22 thoughts on “7 Inspiring Billboards

    1. FredtheFailLord

      Didn’t it say outside? But the best thing to do at home is have a LAN party.
      The best thing to do outdoors by far is sex.

  1. KBLME

    Well on that 3rd one the last 2 on that list sure fit this site on the spot. They all fake and full of greed by selling a book full of lies.

  2. KBLME

    I thees two more:



    1. Torek2142


      also this one

    2. jesuschristsalvationmagic

      The first one is obviously fabricated. Only a simple-minded sinner such as yourself could be fooled with such obvious juxtaposition.

  3. Tom

    Why in the world are they using the twin towers as an anti democrat campaign?

    That terrorist attack happened when a REPUBLICAN was in office, and therefore it was REPUBLICAN failings that allowed it to happen.

    1. LinuxGamerTheist

      They’re the sort of blindly patriotic people who will do whatever you want them to do as long as you mention 9/11.

    1. jesuschristsalvationmagic

      once again, another group of sinners and gay-lovers insult, ridicule, and threaten Tyson for attempting to bring nothing but the truth and opportunity for salvation. It’s a shame that society has fallen to the ignorant.

      Amen and god bless.
      Psalms, 31:24.

      1. Tom

        Yeah it really is a shame. Too bad America is so draconian, or it wouldn’t have happened.

        Here is the truth, only the Deity can judge me, and that being is NOT YOU! So crawl back under your rock and keep believing that the Deity doesn’t love everyone.

  4. Christopher Christenson

    I’m thinking of making motivational posters based on these to place around my house. Thanks again, Tyson, for sharing these elegant and inspirational billboards!

  5. Austin

    That first one is of a Gun range up here in Minnesota! It’s an awesome shop/range actually. I haven’t seen that billboard though in person…


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