51 Christian Friendly Words for Breasts

  1. Sin treats
  2. Milk sacs
  3. Matching fatty tumors
  4. Devil gum drops
  5. Nutrition tanks
  6. Milk nipples
  7. Naughty pancakes
  8. Baby baggage
  9. Vixen dough balls
  10. Tainted plums
  11. Jezebel’s venom sacs
  12. Chest flap meat
  13. Feeding lumps
  14. Eve’s apples
  15. Fat tickle onions
  16. Clay brains
  17. Flesh dumplings
  18. Milk bottles
  19. Frank’s escaped puppies
  20. Top testicles
  21. Mounds of sin
  22. Blinding bumps
  23. Peeper floppers
  24. Hell’s pumpkins
  25. Dairy smoothies
  26. Danger glands
  27. Muffins with eyes
  28. Shirt balloons
  29. Human utters
  30. Bra bullets
  31. Calcium factories
  32. Wasp bites
  33. Potato creamers
  34. Mayan temples
  35. Rib boulders
  36. Peaks of Olympia
  37. Body air bags
  38. Nectar niblets
  39. Sponge zeppelins
  40. Wench candy
  41. Betty’s melon wobbles
  42. Stuffed turkeys
  43. Juan’ muchachas
  44. Bulging warheads
  45. Hypnotic dunes
  46. Milk bladders
  47. Beefy sugarplums
  48. Wrestling pigs
  49. Busting coconuts
  50. Seeing sandbags
  51. Meat peaks

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14 thoughts on “51 Christian Friendly Words for Breasts

  1. Shut up Shut up Shut up

    What the fuck? Those are all worse then boobs or breasts. Just call the what they are, not fucking naughty pancakes you dumb bitches.

  2. Jonny

    Just call them breasts if you want to talk about them any of these other names are just really odd or slightly perverted. For example Nectar niblets and Stuffed turkeys sounds too much like food to be “Christian Friendly” to me. Also Hypnotic dunes makes it seem like you spend a lot of time gawking at breasts.

  3. Nikki

    You know how when you were school, and you had to agree to the rule about using the correct scientific term for body parts? Well this article along with the others show that this website is just like a 10 year boy who just got a lesson on sex by his friends. Grow up, act like an adult, and call them by their correct name. These are all worst than breasts by the way….

  4. ckret2

    OH MY GOD.

    OH MY GOD.

    OH. MY. GOD.




    “29. Human utters”





    (No, I’m kidding, this is hilarious.)

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