51 Christian Friendly Words for Female Masturbation

  1. Forcing moisture
  2. Rubbing the turkey wattle
  3. Ringing Satan’s doorbell
  4. Itching the fish goblin
  5. Making sticky
  6. Self stabbing
  7. Playing with the three finger penis
  8. Faking creation
  9. Dabbling the clam’s pearl
  10. Solo finger dancing
  11. Running circles around the flesh bump
  12. Playing vaginal sign language
  13. Finger painting the musky hitchhiker
  14. Hitting the speed bag
  15. Planting tulips
  16. Mining for the flesh diamond
  17. Stirring yogurt
  18. Tipping the canoe
  19. Dampening the soft pillow
  20. Plucking the peach field
  21. Secreting the blood gash
  22. Opening the escape hatch
  23. Kneading the dough ball
  24. Tickling the tangy turtle shell
  25. Downstairs Indian rug burning
  26. Smearing the swollen gush button
  27. Glazing the fish doughnut
  28. Poking at The Humpback of Notre Dame
  29. Polishing the drippy crack
  30. Dancing in soggy sin
  31. Ringing the throbbing bell
  32. Petting the sin knob
  33. Tainting the little princess
  34. Massaging the poison knot
  35. Feeling the hidden tumor
  36. Scrambling eggs
  37. Raiding God’s hen house
  38. Slapping Sally
  39. Hitting the old catcher’s mitt
  40. Flapping the meat nugget
  41. Flicking the blood bulge
  42. Climbing the furry beef dome
  43. Popping the headless zit
  44. Irrigating the secret garden
  45. Playing banjo
  46. Peeking behind the baby curtains
  47. Digging in your purse
  48. Whipping up underwear pudding
  49. Sending an urge telegraph
  50. Punching the meat eye
  51. North Dakota shake down

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10 thoughts on “51 Christian Friendly Words for Female Masturbation

    1. Zakk S

      Rape is when someone does not concent to having sex. Masturbation is when you simulate sex. I cannot think of one situation where someone does not want to fuck themselfs, but is forced to by themself. That doesn’t even make sence because of how twisted the comment was.

          1. It's Eve

            Go egg-hunting. Make Tang. Super soak her. Burn, rub her. Quest for holiness. Blast femme. Creation renovation. Poke the slimey alien. Science-friction. More Christian friendly terms.

        1. joseph

          If it is raping the soul, then a lot of us, 90% of the world, is going to hell. If you believe that, then you need a life. Teaching others that it is bad, will just push them to do it.

      1. August Weisz

        When one chooses to defile their temple by participating in a sinful act they are also violating whoever they are picturing in their mind.

  1. seBASTARD

    Aaaah, so funny. Laughed my ass off.
    but shouldn’t you use something from here: “51 Christian Friendly Words for vagina” for this one: “12. Playing vaginal sign language” ?

  2. S C

    Some people say when they masturbate they see God… ironic. I don’t get the phrase “the joys of a sexless life.” I’m kidding! But seriously, I can’t think of anything more beautiful, fun, natural and intimately special than sex, or masturbation. I would hate anyone to be deprived of it. Animals masturbate, we are animals, so go for it! Just don’t do it every day, that’s not normal…


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