Aston Kutcher and Demi Moore Invaded Television and Twitter with Pornographic Imagery

The tale of the farm boy and big city cougar unveils a new chapter in their book of anti-American, liberal etiquette. Recently, Aston was booked to appear on the lesbian fish cave worship talk show “Ellen”, where he decided it would be a great idea to grow his hair and beard out to look like our Lord savoir and also decided to appear in the nude, baring his fleshy candy sacs. He did this to purposely mock Jesus. We both know Jesus would never appear on a clam dabbler’s television show and he for sure would not allow himself to be film in such a hardcore pornographic way. This is Kutcher’s poor attempt at homoifying God’s only begotten son and his attempt will land him on Two and a Half Satan’s, while he burns in hell.

In response to Aston’s naked Jesus appearance on the No-dick-van-DIKE show, Aston’s silicon sac’d whore demon decided to post some overly provocative images of herself as she was finishing up relieving herself from body sewer waste.

Not only did this woman of scandal take a photo of herself baring flesh, but she also posted it on Twitter for all your young children to see. I guess we don’t have to worry about porn sites or gay social sites attacking you kids with images of flesh swords and milk sacs, they can always just follow Demi and get an eye full of demonic nudity. These images are even worst than when Howard Stern posted drunk nude images of his child bride on Twitter for all to see.

So step right up American, let you kids be victims of Twitter rape. That is right, every time one of these anti-God actors post fleshy images of themselves on Twitter your children’s minds are rape with naughty thoughts and can lead them down the dark path of self “m-ing” and we all know that masturbation is a form of self rape.

6 thoughts on “Aston Kutcher and Demi Moore Invaded Television and Twitter with Pornographic Imagery

  1. Antichrist

    Nudity is a natural thing, nothing to be ashamed o, only when the Christians came into power after Rome did the problems of false morals had arisen.

  2. Everyone except the author

    You’re a fucking idiot. You complain about petty things that don’t matter with a holier than thou attitude, and then use words like “whore demon.” You are filthier than any of the people you write about, and you deserve a swift kick in the balls. I’m positive you’ve committed your proclaimed “self rape” on yourself many times. Stop being so fucking stupid.


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