After Many Warnings, College Humor Still Promotes Gay Agenda

After many warnings, emails, protests and phone calls, College Humor is still showing their love and support to the fecal friendly Gay Homo Agenda.

In their latest episode of Jake and a Jew, the two homosexual lovers are talking about someones friend getting engaged. This sends Aqueer into a homo erotic rampage and starts to talk about mouth to mouth sex acts with a male stripper.

Come on College Humor, do you like promoting a lifestyle that encourages raping of small children, spreading diseases, and creating broken homes? Your whole staff makes me sick! All you do is promote Gay Homo love and sin.

Below is the video in question and also a screen camera phone photo sent to us by a staff member.

60 thoughts on “After Many Warnings, College Humor Still Promotes Gay Agenda

  1. Rich Foland

    Then people wonder why divorce rate is so high and the nuclear family is falling apart. These gays and their promoters have to be stopped or America will continue to get worse.

  2. Lilou

    Raping children, spreading disease, and breaking homes? No.
    Straight people are just as likely to rape a child as a gay person, being gay doesn’t make you a rapist automatically.
    You’re just as likely to get a sexually transmitted disease in a heterosexual relationship as you are in a homosexual one. In fact, women are far more likely to get a disease from a man than a man is likely to get a disease from a man. Honest fact.
    And as far as breaking homes, I know pleanty of heterosexual couples that are tearing families apart by running off with other men or women, and pleanty of homosexual couples that have been in committed, loving relationships with happy families for huge amounts of time.
    Added to the fact that just because you love someone who is the same sex as you doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person who should conform or get out of society. Just my opinion as a religious person myself.

  3. Jake

    Geeze, Tyson Bowers III is questionably on the Fred Phelps level of moronic craziness. Someone needs to get his head out of the dark depths of his own ass.

  4. Addie

    First off, if any of you ever watched the webshows you would have the knowledge that they are not portraying a homosexual couple.
    Second, they are both Jewish, not just Amir.
    Third, why would College Humor heed their web site’s material just to please a group of ignorant, sheltered, hating people such as yourselves?

    To place a label like “child rapist” or “homewrecker” on an entire group of human beings is asinine and childish. Especially when you take into consideration the alarming number of Catholic church members who have been found as child molesters and as partaking in homosexual acts as of late.

    I am utterly baffled by how ridiculous and naive this all is.

  5. Doug Diddle

    Thank God there are Christ warriors like Tyson Bowers III to expose the Godless ass stuffer’s agenda. Their black souls work day and night to convert our college aged, firm bodied sons and daughters onto lives of perverted sexual practices. Their young, muscular forms writhing in pleasure feed Satan’s armies.

    1. [Enter Name Here]

      Sounds sexy. (Though I gotta say, i can’t tell if you’re being serious or facetious…)

    2. mike


  6. The Jesting Fool

    Tyson Bowers III,

    May God bless you richly for exposing the danger of College Humor’s gay agenda. If we do not curb this pathological trend of Fagginess, we can only expect more worldwide catastrophic divine judgment, such as wars, AIDS, and Running Out Of Beer.

  7. Shaina

    You people are insane. Did you really use the word faginess?

    Jake and Amir are not gay, not even on the web show which is obviously scripted and funny as hell. And even if they were who cares? You people are the ones who are going to burn in hell for all of your close minded prejudices.

    Get a life.

  8. Jesus Christ

    Oh my children,
    Let it be known that you are all stupid beyond belief. If you get your retarded minds out of the gutter and focus on YOUR lives instead of what others are doing that you don’t approve of, the world would not be the HELL HOLE it is today. It is you closed minded people who deserve to burn in hell.

    Your time will come on Judgment day when I look at you and cast you and your dark souls into hell for your crimes against humanity and everyone who is different and beautiful. Being gay is not a sin.


  9. Dana

    Child raping? Disease spreading? Homewrecking?

    I for one am offended by this article.

    Child rapists can be both gay and straight. Such as all the men who have kidnapped little GIRLS, raped them, and killed them.

    As for spreading diseases, the only disease I see being spread is Christianity.

    And homewrecking is caused by unfaithful spouses and prostitutes both gay and straight.

    So before you go judging people, maybe you should get your facts straight. Because I have a gay brother and he has never raped, spread a disease, or wrecked any home.

    So for god’s sake, go fuck yourself.[img]undefined[/img][img][/img]

    1. Daan

      Agree with you on almost everything. But saying that prostitutes are to blame for home-wrecking is quite absurd.

  10. Antireligion

    your priests sexually abuse children. Your preach lies, false hope, and your answer to grief is “god” works in mysterious ways. Your pious, self righteous, deceitful, and judgmental mind frame is everything that is wrong with the world, due to it being twisted and raped by your own ridiculous beliefs. It is not the dark ages anymore. get over yourself.

  11. The Virgin Mary

    Funny…I thought Jesus taught that we should love all of God’s creatures, yet you red-necked, crazy zealots are hating God’s creatures, whom God has made gay through his divine plan. Tyson Bowers III…I think you just bought yourself a ticket to hell.

  12. Jeff

    Uh, just putting this out there, I’m a Christian and I do not support this site. Just making sure that everyone doesn’t think that we are ALL this crazy.

  13. Your f*cking kidding right?

    I love how Christians have to be right about everything. you guys are a bunch of heartless retards instead of thinking god messed up on the gays, have you ever thought god messed up on you… Gay is Okay, dont hide your feelings because of a bunch of heartless bastards ^_^

  14. The Sword of Reason

    The Bible says that a man shall not lay with another man as he lays with a woman because the “book” (technically, each of the several books were really parchments edited and changed by several people (read Misquoting Jesus, by Bart D. Ehrman)) was dictated to a scribe in an era when the religious leaders were trying to increase the population of the religion so not everyone would be violently killed or thrown to the lions in ancient Rome. And, just think about this: it is also written that God made Man in his own image. That means that, if God even exists, God must be at least partly homosexual.

  15. concerned citizen

    just wanted to point out to the people saying that all christians are this crazy
    is that by buying into the fine people of christwire’s insane logic you are only polarizing them and causing them to attack you
    instead why not point out that these people are a select few who are voicing a slippery slope argument
    there is no reason to believe that ones sexual preference has anything to do with raping, spreading disease, or wrecking homes
    to say so only shows the ignorance that can be portrayed in America on the internet
    both parties (of posters) are in the wrong here (for the most part)
    however you should not feel ashamed because freedom of speech is a value on which this country was founded

  16. ftw

    dear fuck assess. the fact that your trying to prove that these guys are gay when they are clearly making fun of the idea of marriage… is gay, and makes you look are stupid, you christians need to get off your moral high horse and suck that horses dick. grow the fuck up and put your stupid ass old testement down and stop being such a stupid shit. this is clearly not harming you or your fucking morals, so fuck you, you fucking fucks. jesus was a jew, and looked like an arab. your probs just jealous that you dont look like robert patterson, fuck you i like vampires

  17. Cate

    Oh my gosh, this article is, quite simply, childish bullying. I expected to see a mature Christian standpoint, but seriously…..”Jake and a Jew”? “Aqueer”? Grow up, please, before you present your views.

  18. Cate

    Hmm, this article reminds me of when my report card used to come home. My dad would read it, pointing out negative things like “she needs to work faster” or “she should find more resources”, and glossing over more positive remarks, like “she has improved” or “she has received good grades”.
    In many ways, this article is similar. I’m sorry if I’m mistaken, but doesn’t Amir begin the sketch by expressing his delight at Jake’s sister’s engagement? I also seem to see that at the end of the sketch he expresses his displeasure at the possibility of a divorce.
    Grow up, please, and leave your elementary school bullying tactics behind.

  19. Tierney

    JAKE AND AMIR ARE SO ACE AND YOU ARE JEALOUS. they are bbfs and the best gullies i have ever seen. not gay. and stop being so anti-semitic towards amir. they both have girlfriends! you are extremely closed-minded.

    J&A FOREVER!!!

  20. Christina Tucker

    warnings? Like warnings will really shut down a site doing nothing illegal? Worry about yourselves, stop judging and reprimanding others.

  21. VoiceOfLogic

    LMAO, can’t believe this website is real. The world is filled with stupid people. I think they all congregate here and write articles for this site, hahah.

  22. dandilion

    This is absolutely, the most hypocritical, racist, sexist, and ignorant site I have ever seen in my entire life.

    Also, religion is bullshit and there is no Jesus or God.

  23. christians are gay

    hahahahahahahahahahahahah you people are so fucking retarded. praise my asshole, you soul soliciting pig fuckers

  24. ben

    i thought this whole website was a joke. then i thought it was serious. now im not so sure. if you are serious, you are fucking ridiculous. like so beyond ridiculous its hilarious.

  25. CK

    This is a joke right? It’s a witty and sarcastic article? Because no sane person would ever actually believe what this article writes.

    Where on earth did you get that whole child-rape part from? I think you got confused along the way because you went from talking about homosexuality and then to paedophilia.

    Oh my I really do hope this is a joke. The hug proved that they are gay? You silly goose.

    Jake and Amir spread nothing but love and laughter:D

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  27. fuck you thats who

    FUCK YOU Tyson Bowers you self riotous over religious piece of shit!! the only sin is intolerant people like you, you hill billy red neck piece of fuck!! go drown in a lake and maybe your country will return to normal!

  28. wanker

    wow, blame it all on the gays lol

    did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, divorce happens more because more people are rushing into marriage? and im sure not EVERYONE who gets a divorce becomes gay the second the papers are filed.

    get a life… i go on this site to laugh at fucked up people that think that, because they are terrified at the prospect of death that they’ll belive anything other than the truth

  29. TexasAgnos

    I do the exact same thing! I love to see what kind of people actually write this kind of hate speech.
    oh, those crazy christians!
    this guy seriously needs to get a life and an education
    people like him need to die off already

  30. TrueChristian

    you need to get saved!
    and Stop supporting the gay agenda,

    I often wonder why god would let gay`s pervert his creation.
    And sometimes I think he`s testing us to see if we will follow his word and get rid of them all

  31. Jesus Christ

    You will be the first person I will cast into Hell. And I will enjoy it. Hope you bring your sunscreen fucker.

  32. Coin


    No, gtfo, your sleezy 2000 year old book means shit, so take your religion back to the stone age where it belongs.

  33. Gabrielle

    Wow, so you’re a bigoted douche and a half. And I’m not exactly sure if God has “soliders” as you claim to be but even if he did, I’m sure a fucktard primary school reject like yourself wouldn’t get the job. There’s a certain level of intelligence and maturity required to well fulfill a grand task like that and you fail on that account in oh so many ways.

    Burn in hell, you crotch-licking, donkey-fucking douche.

  34. drew digital

    Unicorns, vampires, Santa Claus, and the belief in a god are all in the same category. They are all proof that we have imaginations. Without that, none of this would exist. We ARE animals and have for years, beyond our imaginations, been evolving to the humans that exist today. In that evolution we have mutated from solely opposite sex attractors to same sex attractors. Gay is not an agenda, it is not just a choice, however, a product of evolution. Just as some are born with conflicting sex organs, one can be born with the same biological confusion mentally. You are not born purely one thing and categorized as such. Something can make you uncomfortable, but that does not make it wrong. Believing in something that was written thousands of years ago by people who were very challenged by how the very planet they were surviving on functioned, seems very unreasonable to me. Take your book and lock yourself in your home if you are so afraid of the gay agenda. It is here, and only multiplying as their rights are finally being pursued. I am an atheist, and live by a strong moral code that allows me to be a person as long as I am not harming anyone else in the pursuit of my happiness. Anyone who wants to stand in the way of anyone else’s sexuality should strongly check their own moral compass.

  35. GayStraightAlliance

    Hate to break it to you but jesus was a jew and jesus hung around in the desert with 12 men. Also, Judas kissed him. So…just saying…maybe you should chill.

    Thanks for the laugh.


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