Blacks Using 8-Bit Music To Entice Youth

The rap world has now dug itself to a new low today. I have found out that they are now using “8-bit” sounding music to entice young white youth to listen to their music.

Sure killing, raping, abuse and drug dealing is fun as long as it sounds like a video game. Maybe they should make a game called “Selling My Soul to the Devil is Awesome Cause The Blacks Think I’m Cool.” I’m sure that will go great in a wholesome white household.

Don’t label me a racist because I’m worried that this rapping mongrels want to brainwash our children to be the next gangsta thug. I’m love blacks, I just don’t like their hipped hopped culture.

You can hear some satan driven thug music here.

95 thoughts on “Blacks Using 8-Bit Music To Entice Youth

  1. joey

    ok this is the worst thing i have read online in the longest time…your a racist piece of shit for posting this…why don’t you put on here how your brainwashing all these other people into thinking that “blacks” are brainwashing little white kids who dont even have a Nintendo anymore in to being thugs…what a load of crap…this is i hate old white people!!!!!!!!!!!! one love

  2. Greg

    Wow, I don’t know where to start.

    My first question would be “When is the last time you played video games?” 8-bit sound has not been heard in games since, well, 8-bit systems were being played. 16-bit sound was similarly primitive, but also has not been heard in games since the mid-nineties. Anybody under 18 grew up with video games that had CD quality sound, so this would not be an effective way to connect with them.

    My second question would be “How much new music do you listen to?”. Not in a rhetorical, condescending way. Most people don’t listen to much current music and that’s fine. But if you did, you’d know that this sound is not confined to hip-hop and is not done to appeal to children or teenagers.

    Electronic instruments and techniques have made their way into all genres. Electro-rock became prominent in the 90’s, while the beginning of this decade saw the birth of electro-pop. Yes, recently the low-fi digital sound has been adopted in the hip-hop community.

    This is done in an attempt to explore new musical territory and create innovative new sounds. Some of my friends have teenage siblings and they do not have sophisticated enough taste to appreciate these techniques.

    By the way, your grammar and spelling is consistent with the amount of intelligence and thought that went into this post. Hopefully you can do better on both accounts and just cranked this out on the fly. If that’s the case, I suggest you take more time to think before writing, and subsequently take more time to write a well.

  3. TysonBowers4NAMBLAPresident

    Wow. You are either the most disgusting person to have ever lived, or the greatest troll the internet has ever seen. How you go from masturbating to videos of dancing little boys to blaming 20-year-old videogames for the destruction of your fabricated Aryan paradise is beyond me. And judging by your nonexistent grasp of the English language, I would normally say you need to go back to grade school, but you’d more than likely end up getting arrested within five minutes for offering fellatio to kindergarteners. You are one sick, twisted waste of a human being. Redneck idiots like you are the reason Christianity is dying. Keep up the good work, Beelzebub.

  4. Reason

    According to this website, and its author, Jesus was a racist who would’ve stood smiling while black people burned alive. Jesus would have laughed when the southern terrorists bombed Alabama churches.

    Wow. What a loving and Christian site this is.


  5. Herbert

    How can you even live with yourself?

    By saying ridiculous and absurdly profane and insulting things you single handedly discredit an entire religion and throw pull them two steps back towards the times when women were burned at the stake for being witches because they read.

    Just as quickly as you believe one rapper or one rap song defines the hip-hop culture what do you think one supposed Christian spreading bigotry simple minded conspiracy theories does for your religion?

    Being hated doesn’t make you a good Christian. Being against all things pop culture doesn’t make you a good Christian. Being WHITE doesn’t make you a good Christian.

    You’re a dick, and you represent everything that’s wrong with the fact that Christianity is actually prominent in my country.

  6. Amazing

    It’s amazing to see such a ignorant, racist and retarded “article” followed immediately by a google ad for!!!
    Clearly, you must love blacks so much. You should go to the site advertised here and get to know them better lol!

  7. Angry Reader

    This site is hosted by On their main page at the bottom is contact information. I reported this racist hate-site to them. Others might want to do the same.

    And if they continue to allow it, I encourage people to boycott netfirms.

  8. rain man

    WTF is this website a community for functionally retarded people or something? God doesn’t exist, hip-hop is fine, and you’re a racist douche.

  9. God

    Medammit… How do you guys sleep with yourself at night? Profiling people, being racist, all that stuff. Man, shut the fuck up and just go play some baseball!

    Where’s my beer…

  10. Chuck Reagan

    Wow, thank you for this information, Tyson. A parent can just never be careful enough this day and age. After reading this I immediately alerted my parent group and we started to research this renewed dark hipped hopped menace to our children. The findings of one of the fathers was simply heartbreaking and I’ll share it here. It is something we will have to review more extensively in the future.

    Definitely pray and have any wife/children leave room before watching this tripe.


  11. Sally P.

    I’m so upset. My husband and I recently bought a pretty expensive Playstation 3 entertainment system for our boys and now I found out about all these 8 bite gangster recruiting games those people are launching. Do you have a list of these games so my husband and I can make sure our sons don’t have any of these? Thank you in advance.

    Sally P, WI

  12. Ohkayluv

    Well first…I’m a female. I’m not angry with my culture… could do better to not fall into the stereotypes…but we can’t be beggers and choosers. For your information…I’m bisexual. Proud of it. Internet fame is not for me…that’s why I choose to anonoymous…not giving out any information on myself.

    My question for you Mr. Bowers is how come you can’t be challenged…You put yourself out there to critized…once you post on the internet, it’s free game. That’s exactly what I’m doing…challenging your unintelligent remarks.

  13. Ohkayluv

    Also…you don’t see me calling such names. Never once have I called you out of yours. I didn’t call you racist…I said you made racist remarks…I’m not mocking you…I’m challenging.. Sweety don’t think you’re big and bad because you can post your thoughts on a website…I can do the same and am. The readers obviously do not like what you have to say…so I just want to be someone who agrees with the readers…As I said, I will not let you try and represent the Christian world…because you don’t and will not ever be an example of what Christians are. Your views are twisted and your translation of the Bible is NOT what God wants. Get over yourself…

  14. Tyson Bowers III

    This IMPOSTOR “Tyson” needs to stop posting as me! As we all know I am AGAINST sadamites! That is unless I’m on top. You’re not gay if you’re on top! Also it isn’t gay to shove your 3inch flaccid clod member down the throat of those you work with..right Amber? RIIIIIIGHT??

  15. Scotia

    “wholesome white household.”

    As opposed to a wholesome black household? As opposed to parents who care for their kids’ individuality and expression, and even, gasp, celebrate it? You’re driving your kids away with your over-zealous Christian nonsense. Kids are taught at school that prejudice is a bad thing. You’re going directly against those teachings, and promoting prejudice behavior in your kids. You’re not helping them in the least. You are setting them up for failure in life, bad judgment, and isolation. You can’t bible thump individuality from a kid.

  16. Lawl

    Christfags are fucking ridiculous. Everyone hates blacks. Not only christians, there’s no need to put skypeople into the argument.

  17. Horny McKiddeefuk

    those damn blacks think they’re so cool with their superman songs and oversized pimp cups. the fact is, if you want to hear some real music you’d turn off that BET trash and pick up a LP or 8-track of some Merle Haggard. now that’s some tunes that’ll get your feet movin and your tushie shakin (please forgive me baby jesus for sayin tushie.)

  18. Ohkayluv

    This whole site is nothing but a joke. and I’m not wasting time with an ignorant man as yourself Mr. Bowers. On your death bed (if you’re even really a Mr. Bowers) you’ll realize how wrong you led you life. I have nothing to fear and I’m comfortably happy for who I’am…you’re just unhappy and know that you’ve gone to far in your hate for others. I feel sorry for you and I hope you realize it sooner than later.

  19. Bob

    Sir,I am a christian,white,and believe in a more conservative goverment,but I know what you say is wrong.

    The bibe says that God loves all poeple not just one color.When you type these post you ruin the view that every person has of a christian and God. It’s poeple like you that prevent poeple from being saved from their sins becuase they see the church as being full of poeple who will jugde them.(Which I might add is Gods job)I have a personal relationship with God and know that he is a God of love not hate.It is obvious to me that you don’t even know the God you clam to serve.I suggest you pray and get to know him before your next post.

  20. God_AM

    The best I can say about the author of this blog is that he is afraid of the world around him. Many of us put up this armor to protect ourselves from that which we don’t understand. We call people mean names and attack them for things that we feel seperate them from us. When we don’t understand that we are all connected we put up walls to keep out that which we feel is “bad” not realizing that we are actually creating more seperation which creates more fear. Sometimes it even results in violence. And so begins another cycle of negativity. Negativity however cannot exhist on it’s own. It’s dependent upon the attention of other negative actions and thoughts. I suggest we allow the negativity to stop now. Don’t comment on this or any of his hatefull posts anymore. If anything send this man your love and wish him well. Pray fir him to find peace within himself and maybe he can learn to express himself in a way that promotes thy peace to his fellow human beings. Don’t feed him more of what his ego desires. You cannot attack the darkness that has pervaded his soul, you can only shine the light on it and hope for the best. Until he finds his own way out of the darkness he will continue to live in the he’ll that he wishes upon everyone else.

    COMMENTS MAKE HIM HAPPY, CLICKING LINKS MAKES HIM MONEY. just leave the site and never look back.

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  22. SATAN!!!


  23. 8bitch

    don’t even know where to start
    but you mr. bowers are a biggot, a hypocrite, a retard, and an asshole
    and you’re the one who’s been brainwashed, by the bible and the media

  24. u_r_worse_than_taliban

    This whole site for bad parents who feel inner guilt at be unable to parent effectively without being told what’s right or wrong. your children will hate you and eventually themselves, just as you do now. you are no better than the taliban or the worst of the nazis and you are all being ‘informed’ by bizarre deviants as is evidenced by their very own posts. we need to spend our energy understanding and talking to our kids, not trolling the net. God is watching how you parent, and if it’s with hatred then you and yours will reap what you sow.

  25. e.s.c.

    sounds like you need better info on african-americans, hip-hop, 8bit music & many many other things…but im proud to say i make some of the more evil/sinister sounding 8bit music, im white, a lot of my beats are partially hip-hop influenced, BUT i am not trying to change anyones opinions/ideas/beliefs with my music….sometimes man, music is just music and can be more about a feeling/emotion/etc. than a “meaning”

  26. Tristan Corrales

    The sid microchip is the most evil of the 8 bit sound set. I harbors three sound channels with six bit wave forms. I may be looking into this to much but this concerns me that people are into this music and I urge you all to protest the next 8 bit show in your area.

    p.s.I break for monster booty!

  27. u_r_worse_than_taliban

    correct me if i’m wrong but isn’t Tyson Bower III the same dude who has his eyes squeezed out by Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner?

  28. marci

    when did christianity get so fucked up? god created everyone as equals, right? for fuck sake, even if he did exist he would GET WITH THE TIMES just like the human race did!
    i think the idea of god and his hate for homosexuals is ludicrous. fair enough, show kindness and forgiveness and help people and all that noise but the hate has been fabricated by humans and brainwashed into children that grow up to be Tyson Bowers.

    don’t believe in a religion that is based on the idea that you are born a sinner…

  29. Bill

    You know that you’re getting all this hate because you’re labeling “Blacks” as corrupting youth when you supposedly have a problem with rap music. Stick to attacking rap if you don’t like it, but if you only associate Blacks with rap, then you open yourself to questions like, “What about White rappers? Are they allowed to corrupt our youth because at least their not black?”

    Also, you should realize that the site that you linked to has a user-created mix. This is not made by any of the musical artists listed on the playlist. Someone made it, and made it well. Don’t blame Blacks and/or rappers when someone else takes their music and does something with it that you don’t like. That makes you ignorant.

    By the way, all you moron “reporters” need to learn how to spell.

  30. Bees

    How can you title this what you did and then say not to call your racist. You are racist, and I know that truth will never get into your skull. Its as if all “blacks” were conspiring against “wholesome white” families. Get a grip, you need Jesus more than any heathen I’ve ever met.

  31. The Mysterious Stranger

    Too late, you already set it in stone that both you and the others who write rubbish articles on this site are racist as hell. Now excuse me I got some 8-bit devil music to listen to, I think I’ll make some of my own and dedicate it to you guys.

  32. simply astounded

    Ah, I see. This website is a joke of some kind… a gross parody of a heavily distorted conservative Christian worldview. Oh for funny! Don’t have better things to do with your time, eh? Who exactly are you amusing other than yourself? Obviously you’re succeeding at getting a reaction out of people. Maybe you think you’re making a statement about Christians? Who knows… or cares for that matter.

  33. Shziod

    The worst of all is the Christmas Rap song by “Kasio Kristmas” called “Frosty The Rapman. These guys are very violent, & I believe this song to be about cocaine. The sad part is kids love this group & parents are lining up to buy this for their children for Christmas.

    What is going on out there today.

  34. Beefsticks

    Another reason why true Christianity looks bad because of jerks like this. I am a true Christian and this article made me cringe. Although video game music is enticing to children I understand, leave all the other crap out of it, please. The guy that wrote this should go back to Sunday school.

  35. Smitty


    This was clearly written by someone who has no idea what hip-hop is about.

    Hip-hop, since it’s inception, has essentially been hyperbole set to music. Anyone who takes the lyrical content in any rap song, with the (at times) ridiculous braggadocio regarding rhyming skill or wealth or conquest of the opposite sex, to a “T” is just plain naive. Rappers use the aforementioned topics frequently, along with tales of drug dealing and violence. Most rappers are creating stories with their songs; indeed a select few have actually lived the lives they write about. Even when the artists are writing songs about gang warfare and life in the ghetto, they are speaking of the world that they grew up in; the world that our society has convinced them is the only place they will fit in or achieve prosperity of any kind.

    If the author has a problem with the content of hip-hop music, then the author doesn’t need to listen. If the author doesn’t want their children to listen to hip-hop music, then it’s the authors responsibility to enforce that. People need to stop using their religion and their opinions to tell others how to live their lives. This is not the “devil’s music.” Hip-hop, like any other form of entertainment, is an exaggerated view of its creator’s inspiration. Does anyone think “ER” or “Grey’s Anatomy” are accurate portrayals of American hospitals? Of course not. No one thinks T.I. or Ludacris are literally pimps, either, no matter how many times they may make that very boast.

    Stop hiding behind your religion to tell people how to live their lives. In the United States we have freedom of speech, and freedom of religion. Don’t abuse your freedom of speech to suppress that anothers, and stop abusing your freedom of religion by imposing it on others.

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  37. Mark Greene

    This is a joke right? I’m pretty sure this entire site is mocking riduculous fundamentally “Chritian” L

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  39. Slash0mega

    wow, I WILL CALL YOU RACEST. you just said that “BLACKS are brainwashing pure WHITE kids.” peaple like you give christeanity a bad name.

  40. God

    Dude – back the fuck up!

    You guys are why I went on a 2000 year hiatus! I thought Jes could calm some people down, but apparently not. You are a descendant of those black men moron. I started your stupid humanity in AFRICA dammit.

    And there is no dark side, so just fuck off.

    Where’s my beer…

  41. Christin

    ME too.

    …as for the ‘solider of God’ people like you are the ones destroying America’s youth. Wholesome white household? pfft. I’m more worried about you than rappers. Damn racists and religion loonies… you guys are fucked.

  42. Adam Nelson

    You’re angry because you have so much liberal hate in your heart. Once you learn to stop loving oppression, and accept the truth of why your heart denies truth, you will have a brighter tomorrow. If you have these video games you should probably throw those out too.

  43. God

    “Liberal hate”? I didn’t know hate could be classified, and I would know, eh?

    Anyways, liberals and conservatives both have good ideas. Just deal with it, and quite being such an ass.

    Where’s my beer…

  44. God

    Make your own decisions.

    First off, America has this great thing called the ESRB. Lookitup. Quite useful anywhere. A lot of other places also have rating systems.

    Second, you are the parent. Pick games that you think are appropriate. If you don’t like blood and guts, don’t pick game that have blood and guts! Logical, right?

    Third, it is bit. 8 byte is different from 8-bit. Learn!

    Where’s my beer…

  45. Amber Cooper

    Sally, I faced the same problem several weeks ago after a good seminar on parenting and the dangers of gaming. After my husband and I looked over our boy’s game collection, we found that they had several that qualified for a ‘No’ list so we immediately took those away and threw them out.

    Games can cause all sorts of strange and dangerous behaviors in our kids, and wanting to emulate all the negatives seen in the urban gangster lifestyle is no different. I highly suggest you and your husband review a good faith-based gaming site like Christian Centered Gamer, but still then remember the reviewer may be young and overlook some things a cautious parent will not.

  46. Eli

    They also say the 404 errors are from the devil. And that Obama abuses kittens, with a picture of a lolcat. Its a spoof, guys. Chill.

  47. Jack O'Reilly

    Amber, you just sent your poor boy down a road of depression. Won’t be long until he commits suicide due to your ignorant actions.

    My suggestion, don’t give advice anymore. You sicken me.

    Sally P., you need to pay attention to ESRB ratings. Not Amber’s unhealthy advice.

  48. Tyson Bowers III

    More lies from the liberal agenda crowd.

    Don’t try getting some internet fame, by trying to mock me young man.

    I read your little blog and something tells me that you’re most likely a closeted black homo and is angry with his culture.

  49. Ohkayluv

    Well I guess I will be joining with you since you obviously do not know how a man of God is supposed to be. It’s not your right to past judgement on those. Didn’t the Bible say that everyone on Earth is your sister and brother. Aren’t you supposed to love thy neighbor? As a man of God, isn’t it your duty to try and GUIDE who you believe are sinners to be more God fearing, not expose their so called “sins” to the world and have everyone make judgement on them. No matter what you think of others, God wants you to love everyone, no matter their color, sexual orientation, or gender. He’s the one who’s going to be judging who goes to Heaven, not you.

  50. ohkayluv

    Please. Yea well then why don’t you follow it then? I see that you aren’t. Since you’re such a “true follower” than why don’t you take the advice and stop passing judgment on others. Seriously. Tell me where in the Bible it says that homosexuals are not included under Gods love. It says its a sin, I know, but it never said he doesn’t love them. You’re biting your own tongue Mr. Bowers.

  51. Tyson Bowers III

    God desroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomarrah for leading certain lifestyles. Romans 1:18-21, and the 1.Corinthians 6:9

    And more:
    Genesis 19:1-25, Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13, and Judges 19:1-25.

  52. Nicky

    “This site was created by anti-christians who pose as real christians to give the religion a bad name…..”

    Really it just provides a medium for real Christians to give themselves a bad name. Or more of a bad name.

  53. ohkayluv

    No I’m not giving. I’m being the mature one. Because there are thousands…millions of people like you who are ignorant and narrow minded. I have way better things to do like keep my grades and make sure my future is great. I’m not going to let an ignorant,homophobic, worthless and lonely man like yourself pull me down. Aren’t you 60 or something? Why would a man of your age argue with an 18 year old. Grow the fuck up, get married, get laid or have some children (have mercy on their souls if you do have some)

  54. anonymous

    Most hosting solutions do not allow for their sites to have hate content. Its a good idea, because all good people don’t want to use a host that supports sites like this one.

    Your first amendment protects you from the law, not from hosting terms of use.

    I wish there were some smarter fanatical christians. I guess it just can’t happen.


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