan from his love of 4 channel RC cars and airplanes.

The site grew in popularity and soon became New York’s largest online Chinese porn image board. Most recently it has become the new haven for old Digg and Readit users.


/b/ is a universal term used by hackers to let them know a forum is filled with “bad” content. Since kids didn’t want their parents to know their were demon whacking in their rooms to produce devil DNA, they would make computer folders named /b/ to throw their parents off.

From this hackers started to use /b/ as a sub domain to let other hackers know they had a IRC room full of porno and wherez to share illegally.

Epic is a elite word used by these masturbating monkey mashers to described a image that has the most porn scent to it. If you hear your child use this word, then you know to look through his internet browser’s history to see if he has been cruising on hell’s highway.

A misspelling of the word “Porn”. This is to throw parents off. If a parent looks at a child’s keyword searches on Google and only sees the word Pron, then they wouldn’t know they are really searching for Porn.

Why it is dangerous:

Every day millions of pornographic images are being uploaded to 4chan’s /b/ – /z/ boards, to wet any young boy’s appetite. Categories can range from Japanime tentacle porn, Photoshopped celebrity nudes, kissing oriental lesbians or even Miley Cyrus up skits.

4Chan is like the famous 2 year liberal arts forum, deviant art.

It is full of anti-Christian artwork and naughty part filled imagery, exposing your child to devil temptations that are unnatural to do.

If your child has been to this site and you know about it, you most stop it! Allowing your child to perform self made sexual solo acts on himself will harden his soul and he will become Satan’s charcoal.

A good way to keep you son from doing “M”, just let him know the spirits of his dead relatives are watching him as he is pounding himself in adult wet dreamland.

Examples of things your child is being exposed to:

149 thoughts on “4Chan Uses Pornographic Images to Force Teenagers to “M”

    1. The Comedian

      Well fatass, left unsupervised, you’ve made a fool of yourself countless times. Kinda makes your point moot then, doesn’t it?

    2. taylor

      if masturbation is so unnatural, why do you assume that is what they will be doing???? is it possibly because that is what is naturally going to happen!!!! yea … so stupid … an animal gets horny when it see’s an opposite sex possible mate, they then have sex, you see nothing wrong with it, a human sees an opposite sex possible mate, he gets horny and wants to have sex with it and does what he can, uh oh spaghettio that’s somehow unnatural .. yea …

      1. Tyson Bowers IIIStephenson Billings Post author

        Like any indulgence, masturbation can be overwhelming and distracting for a young person. In today’s society, kids are not taught about proper social practices, including limiting public self gratification. For Christians, this sort of habit is impure and unpleasant. Masturbation addiction has also been shown to cause health issues. Maybe you should do some research on the subject!


        1. Hand Solo

          So this site basically lashes out at everything silly Conservatives believes to be unethical. Seriously, this doesn’t even have anything to do with Christianity. For one, the Bible is filled with sex, unethical or not you can’t overlook it. Two, Jesus never said you can’t fuck masturbate so fuck that shit. Three, tagging the word ‘Christianity’ doesn’t make your shit pure or reasonable because charging people money and making people with no self confidence go spent time at places every Sunday is buttfucked. Enjoy your flame suckers!

          Oh and I got done masturbating a 10 mins ago. MUAHAHAH!

        2. ullugullu

          you are the biggest dumbshit ive ever seen… this is why i hate christians, they never can let people live like they want to live…
          even that you think masturbation is a bad thing shows your ignorace and the thousand of comments here should proof it!
          the more people believe the dumber they get, do your resaerch and you will see the other side and not your christian fooled monkey mind that follows everything a wierd book says… honestly god kills millions of people more than any other person in the bible!
          Wake up! The Bible is just the first big comic book on that planet…
          Atheists are superior in every way…
          I think you sir deserves to die a horrible horrible way…
          if i would life in your shitty country i would burn your house and rape your wife even if im gay!!!

  1. MeAwesome

    Wow, this internets site is truly sick. Thanks for warning us about it. I can’t even gather my thoughts after looking at the same images you provided. After discussing this with my wife. we removed the “#four” key off of all the keyboard in our house and put them in our locked 2 key safe. If anyone needs to type that number, another person shall be required to be present while the button is out of the safe.

    1. Tyson Bowers IIITyson Bowers III Post author

      I would say install Surf Nanny. They can still Google the site by typing “four chan” and Google will give them a direct link.

      1. MeAwesome

        Wow, thanks for the quick advice. My wife also told me that people could probably type 3+1 on a calculator and then copy and paste the answer onto the world wide webs browser. I’ll have the asian neighbor kid who fixes my computers do that install tomorrow. Hopefully he won’t need the four keys; I can’t get them back on quite right.

    2. Blanche Beecham

      ME Awesome and Tyson,

      You two always are right on top of masturbating and the technology promoting it in our homes.

      I like both your ideas, but being a little old school, I’m adding an additional measure:


      1. Blanche Beecham

        Dang burn internets box won’t show my picture!


    3. Tex

      MeAwesome, you do realize, one can google search “four chan” and get to the site very easily. You’re attempt made me laugh really hard. If you want to block out a website… don’t remove the keys that are needed for typing them in, lol! the internet properties can be customized to blocking sites. It’s really easy.

      1. MeAwesome

        Yeah Tex, boy is my face red. Not only did it mess up my keyboards but I can’t type the dollar sign either as its attached to the “four” key

    4. bbm

      unless your kids are dumb they can take another key, snap it where the “4” was and use it like that, then simply replace it back to its op

      1. legion

        man this stuff made me laugh! I’m not a Christian anymre cz of such stupidity! seriously, wake the fuck up or gtfo…

  2. Millennium

    wow … so will you do Like in egypt close the Internet to them as well ??

    you don,t wnat freedom you wnat control Monitoring everyone

    1. English Teacher

      Millennium wrote:
      “wow … so will you do Like in egypt close the Internet to them as well ??
      you don,t wnat freedom you wnat control Monitoring everyone”

      I can’t tell whether I agree with this or not. Is there someone else you live with who we could talk to? Maybe they could translate for you.

        1. Loncaros

          If it weren’t for France, you’d still be British colonies today. That’s just how you treat friends and allies these days. Good thing your country is going down the drain, gg on the 125bn deficit bankrupting your states now =)

          1. MeAwesome

            Why are the French so racist? I can’t stand intolerance.
            Also what country allows Tom Thumb Napoleon to conquer how many countries? Way more than the U.S has ever invaded.
            And they are still sore over selling us everything between Louisiana and Montana for “Magic beans”

          2. Blanche Beecham

            The “Francos” as they like to refer to themselves are really into trash talking the “Anglos” and kicking the “Roma” out of the country. I think it is just their nature. Like in that movie, the Outlaw Josey Wales:

            Lone Watie: How did you know which one was goin’ to shoot first?

            Josie Wales: Well, that one in the center: he had a flap holster and he was in no itchin’ hurry. And the one second from the left: he had scared eyes, he wasn’t gonna do nothin’. But that one on the far left: he had crazy eyes. Figured him to make the first move.

            The French see us as wrong, but from our perspective they are on the far left. And they have the crazy eyes.

          3. Jack

            The reason “Tom Thumb Bonaparte” conqured so many countries is because about every other country was full of raging faggots at that time, exept the english were siting on the other side of the channel loling their asses off, and the russian used weather to kill 90,000 of his 100,000 soldier army, as well as burning their own cities to the ground, a tactic which they used later on when they fought hitler to the effect of much lolz

        2. Mainiac58

          WOW!!! …and AGAIN with the bigotry. AGAIN with the misinformation. The majority of the French speaking Canadians live in the Province of Quebec not spread out across the country. They speak French because they want to hold on to their heritage. Isn’t that what you people are always preaching?

  3. Millennium

    sissy me ? hahaha if French people are so Sissy than you should destroy your precious Liberty statue

    oh and By the way canadian helped in your stupid war for more than 10 years we even go Into danger zone

    also for english teacher

    seriously go teach to those american nutjobs a Lot of them doesn’t even know english

    1. Blanche Beecham

      I think it is wrong to call Canadians, specifically French Canadians – “Snow Mexicans” because it is insulting to the Corporation that delivers the MacMuffin to our car windows.

  4. Pastor John

    wow, this website you showed me is great! I’ve always had a fetish for Chinese porn and especially tentacle pron. Before i stumbled onto this awesome website i used to have to masturbate at the local library to all those damn fine Asians girls who i saw in the natural geographic magazines. Let me just say keep up the good work; I hope you can find some other website like this because my palms may be callused i must press on. So much more pron to see!

    1. Satan

      OH! Pastor John It’s satan just wanted to say I LOVED your handy work with that small asian woman.

      It was ..I dont have words for it the way you fucked her in ass was just…just awesome

      And I …I think I can say it…I think I love you…

      Yes…I wanna fuck you like an animal!
      I wanna feel you from the insideeee!

      I wanna fuck you like an animal—

      Lets get all homo up in the church bro~

  5. Carmen

    I’m a christian mother and since I saw this website I became totally addicted to it … I even cheated on my husband with an asian woman.

    Do I regret? Not at all, it’s so awesome and my kids (7 and 12) watch it too and I don’t mind, it’s like liberty to us.

    I think this website should be seen by all.

  6. Jayson1997

    my dad took off all the ‘4’ keys from my keyboard today. luckily i can still access the site and get my fill of chinese pron, if you kno what i mean

  7. James Deimos

    It’s worse than this article says! It is full of people discussing ways to summon demon and make islam the #1 religion in the world. They condem, everything christian-like

  8. Chad Kroger

    This is the stupidest shit I’ve read in a long time. Pretty much Religionist propaganda. Terrorist Muslims would be proud with how much horse shit you packed into this little article.

    I saw hell once. It was full of Christians.

  9. Satan

    Hey ….guess what Im doing

    Im wacking off to you <3 your cute little photo MMMMMM!!

    I would LOVE to have you dick in mah unholy ass <3 please….pleeeeassee??


  10. James Rhodes

    It’s so cute that you think teenagers have to be “forced” to masturbate. Also, you’re an idiot. You’re the kind of person who runs around treating children like infants and adults like children, and calls it “morality”. I hope your personal hell turns out to be millions of people pointing and laughing at you.

  11. Blanche Beecham

    Oh Dear, oh my, what hath been seen cannot be unseen……

    That there belongs on HealCam, ChatRoulete for health issues.


  12. David D. Davidson

    This article needs to be removed immediately, because of this article, I had to sit down with my 14 year old son and ask him if he knew what this 4 chan was… He must have been curious because I later caught him on the website bawling his eyes out and using his own tears as lubrication to masturbate with!! and do you know what he was looking at? chinese girls being sexually mutilated by tentacles! TENTACLES!!! I am disgusted that my son would go to this website when I have told him thousands of times about much more christian porn sites such as Redtube and Pornhub. The consequences will never be the same.

  13. cristine

    4chon should be banned from the internet

    sometimes I wish this things wouldn’t exist

    This is why we can’t have nice things

    God bless you

  14. MeAwesome

    Does anyone know of a good internets site that shows keyboard repair? I am doing taxes and cant use my “dollar sign” key.

  15. Anonymous

    Nice pics -fap fap fap-

    have fun being disappointed when you die and it all turns black. Ah hell, at least you probably can’t think when you die. this site is really funny though

  16. I am God

    My children…what is going on here…WHY are you all fighting!
    Dont make god cry! Your making me cry—- oh shit I cant be talking….cus Im not real…..



    Iam the pope and I like little boooooyyysss

    and I am a preist….and like little cocks NOM NOMNOM NOM NOOOM…omnomnomnomnom

  18. New User 43

    Hi, long time reader, first time poster. All I see from these postings is how correct the author was to warn us of the internets fourchanners. The site and the users are a scary lot. They are proving how much this site is needed in todays world. May they find the true love.

  19. Anonymous

    I think this is a good article becaus it exposes another way that satan captures the souls of our impresshnable youth. when S. P. is president this sort of thing will be taken care of as it should be in a truly free society. The only question I have is why so puddi?

  20. Lol at ignorance

    You christfags obviously haven’t seen ebaumsworld…

    I find it funny how failed your attempts at trolling are as well.

  21. jazze

    yeah yeah and christian means “i wanna murder your soul”
    and this site has let to an 108790% increase in child rape
    if you don’t know what you’re talking about then shut the fuck up instead of making shit up.

  22. Popanator

    Mmmmm….. this website give me a lot of things to whack off to. I whacked off to this article! I love tenticles and I want to put a squid up my poo hole. It could splash around in my poopies anad make me go tee hehehe!

  23. Anonymous

    Okay, I’ll explain since I’ve inished laughing.
    the boards are named as they ar created. /b/ was the second, hence the second letter.
    Yes, it will give your kids porn, yes they will masturbate.
    However, they’ll do it even i you destroy the computer. Since their bodies are preparing for the adult life, adult functions like erection and ejaculation start working. It’s like a new car, it works too much the first days. Once they get tired of it they’ll have completed this part of life and will go on.

  24. annon

    Stupid christfags 😛
    i lol’d
    come at me bro 😛
    we are legion 😀
    and shit ………
    oh yes and p.s.

  25. "bro"

    Legion of pimple faced teens maybe, who look at porn because any regular girl wouldnt give them the time of day.

    “(PICS OR ITT DID NOT HAPPEN !!!!!)” ?? Ok, show me a pic of when someone loved you, or even liked you, ill even take a pic of someone not hating you.

    Yes, come at me brother…..

  26. and god said: the jews were right

    Actually. The Hindus are right.
    More oc. [img]http://i371.photobucket.com/albums/oo155/wierdsnake/0001-4.png[/img]

  27. anonymous

    open the door
    get on the floor
    everybody walk the dinosaur.
    posted this a while ago, felt +100 internets when someone finally got goatse on here.

  28. Captain Obvious


    /b/ is a universal term used by hackers to let them know a forum is filled with “bad” content. Since kids didn’t want their parents to know their were demon whacking in their rooms to produce devil DNA, they would make computer folders named /b/ to throw their parents off.

    From this hackers started to use /b/ as a sub domain to let other hackers know they had a IRC room full of porno and wherez to share illegally.”
    /b/ is random chat. not specifically bad.
    “Demon whacking”? Really? Almost as ludicrous as “devil DNA”.

    Epic is a elite word used by these masturbating monkey mashers to described a image that has the most porn scent to it. If you hear your child use this word, then you know to look through his internet browser’s history to see if he has been cruising on hell’s highway.”
    Nice, if incorrect, use of alliteration.
    “Most porn scent”? Really?
    Epic is an expression of extreme impressed-ness with a particular event or object. EXAMPLE: I just won the lottery, isn’t that epic?
    And internet browsers always (or almost always) come with a setting that won’t save browsing history.

    A misspelling of the word “Porn”. This is to throw parents off. If a parent looks at a child’s keyword searches on Google and only sees the word Pron, then they wouldn’t know they are really searching for Porn.”
    Correct. It is also used to circumvent web filters.

    (I added the last one because, though even a stopped clock is right twice a day, not many people who make articles on this site are even right once in their posting career.)

  29. Lord English

    I saw this coming, didn’t I?
    And I did nothing to stop it.
    I fucking hate myself.
    And I hate you, equally, if not even more, Tyson.[img]http://i1102.photobucket.com/albums/g452/FaggotyMcFaggerson/sadsadfaic.png[/img]

  30. Justin Bieber

    As a lay minister I have been looking for proof of CP on these sights so I may expose them. I can not find any. Are their secret “chan links” where they store the CP?

    CP = Corrupt People.

  31. matt

    wow. i hate religious people…
    this, THIS very article sums up why i hate religion,
    for you seek to destroy the freedom to do such filth,
    whether or not your practice it, you should still have the choice to.
    being good for the sake of going to heaven isn’t being good at all.
    being good out of your own free will whatever the outcome is good.
    religion detracts all notion of personal spirit and turns it into a prize winning ‘who wants to avoid hell’ game.

  32. Little Billy

    Thank you SO SO SO much for posting the link to this site. My pastor found this site, and with all the free China Pron I haven’t been sodomized in several hours now.

    I love you. Let’s be homosex.

  33. Lorenzo

    Oh Jebus Christ! Thank you so much for posting those pics! I came so hard! I love being called a dirty little sinner and I love to be controlled and shamed. I spread my dirty Devil seed all over your site. Oh wait…Im cumming again. mmm mmmm mmmhmmm OOOOHHH FUCK! Thank you dear lord for the gift you about to REEECCCIIEVE! OOOOH. I love dominance. Now tell me Im a bad boy and Im gonna go to hell.

  34. bunny olesen

    If you leave your kids alone that long with the internet, then don’t be surprised if they are sexually molested or killed by someone they meet on the internet and you are a bad parent. Instead of worrying about one particular website, WATCH YOUR FUCKING KIDS you lazy sacks !!!

  35. Fappy

    I don’t care if this is a troll or not this article made me lol so much
    now if you excuse me, cp isn’t going to watch itself

  36. Anonymous

    If you don’t masturbate then you get a build-up of smegma under your foreskin, which can lead to infections in your penis. Masturbation is a natural process to deal with this.

  37. Mike Lloyd

    I think that you all are overreacting like a bunch of brainless morons. Do you really believe that masturbating produces devil DNA? Are you fucking nuts? You all apparently adopt a religion, and obviously are brainwashed. You turn to religion because you’re weak individuals, that are so scared that they turn to a fictional being for their support. Choke on on a fucking dick and die.

  38. Atheistic Negro Having The Buttsecks With Your Kid

    Aw, damn, thanks tysonbowersiii.com for providing me with some more lolicon and Japanese octopus pornographic images to fuel my insatiable desire to masturbate and spill my lovely manly fluids all over my pictures of our lord and savior, Jesus Christ.
    This will be great for my spank bank when I’m fingering some little boy’s rectum.

  39. Your Mother

    Seriously, all of you need to get laid. BAD. Or maybe you should just go fire off some knuckle children in the privacy of your own bedroom. You also should know that masturbation isn’t a sin if you don’t believe in a giant spaghetti monster.

  40. JesusIsMyDrugNotMethEvenThoughItUsedToBe

    Oh LORD! All those facts add up to 434%! I’m going to ban the number ‘4’ and ‘four’ from my internet browsers. THESE KIDS NEED SAVIN!!!

  41. Chistopher Pool

    So after reading this article I’ve finally really gotten a lick of why my kid is so fucked up. So ummm I’m going to become Big Brother now.

  42. analcunttentaclejizzer

    I really hope these guys are trollin cuz this is fucking hilarious.
    also i love the whole backwards thinking of christians that we all have free will, but they force you in the direction they want

  43. Zi

    hahahaha, oh WOW.
    1998? Chinese porn? RC cars? “bad”? I’m pissing myself laughing at the “facts”.

    Thanks for the laugh. Now, I’ll sit back and enjoy the trollstorm.

  44. Zi

    hahahaha, oh WOW.
    1998? Chinese porn? RC cars? “bad”? I’m pissing myself laughing at the “facts”.

    Thanks for the laugh. Now, I’ll sit back and enjoy the trollstorm.


  45. lion man

    hey guys, I just thought you should know, that I think it’s wrong to rape chimneys, and I would also like to jackhammer your cat, with a watermelon, but it is too small, also give a little bit, in the name of yes, and also there is a board for fucking robots, jesus frickin’ christ, robots, goddamn.

  46. i lol'd

    I fapped to this.

    But in all honesty. you Christian want people to take you seriously. But you do stupid shit like this.

    OOOPS Look at the time, i need to go do my daily Satan worshiping.

  47. Nigger

    Seriously? What the fuck? You guys are all assholes and deserve to eat a massive pile of shit. Go to hell you stupid motherfuckers. We are Anonymous. Expect us.

  48. Kill it with fire



    Stephenson Billings… This is for your masturbation-theory.
    Yes, masturbation addiction will create health issues for you, but at a normal rate and done right, it’s healthy. And btw, I think every think you’re addicted to gives you health issues? amirite? So your point = not valid

  50. masterbation bad?

    since when has pleasuring yourself been bad? you eat tasty food don’t you? does it not feel good to eat that tasty food? good enough to DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN?

    its the same shit. i don’t know what is worse, people like you who think stopping something natural is the right thing to do, or the people who rape your children.

  51. Liz

    How come you people in this Christian website are so racist? The website mostly has Japanese cartoons, pictures, etc. Not Chinese, please don’t lump all asian people together.

  52. froward

    got a suggestion u should post where exactly it says masturbation is a sin in the bible i dont remember reading that part

  53. Mike Crotch

    But this man said it was ok for me to touch myself

  54. Ben Dover


    Look at those cans and honestly tell me you dont want to touch yourself

  55. Me

    Is this serious… they abbreviate masturbation but refer to a dick as a flesh sword??? WTH is with the repetitive mentioning of Japanese tentacle porn LMAO. I understand the perspective but it almost seems as though some closet pervert wrote this article.

  56. anon

    Wow this article is hilarious. Seriously this is one of the funniest things in years. Especially all the logical fallacies and outright untrue facts. Almost thought it was a joke. The fact that I think this might be legit makes it funnier.

  57. anon

    I love how inaccurate all the information is on here. *Chinese* porn image board? seriously? Yotsuba isn’t even Chinese, nor is the site even about porn!

    Golly gee, you people!

  58. Spitszs

    Epic According To You:
    masturbating monkey mashers; describe a image porn scent

    Epic According To The Rest Of The World:
    heroic; majestic; impressively great; of unusually great size or extent

    IE: This “article” sucks my balls in epic proportions and so does anyone replying or rating this comment.

    Also talking about /b/ is TWO of the rules of the internet that you broke. :(

  59. Anonymous

    You broke rules 1 and 2. Remove this article or we will attack your site and whipe all your data.

    We are anonymous, we do not forgive, we do not forget, expect us.

  60. Anon

    You are a right-wing Christfag. Everything you have said in this article makes u sound like a very uneducated shit for brains.

  61. Jameson

    This article is now about spiderman.[img]http://s3.amazonaws.com/kym-assets/photos/images/original/000/110/394/Spiderman%20Derail.jpg?1301611593[/img]

  62. Tyson Bowers IIIAlbert Toppers Post author

    I don’t even go anywhere on the Internet anymore if it doesn’t have “tysonbowersiii.com” in the address bar. You can’t trust any other websites these days to stay true to the message of Jesus.

    1. L.N

      So the message of Jesus is to be as hateful as possible and cause as much harm as you possibly can? Huh, ya know, it makes sense in a way, if you treat everything you all claim as the opposite of what normal-minded people think when they hear those words.

  63. Wow

    linked to 9 percent atheist? HA HA HA HA. Wouldn’t that mean that 91% links to religious? Considering Atheism is prevalent in a quarter of the world’s population, your numbers are a bit skewed there Sherlock. Just like most jail goers tend to be religious as well. Or are you trying to say, atheism is the way to go?


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