162 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Typical Liberal Raised High Schooler

      1. Ex-Christian

        Nope. But this isn’t just how “liberal” raised high schoolers are trust me. I’ve seen more examples of these and they were Christian raised.

        1. Dr. Arthur Bacon Plimpton

          Children are easily swayed by consumer messages in today’s media. When the liberals and Hollywood insiders promote their beliefs through television, we have children who grow up without the moral fiber so necessary for a nation such as ours to continue down its path. As many know, the Jewish mafia is strongly behind this movement. They are investing hundreds of millions in teenage culture, because they see young people as the most vulnerable to their messages.

          Many of you are young. I hope you appreciate what your forefathers have sacrificed to make this nation great. You should also think about your cultural heritage. If you’re a Christian and white, society is organized against you. We have been institutionally discriminated against to such an extreme degree yet few of us are really willing to face this.

          Will you stand with your brothers and sisters one day to protect your heritage?

  1. Blanche Beecham

    I may be old fashioned, but this really rides my goat. These troubling images are why we need mandatory school uniforms and lines on the floor to keep everyone out of mischief. Responsible parents will at a minimum sew kids clothes at home and cut kids hair in the kitchen. The bowl cut really is timeless and not dated.

    Kids, especially teens are hopped up on hormones to begin with. They do not need all these outside influences like American apparel.

    1. Stuart Piedmont Keyes

      Those were the days Sister Blanche. I remember the red tiled stripes down the hallways. I also remember that you stood up proudly every morning & recited the Pledge of Allegiance, listened to your teacher & did your homework.
      That was a time when the schools, & parents, were still allowed to discipline unruly children. At my school, we all knew what “swats” were… My parents also had “The Board of Correction” that hung on the wall in our home. What happened to the time when you could give a kid a good whack & the point was made? Now if you do such a thing you end up in prison due to liberal activist judges trying to coddle & protect today’s beastly children. “Spare the rod, spoil the child” has never rang more true.
      It pains me how bleeding-heart soft we’ve become as a nation. You cannot even touch your own kid when they’re being an ass. This new generation is certainly a reflection of that.
      Bless Brother Tyson for doing his part in helping the parents of today understand the symptoms & signals of today’s youth.

      1. Flutterpie

        I pledge with you, my pony loving brother!
        –may whatever diety or lack thereof you believe in bless you!

    2. Ex-Otaku

      Blanche, my school doesn’t have uniforms but we have a dress code. No hats, no clothing promoting alcohol, drugs, racism and swear words, no midriff bearing shirts and no beachwear.

      1. Ouroboros

        “No hats, no clothing promoting alcohol, drugs, racism and swear words, no midriff bearing shirts and no beachwear.”

        That’s actually a fairly normal dress code. It was the same at my old highschool

        1. Ex-Otaku

          I’m pretty OK about the dress code, but if the school board issues school uniforms, I can predict a school riot.

          1. Ouroboros

            I see absolutely nothing wrong with a dress code, it does keep things orderly for the most part.

            Uniforms can be ok, but you’re right…Suddenly enacting a dress code might cause chaos…

    3. FredtheFailLord

      School uniforms are kind of pointless. General dress codes are much less restrictive and can just as easily accomplish a goal.

      Lines on the floor? Like in prisons? Just how many gangs are there in schools near you?

      Also, sewing is fine, but shouldn’t be necessary. Some parents just don’t have the time, what with trying to feed their children and pay off mortgages.

      Bowl cuts are terrible. (half related note: I used to have a ‘fro. It was pretty awesome.)

    1. Claire

      “Reminds me a certain sassy high schooler who causes a lot of ruckus around these parts! Where’s the pet cat?”

      You talking about me? I graduated from high school four years ago and I ALWAYS dressed modestly (and still do).

        1. L. N.

          So you want to tell people that they’re terrible and that they don’t raise children, and then you bitch about being bullied.

          Clownboy, it’s because your mother hated you, isn’t it?

      1. Stuart Piedmont Keyes

        I cannot believe that L.6. is asking someone why they are hateful??!! You should address that question with yourself before you project it on anyone else… Death-wisher. You’re a laughable simpleton.

    1. FredtheFailLord

      Not really. Some of the best-adjusted people I’ve known were raised by liberals, and the people I know who were raised by conservative parents tend either to be dull to a fault, or quickly become liberal.

  2. Obaminable

    I remember a band she-devils looking like that showed up near my family at the local ice cream parlor. I promptly relocated and spared everyone from their aura of sin.

    1. Alexis

      I rock out to bfmv and avenged sevenfold(is unholy or unreligon). Your waking the the demon!
      Where’d you run to?
      Walking in shadows!
      Watch the blood flow!

          1. Ex-atheist

            I can’t change it, but I can inform you that you two have bad taste in music and the first step is to.

            1. turn off your radio and stop listening to bad music.

          2. Ouroboros

            Who are you to say what’s good or bad music? Everyone’s tastes are different. Just because YOU don’t like it, dosen’t make it bad.

          3. Ex-atheist

            “Who are you to say what’s good or bad music?”

            I happen to be an expert on this subject. Emosexual music has never been good except for in the late 90s and early millennium.

          4. Ouroboros

            “I happen to be an expert on this subject”

            Pure BS…Just pure BS…

            “Good” and “Bad” music is all based opinions. You can’t say music is “good” or “bad” as fact because it’s all just based on opinions.

            Let me restate something: Just because YOU don’t like it, dosen’t make it bad

          5. Alexis

            A7X is neither Satanic or antichrist. It has been confirmed for most band members (except Johnny Chirst) that they are all either Catholic or Christian.

          6. Ouroboros

            “The fact that it is bad makes it bad”

            You can’t say that it is bad for a fact…Like of music is all opinions

    2. Flutterpie

      You all need to meet my friend Qwitcher Bitching, and come listen to good music, like “Rainbow Factory”

  3. August Weisz

    That belt looks like one from cub scouts. He is probably getting ready for after gay marriage becomes legal and then they next try to legalize pedophilia. Stopping gay marriage is stopping pedophilia people.

  4. Dr. Arthur Bacon Plimpton

    Child development is a lost art today. No one seems particularly interested in guiding young people to grapple life with the guidance of Jesus Christ. Certainly the work of the liberals in America has been quite successful. They have undermined our core values to such an extraordinary degree one must wonder what is really left for them to tear down. I cannot but help but wonder what another term of Obama will do to us. Is Mitt Romney any better? His record of socialism upsets me. His Mormonism outrages me.

  5. CelestialDeth

    *Looks down at old ‘Go Scotland’ t-shirt and jeans with converse all stars. Looks at mirror and see’s pompadour and curled hair. No make-up. No necklaces. No tattoos.*

    I guess I’m not liberal then.

    1. exbrony

      Well, duh! You already said you would vote Republican Theocrat if you weren’t too lazy and apathetic to vote!

      1. FredtheFailLord

        Well, there are plenty of people in the running who aren’t morons. Take Obama. He has experience and a formal education. The trouble is, he’s intelligent enough to realize that he can blatantly lie to the public and get away with little outcry, such as with the NDAA. He passed it a week after he claimed he wouldn’t sign it.

        All candidates this year are either too dumb to be viable, too extremist to respect the rights of the minority, or too intelligent to know they can get away with lying constantly.

    2. Ex-atheist

      ‘Go Scotland’

      Separatist socialist sympathetic propaganda. The UK may not be as good as the United States, but it’s no reason for them to leave the Kingdom.

        1. Bruce Myron Danus

          I am sure you look adorable (a bit chunky, but still adorable) in whatever you wear, and with any hairstyle (except a Justin Beiber cut). So I will be in your area on March 27-April 17th to promote a new Club that I am opening up. Would you like VIP tickets? It is 18 and over, I could give you a job there, if you want to have a job. Maybe when we grab that bite to eat, we can discuss it then.

          1. Bruce Myron Danus

            No? You don’t want a job? That seems silly in today’s economy, but if your parents are willing to allow you to sponge off them for awhile longer, that is their fault not mine. Maybe I can change your mind when we grab that bite to eat. Which of those days will work best for you? Oh, and even if you don’t want the job, I will still give you the VIP tickets to the club, maybe that will change your mind about the job. Have a great day in school, kiddo.

          2. Ouroboros

            Uh…Bruce, I think by “no” she meant more of she never wants to meet your creepy ass ever…Can’t blame her, I’d never want to meet any of the Christwire flock either…

          3. Crowley_The_Snake

            Exbrony, I think you’re right. Bruce is probably twelve with the way he’s behaving.

          4. Bruce Myron Danus

            Excuse me? How is trying to help a young lady out by giving her a job, free VIP tickets to one of the best new clubs in her area, and feeding her a meal (not that she should be eating too much more, maybe a small salad) a bad thing?

          5. exbrony

            Way to grab the wrong end of the pineapple, Crowley. I was saying that Alexis was half-right in assuming that Bruce is older than CD.

          6. CelestialDeth

            1. I have a job.

            2. Why the fuck would I want to go to a club? To interact with PEOPLE? I hate people.

            3. I hate salads.

            4. March 21-April 19 I’m going out to the desert to race 20 year old assholes that have had one to many beers and I expect to kick their asses.

            I hope that clears up some things.

          7. Bruce Myron Danus

            Of course, that makes sense. We can always reschedule our meal. I will be there at least twice a month. I hope you have fun racing. Do you think you will win? I better you jump around and celebrate with all your friends when you win, don’t you? Do you use sparkling cider to spray all over yourself and your friends? Well, anyways, have fun and we’ll reschedule that meal.

          8. Thiefenz

            I like the way you think, Crowley.

            Bruce, the context of your words are startlingly creepy.

            CelestialDeth, you are going to race in a desert? wait, this probably isn’t on foot. damn! that would be fun though, I am seriously missing out on some incredible things.

          9. CelestialDeth

            Thiefenz, It’s not on foot. The only races people have in the desert are ATV and Buggy races. See, this is me, herpin and derpin along on my bike.


            Bruce. The fuck did I just read?

          10. Thiefenz

            how fast does it go? will the sand imbed itself in my skin from sheer velocity? that really does look like fun.

            I still want to try a foot race: nothing is fun unless there’s a chance of death, and what better way than stranded in a desert critically dehydrated from exertion?

          11. L. N.


            Prissy is trying his damned best to hit on you, but he thinks he’s straight and has money.

          12. CelestialDeth

            Well, where I go, it is almost impossible to die in the desert unless you’re in the restricted areas, because no one will look for you out there. It’s a lot more dangerous to camp next to a bunch of people, because people are stupid and often don’t look where they are going when racing at 100 miles per hour while drunk. I’ve seen a LOT of guys getting air lifted out in a helicopter for doing stupid shit on their bikes.

            Sand hurts like a motherfucker if you’re not wearing sleeves. Also, for the speed, it depends on what type of bike you’re riding. But I’ve seen a lot of people flip over by going fast and then turning fast, or flying off a hill and hitting front wheels first and flipping over. Dangerous, but hilarious.

            L.N. Yeah, he also thinks he’s as groovy as Michael Fassbender. It’s kinda sad and pathetic to watch.

  6. Cassidy Pen

    I’ve seen these punks standing across the street at school smoking hand-rolled cigarettes which I don’t think contain tobacco. They wear blacks veiled brides and iron maiden teeshirts and have greasy hair.
    The women are indeed frumpy dressed and sashay around displaying their glandular readiness like proud peacocks. They’re a generation of tramps who are brainwashed by emosexual music and liberal sex thoughts from their lazy parents. I’ll bet the parents aren’t even awake to inspect their children before they leave the house.
    I’m not like that. My boy has to be standing at attention on the bootprints next to the kitchen door at 0645 for morning inspection and if it looks like he didn’t comb his hair or his breath stinks, I … well let’s just say he knows better. I’ll be damned if I’ll let this kid leave the house representing my family name dressed like an emo punk or smelling like a hooker’s armpit.

    1. Reverend J

      People used to be more aware of how they represented themselves. today kids don’t think of themselves as an extension of their families (which they are) but as individuals who are disconnected from their own culture. no solid sense of identity just following what ever American Apparel fad is going that week. and have all the kids stopped praying? i fear for the souls of modern children.

      1. Ravynne Moonwater

        Not everyone follows fads. That would be primarily the rich little popular kids who get whatever they want.
        I don’t think of myself as part of my family because my parents have made it clear that I’m not. However, I still dress appropriately and am respectful. And what I say appropriate, I mean jeans, baggy tshirt, sweatshirt, and converse. In fact, a lot of teenagers dress that way.

        1. exbrony

          Ravynne, I don’t know your family situation, but I would be surprised if your parents really have expelled you from your family.

          When I was your age my mother and I had our differences. She confiscated my AC/DC LPs (you might have to look up “AC/DC” and “LP record” on Wikipedia to dig where I’m coming from).

          But whenever Mum went out I went into her room and got my records back and cranked the Acca Dacca ’til the walls shook.

          These days me and my mum are cool. You’ll get there with your parents as well.

          It will happen sooner if you stop being such an emo =)

          1. Ravynne Moonwater

            My dad’s exact words were “you are no longer welcome here”. My mum constantly threatens to kick me out because I’m not how she wants me to be.
            I’m not being an emo on purpose, in fact, most of the time, I wear a mask that hides any negative emotions.

          2. exbrony

            Wow. I’m really sorry that things are that bad.

            Do you think they will kick you out? Do you have somewhere you can go if that happens? Like to a friend’s house?

            When I was about 14, my best friend’s parents threw him out and he stayed with me and my family for a few weeks. Then they took him back. I think they felt like arseholes, which they were.

            Is there any way you can improve things with your parents?

          3. Ravynne Moonwater

            In four or five months, I plan on moving in with my band mates and some of their friends. Until then, I can stay at another friend’s who lives close to me

        2. exbrony

          Or do you have aunties or uncles or cousins or grandparents you could stay with?

          If you have to ask for help from your family, don’t feel bad. That’s what family is for. Blood is thicker than toothpaste, or so they say.

  7. KBLME

    Teaches him to murder, ya cause the bible doesn’t do that i mean it had nothing like that or killing in it after all.

  8. Ravynne Moonwater

    I am in high school now and I look nothing like the way that the girl looks. In fact, I think that it’s mostly the little Christian kids who look like that at the public schools that I’ve gone to. At my school, we dress different from one another.
    By the the way, anatomy is the make up of a being. It is typically associated with genetics and the such. (I’m in biology at the moment and we just talked about anatomy yesterday)
    The way that someone dresses doesn’t really matter as long as it is appropriate. If you look at 6th graders now, THEY are the ones who look more like little whores and gang kids than most high schoolers, which honestly, is rather disturbing. Most students tend to dress perfectly normal, in ways they feel comfortable expressing themselves. To bash them for such is wrong.

    1. Reverend J

      The words anatomy and dissection, from the Greek and Latin respectively, have virtually identical meanings. but being in biology I’m sure they taught you that. so in a sense we are dissecting liberal raised high-schoolers. How is helping people see the error of their ways bashing? I’m sure your natural maternal instincts are to protect these heathens but you might think twice before casting your pearls before these swine.

      1. Ravynne Moonwater

        I stand up for what’s right and for what I believe in. My “maternal instincts” are the reason I can’t stop trying to help a girl at school when she’s upset.
        Have you not read other articles about the steriotypes on this website? They tear the people down, trying to hurt them. That is more or less bashing.
        And this just clicked, the girl in your picture, Christwire, looks like all the popular Christian girls at a public high school and quite a few who go to my church. The guy just looks like a skater

      1. Ravynne Moonwater

        It isn’t blood. Since when is blood black anyway? I was bored beyond belief one day over the summer and starting designing something on a piece of paper and thought it would look cool for a make up design

  9. Alexis

    Ouroboros Alittle piece of heaven is about A guy kills his wife/girlfriend, eats her heart, fucks the corpse and then the girl comes back from hell and kills the guy, and eats his heart. They marry in hell, and they live happily ever after.

    1. Ouroboros

      Oh I knew that, that’s mainly the reason I put the video up…Figured it might mess with some people.

      Great song

      1. Alexis

        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epr8l3-zUcU&feature=related one band that christwire called “bad” for your soul. guess what August. suck my motherfucking cock! my daughter listens to a7x,bmfv,hollywood undead ,and more bands that are evil. my daughter first words was “fuck you christwire” ,and i was so fucking proud of her. Her dad met me at an concert and i had sex with him. got my daughter now he’s my husband and I wear his shirts to bed x3

        1. Stuart Piedmont Keyes

          Her chubby thighs have just been explained. She is tucking her manpipe & giblets. Pardon my French.

          1. BVB666HIM

            Can you shut up about Alexis’ looks? She’s better looking than you, who looks like a pirate on crack that had one too many bottles of rum.

          2. Alexis

            atleast im better looking then you and it’s called having a baby between your thighs while in labor and bvb666him don’t worry about me

          3. Stuart Piedmont Keyes

            The best you both have is she is better looking than me??? So, it’s ok for her to flaunt herself, as long as the commentary is complimentary. Typical hypocrisy.
            “Look at me!!! Just don’t say I’m anything but pretty!!!!”
            She is here telling August to suck her c*ck… I merely pointed out the initial conversation of her chubby thighs made sense now.

          4. BVB666HIM

            Alexis: I worry about friends and stand up for them, cos what type of friend let’s their friend be bullied or anything of the like?

            Pirate on Crack: Alexis isn’t flaunting herself cos, unlike most of the younger masses, she’s not showing off her boobs and being overly provocative. Her shirt isn’t low cut exposing her breasts, and her shorts aren’t too short where they’d count as panties. Meaning she’s a really pretty person cos she is herself and no one else. Just because she has a daughter doesn’t make her any less of a decent human being. At least she loves her daughter… more than I can say for others who are around her age and had a baby such as my older sister who was 16 when she hard my nephew.

          5. exbrony

            BVBemo, It sounds like you’ve been examining Alexis’s photo a lot more closely than the rest of us have.

            And why do you have a Motley Crue gif as your avatar?

          6. BVB666HIM

            Where do you get Motley Crue out of Ashley Purdy and Jake Pitts of Black Veil Brides? I really don’t see it…

            And to answer your first question her picture appears 16 times in this article, so it’s hard not to notice. And then you got the other articles that she’s commented on…

            I have a question for you though, if you hate Bronies so much, then why use a MLP picture as your icon?

          7. exbrony

            Uh… it sure looks like Nikki Sixx giving a pelvic bump to Mick Mars to me.

            Are you sure you’ve got the right band?

          8. exbrony

            “if you hate Bronies so much, then why use a MLP picture as your icon?”

            I don’t hate bronies. I just want them to wake up and realise that they’re being juvenile dickheads. That’s all.

  10. Ex-Otaku

    I have headphones like the liberal raised boy, however, my iPod is full of video game and anime music instead of that sinful rap music!

      1. Ex-Otaku

        Rap is either about drugs, sex or violence. Except for the ones that Smosh made about the Legend of Zelda. That isn’t sinful unlike the other rap music. Oh and about the war between the BVB fans (emosexual is a harsh insult) and the staff, i’m neutral. Happy Friday and God Bless!

          1. Ex-Otaku

            Blood on the Dancefloor isn’t rap because the singers are’t rapping. Correct person is correct.

          2. BVB666HIM

            I just LOVE BOTDF also Jeffree Star.

            I also love Hollywood Undead plus BrokenCYDE and they’re both a rock/rap group. Also a fan of Eminem, mostly his older stuff.

        1. HELLBOY

          You must be American, because you have no clue about rap.Hip Hop promoting bling, promiscuous and loose women with dollarbills in their undies and gansta-ass gangstas with uzis and Aks being gangsta-ass pimps is not rap.They use rap in their songs but it is not rap.
          Also, not all rap is commercial and speaks of gangsta-ass gangstas.
          That is mostly but not limited to American and German style.
          The French for example are well known for what is called socially critic rap, speaking of mishaps in society and telling about the suffering of people in a modern world in which everybodies attention span is about 5 seconds and where violence is more often than not key to succeed.
          But this form of rap does also exist in America, often only known in an underground scene, hence why not commercial, in the sense that the songs are supposed to be chartbreakers.
          Not liking that kind of music is one thing, but i take offence on people generalizing rap to promoting blood and murder, because that is not what it is about.That is what the music business has made of it.
          Now have a nice day.

          1. HELLBOY

            Listen Pony, i do not pretend to know everything or be infallible, but i know the difference between 50 Cent and Keny Arkana.

          2. Jeb Boone

            So the French and Germans are now copying American music? How very quaint, I guess it sounds better to them than that annoying marching music they are used to.

          3. HELLBOY

            Didn’t quite show as intended hence not quite giving the effect as intended.
            Oh well, to you first question; i thought i already did.

          4. HELLBOY

            @Jeb: Whaa? I didn’t say anything about anyone copying anything and quite frankly i do not care.
            And marching music has tradition, something Americans need another couple centuries to establish.
            And you would know a thing or two about copying now would you, you do not even have a creative enough mind to come up with your own names for cities.

          5. exbrony

            Hellboy, Am I correct in thinking that you are from Europe?

            I ask because: 1) you seem to hate America; 2) you cannot communicate well in English; and 3) you take your name from an American comic book/movie.

          6. exbrony

            Oh! I didn’t even consider the possibility that you might be French Canadian!

            In which case I say to you: Mon chapeau est sur ma pomme de terre!

          7. HELLBOY

            @Pony: You think correct.

            But, and i think i will simply put this as it is,out of character, so that there are no real misunderstandings: i do not hate America.
            Is that not what we do here, we go over the top, ex-brony?
            And i have no problem mocking Europe as well, which i did just before.
            I just reflect what much of the world does indeed think of America, like playing World Police, being overly arrogant, belittling Europe and so on.
            I know not all is true and not all applies to everyone, but again, over the top.
            As for my poor communication skills, i am sorry but English is only my fourth language and i am rather fluent in 5 and able enough in a 6th, read, speak and write.
            And to your last point: well it shows that i do appreciate some things about you guys.And comics and movies are by far not the only things of I like about America.
            Seriously, i would love to visit the USA one day, i have to see how you people get out the door after a visit in a fast-food restaurant.

  11. Alexis

    Stuart Piedmont Keyes i was joking about having an cock and if i did i won’t let any of your ass suck my cock or i might catch aids

      1. Ex-Otaku

        A GED is a standardized test for people that dropped out or want to graduate early, and can replace the need of a high school diploma.

          1. Stuart Piedmont Keyes

            Not to mention she does not know how old she was when she had a baby… You people are ridiculous.

          2. exbrony

            Must have been one hell of an epidural!

            I think we all know what those German doctors are like.

        1. Stuart Piedmont Keyes

          My question is to Alexis…. She is claiming to be in law school. With a GED… There are still four years of college required BEFORE law school. To reiterate, she claims to have a GED & going to law school… yet she cannot define GED.

          1. exbrony

            I’m not pulling shit out of my arse.

            Alexis simply doesn’t know what a GED is. That’s no criticism of her. She’s German. Sie ist deutsch. Entiendes?

            I personally don’t know whether Germany has the equivalent of a GED, much less what it might be called.

            You need to stop being so reflexively hostile.

    1. Stuart Piedmont Keyes

      Law schools in the US all require a 4-year B.A. degree or equivalent as a prerequisite to admission.

          1. exbrony

            German is the perfect language for the emosexuals. They love the Götterdämmerung mit der Sturm und Drang.

          2. Bruce Myron Danus

            How rude! I asked what “germen” was, and you call me a filthy name in German. You are obviously in Grade School still if you need to resort to dirty name calling.

          3. exbrony

            Alexis, please. Learn how to use the words “a” and “an”.

            The word “an” is only used when the following word begins with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u).

            So you say “an apple”

            but “a stripper”.

          4. exbrony

            Ratte-angebundener Jimmy ist eine zweite Handhaube Verteilt in Hollywood Erhielt ein ’65 Chevy, primered Flammen Gehandelt für einige pulverisierte.

        1. Stuart Piedmont Keyes

          Ok. I will go with a simpler question… How old were you when you had you baby? You stated 16 or 17??? Foreign or not, you should have an approximate idea of when your chubby thighs squeezed out a kid….

          BVB66…. You need to add to your picture count of Alexis. You cad.

        2. Stuart Piedmont Keyes

          Ok. I will go with a simpler question… How old were you when you had your baby? You stated 16 or 17??? Foreign or not, you should have an approximate idea of when your chubby thighs squeezed out a kid….

          BVB66…. You may need to add to your picture count of Alexis. You cad.

    2. Jeb Boone

      You seem to be a little confused about body functions there, perhaps you should buy a manual or something.

  12. Troy

    You ignorant fucking conservatives stop ruining my country! You have the nerve to call yourselves Christians while you spend your mortal lives putting down others and acting like you’re better than these sex crazed, drug addicted “liberal whores”. You’re childish name-callers and you make me embarrassed to say I was raised up attending church every sunday. You have managed to take a holy religion and turn it into a weapon to discriminate against people of different race, age, and political view. “Brainwashing black music”?! Get the fuck out! How about brainwashing evangelical super-church leaders convincing other ignorant people that there somehow holy and better than you like they’re some stepping stone to salvation? Tyson Bower III, you can kiss my dark, hairy, liberal, pot-smoking, devil music listening ass.

    Most sincerely,
    Troy (a student at a liberal arts college studying music with a bunch of gay people, EEEEK!)

  13. Not goth, just quiet

    Ok I am sick an tired of all of this useless arguing. First of all to you idiots (especially Tyson) need to stop being so dramatic about useless things such as this. I am thirteen and I know children who act more mature than most of you! WHO cares if someone is gay or atheist or just doesn’t believe what you do!? WHO cares if you don’t like how someone dresses or acts!? It’s there life and choices not yours. One of my best friends is gay and the other is transgender! And to you people who think that acting as cruel as this to these people who aren’t like you, SHUT UP! I live in the center of the freaking Bible Belt and my friends aren’t treated any differently or cruelly by anyone here. WHY would you brother with all of this, it’s pointless nonsense that has nothing to do with your life. If it bothers you SO much, get off the dang website or just IGNORE IT!!!! Like I said you people are no better than bratty kids who are throwing temper tantrums and putting other people down just cause thy fell in love with someone of the same sex, just because they don’t believe in God, and just because they EAT differently than you!! Really just cause someone’s diet isn’t the same as yours you have to put them down! You are ALL bullies to these people, there have been suicides at my school and other places because of bullying! Does it take a persons DEATH just to make you realize “maybe I should have been kinder to them”!!! Oh yeah and another one of my friends is atheist. I am NEVER getting on this site again! And really cussing people out cuz they aren’t like you, talk about childish. I hope some of you learn a lesson from this and treat others how God has said to, with kindness and compassion! No one is above OR below anyone else, and this sight just seems to be about making people feel low for being who they are!! I hope you all have a nice day, BYE!!!

  14. Not goth, just quiet

    Tyson, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You’ve found a way to become even MORE idiotic!:) Really I guess that you think children who are raised by good Christian parents never deal with this problem, hmm? Well if you answered yes you would be very wrong! There’s a girl at my school whose parents are the most Christian people you can find, and can you guess what? At the age of 12 she has had sex with 6 guys, all of them Christian as well(they go to my church), and had twins about two months ago. In other words… You. We’re. WRONG. Like always :)


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