Black Golfer Vijay Singh Uses Satan Powers

It’s bad enough that we have let certain cultures into the world of golf, but now we have them using satanic powers to cheat in the game.

In the video below, we see muslim golf pro Vijay Singh use his magic to skip a ball across water and then has the ball roll backwards for a hole in one.

He name alone means something horrible!

You can even see that he has possessed the people in the crowd as they cheer for him. These people will all be judged for praising a false idol and will all burn in hell.

I have warned the PGA years ago about allowing certain types of people into the great old American pass time. Well, now all I have to say is I told you so and have fun burning for your mockery and disregard to our Lord.

I say repent and remove such players like Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh, who try to blend into our Christian lifestyle, but are really wolves under sheep skin.

54 thoughts on “Black Golfer Vijay Singh Uses Satan Powers

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  2. brent

    Thank goodness you’re a ‘solider’ of God. Too bad that in imploring you to do his bidding he didn’t deign to give you spellcheck.

  3. Anon

    Yep, you’re running out of ideas. I do believe you have surpassed Fred Phelps in sheer hilariousness. This website is such a awesome example of poe’s law.

  4. TheWretched


    That is what we call Physics you RACISIT BASTARD! Jay and Silent Bob’s “magic trick” was more satanic than that. That was a awesome demostration of PHYSICS!

    1. Laughingintellectual

      A little addition to the physics comment in case you feel that simply saying “Physics” isn’t enough.

      For the first portion as the ball skipped across the water. I’m almost certain in your youth you used to skip stones across the water? Of course, everyone has. Of course you know the faster you throw it the more skips it gets and the farther it goes correct? Well think of the golf ball in the video as the stone, and the water trap as.. well.. water. The golfer hit the ball at a VERY high velocity, and at a low angle, causing the ball to skip across the water like a stone would. The ball simply had enough speed behind it to make it all the way across the trap and roll up onto the green.

      For the second portion where the ball slowed to a stop and returned to fall into the hole, you ever roll a ball on an uneven surface? Certainly you know that it rolls in the direction of the slant. Once the ball had rolled up onto the green it lost the last bit of it’s kinetic energy from the swing and began rolling in the direction of the slant of the green, into the hole.

      Of course the golfer had a large amount of pure luck to pull this off, but it is entirely physically possible to make this shot without the influence of your non-existing spiritual entities such as “satan” and “god”.

      Get over yourself, read a book on physics or some other science, and stop being such an ignorant bible-humping fool.

  5. Wayward23

    that was a fucking awesome, one in a million shot that demonstrates the skill of the player for the shot and dumb luck for getting a hole in one. congrats to vijay singh

  6. golf maniac

    You of all people should know not to judge and if you have no sin in you then I dare you to throw the first stone. Your hateful, full of bigotry, you deny what Christ has told us to do in his teachings. You should never condemn someone to hell. I don’t know whatGod you serve but its not the God I serve.

  7. Adam Nelson

    Back when only proper people played this sport, you didn’t see this type of nonsense and swooning crowds wooping a golfer on. There’s only one place I’ve ever seen a ‘pack’ behavior like that for their alpha male.

  8. openlygaypeopleburningtheamericanflag

    RELIGION USED TO PASS AGENDA:I say repent and remove such players like Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh, who try to blend into our Christian lifestyle, but are really wolves under sheep skin.
    IGNORANCE: what you call “science” I call devil magic.


    GO ATHEISM!!!!!!!!!!!




  9. fine ahht

    To those who might take this report seriously, ask yourself this:
    Do the white guys who make holes in one against amazing odds use satanic powers as well?
    Is every freak hole in one or amazing shot the influence of satan?
    Did this guy Tyson Bowers III actually witness any activity by Vijay besides the amazing golf shot to suggest Vijay called out to satan for help?
    Did Satan show his hand in some obvious way that could be distinguished from the hand of god or one of his angels?
    Does God support the playing of games like golf? For money? Do crowds cheering for a sports figure automatically commit the sin of worshiping false idols?

    I could go on here, but these are the sorts of questions that come to the mind of a skeptical atheist like myself.
    I agree that Fred Phelps and this person seem to have a mighty specific and detailed knowledge of who is going to hell and who is evil, and that what they say can never be proven is something I have to assume in this case.
    That is like saying that me, an atheist can say Tyson himself will be judged based on how he judges others, with about the same level of credibility and basis in fact.
    If Tyson is incorrect in this case, for whatever reason, or gets ahead of the facts as he himself witnessed them, then he is breaking the commandment: Do not bear false witness against thy neighbor. Right?

  10. Spoonie

    wow. first off…. great shot! one in a million. Pure and utter luck, but a great shot nonetheless. ok now to the religion part. Sorry science part. a hill will, you ready for this, this is groundbreaking, a hill will actually make something round and light roll down it!!! holy crap!! i never would’ve guessed! I agree with Claire. Go live with the Amish, o wait, even they use some electrical stuff. A cave truly would be the only place for people like this. And then, they wouldn’t be able to post crap like this! This is f****** ridiculous. Science has made so many things possible. Stop saying that science is “evil” cause you had to use it to say it. And for all of you who take this seriously, GET A LIFE! LET A MAN ENJOY A LITTLE LUCK EVERY ONCE AND A WHILE!

  11. David

    I thought us Christians were supposed to turn our cheek and not be total aholes to those with diffent views gah what fucking hippocrites you people who run this site are your not true Christains!!!

  12. Claire

    “No, Afromuslims don’t follow true Islam and suppor things like black panthers back in the 60s.”

    You do realize that there are many countries in Africa that have a Muslim majority, right? It has nothing to do with the Black Panthers. Many of my friends in high school were from Africa, but practiced Islam instead of Christianity, and were very peaceful, kind people.

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  14. Average Joe

    Is this serious? Physics, SCIENCE!
    if it wasn’t for science the internet wouldn’t exist yet you still use the internets “devil magic” and by the way, this site is SO a joke site, there are christians, there are prostitutes and criminals and then, at the bottom are you people, insulting people in all your ignorance.

  15. Stephen Webber

    After reading your blog, I was left with a feeling of deep disapointment for what bigots like yourself have made Christianity. I myself am a conservitive Christian man, I go to church every Sunday, and am shocked and deeply offended that you could accuse this man of being in league with the devil. You are a coward, a Nazi, and a racist. God loves people of all races be they black, Muslim, Chinese, Jewish or white. “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ…” Gal 3:28. I hope you can find it in you to repent these voracious sins and come back to the side of the Lord.

  16. R.S. Swift

    I won’t even comment on the glaring ignorence and racism of this post. I just want to point out that your “great old American pass time” was created in Scotland hundreds of years ago. I have to laugh at your beleif that all good things are American. Other cultures can rock to!

  17. michael wilson

    thank you for being brave enough to publish the truth. I couldn’t agree more, these satanic sambos have got to go.

    Yours in Christ,
    Michael Wilson

  18. ...

    i cant believe this article says that he uses magic powers to control the ball.

    Christians are the most gullible people in the world, want to know why? because they think the bible is true.

    whenever something super lucky or super skillful occurs… its somehow blamed on satan or happened because of god. in the case of someone who is not christian doing something remarkable, its satans fault, in the case of a christians “Praise the lord, he gave so and so the power!” or some shit.

    WAKE UP PEOPLE. every single religion is filled with the same bullshit.

  19. Dave

    I’ve read a few posts on this site….

    It’s actually pretty funny and enjoyable, assuming this site is a joke…

    If this site isn’t… this is everything that is wrong with religous wackos.
    This shit is fu#%ed… it has to be fake… please tell there are not people who thing this stuff is for real.

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  23. Rane Mann

    This website is the exact reason why scientists want to get the Mars colony built.
    Muslims started the Renaissance, BIOTCH!

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  25. John

    I am not particularly religious, I don’t spend too much time soul searching trying to decide because I just have basically come around to the notion that religion is a relic of primitive civilizations used to answer question which the scientific community of the time was unable to even begin to address and it’s a pretty nifty way to control people. But just for fun, suppose there was a Jesus and then look at map. If the dude even did exist he looked a lot more like a Vijay Singh than the European stylization of Jesus with the long blond hair and blue eyes. Also, you do realize the GOD, the Supreme Being that Christians, Jews, and Muslims worship is the same entity? I think you probably would have fit in well with Hitler’s SS back 75 years ago in Germany; your views are out there, way out there.

  26. Atsuki Saijo

    It’s official.
    They admitted science is evil.
    Reason is the devil’s work.
    Physics is Satan playing with gravity.

    You people need to stop believing in fairy-tales that give you reason to hate others because they accomplish more in life than masturbate to little boys and attack people different from you.

  27. Claire

    “what you call “science” I call devil magic.”

    Well then, Tyson, if that’s how you feel about science, then I suggest you go live like the Amish. Or better yet, in a cave. All the modern appliances we have were created by some form or another of science. Your microwave? Forget about it, it’s essentially a commercially sold science experiment. Your television? Your computer? Everything has to go if you don’t want your pure Christian life to be tainted by the “devil magic” that the rest of us call science. Don’t go to the hospital when you’re sick either, because most of what they do is based on science.

  28. Claire

    “proper people”???

    Since when are black and Muslim people not “proper”? Unless I’m mistaken, Adam, you claim to have Muslim friends.

  29. Chris Weir

    Yes you are, because the only reason you think these muslim people are not proper compared to your muslim friends is beacuse they are afro. Well done! that’s racism.

    Here’s another cookie….

    Oh oh oh, and anyway, if it we’re for such “proper people” us Scots would never had allowed you to play it. lol.

    Prick. It’s Physics. You know, the same sort of science that allows me and you to comunicate through this medium known as the internet. Magic!

  30. Claire

    So then how do you explain this quote of yours?

    “Back when only proper people played this sport, you didn’t see this type of nonsense and swooning crowds wooping a golfer on. There’s only one place I’ve ever seen a ‘pack’ behavior like that for their alpha male.”

  31. Adam Nelson

    Your racism and lack of cultural savvy never ceases to amaze me. Muslims are not a race of people, they are a followers of a religion that has an unusually high amount of intolerance and preaching of hatred toward Western nations. I despise such things, because I’m all for egalitarianism between races and dislike institutions that significantly contribute to division.

  32. Overlord Laharl


    Adam, just shut up. No one’s listening to you. You might as well go hang yourself because no one, not even your mother, God, or even JESUS, loves you.

    Do so right now. I need more firewood, and Etna needs more cannon fodder.

  33. Claire

    I KNOW WHAT MUSLIMS ARE YOU RACIST FUCK!!!!!! THE MAJORITY OF MY FRIENDS IN HIGH SCHOOL ARE MUSLIMS!!!!!!! But you felt it necessary to label this man as an “afro-muslim”.

  34. Adam Nelson

    No, Afromuslims don’t follow true Islam and suppor things like black panthers back in the 60s. Any group whose purpose is to physically harm innocents I would hope no person of good morals would like.

  35. Adam Nelson

    Wow, you’re such a bigot. “Afro”muslims are Nation of Islam Muslims in the US. There is no reason to qualify people who follow true Islam in such a manner, because true those who follow true Islam ARE NOT RACISTS. Unfortunately, many of them don’t follow true Islam and are terrorists.


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