Black Mother Pushes Her Sexual Deviances Onto Her Daughter

Another fine look into how the black community really acts. I found this video on a blog, where a black women is explaining her sin infested love buffet fantasy to her daughter. You can tell in the video her daughter is disgusted and knows what her mother is saying is wrong, but in black culture, children are abused so the will not talk back when a parent is committing soul crimes.

I can tell from her physical appearance this women most likely doesn’t work, lives off welfare and most likely has her daughter working a 40 hour a week job to support her drug habit.

Now, I know many ignorant people will post comments saying I’m a racist, but look at the video…That is all the proof I need to back up my claims about the black culture.

I say we punish this women for her sexually deformed soul, by grilling her on the same grill she makes her ribs on.

31 thoughts on “Black Mother Pushes Her Sexual Deviances Onto Her Daughter

  1. Claire

    You are sick, sick, sick, sick, Tyson Bowers. You’re labeling an ENTIRE race of people based on the acts of one woman. How about you do the world a favor and climb into a wood-chipper?

  2. smeiter

    This is a horrendous video, but no one who walks in the path of Jesus needs to fear the truth. These negros damn themselvs with their disgusting lifestyles. In fact the woman in this sinful video remines me of the cleaning woman where I work, who also “just happens” to be black and I happen to know is also a whore and given in to the devil’s lustfull ways.

    These wasted lives are a warning for the rest of us. BLESS HIS NAME

  3. Lester

    You sir, make me sick. African Americans have suffered years of stereotypical bullshit like this. The reason that a majority of African Americans face financial trouble is because they have been oppressed and brought down by people like you.

  4. Lala11_7

    This woman is ignorant…

    However, the lazy, trite, unintelligent White person who wrote this blog quanitifies why this country is so fucked up…

    You’ve had control of America for how many years and you’ve ran America into the ground with your greed, lying, hypocrisy, cheating and hate…you have bankrupted this country with your lack of morals and character…

    You and your ilk are worse than this woman in this video…

    Before you start talking about others…turn that dirty ass mirror and look at your filthy, disgusting soul and the havoc you have bought forth…

  5. Debosophy

    It sounded to me like the younger girl was the one staging the questions.

    Her “disgust” sounded much like my teenage daughters… kind of amused and compelled in the tone, but doing all the “ewwwws” wih her mouth.

    You go back and listen, but that girl is the one that keeps the conversation going, and she’s the one that suddenly yells out the stuff about the butt action, like she’s parroting someone else.

    Granted the mother is wrong to talk to her daughter like that, but the girl wasn’t protesting all that much, and it’s clear the mother is intoxicated.

    I did, however, find the racism in this blog more offensive than the mother’s behaviour.

    Has you not seen Springer? More fucked up white families treating each other like shit than you can poke a stick at, if you ask me.

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  7. Tyson Bowers Suck a Dick

    This looks like a very open mother-daughter thing, they obviously have a strong bond that allows the mother to come out with this, this could probably be a very open part of “the talk”

  8. Tyson Bowers Suck a Dick

    and anyway, my last comment was a joke, if your a retard like Tyson.

    this was obviously a joke.

  9. Shallina

    First…YOU ARE A RACIST. Regardless to this woman’s obvious lack of indiscretion with her sexual preferences I believe a woman should be a lady everywhere but her own bedroom and certainly not talk about it with the public as such, but thats me. Being Open on sexuality makes it less dirty and seems to be the better way these days. Children aren’t stupid and they will learn somewhere I believe this child in the video can talk to her mom about everything…Thats a Great Parenting Skill…..One I am CERTAIN you do not practice. To label a whole race of people as being like this is utterly wrong. I could continue on with how YOUR GOING TO HELL because of your hatred but as with most ignorant people you would be lost on the logic and the true meaning of God’s Love. Your oblivious that your ways are the very devil you seem to throw back at everyone else…oh how deep the devil deception has run in this world to make some Christians believe they are right to surpress another human being.

    To make this world work there needs to be TOTAL acceptance and ABSOLUTELY no SELFISHNESS and HATE. Unity is our only hope.



    “I say we punish this women for her sexually deformed soul, by grilling her on the same grill she makes her ribs on.”

    What an idiot. Who are you to decide punishment for other people?
    Also, please use spell/grammar check. Your posts are embarrassing.

  11. Alexander McFly

    Tyson – On the same note, I could pull a hell of a lot of stuff out that shows that Christian are insane. Problem is, not all Christians are insane, look at me!

  12. Claire

    So basically, you believe that “god” created all life, right? Well, if he created all life, he also created black people, therefore, you are going against god by condemning his creations, you slow-witted rectal belch.

  13. Claire

    You sound like the kind of freak who supports slavery.

    I’ll say it again: go climb into a wood chipper. It’d be one less moron on the face of the earth.

  14. Adam Nelson

    Stop making excuses. The reason they face financial trouble is that they continually allow their pocket cultures to be trapped by the yoke of their own oppression. A young black girl or boy, who comes from an impoverished demographic, has the power to rise up from their surroundings and achieve whatever they may wish in life.

    I do not buy into the notion that black kids, even the poor, are any less capable of achieving admirable professions in life: teachers, lawyers, surgeons, physicits; these things and more are options that can be pursued by any black child in America.

    There is only one thing holding them back; a self-inflicted yoke of oppression. Sure, they will come across racist bigots. They can overcome those people. My question is why are black children in inner-cities falling to drugs and pregnancy? Why do so many young black men think it’s ‘cool’ to wear baggy jeans and join a gang?

    It’s because they fall into the trap of thinking they cannot overcome their ‘station’ in life. They fall into the trap of thinking true success is too far away from them. A young black boy in a inner-city, predominantly black public school who listens to classical music, wears neat attire and is intensely focused on his studies, and a lingual perfectionist, may be accused of ‘acting white’ by his peers, to the point of ridicule.

    The key to breaking the cycle of ‘stereotypes’ within the black culture starts with the black people. This video is a prime example of distasteful parenting, and I for one would imagine this does not typify many households. However, I do not feel there is enough of an internal push from pocket demographics of ‘black poverty’ that encourages kids to reach and succeed. Until we see such things happen, and they are to a small degree, African Americans in certain areas will continue to face financial trouble and more.

    All life is not bad in inner-city areas. Believe it or not, I’ve volunteered in Los Angeles’ skid row. I’ve campaigned for elected officials right on Crenshaw Boulevard. I’ve attended black church services in these areas. I say these things not to receive some sort of ‘token’ of validity, but to say I’ve seen good people — right in the hood — who are black and face financial struggles. It did not face their faith, their aspirations or their desire and pride in seeing young people who were on the path to success by American standards (academic achievement and wealth).

    So what’s holding people back? I say racism is waning and more than anything, it’s cultural decadence. Black leaders such as Oprah Winfrey, the Reverend Al Sharpton, Reverend Jessie Jackson, Bill Cosby and more have addressed this point.

    The culture that surrounds rap music, and visions of a high-rolling, drug-selling and ‘easy out’ gangster lifestyle is a major problem. Society has unleashed programs to combat this problem, and to an extent, it has worked. Still, too many young men and women fall victim to a self-inflicted stereotype of thinking there’s nothing more to teen life than ‘drugs, sex, partying and living’. There’s so much more for everyone to achieve, and my heart will be happy when I see this realization reach deep into the heart of the impoverished, upcoming kids in these pocket black communities.

  15. Tyson Bowers III

    Those people are homos that mask themselves as followers of Jesus. If you were a child rapist and wanted to get close to kids, wouldn’t you try the something. Damn dirty liberals.

  16. David Pirtle

    I just love how you folks commenting on this video say that ‘negro’ women are ‘disgusting’, that this woman’s ‘appearance’ is obviously one of a drug addicted welfare mother, that this is how the ‘black community really acts’, that black culture promotes sin, and on and on..and then Adam Nelson says ‘racism is waning.’

    The woman in this video is certainly honest about her sexual history in this video. How you can draw from that what you assume about her in particular, or the black community at large, is unfathomable to me. I could play you thousands of videos of white people saying very disgusting things in webcam chats and it would also prove nothing.

    But to enlighten Adam just a bit, the reason that people who grow up impoverished in impoverished communities remain impoverished is that their communities have no infrastructure, funding, facilities, or faculty to give them the chance that people who grow up middle class enjoy without even thinking. This is not a black phenomenon. This is true of every demographic in poverty. The reason that the percentage of blacks who are in poverty is so much greater than any other (except native americans, but we killed most of them) is that until a few decades ago it was impossible for even the most driven black man or woman to get a decent education, or find a decent paying job. America kept the free black population after the civil war in this abject state for a hundred years, both socially through racism and legally through the laws passed to keep them out of schools, workplaces, and the voting booth. As things have slowly changed since the strengthening of the civil rights movement in the ’60s, opportunities have opened up, but just as slowly, and unevenly, and the investment in the black community by the government that kept them in institutionalized poverty for so long has yet to arrive in many inner cities, including here in Washington.


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