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Mikey Cyrus Shows Off Her Marinated Sin Treats

When the name Miley Cyrus is mentioned, it should be no shock that the first thing that comes to mind is, “sinful pot smoking, double smut whorelet” and that is only because it is true. Maybe it is due to the fact that she is always getting caught doing one of two things; smoking the pots with liberal Hollywood kids, while laughing at starving African children, or flashing the public with her supple and plump milk nipples that are filled with devil venom.

The pics we are showing today are more proof that Miley’s main goal in life is to brainwash the masses of young males across the world to “forcefully attack penis” AKA “FAP” (This is underground B channel talk) themselves into a demonic state of orgasmic pleasure and become closer to Satan. Miley’s little pictorial sex tricks are causing young men to spend less time worrying about becoming Christian leaders and spending more time on becoming future Occupy Wall Streeters or even worse, interracial relationshipers.

These images are a nickel short of a black hipped hopped video where the girls shake their dump trucks for sexual attention. Now these types of violently sexicuted pictorials are leaving the ghetto and insertering themselves into the porclien faced households of upper-middle class America.

Long gone are the days of kids listening to Amy Grant in their Walkmans and snapping their hip fingers to a positive message. Now it is sinfully touching themselves while looking at orange bikinied devil whores, while listening to porn pop music from their gay created iPlayers.

Lady Gaga Prances Around With Sperm on Her Head

It should not shock anyone that Lady Gaga is the biggest devil attention whore in the world, who is always dressed in some kind of anti-God and anti-American fashions.

In Gaga’s latest kindergarten created outfit, she is displaying a large pink man tadpole plopped right on top of her head. This is symbolizing that she thinks we need to spend money on penile to female research. She is trying to spread the word that women should be able to get a operation (covered by insurance of course), that allows women to get a fully function twiddle rompus attached to their bodies and be able to produced science created babies. You can tell how excited she is by supporting this just by looking at he hardened milk nipples. Posts Taylor Swift Topless Pictures and Deserves an Online Genocide

taylor swift toplessLet me get one thing straight, Taylor Swift is a Christian angel and anyone how tries to violate her milk sacs with Photoshopped imagery and black magic, deserves to be tied up in a public square and be burned on national television! A website by the vile name “CelebJihad” has made it their mission to falsely ruin the careers of any Christian that finds themselves in Hollywood’s spotlight. You see, Hollywood is ran by liberals and liberals well Muslim extemists into their hearts and they pay companies like Celebjihad to post fake photos of Taylor Swift Topless, in hopes of destroying her raging God given career.

I ask for every God loving Christian and Jew to raise up and call for a digital genocide against these monsters! Their souls will be banned to hell for sure, so let us take action into our own hands and send them to God for final judgement and we can laugh while Satan anally invades them with savage frenzy!

To show you the kind of filth and toilet talk that spews from these Internet towel terrorists, here is a quote from their website attacking Taylor for filing a lawsuit against them:

We here at Celeb Jihad vow that there will be serious repercussions for Taylor Swift if she dares to follow through on her threat of a lawsuit against us.

We have already reached out to the Iranian embassy to see about filing charges in Sharia Court against Taylor Swift for her egregious crimes against Islam and morality. Of course as everyone knows Sharia law is the one true law, and it trumps any sort of silly civil action Taylor Swift may take in an American court.

Furthermore, we pay good money for a special Internet filter to keep women, Jews, and homosexuals off our holy Muslim website. But in the past few days we have received such an influx of traffic from perverted Taylor Swift fans that it has overwhelmed our filter and interrupted service for dedicated Jihadists looking for the latest celebrity gossip.

So we demand that all Taylor Swift fans leave our site at once and never return! Taylor Swift’s fans are foul-mouthed and ill-mannered (much like their idol), and their taste in music and role models leave little doubt that they are beyond redemption. If Taylor Swift’s fans do not leave soon we will be left with no choice but to issue fatwas against each and everyone of them.

Simone Battle – He Likes Boys – Proof the Gay Agenda is on the Rise

Simone Battle - He Likes BoysX Factor failure, Simone Battle, has released her first single within the matter of minutes after being kicked off the show. Not only does this British socialist competition smell of musky scam. How is one to believe that this girl didn’t already have a record deal and they were using the X Factor to freely promote her new song, that BLATANTLY PUSHES A HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA. Do they really think that America is dumb enough not to know that the liberal media used another piss soaked karaoke show to stealth attack our homes with homo gay dupstep twiddle wally and sin coated dilly husk?

While America was watching to see who was going home from the X Factor, the sneaky little, pro anal sin docking, Afro-Saxon slipped in the Google keyword that all tweenages of the world needed to enter, like some secret passcode, to witness her new video that clearly pushes a homo erotic message. Within seconds, millions of children have been exposed to a video the shows one afro-gay walking around West Hollywood, looking for cheap ecstasy and tight jeaned man meat to devour. The song title alone shows you how open the gay world is when it comes to brain washing your children. It is entitled “He Likes Boys” and it is a song about putting the gay lifestyle in the spotlight.

America should be angry and the black community should be appalled by Simon Cowell’s use of black women to push a gay message and using a black man as the video’s star. I’m sure if The Tapack Sugar was still around, he would load this video up with a hell fire of bullets and then ghetto slap Cowell in the face.

What Liberal Women Can Learn From Andrea Tantaros

About Andrea Tantaros

Andrea is the daughter of an immigrant Greek family, so she knows the how the great LEGAL immigration system in America works. Due to her family following the rules of American citizenship, God blessed her family with a restaurant, where she worked as a waitress during her teenage years. In 1997 she graduated high school and attended Lehigh University and majored in Journalism and French. She knew if she wanted to be a true journalist, she would have to learn the language of the socialist and lazy enemies of the world. This is why she is also fluent in Mexican, British and Liberal Twaddle.

After college, Andrea did what most liberal woman aren’t capable of and got a high ranking job by using her wits, brains and not using women’s rights to further her career. Tantaros joined the Holy Gail of all journalism networks, Fox News, in April 2010 and currently co-hosts one of the greatest shows on cable, “The Five”, where she gives perfect skinned and plump glossy lipped truth commentary on current events.

If I didn’t commit my life to God, Andrea is the type of woman I would court.

What Liberal Women Can Learn From Andrea Tantaros

FASHION – Without fully exposing her sin treats, Princess Tantaros is able to embody class with sass. It is very important for woman to look professional when working in the man’s world and Andrea is able to mix and match proper waist size dresses and at the same time not wear something that would distract her male co-workers with thoughts of naught imagery. Men who work with liberal hussies, who dress like cheap $3 French whores, are shown to work at a 45% productivity rate, but when you put those same men with a classy Goddess like Andrea, their productivity is at full staff and capacity.

BEAUTY – Is it just me or does it seem like conservative woman have a natural glow to them? All liberal women need to wear make up. No man should ever see what these goal-less female’s truly look like without at least some foundation. When you have an angelic face like Andrea, make up is always optional. Now if libby females could take a note from “Drea Drea” and actually wash their faces after a long day of Wall Street protesting or maybe used some face cleanser to clear up their pot smoke causing zits, they might have a chance to have 1/87 of the beauty that our soft skinned angel Andrea effortlessly flaunts. But all in all, Andrea’s beauty is God given and remember God favors and gifts those who walk in his light, not denying him with Socialism.

HYGIENE – Sculpted P90X style biceps, white glistening teeth, hydrated lips, smooth Pro-active skin, lotion sopped legs and Vidal Sassoon, split end free hair. These are traits you would never use to describe a liberal fem, these are the words that echo in the Fox News hallways when they speak of Andrea. You would never hear such praises in the MSNBC coffee room, as the typical anti-God female thinks that walking around with a “Bed Head” boy hair cut and belly fat is respectable and natural. If looking like that was natural, why didn’t God make Eve a short haired dyke? He made Eve beautiful and by doing that, God was telling his children that women need to follow some basic rules of female hygiene. I bet if God sent down a photo of Eve, she would look identically like Andrea.

CAREER – Andrea didn’t get her career by performing countless mouth sex acts in the back alley of MSNBC or spreading her legs in the conference room at the HLN office. No, she used her God given brain power to work long hours to EARN her way to the top of the journalist totem pole. If liberal females could understand that they could use their mental talents instead of their vaginal talents, they might move up in the world with respect instead of sexual butt slaps.

So I leave you with this question and a song dedication:

Justin Bieber Gets Ninja Turtle Face Tattoo

It is a well know fact that The Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtles have spread musky whoreness across the vaginal regions of America’s sweethearts. In hopes to channel the power of The Turtles ability to turn young moralsome girls from Holy to hussie, Justin Bieber has gone out and tattooed the image of one of the green demons on his face.

Just like the reptile demon ninjas, Bieber plans on using Chinese attack secrets to stealthily infiltrate the pants of millions of American tweens and jostle their flesh door bells with demonic ticklings.

With his new tattooed inked upon his nose, he hopes that he will be able to channel the same subliminal powers are The Turtles did in the early 90’s. Let us not have another “Turtle Power” plague wash across the naughty zones of any legal American female citizens and request Justin to have this image of mass fornication be removed from his face.

Mormon Watch List – People Who Look Christian, But Aren't

Sick and twisted sexual beliefs could be carefully inserted into the minds of America’s children without us even knowing it. Mormons, the people who want marriage to be a orgy fest of demonic proportion, have infiltrated the Jewish community of Hollywood in hopes to spread their vile religion via TV shows, music and magazines. When will these fake Christians realize the American people think that their beliefs in a multi-vagina lifestyle and hocus pocus hat trick religion is a crock, This religion was created just so the elders could tax their own people and have an annual rub and tug orgy party in Utah. Below is a list of camouflage celebrities who you need to boycotted.

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

David Archuleta

David Archuleta

Eliza Dushku

Eliza Dushku

Gladys Knight

Gladys Knight

Harry Reid

Harry Reid



Jon Heder

Jon Heder

Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl

Ken Jennings

Ken Jennings

Paul Walker

Paul Walker

Ricky Schroder

Ricky Schroder

Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling

Wilford Brimley

Wilford Brimley



Selena Gomez's Mexican Sin Treats Have Grown Too Plump for American Television

If you ask me, I don’t trust anything that can speak two languages and get free tuition. To be honest, I don’t know what rock this little brown piña colada of sin crawled out of, or which Mexican state she slept her way through to get to America. But, I do know that she is causing boys to stay up late at night and be tempted to fondle themselves while browsing Google images from search results like “Sex Mex Gomez” and “Mexican Selena Candy”. From Disney to double D exposed jalapeño flavored milk crates, she prances around in an overdose of whorish couture fashions, making young boys around American have urges to whack their demon rods until they produce forced sin marinated juices. This lil piñata of sex, can easily cause your child to burn a gigabite of band widths purely surfing for these free Chalupa platter pictorials she scatters around blogspot and tumblr websites.

If you browse your child’s web history and find links containing this combination whorrito, let your children know you are the digital La Migra and you are exporting this hacienda hussie back to beanville, faster than they can say “California Dream Act.” If you do not take action, your son will be locked into a lusty labyrinth of Mexican skinned fantasies and be overloaded with nocturnal emissions. Your daughters will be taught how to properly flash their sin bags in a none classy way and learn how to pop out seven kids before the age of seventeen and live on welfare. Miss Gomez’s sour creme dream is to wrap America into a tightly wound taquito of sin and gluttonous amounts of Mexican sex juices and taint our youth with her Shakira style hips and sin-sational, pouty lipped sex poses.

Here is an example of one of her tweets promoting the idea for girls to sneak out of their homes and partake in a night of sultry orgies and interracial naughty dances.

She also uses Twitter to promote a tween night club style show that she created on Disney. This show, Shake It Up, teaches young kids how to do black ghetto butt shakes and Satanic toe tapping body gyrations. Millions of pre-agers are square dancing with the devil in your living rooms, while caller Gomez shouts out which next dirt movement she wants to teach your children. No wonder teen pregnancy is on the rise with such sexual movements being taught at a young age.

Besides hosting free images on Google and posting subliminal naughtiness on Tweeter, how does Selena saturate your children with Satanic taco sauce? She uses an underground photo sharing service called “Twatpic” and uses a Tweeter API to spread the millions of skin filled images across the internet highway. With this service, Selena is able to publish “leaked” photos of her plump milk sacs or even images of her and boyfriend, Justin Bieber, nude on the beach.

Jersey Shore’s Slut Devils, Deena and Snooki, Share Unholy Lesbian Mouth Acts on Television

Now that Mtv has become “Masturbation Television”, it should not be shocking to find out that they are now dribbling syrupy images of lesbian fornication nonsense onto the screen for all young eyes to see. Recently Mtv has exposed your children to an x rated episode of the famous television show, Jersey Shore, which is a show about hobgoblin $4 whores and orange pastel colored closeted homosexuals and their adventures of intoxication and multiple partner sexual encounters. You know, the wholesome stuff that all 10 years old should be watching. In their latest episode they feature a lesbian kiss which leads into a night of demonic clam dabbling and female to female fish cave worship, between the midget pavement princess, Snooki and the Jeeny Craig drop out, Deena.

Below I will show you a pictorial of the nights anti-Jesus sexcapades and a in-depth explanation of what exploits were going on.

Here we see the massacre minx’ engaging in a lesbianic tongue mouth act. This type of behavior is caused by drinking too much devil nectar and once in an intoxicated state, Satan is allowed to enter the body and take control of ones mind, body and soul. Once their lips are locked, Satan takes hold of their syphilis encrusted baby doors and moistening their camel humps with hell fire juices of sexual arousal.

Now deeper enthralled in Satan’s grip of lesbian fantasies, you can see the two sluts of Jezebel in a death lock of tantalizing tongue tennis.

Now fully aroused in baby slit moisture juices, the two females decided to engage in a typical drunk fluzzy dance to draw more attention to their actions. Whores like nothing more than to be gawked at by the public. You could say they re just like homosexuals when it comes to the need and urge for attention, even if it is negative.

Full of intoxicating fluids, God attempts to bring the girls back to reality, by love tapping them to their knees. Of course the plastic filled mick sac’d $2 street walkers pay no attention to God’s warning and continue on with their night of spray tanned musk of debauchery.

Once home, the two whorelots break into demonic dances. Filled with Satan’s spirit the two can not control their bodies and flailing their arms around like two drunk beached whales trying to get back into the sea. You even see the Snooki fall down and be paralyzed into a cat pose. This pose is a symbol that Satan has finish his onslaught of abuse and leaves the body to deal with hellish dehydration and regret.

Just like all things evil, they all are punished by God’s wrath of love and discipline. Because the two girls decided to flash their baby holes and milk sacs to the world and not pay attention to God’s first warning, he had to take action again. Just like all good father’s they will love tap their children into submission and God’s hand was in the form of a car accident.

So remember kids, if you want to be hauled away by the ambulance or even in a body bag, keep your naughty parts in your pants and do not drink of the devil’s cup.

Justin Bieber in Car Accident – DWI

Image of Justin being put into county jail.

After Sunday night’s run in with Bruno Mars, it looks like our lesbian looking tiny bopper, Justin Bieber was involved in a car accident due to, too many vodka tonics.

The LAPD confirms to Christwire that Justin Bieber was involved in a minor collision, while under the influence Sunday night, while “ghetto cruisin'” in the San Fernando Valley, with his Mexican girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Most likely she is the one who forced him into partaking in sips from the devil’s nectar cup.

Bieber was racing at high speeds in his Ferrari through an underground parking structure on in Compton when swerved and crashed into a Honda Civic.

Justin is currently being held at a LAPD jail for driving under the influence.

Bruno Mars Arrested for Selling Coke to Justin Bieber at MTV VMA Awards

Peter Gene Hernandez , better known by his stage name Bruno Mars, was arrested Sunday night after the Mtv VMA Awards, for selling an illegal substance to a minor. The substance in question was the common black street known as coked cane or also known as black pixie nose sprinkles. Seems Bruno wants to be a billionaire so freakin’ bad, that he will even slang dope to youngsters if need be.

From the LAPA report, Bruno was caught attempting to sale a rock of coked can to young pop star, Justin Bieber after the 2011 Mtv Video Music Awards. Around 10pm Bruno approached young Bieber and was pressuring him to purchase the drugs and even offered to give him the funny dust for free. Bieber’s security notified the LAPA once they noticed Justin being pushed by Mr. Mars. Bieber’s security tackled and punched Bruno in the right eye and then cuffed him.

Once LAPA arrived, they took Bruno into custody and then wanted to question Bieber to make a full report. It was reported Justin left the scene with his Mexican girlfriend and was last spotted at the Mtv after party.

Later a image of Justin fleeing the scene through a wall of bushes emerged. You can see the fear and terror on his face as his jumps into the bushes to hide from the rape like situation he just experienced.

It is a sad day when we allow non-American music stars attack young children with drugs.

Chaz Bono Kicked Off Dancing with the Stars Lineup For Not Being a Real Man

Dancing with the Stars has just reported that they have removed the bearded lesbian, known as Chaz Bono, from being able to attend the DWTS competition. The producers of the show must have been living under a rock for 10 years to not know that Chaz was actually a woman, who decided to defy God by mutilating her body. Her transgenetic modification is no different than a emosexual carving their favorite, talent-less black metal band into their arm or some pop punker having a barbed wire tattooed around their bicep.

The producers were looking for one more male slot to fill for this years competition and decided that since last year they had a washed up female cow on, that this year they should find some has been, overweight male. Once they saw photos of Tubby Bono, they couldn’t resist and had “him” booked right away. The line up was announced and on the first day of casting meeting, future cast member, Carson Kressley, or how he is known in the gay bars, “The Fashion Guru”, couldn’t hold in his gay giddiness and screamed “One big step for homogays, now that they are letting a transgenetic on the show!! HOP SCOTCH, WHAMMOOOO!”

The producers went into full shock and knew if they had a fat man who also had a lesbian fish cave on the show, that their ratings would drop off. They know their audience can handle the fecal faeries and clam dabblers, but no way would anyone accept the two ton tranny dancing around their living rooms.

After a two minute review, the producers told Chaz they were going to replace her with John Stamos and that they felt Chaz was not honest and that cast members like Nancy Grace do not feel comfortable around her kind and told her to leave.

You see, Chaz’ thinks that being able to release pre-made white tailed demons from her plastic penile apparatus or cutting off her saggy fat chest glans, makes her a man. This all fat beef man, woman is nothing but a disgrace to the human anatomy. God created man to look like man and woman to look like woman. He did not make you a certain sex, only for you to defile your body.

Jordin Sparks Uses Black Street Drugs to Lose Weight

Did afro-saxon pop singer lose weight by hard work and by following a nutritious diet? Maybe she caught the lesbian syphilis disease to drop the massive amounts of cow she packed on by eating five McDonald’s number threes every day? Actually, the answer to these question is “no”. Former American Idol tubby actually dropped her tons of gluttony by going on a regiment of black rock ghetto street crack.

As you can see in her photo, not only did the crack make her drop 21 dress sizes, but she has also turned into that type of black you would see in a Big-E Pac video. You know the video, where the slave skinned girls are shaking their thunderous gluts and rubbing their syrupy glazed baby caverns into the naught area of the rap singer.

Miss Sparks, my advice would be to go to Costco and fill up on the fattiest foods you can find and eat yourself back to some self dignity.

Gunsmoke James Arness dies at 88 That’s The Full Episode

gunsmokeActor James Arness, who was famous for his role on Gunsmoke, died today at the age of 88. Gunsmoke was a full episode of wholesome American television that taught use that the bad guy never wins and that good will always beat out evil.

Many Americans today and even politicians could learn a lesson from Gunsmoke and James Arness. They could learn that being bad men and trying to control the world with evil and greed will get them nowhere. They could learn that trying to bully the American people into communism is against God’s plan for America.

Too bad we don’t have any moral television shows like Gunsmoke nowadays to teach kids that smoking drugs and being sexual deviants is a bad thing.

The world has lost an American hero and we mourn the lost of one on America’s last true actors.

Chelsea Handler Has Lately Been a Drug Hussy Extraordinaire

What do you get when you mix a ecstasy snorting, cracked coked cane smoking, hack comedian, binge whiskey drinking, interracial sex having, white devil? In two gag reflux vulgar words, Chelsea Handler.

Chelsea Handler is the half brained host on E! Entertainment’s late night called, “Chelsea Lately”. The shows was named after Chelsea’s many pre-abortion, late period experiences and is far from anything you could call comedy. The only thing comical about this show is Chelsea herself. With her veins full of crystal meth rocks from late night upskirt orgies and cheap whiskey naked poker games, Chelsea tries to put on a talk show every night and fails to meet the marker of laughter.

So how did such a failure at life get to be a host on a semi-minor watched cable station? Well after you have mouth sex acted every CEO and executive producer your chances of success get increased in the land of Hollywood. There have been reports that she has even allowed large groups of suits take turns performing chocolate star hole sin docking on her while she snorts heroin off the ads of female super models. This is what people in Hollywood call “blowing to the top” or “poke for a script”.

To prove her whoredom we have some photos of Chelsea after a long nights worth of drinking Michelob Ultra and shots of sour apple flavored scotch. Only a slutty devil whore would expose her milk sacs and then post them on a entertainment blog. You can notice the dark color of her baby nubs, which is the sign of spoiled milk docks. This is due to large amounts of sinful pleasures and abuse to her baby door.

When she isn’t doing body shots off her co-hosts, she is off having interracial relationships with sin skinned gangster hipped hopped stars. Recently she released a sex tape of her can 50 cent in hopes to be cool like the sand terrorist Kim K and white trash princess Paris Hilton. In the internet porn video, you can see Chelsea being “doggy styled” by the rapper and the video is called “50 Cents Worth of a Whore”. From reports we have gotten, it has been said that not much band widths has been used to view her video, which means no one really cares to see her naked, as they have already seen enough of her saggy exposed flesh.

To add insult to injury, Chelsea has hired not only an illegal Cuban to be her co-host, she hired a midget Cuban. This is a smack in the face to America and says that not only does she support Castro and Che, but she always hates American midgets. There are plenty of legal midgets looking for work in Hollywood, but she rather pay a lower wage to get her little pet. I bet a real American midget would be a lot more entertaining and would help the midget economy.

So have fun having Cuban midget sex, while American midgets are staving on the streets of Burbank Chelsea, you heartless pig.

This woman needs to be removed from the television and her comedy tours need to be put to a stop. Even if we have to burn down every venue she has marked on her tour to keep her away from the ears of Americans, than so be it.

Lady Gaga’s Plan for Gay Domination Revoked by American Idol

Savage penile meat stalkers what to take over the minds of youthful tweens and attack their minds with a full on ass assault of grotesque images of syphilis encased phallus’ and chiseled chested, toungue tied gay man bears. The gay’s ultimate goal is to have each boy in the world to have dreams of “ddf” Asian twinks and double barreled, astroglide laced butt toys.

But, how are they doing this you ask? If you don’t watch T.V., read the newspaper or haven’t ever gone outside, you wouldn’t be able to notice the agenda that is being played out right in front of the world. Every were you look nowadays, there is a gay, turtle heading out from the corner with the look of sinful lust burning in their eyes and their mouth foaming with gay joy and excitement.

You see, just like monkeys, gays like to fecal fling and they want to smear their queer on the faces of the Christian household and they are able to do this openly, because Obama wants to break down the structure of American values. The gays are the perfect foot soldiers to Obama’s new 3rd Reich and with the gays queen of whoredom, Lady Gaga, there is nothing that can stop their onslaught of analingus domination.

Lady Gaga is a transgentic, drag top, vampire wizard, who uses her newly given Fag Hag, Mr. Judy powers, to promote the way of gay to the minds of America’s children via her Homohop music. Once she has converted your children over to the rainbow side of sin she calls them her new “little monster” (this is a secret underground leather bar term for “anal bleached dipping”) to spread the message by word of mouth and not the kind of word of mouth you are thinking. Just like a vampire converting their minions by biting their neck, Gaga uses her music to transfer a gay gene into the minds of children.

Until recently, The Gaga has been able to say and do whatever she pleases, until last week’s episode of AMERICAN idol finally stood up to her. The Gaga wanted to show off her new glass slippers on Wednesday night’s show to expose children across American to more PNP, post-gay propaganda and gay rim their minds with two strap-ons placed onto her shoes. Even with the gayest man in the world as their host, AMERICAN Idol’s contestants said they would not perform knowing that such villainy would be displayed on a Christian friendly, family show. In the end, AI told Gaga that is she “Wants to stay, get rid of the gay”.

Since Gaga is more into money and attention than her movement, she decided to drop her heterophobia and do a wardrobe change and not display her two shafts of see through sin.

This goes to show you that real American’s will always win over homo-grown terrorists.

Miley Cyrus Yet Again Exposes Milk Sacs in Public

If she isn’t off smoking magic pot smoke or dancing around like a clam dabbling lesbohomoor even flashing her camel humps to Twitter tweens, she is off exposing her barely legal baby feeders to the world.

Yet again we find Hannah Montana exposing she demonic sin treats to the world. It might not be a full frontal image that you would see in a Michael Bay movie, but these photos are of what elite Chinese haxxorz refer to as a “side-boob” position.

These types of photos are just as dangerous to a child’s mind as porno movies. Any type of sexual visuals that could tempt a little girl into becoming a $2 sex hound or make a young boy demon whack his little trumpet player, is cause for shock and protest.

The president of the United States won’t release the photos of Osama Bin Laden’s body, but yet of youth is bombarded with these types of graphic gifs!

Will Ferrell And John C. Reilly Come Out of the Closet – First Gay Comedy Couple

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly announced to the world yesterday that they are both now a fecal fairy, sewerhole fishermen couple while engaging in a male to male lip lock on a jumbotron screen at a L.Gay Lakers game.

Why did the 2nd rate comedian hacks decide to display their sin lust for each other here? Well let’s think about it. For attention of course! Just like all homogays, they crave attention and this is one of the reasons why they like to stranger pocket fondly young boys, because they know they will get media attention once a boy tells his parents. These two knew that the Lacker’s stadium would be filled with young boys wanting to see their favorite NAACP NBA players and took this opportunity to expose all of them to some PDG (Public Display of Gay).

Why did they feel the need to rot the souls of little kids with these homo antics? Who wants to see two overweight bolding, car crashed victim faced men ravage each other in one of the most sinful acts known to man? I’m guessing because both of their careers are shot and both couldn’t attract a decent female even if they paid them.

Will and John need to understand that making movies with gay humor is one thing, but to bring your filth into the public eye and forcing images of gay lust and perversion is crossing the line of acceptable gay behavior.

I hope parents now can see the dangers in homosexual chosen lifestyles and that they protest any movies or websites these two are a part of.