A True Lover of Christ is Born

I was sent a video from my Niece this morning and at first I was in shock at what I was seeing. I thought she was playing a sick trick on her dear ol’ “Uncie Ty Ty” until I finished watching the video. The young, lovable, righteous, blonde, blue eyed and brilliant girl in the video below is using her wits to preach the world of the Lord! The only issue I have with it, is that she is a Mormon, but not everyone is perfect.

You can tell she is very uncomfortable wearing make up and dressing like a devil whore, but she is trying to prove a point and point well taken. She uses the image of the first sinner, Eve, to show you how silly the modern day women looks like. I think she will become a great house wife one day.

Note to Claire: See how much more beautiful women are when they submit to God? See the glow of love streaming from her eyes? The interns over here would love to court this young lady and you my dear Claire, spend all day playing with dogs and then go home alone to your parents house to read pornographic novels and dream of being a real women.

46 thoughts on “A True Lover of Christ is Born

  1. HotBitchYouGotThere

    That girl makes my penis hard. You going to do a chart on her now Tyson about how see is making men jerk off to her videos? Cause I am!

  2. Bob

    Wow, Claire got an article with a section just for her? and you imagine her reading porn in her parents house without any evidence? but your not a perv, everyone else is.

    1. Tyson Bowers IIITyson Bowers III Post author

      My brother in law is a Mormon and he raised them that way. The important thing is, is that she believes in Jesus.

      1. Friar Dick Bothholes - Cantor of The White Prophet Shirokuma

        Your niece at least has the correct idea of who should be glorified – Our Lord. While the Book of Mormon is not The Bible, it is certainly more acceptable than the Quran or Torah. I am sure that with such passion for Christ she may even make the progression to a real religion.
        Good work brother Tyson. I know you will assist with her progression if she sees more light. I can also offer to make myself available to her for private tutoring should the need arise.

  3. Tyson Bowers IIIClaire Post author

    “She uses the image of the first sinner, Eden”

    The first sinner was named “Eden”? Really?

    “The interns over here would love to court this young lady”

    Um…congratulations to them…? What do they want, a freaking medal?

    “and you my dear Claire, spend all day playing with dogs”

    I wasn’t aware that intubating, inserting IV catheters, and assisting in surgery was “playing” with dogs.

    “then go home alone to your parents house to read pornographic novels and dear of being a real women.”

    Actually I live on campus during the week and go home on the weekends. I do not read porno novels, I was porno movies on my computer, and if by “dear” you meant “dream”, I do not dream of being a real womAn (note the singular).

        1. Tyson Bowers IIITyson Bowers III Post author

          Typical attack from a jealous person. I bet you call anyone who looks better then you a “Whore” right? You’re a typical self hating feminist lesbian.

          1. Jazze

            and your posts are a typical attack from a hateful person who wishes to cause pain to other so please for the love of anything good fuck of.

          2. Tyson Bowers IIITyson Bowers III Post author

            Please check again and see that those two gay kids who claim to run our site admitted to pulling the leg of New York Times and New York Magazine.

          3. Millennium

            so Bryan you admit to be “gay” right ???

            seriously because someone with a QI of 1 can see this site is satire

          4. Tyson Bowers IIIAntichrist Post author

            Hypocrite! You are a hypocrite and deserve eternal damnation! How dare you try to now sell your religion with sexual attraction now! You Christians are abominations in this world! I hope god, your slave master, lashes out at you for this!

      1. Jazze

        You’re so full of hate tyson. Don’t be jealous of our ability to think for ourselves.

        P.S the girl has dead eyes. i felt like she was looking right at me planing to murder me. she is also at best average looking anyway.

    1. Tyson Bowers IIIClaire Post author

      “Claire must have dead eyes then, because she is always threatening to murder decent men who refuse to let her gay neighbors have their way with children.”

      Decent men? No, I am always threatening to murder YOU, a horrible, sexist, racist, misogynistic boner who views women as inferior and thinks that cats should be wiped off the planet, who has personally ensured that innocent kittens are euthanized, and who has wished the plague upon the earthquake-rattled land of Haiti. You don’t deserve to live, Adam, and I would happily rid the world of you.

        1. Tyson Bowers IIIClaire Post author

          “If the kittens were innocent, I wouldn’t have to take time out of my schedule to box them up and call the city to come take the vermin away.”

          Please explain to me how kittens are NOT innocent, you sick fuck.

          1. Alice

            They bite, and they have sex, and some are gay, remember Claire dearest? Nothing according to you uppity fuckers is innocent.

          2. Millenium

            so Now adam is a girl or what ???

            and seriously almost eveyrone has sex welcome to 2010 bud where people don’t care much about God

  4. Tyson Bowers IIIAdam Nelson Post author

    What I like most about this is how she entices uncouth sinners like she is going to be an Olivia Munn whore variety, then shocks them with the word of righteousness.

    This girl is amazing and hopefully becomes a featured part of your new organization here at CW. This is the exact type of modern media needed for the world.

  5. gospelofmatt

    what is up with mormons these days how can’t they act so pure while all they do is sexualize themselves. They even have sexy male/female calendars to try and get people to convert to thier view point.


    Although some of the shirtless guys are really cute I wouldn’t convert to being a mormon just for that.

  6. Anne

    “See how much more beautiful women are when they submit to God?”
    What does “submitting to God” have to do with her looks? I don’t know about you, but she looks cheap to me.

    1. Ron

      Anne, how dare you call a servant of God “cheap.” He has entered her to show all you fornicators that dressing up as harlots will not get you beside Him.

      1. gothicwolfe

        no… it wont get you beside him… but i wouldnt be suprised if it gets you on top of him, just so he can stick it to all you idiots running this site… seriously…

  7. Anne

    Her video is disturbing. And she seemed completely comfortable wearing make-up and being half naked. So there goes that idea. Anywho she seemed fake. And her tactics of trying to get people to do what she wanted were weird.

    1. Millennium

      it’s fake Like this site as well and a Bunch of weirdo who try to said that only idiot watch Fox news ( like if we didnt know that ) yet it’s seems Bryan Go too far and he Might have his head hanged for betrayal

  8. miko

    i was thinking of joining the mormon church just to see how the hell they brainwash people. these guys came to my door the other day and i was freaked out. they had no personality and had crazy ass smiles.

  9. Popanator

    Everything about that moromon slut made so hawnee I fisted my poopie hole until it bled and then used the blood as lube for the other end. I would fist that mormon slut and use her colon as a punching bag!

  10. Ty Bowers IV

    My Dad is always telling me to be more like my Cousin Claire. Well let me tell you guys something about my cousin. She’s a filthy slut who will give handjobs to anyone and anything with a dick! In fact, I got my very first blow job from her on Thanksgiving back when we were both 8 years old. Then she went and jacked off our Great Dane. She’s only playing the righteous and holy cards because she thinks she can make some money off of it. Our family is pretty fucked up!

  11. TokioHotel.BOTDF.Lauren

    Eve, not Eden. Lilith was the first ‘sinner’. She wanted to be on top, so Adam went and tattled to God and God cast her into hell and she became a demon. I thought you hated mormons? And she does look like a whore, But I will not call her that she I do not know her personally. She may be a decent woman who likes to look like a whore. No problem with that.


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