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Perez Hilton’s New Children’s Book Promotes Gay Prepubescent Taint Tingles

The Boy With Pink Hair is the title of Perez Hilton’s newest gay propaganda book to turn children into fecal ferrets before they even reach the age of five. Funny, this is the same age that most gays agree they find most attractive. To prove my point that this is targeted to your children, the recommended age for this book is 3 and up and even states it should be put in TAX PAYER elementary libraries.

Unlike emos, gays still have dark souls, so they still have some worth to Satan and the gay populous is trying to make sure hell has enough fuel to burn for eternity. With this book being pushed into every school around the world, Satan himself now has a book club ten times larger than Oprah’s.

The gays know if they can confuse the young mind during it’s highest state of development, they can brainwash the gay gene into the wiring of our children’s minds. They predict that for every ten children that read this book, eight will be locked into the grasps of the gay syphilis lifestyle. They hope by the age of five or six, that young boys develop taint tingles when they come in contact with another male. This is a way to measure if they have caught the gay plague.

One review so far for Hilton’s attempt at gay indoctrination:

Perez is a mean bully who wouldn’t have a blog without copy/pasting news and berating already troubled celebrities. His trendsetting includes pooping on cardboard cutouts of Justin Beiber. I’m not sure why anyone would let their children around “Perez Hilton”, let alone read a book about tolerance from one of the biggest hypocrites on the internet.

If you allow your children to read this book, they will end up growing up like our pink haired friend to the left of us. Drugged out, pink hair and full of demonic urges to engage in man anal sin docking.

So unless you want your son walking the street corners of West Hollywood, begging for a quick fix of ecstasy, than you better march your Christian footed rump down to your local school district and demand that this book be burned. Just like a vampire, the only way to vanquish the homo threat from our children is by fire!

Perez’s next book will be co-authored with Ellen and rumors have it that the title will be “My Yummy Kitty”.

Gay Logos of the World

Homosexuals are good at two things, destroying the fabric of American values and designing. So it would only be natural that these finger painting, man sac worshipers would they use their skills in color coordination and limp-wristed decor knowledge to secretly promote their agenda within logos that you and your children see everyday.


At first glance, Wal-Mart’s logo looks harmless, it has a soft inviting look to it. Well that is exactly how homogays lurer your children into the backs of their torture chamber, leather rape vans. They use shiny candies to trick the mind, so that it will no pay attention to the demonic ass agenda behind the curtain.

If you look closely, you will notice that the Wal-Mart logo has six yellow lines that create a circle. Do you know that is circle is actually a artistic symbol used on gay bar signs to let their fecal frenzy patrons know that they have a full service “circle jerk” bar? The six lines represent six men holding out their sin snakes in a gay manner.

So every time you or your child sees a Wal-Mart logo, they are getting a eye full of gay’s forcefully creating devil DNA, by hatefully whacking their flesh swords.


Would you just look at this homo-erotic display of masturbatory penile release? Nothing like a logo that is surrounded with dripping globs of man sex sauce spinning around it. Do you understand how disturbing this logo is? Do you see that these freaks of feces want your children to stare at images of unmartial Satan squeeze every time they open up the microwave or open up the refrigerator to get a healthy afternoon snack? They even now have hand sanitizers that are used in schools that squirt out white lotion onto your children’s hand, while they rub it on their face and hands to clean.


Bullseye for bargains or bullseye for bleeding anuses? While you enter Target browsing the tween section for back to school clothing for your children at a yellow handed discounted price, just be warned that you have entered a store that uses the imagery of a homosexual rectum after a late night penile barrage of cherry bomber ecstasy induced ass assassins, who also had a long night of throwing back Zimas.

Just remember that if you want your children to have nightmares of the anus seeping blood due to an attack from a craft homosexual, than keep taking them to the devil’s house of bondage. Because every time they gaze into that one eyed red sewer hole, Satan’s thermometer crawls closer to make them flesh pole, rear-end dancers.

Master Card

Diving deeper into the sea of mental debauchery, we can take a gander at the good ol’ Master Card logo. First off, did you know a master card is an I.D. that homosexual bears, that own slave power bottom twinks carry? It is a card they show at the door of a gay bar, so they can be placed in the proper seating area. You can’t mix bears and twinks in the same seating area, or the bar owners won’t be able to sell any alcohol. This is because the bears would spend their time ravaging the rear docking stations of the helpless little twinks, instead of spending their gay well-fare money on double peppermint cosmos.

Anyways, back to the logo. If you use a well trained Homo Gay Agenda propaganda eye, you can see that the logo is actually that of two testicles being connected. The two colors represent two races. One being the whites (rad, the blood line of the world) and yellow (the bile color stands for the other races in the world). This logo is trying to show that interracial gay sex is something that should be accepted. The gays are not only stopping at marriage, they want interracial gay sex to be broadcast around the world, right into your children’s bedrooms.

So next time you think you should use your plastic to buy groceries, just remember for ever purchase, you are inviting a hair greased up white man and a 17 year old Filipino boy to slap their sin covered candy bags together under the blankets of your child’s bed.


Ever wonder why Apple’s first logo was a apple with a rainbow? It was to show their dying support for the homo gay agenda.

Also, ever notice that the apple has a bite taken out of it? That is a symbolism of when Adam took a bite out of the forbidden fruit. This was there way of showing that they wanted their users to taste the rotten fruit of homosexuality.

Anyone who buys a Apple product for their child is saying “Please have homo sin hole sex with my child” or “I want my daughter to be a fish sin slit worshiper.”


Homosexuals Sharing Boy Children. Oh you don’t believe me that this is what HSBC stands for? If not, why is the logo a aerial shot of a man and a young boy touching twiddle rompus’ while riding in a boat?

Thundercats – Rippled Muscles and Ferociously Gay

It has been a long time coming and our warnings about the homo gay agenda using cartoons as a gateway to infect your children with colorful gay brainwashing techniques, seem to fall on deaf ears. Now we have photographic proof that this form of brainwashing has started to infect our youth.

Below is a new poster that has been released to the public showing how the new Thundercats cartoon will look. Does this type of artwork look familiar? It should. This type of art style is called “Erotica Fantasy”, in which the characters are drawn in a style in homo-inciting prowling sexual details and shading, to wet the appetite of homosexual readers. Now your children will be exposed to this sexual fest of thick sex like outlines.

Look at the detail in the biceps and look how they drew a menacing death sex look on his face. You can tell this guy is ready to stalk some weak and young pray.

To go even deeper with our proof, we have uncovered images of “Thundecat gay sex parties”, that are held in leather bars and twink clubs around gay cities in America. In these images you will see the party goers dressed up as their favorite Thundercats lion and you can tell they are full of orgy excitement.

It is only a matter of time before your children are having Thundercat sex sleep overs.

Vicious Gay Attacks Christwire

Yet another gay has taken time out of their busy day of nasty gay activities to post a hate speech video about our church. In this video a gay bottom who goes by the name “natattackk11″ tries his best to create a smear campaign against God’s Word. We believe his name has some underground sex slang to it. Let’s take a look at the breakdown.

nat = Negative Attitude Transgender
attack = attack
k = kids
11 = The two 1’s stand for two Satan scepters smashing against each other.

So in full, his name means “Negative Attitude Transgender attack kids with two flesh swords.”

Afro-Gay, the Most Violent Gay Breed Yet

What is a Afro-Gay
Just when you thought the Mexi-Gay was the most vile cross breed of homosexual, the homo gay community unleashes yet another genetic monstrosity, the Afro-Gay. Stronger, faster, hipper and even more of a minority than a Filipino red head.

With this new type of “gay”, they can now double up on their government assistance, which will drain your wallets faster. Not only do they get to food stamps, colored people scholarships and have the protection of the terrorist group known as the NAACP, this group can also collect gay welfare and is give the green light to o anything they want. Stopping them from illegal activity is now not only “racist”, but “homophobic” at the same time!

It’s like a mad homo-ologist concocted a animal mixed with a dangerous tiger, a fecal throwing monkey and a rainbow colored unicorn that violently rump rapes victims at night like a nappy headed, stealthy butt ninja and leaves no trace.

Why Make a Afro-Gay

Instead of impregnating white women and leaving them to fend for themselves, they are trying to make America it’s own baby mama. The gay community and liberals want to use Afro-Gays to not only spread crime and drugs, but to also spread Zulu like diseases across this holy land of ours.

The liberals also know that the Black community is one of the biggest resisters of the gay lifestyle, so they believe if they can plant a type of gay that can play basketball, rap and rob liquors stores, but at the same time tie cornrows, it will slowly force the black community to integrate with the homos.

It is only a matter of time until raps songs go from “Straight up slanging in my hood” to “Straight up man sex with my home dog’s chocolate star”.

How to Deal With an Afro-Gay

The Afro-Gay might look like a sissy Sally or limp wristed friend of Dorthy, but be assured that their ancestral black rage still lies dormant within their blood. Remember most Afro-Gays are more muscular than most homosexuals and have no problems using their strength and rage you slap you to death. Remember, they can get away with murder, so they will have no fear of killing you. O.J. Simpson is a prime example.

Your best bet is to just steer clear of such people, but if you find yourself in contact with one, do not make eye contact. This with spark black gay urges in the Afro-Gay and you could fall victim to either a gay rape or reverse gay bashing.

If you find yourself in a conversation with a Afro-Gay, avoid phases and words like “you people”, “crack”, “nappy bear” and “gay chocolate sugar rush”.

Speaking of “nappy bears”, if you find yourself in the presences of a hairy chested Afro-Gay, your only chance of survival is to tuck up into a ball and allow whatever is about to happen, to just happen.

How to Spot a Afro-Gay

Use our handy flyer to help you spot Afro-Gay. This will help you arm yourself with the knowledge to avoid this dangerous gay breed.

Nintendo Wii U Uses Digital Penis in Logo

Let us not forget that the name “Wii” is a homo erotica communist term that means “Wiener” or “Tentacle Sex”. We have already shown you the first game that the Wii U will be releasing and we have told you about how the gays and blacks have teamed up to violate your white housewives, by using Wii remotes.

Now, even after many emails and phone calls to their main office in China, Nintendo still points its middle commie finger at America and this time they have gone to far.

The new Wii system is called the “Wii U” and the “U” is Japanese elite speaking for “Rape with Penis”. So if you say the name out loud with its communist meaning, it is “We Rape with Penis” and that is what they plan on doing to your children. The logo is also blue, which is the universal color for boy, so it also is subliminally showing your children images of gay sin snakes.

The Godless Japanese mind is one of perversion and unGodly thoughts of women sharing bowls of fecal matter for dinner and multi-sex member, sour cream and pancake orgies. You can see their slanty work just by looking at the new control system, which is really a device women can use as a personal climax slammer or can be used to shove up ones rectal pipe to produce a “Milking Orgasm”.

The Kamikaze tsunami brigade is hoping that parents will buy their new system for their kids next Christmas, so that they can use the system to brainwash you children into God hating, American flag spitting deviants. With the new Wii U comes a lexicon of subliminal sexual games that will teach your children about how to have abortions, partake in interracial/bi-sexual sex Olympics, teach girls how to “M” themselves or have a “M”ing sleep over party and also teach your children how to surf the internet for free adult gay sites.

Just when you thought you only had to worry about gays and blacks ruining the morals in American, we get sneak attacked by the yellow German pitbulls. Keep them from sinking your families battleships of morals and prohibit your children from playing or secretly owning this new gaming console.

944 Magazine Infuses Gay Lifestyle with Savvy Chic Drug Use

Looking for the nearest S&M gay leather bar with the best $35 apple martinis or the newest hipster horse back riding wine tasting event? If so, just open up a overly high glossed copy of Snotsdale, AZ based magazine “944”. This magazine is full of fantasy footholds and tries to sell the idea that everyone lives on a 250k and up income and can afford a $670 custom shirt by Angela Johnson or some other designers who have made up interracial porn names. 944 makes it seem that owning only one Porsche is a lifestyle crime and being involved in only one to two bi-sexual sex orgies is grounds for being exiled out of the sexual deviant hipster circle.

The name 944 alone sports a menacing, subliminal message. As reported on earlier, Stephenson Billings pointed out the children use internet sex slang and just like “BRB” or “415”, 944’s name is just as vulgar as its overly color burned fashion pictorials. We all know that in “sex slang” texting, that the “9” is the symbol for the female pushing her rump in the air and we know the “4” is the symbol of a male fully enticed by female sin treats. Now look at how the 9 and the two 4s are laid out. You can see here the 944 means that a women is having his camel hump being invaded by a male’s sin snake, while that male is being reversed waste exited by another male. So as you can see, the name alone is telling its readers that not only having multiple sex action partners is ok, but it is ok to have same sex relationships.

So besides the name, what else does 944 Magazine offer its readers? I have created a breakdown of their most common content and will explain what each one’s motives are.

3am Girls
Wondering why your ASU attending daughter is failing microbiology? Or why she suddenly started to smoke the liquid ecstasy filled electronic cigarette? What if I told you there is a group of girls who write articles each month telling your daughters to stay out every night and party like cheap $4 sex pirate hookers and be involved in interracial pretty boy orgy parties. Well each month the 3am Girls write about how much alcohol and drugs that smoked each month and glamorize the night walker street life. Each story is filled with images of pot high college girls being mauled by steroid beefy, bi-curious frat boys.

While your hard earned dollars are going to half rated schools like ASU and SDSU, your daughters are out slamming shots of Denaka Vodka and beer bonging copious amounts of Michelob Ultra, which are both major advertisers for the magazine.

The 3am girls are scantily clad hussies, who are community college drop outs, who are also jealous of students who were able to get into sweet 16 schools. Their main goal is to ruin the academic journeys of as many college girls as possible. For each college drop out, their souls become sexual erect with sin and malice. These women are the truth embodiment of a devil whore.

Just so you know, the “am” does not stand for ANTE meridian.

No wonder kids nowadays are so sexual confused and binge drinking alcoholics. Magazines like 944 are more crammed with more gay propaganda than a lesbian biker parade in San Fransisco. For every 1 page of content, there is 10 pages of photoshopped gay exposed bodies, flyers to steamy gay rave sex parties and gay friendly destination vacations. And if they aren’t being bombarded with sexy sailor make out photos, they are being pushed to by sin nectar beverages. One could become a drunk gay man just by flipping through the magazine alone.

What a healthy message to push onto kids and that is exactly their target, fresh college student meat. They know if they can tempt new students during rush week, they can hook them into their advertising maelstrom of sex, drugs and bottom self alcohol advertisers. They don’t even put a parental warning on the cover, letting parents and students know they are about to be taken to a land of bad choices.

Why don’t they switch out these graphical pages of massive sin and replace them with ads about Jesus’ love or images of happily married, God following straight couples? Because they don’t want to promote soulfully healthy lifestyles.

Fashion Pictorials
To fill up space due to their writers inability to write more than 5 pages of actual content. 944 fills up around 130 pages of powdered cracked coke caned models wearing outfits that only a mental damaged slut would wear.

I’m sorry 944, no real person would spend $700 on a shoe string woven shirt with paint splatters on it. My 8 year old niece is able to do that and you don’t see her trying to scam people out of money or even call it fashion. It seems 944’s definition of fashion is.

fash·ion (according to 944 Magazine)
Anything that was created by anyone with a made up European name, is a high school drop out hipster, lives off mommy and daddy’s money and makes crap just so they can say they are artistic and different.

“By buddy Levi McClane is the best fashion designer in Mesa. He takes old pieces of gum and sews them onto American Apparel fitted tees and then lets his dog urinate on them.”

So if you enjoy recycled half rated content, endless amounts of talentless pictorials, Satanic gay ads, images of body painted go-go dancers and heroin smoking high school drop outs, 944 Magazine is for you.

Lady Gaga’s Plan for Gay Domination Revoked by American Idol

Savage penile meat stalkers what to take over the minds of youthful tweens and attack their minds with a full on ass assault of grotesque images of syphilis encased phallus’ and chiseled chested, toungue tied gay man bears. The gay’s ultimate goal is to have each boy in the world to have dreams of “ddf” Asian twinks and double barreled, astroglide laced butt toys.

But, how are they doing this you ask? If you don’t watch T.V., read the newspaper or haven’t ever gone outside, you wouldn’t be able to notice the agenda that is being played out right in front of the world. Every were you look nowadays, there is a gay, turtle heading out from the corner with the look of sinful lust burning in their eyes and their mouth foaming with gay joy and excitement.

You see, just like monkeys, gays like to fecal fling and they want to smear their queer on the faces of the Christian household and they are able to do this openly, because Obama wants to break down the structure of American values. The gays are the perfect foot soldiers to Obama’s new 3rd Reich and with the gays queen of whoredom, Lady Gaga, there is nothing that can stop their onslaught of analingus domination.

Lady Gaga is a transgentic, drag top, vampire wizard, who uses her newly given Fag Hag, Mr. Judy powers, to promote the way of gay to the minds of America’s children via her Homohop music. Once she has converted your children over to the rainbow side of sin she calls them her new “little monster” (this is a secret underground leather bar term for “anal bleached dipping”) to spread the message by word of mouth and not the kind of word of mouth you are thinking. Just like a vampire converting their minions by biting their neck, Gaga uses her music to transfer a gay gene into the minds of children.

Until recently, The Gaga has been able to say and do whatever she pleases, until last week’s episode of AMERICAN idol finally stood up to her. The Gaga wanted to show off her new glass slippers on Wednesday night’s show to expose children across American to more PNP, post-gay propaganda and gay rim their minds with two strap-ons placed onto her shoes. Even with the gayest man in the world as their host, AMERICAN Idol’s contestants said they would not perform knowing that such villainy would be displayed on a Christian friendly, family show. In the end, AI told Gaga that is she “Wants to stay, get rid of the gay”.

Since Gaga is more into money and attention than her movement, she decided to drop her heterophobia and do a wardrobe change and not display her two shafts of see through sin.

This goes to show you that real American’s will always win over homo-grown terrorists.

Gays Create New iGay Sex Toy

We have already warned you about how apple wants to turn your college kids gay and how their Homoligists want to develop the iGay gene, but now apple has developed a new homogay sex toy to promote nose to sin hole sex. Now instead of gays getting their kicks from fingering each other in the brown socket (now know as analog finger play), they are able to strap on a plastic torpedo nose sex toy and shove it up their buddies doo doo and then make it vibrate by using their iPhones. It even displays the distance to a the man’s prostate and will “blip” faster and faster as it gets closer.

This new age of digital gaydom has gone too far. Their receiving partner has the ability to control the vibrating speed, heat and moisture by using a apple app and can update his status to Twitter at the same time, listing what the toys settings are at. This will let all his other twink twitter buddies know what is going on and how hard he is getting sin pounded. Isn’t it great to know kids will now be exposed to such twits like “115 degrees, ultra vib, speed +11 – about to blow, LOL #lovebeingsinrammed”.

Brown dabbling in another man’s waste cave is one thing, but why are we promoting such evil technologies. By marketing such toys, we will further entice our young muscular, college boys to partake in Satan’s late night fecal frenzy festival, while listening to Lady Gaga or Adam Lambert and encourage them to strap on and digi-dingle their frat brothers.

The toy is being sold at stores like Best Buy and Circuit City and being branded as a iPhone accessory. It should be called a asscessory if you ask me.

Thank God the good people at The Android have been stirring clear of queer.

What Gays Post on Craigslist

If you want to learn about God’s enemies the best thing to do is visit their dwellings of heat sweat bath houses and late night ass pool orgies, also known as the popular gay porn site, Craigslist. This site needs to change its bands width extension to .gay or .homosexslaveparties instead of .com. After browsing this site for over 30 hours, I found nothing but offers of free sex acts, brown pony rides, leather ballroom dancing and male sinkhole tickle torture.

To expose the way a gay brain really does work, I decided to list some of the postings here, so you can see how dangerous and obese these ass assassins are with non-normal sex.

Exhibit #1

I need a spanking – 52

That’ s it. Anyone want to put me over their knee and warm up some buns? 52, 6′, hwp. Very discreet.


Here we have a male making a gay mating call to any other male that might want to come to his modern chique condo and give his rumpus a sexual love tap. What normal person would want a potential danger stranger to come over their house and then perform a act of violence on their tussie? A gay person, that is who. The gay gets a rush when they know they might be involved in some type of danger.

Exhibit #2

Fit Mature for Young Smooth Twink 18-25

I can host at country club setting. I give amazing erotic massages with rimming and oral. Be ddf/neg like me. I 6′, 180, very fit, 7c, smooth, masculine, vers top, respectful and experienced training young twinks. I can also take professional photos if you want and I have 420. Please be nonsmoker, totally smooth, thin (under 150#). I could also use a massage and can spoil you. Tonight or tomorrow night.


First of all what does playing basketball and dental hygiene have to do with erotic massages? And what is a ddf/neg? Is this him saying he wants “Dirty Dillie Fun” and he is “neg of HIV”? I also don’t understand why he has 420 professional photos of himself, besides the fact that we all know gays are vein. Lastly, what does her reference a twinkie in his head post? Is this some kind of homogay slang for devil DNA filled flesh sword?

Exhibit #3

Masculine Bottom in town

Masculine bottom in town until tomorrow…staying at the Parker hotel in Palm Springs. Thirty-five, masculine, five-seven, one-sixty-eight, clean and neg. You must be neg. Looking for hungry tops to c** over for a hot f***. Send your FACE pics and stats, then I’ll send you my room number. Let’s f***!


All these gays do is think about male to male sindocking, rainbows, My Little Pony and flowers. Why do they post that their “bottom” is masculine? Don’t all men have masculine bottoms? Besides all the gay vulgar speak and this man’s urges to have devil DNA, he is giving this hotel a bad name. Do they want to be known as the gay prostitution sex house? I think not.

Exhibit #4

Tops need to dump hot afternoon – 44

load. Bare muscle bottom ready. Strictly anonymous scene. You come in, pump and dump, leave. Very discreet. Great for st8, bi, married studs. Now.


What is “dump hot”? Gay talk is more secretive than Chinese hacker, elite speak. Look at how he is even trying to tempt married and straight men into a homosexual love triangle of sin. Also, what parent names their kid “Tops”?

Exhibit #5

Mexican visitor

Visiting and looking for fun. I can travel before 11 or host after. 5’7″190. hairy vers.


Here we have an illegal trying to spread swine flu. It is bad enough gays are invading out country internally, but do we need Paco de Homo jumping across the border for some tug a rug, health care and a job? No!




Gays Release New Sexy Dragon Children’s Book

A new book for children is in the works of being published and the author is threatening lawsuit actions if the book is not published. What would be keeping it from being published? Well what about images of large Chinese dragons performing sex hole acts on automobiles? That is right. This gay author has written a book that has a cascade of homo erotic paintings, that tells the story of horny homo dragons traveling the world having unprotected flesh sword sex antics.

What this book is really about is, the dragons (the gays) traveling to capitalist countries and defacing their free trade governments (the automobiles). Each dragon adventure teaches our children to believe in Marxist ways of thinking, along with the that having gay sexy parties with other beefy, diseases infested leather bears is fun.

The author swears that their is no agenda behind the book and that the book is an artist expression piece that will expose children to modern culture.

Only in the Obama era would such gay and anti-capitalism filth be displayed in children’s books. Just like Obama, this book hates freedom and loves the fact that millions of cheerful sinners choose to be gay. This book also promotes the increase in gay welfare.

There is nothing “sexy” about a Japanese communist, gay dragon. Please view some of the sample artwork below.

Gays Invent Candy Bracelet Underwear

When gays aren’t out craving ass nectar and partying it up at late night gay meetups of shoots and ladders, they are in their homo factories plotting attacks against humanity with weapons of mass gaystuction.

You would think while the world is praising President Bush’s victory against Pakistan, the gays could put aside their evil plots for one week. But just like any other terrorist organization, the gays are relentless with their plans for rainbow world domination. They will stop at nothing until each man is wearing low rise, boot cut skinny jeans and every woman be apart of the lesbian collective coalition.

The masterminds of fabulous and cheque have unleashed a new type of yummy yum underwear for children to wear. Why would they want to do this? Well, like all things unnatural, gays are mentally unbalanced and they want their prey to be pre-seasoned with sugar sweet goodness and what better why to enjoy a good ol’ fashion child forced entry, than to have your victim already marinated in pearls of sugar.

That’s right! Gays want you children to get used to wearing such things, so when they are faced with a predator, they will already be basked in sugar plummed flavors that any gay couldn’t resisted to sink their teeth into. A gay already can’t resist the smell of a young males pheromones, but when you top it off with a chastity belt of raver goodies, they blood thrust is far too great.

We have been told that these parts of undies are being sold at such gay friendly retailers like, GAP, Bana Republic, Forever 21, Diesel and Express. Let us protest these stores in hopes to keeping our children innocent from the touch of a leather bear stalker.

Cory and Lex from Green 960 Want Questions From Our Readers

The filthy homosexual hosts of Radio School want our most holy readers to ask them questions for them to read live on air. If you want to post your questions in the comments below and have them read to their San Fransisco audience, we will forward each comment over to them.

Questions will be read this Sunday at 7:45pm PST and you can listen to these two fecal fisters live on their poorly designed website here.

Make sure your questions hold a Christian Class.

If you don’t want to post your question here, you can always email it to our Holy mailbox here.

Cartoons Are Making Your Children Gay

Before I start, let’s first take a look at this shocking graph that proves that cartoons have increased homosexuality in children.

Wow! What alarming statistics.

Now let’s take a look at what the liberal media is flashing in front of your children’s eyes.

Rainbow Bright

Look at this cheerful lesbian whore, spreading gay glitter and unicorns into your babies mind. All this cartoon is teaching your children, is to go out and live life with no real boundaries and live in a false reality. It promotes the use of hardcore drugs worse than the pot.

Captain Planet

Yea, that’s all we need! Our kids hanging around with some tree hugging hippie homosexual, going out and being destructive towards conservative corporations.

Care Bears

Bears are gay men who are very hairy and prey on pre-teen innocence. This show is teaching your kids that hairy people with rainbow stickers just want to go out and have fun adventures and hug. Well, it isn’t much of an adventure when your children some home after a full days worth on being raped by multiple gay men.


Another fecal frenzy of a cartoon. This cartoon is trying to show that your son can be a fairy price and at the same time be a strong man. Sorry, homosexuals are not strong! Their bodies are full of sexual sin caused disease. This show also is teaching your son, that it is ok to run around town being half naked and to role around with other men.


This show promotes gay communities. Notice how all the smurfs are gay, but they have one fag hag allowed in their community. Also, the smurfs are blue which means democrat.


Because having your son rubbing his sin snake to make it grow, so he can fight off other men is cute. I THINK NOT! This cartoon is purely promoting kids to watch other men on men sin docking activities, touch their Satan flesh sword while they yell out sexual sounds.

If You Were God, How Would You Punish Homosexuals?

An important question was brought up at Sunday Sanity Service and the question was “If you where God, how would you punish homosexuals?” The room was very quite and no one had any real thoughts besides the normal burning at the stake option. No one really had any ideas on how to properly handle a frenzied fecal fister or a clam catching Carly. So, we posted this question on Facebook and got some very odd replies and wanted to same them with you.

Here are some answers from our Facebook friends:

  • Cancel glee.
  • Provide evidence that Liberace was straight.
  • No more sequals to Sex in The City.
  • Tie them up with handcuffs and straps and have large men in leather beat their bare behinds with paddles repeatedly. That’ll show ’em!
  • I would melt there anuses and mouths shut to prevent them from committing any gross homo acts
  • Make gay males watch lesbian porn and make lesbians watch gay porn
  • Gay men? Cut their shoe budget in half. Gay women? Double their shoe budget
  • I’d create another language gap so the homo gays will be unable to convey and spread their homo gay ways.
  • I’d send them to their own special hell with lots of Cher playing on the PA and mandatory burlesque/drag shows every Thursday.
  • Let them get married
  • give them all cankles
  • I’d invent aids.

We also did some polling around our towns and here are some statistics:

We would like you to leave some comments below on how you would punish the gay homos if you were God.