is Saving Souls Digitally!

What a blessing it was today when a good friend of mine sent me a link to This site is the new front line in savings souls digitally by allowing users to read the Bible in it’s entirety. Here you can put together Bible studies, send your friends your favorite versus or hymn, search for great holy topics and more!

It even has a mobile version! You can can browse God’s word at work, while at your kid’s soccer games and your wife can view it while she is cleaning house or doing another of her house chores. What a great thing!!

With all the filth and smut that has infected the digital waves, this site for sure will lower sinning across the internet just by its presences alone. While others post photos of Katy Perry’s sin sacks, is posting love and truth!

I suggest our readers, especially the sinners on our site to check it out and release yourself from sin!

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