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Did Coachella Festival Turn My Son Gay?

5d25c04817bdc1b7dd53f98f8d009e45If your son has attended them Coachella Festivals this year, he might of come home with more than a sunburn. Chances are he engaged in multiple pleasure injections into another man’s waste pipe in a drug driven homo erotic orgy of male on male fecal pleasures. Coachella Festivals is a three day and two weekend musty stew of sexual exploration of catastrophic proportions for a young man’s anus.

So horrifying that a straight boy could go gaga gay and develop urges to thrust his still developing meat sock into another man’s rectal hideout for pure pleasure and not for disciplinary reasons. But, these are the behaviors developed during the cacophony of cock-a-doodle-doo music circus of sweaty anal indulgence. This is what happens when we let our kids exposed to gay brainwashing companies like Apple and Jordache.

It has been reported that more men swim in each other’s ass soup during Coachella Festivals than all PRIDE weeks combined, and that includes across the whole US of A. That is over three million sinful testicle to testicle thrust reps.

Don’t think that I’m against gay people…no, no, no. I’m against gay music events raping the innocents of young men. Instead of exploring the world, young men are deciding to explore how to be a proper power bottom or how to shave the undercarriage of a lube bear’s testicle basket. I’m also against muscular set men unleashing copious amounts of salty ejaculant up into young boys’ intestinal track via their pollute chute.

To find out if your son has been converted to the brown side, youc an simply smell his fingers and see it they smell of a poopy residue. If so, that is a self gaying. That is where one self anal rapes themselves with their index and ring finger (pointer also depending on if they are a verse gay banger), while choking themselves with the other hand while having thoughts of brown flower pounding by a burly, well tanned grizzle who shouts of perversions of erotic homosexual venom.

In closing, if your son has been to Coachella Festival, look um directly in the eyes and say “Son, have you been tempted to fornicate with another man and allow his anal snot to be caked on your penis?” If he can’t look you back in the eyes with a stern and direct answer “No my father I haven’t”, you know your child has being frolicking with the queer brigade.


Dangers of PRIDE Week

hipstergays-300x199PRIDE Week; for those who don’t follow homosexual propaganda and are not viewers of MSNBC, is a week long celebration of confused American’s choice of submitting themselves to the tragic and lonely lifestyle of that of a homosexual. The lifestyle itself has 51 shades of sickness in its complexity and why people choose to walk down this path of darkness, narcissism and self hatred is beyond me. Just like any fad, the homosexual life style is at its peak, but will soon burst its rainbow colored assortment of frail balloons and float slowly to the streets where it will be swept away into the gutters of America.

For a whole week, the government and American’s pretend to accept millions of drug induced Cher fans, who rather spend their days day-dreaming about copious amounts of unprotected sex, glamorous interracial lifestyles and frantically watch their DVR’d BRAVO shows while sipping cosmos or some kind of low calorie non-American made beer. To expose what really goes on at a PRIDE Week celebration for those unaware of its dangers, I have listed three underground gay phenomenons that fuel the week of gay infused festivities.

Gaytheists and Twinksters
These are two sub genres of gayness that have recently oozed from the dark musky cracks of the homosexual community and have been making quite a stir in social circles around the world. A Gaytheist is a bottom burrower who believes Jesus Christ was a homosexual and they group up in protest packs and try to force their asinine belief onto young children, just like how they forcefully and uncomfortably push their lifestyle choice onto America. They have even tried to petition The Vatican to agree that Jesus himself partook in gay orgy like activities with his disciples in the desert.

A Twinksters is a homosexual hipster and you can see handfuls of these stuck in the 80′s limp wristers trying to preach their liberal art degree’d minds amongst the straight attendees at PRIDE Week. Quoting movies to validate their ridiculous arguments is the typical modus operandi for these trucker cap wearing mumble anus’.

Borderline Overdoses of Rectal Drug Intake
You can’t spell PRIDE Week without the words “Drugs” and “Rectal Insertion” and be sure the drugs are delivered by the bus full directly from Mexico. It has been said that over 80,000 drugs are taken per day at PRIDE Week and 96% of those drugs are taken rectally. This is because the gay’s anal cavity has the ability to ingest large pill form objects fast than their mouth, but the speed of this process depends on whether they are a power bottom, bottom, top or verse.

Kid Photo Swapping Games
Just like Pokemon, gays need to collect as many young children as possible, but since that is illegal, they do it in a form of a card game. The game is just like the popular Majik game; players bring their deck of cards and battle each other to win new cards from their opponents. Instead of attack cards with vampires or some squirrel with lightning powers, these cards are images of children they find on the internet, print them out onto card stock and they mark the cards with what are called urge points. The urge points signify how “hot” or “how much one wants to poke the child” and each rating is verified and approved by their friends over at NAMBLA. The game is easy, players drop down their cards and the one with the highest urge points wins the hand. After winning the hand, the winner can go and pick one card that tickles their musky taint area the most out of the winning pile and add it to their deck.

Study: Lesbians More Likely To Eat Fish

New studies have been released showing that 37% of the US fish consumption is from lesbian Americans. Researchers are amazed at these findings as they believed that straight men where the kings of fish eating. This study also shows that lonely lesbian Americans don’t care if the fish is old and musky, bloody and don’t have an issue with sharing the same piece of fish with multiple lesbians at one time. Along with these findings, researchers report that only 3% of homosexual men eat fish and surveys show they are more of hot beef eating fans, like hot dogs or kielbasa and the study is lead scientists to believe that 9% of straight men lie about their love for fish products and are actually closeted haters of fish altogether.

Scientists Discover New Penile Galaxy

i-ef423a4a774eea0f8fb737f4408799dd-ngc5426_gemini_big-300x281Shocking images from NASA are being displayed across America after a galaxy in the shape of a man’s penile organ was discovered earlier this week. NASA has been plastering the artist rendition of Galaxy-1axbc7, or as major gay organizations are calling it, “Galaxy Penile” or “Galaxy Gay”. Homosexuals are already trying to claim this is solid proof that their is other forms of gay life within the universe and also proves that God creates gay things. Scientists are saying at the tip of the duel galaxy, there are millions of stars ejecting themselves out to deep space and on their way to collide with other foreign deep universe masses.  Every news station has flashed this galactic erotica onto televisions across America and I fear children maybe victims of visual molestation via this photo.

Gays Building Secret Penile Shaped Resort Island

poplarislandaerial-300x226New photos of a man made island have surfaced this week. According to sources, this new structure is being created and funded by “Gays for Achievement and Growth” aka, “GAG” and will be a private resort for gay couples to vacation “gay freely”. GAG’s marketing director, Aaron Heier says, “Finally we will have a sanctuary to call our own. A place we will be able to roam freely without the annoyance of heteros. A place where we can openly listen to Cher and prance around in cut off Levis and queerishly snap our fingers in attitude”. Heier says the resort will not allow heterosexual visitors and it will be jam packed with gay themed entertainment and decor. When asked why shape the island like a man’s limp penile organ, Heier said “It is aerial advertisement. We want people in the sky to be able to look down and image themselves on a island where whispers of fantasies and magic come to life. Plus, what better way to piss off right-wing Americans than to draw a big penis on their map”.

Man Sues Parents For Being Born Gay

A Chicago, IL man has a filed a lawsuit against his parents last week for birthing him as a gay man. The lawsuit claims that the plaintiff, Mason Lawler, is suing his parents for emotional damages for forcing him to live his life as a gay man. “I believe pro-choice should also give the fetus a choice if they want to live a gay lifestyle or not. Why can’t an unborn child be given the right to decide what path he or she will follow before having to be forcefully popped out onto the world?” said Mason when asked what his message was to the world.

Mason’s parents are shocked at this claim due to the fact that Mason has never came out of the closet and to this day has had the same girlfriend since high school. “He has never been into ‘faggy’ things or done anything that might be considered gay” says Mr. Lawler. “I never caught him wearing my underwear and always found his nasty magazines when cleaning his room” added his mother.

Could this just be a cry for help? No matter what the case is a $10 million dollar lawsuit has been filed and in today’s weird moral web who knows what the outcome maybe.

Gay Man Sues Craigslist Lover For Not “Bottoming”

Kyle Price is suing Craiglist for allowing bogus “service” posts.

Kyle Price is suing Craiglist for allowing bogus “service” posts.

A New York City man has filed a lawsuit against the anonymous gay sex hook up giant, Craiglist and one of its posters. Kyle Price claims he responded to a Craigslist ad for “services” that included “versing”, “power bottoming”, “gerbil tickling”, “tug rubs” and “magic pony rides” on June, 26th of this year. Price states he met up with the poster and returned to his apartment in hopes of paying for the man’s posted enticements. Instead, Price was greeted with “uncomfortable domination like entry” and says he was forced to be the bottom during the whole experience. Kyle rushed home and out of embarrassment would not call the cops, but instead tried to contact Craigslist’s customer service, which he found out does not exist. After filing his lawsuit with a lawyer he found on Craigslist, he is now suing for “False advertisement”. Craigslist released a statement saying “It is truly sorry for Mr. Price’s situation, but we do not police and will not police items posted in our naughty sections.”

Target To Open New Homosexual Friendly Stores

Minneapolis – Target today has announced their new marketing campaign to “dip into the growing homosexual population in America.” This new campaign includes a complete branding of select Target locations with a abnormally high gay population. One of the rebranding moves is to redesign the logo itself. The famous red target will now have a camel skin brown colored centered dot and the name itself will be the French word, Fağet, which when translated means, various tunnels. Along with the name rebranding, Target’s new Fağet stores will be the host of product lines geared toward the homosexual community. They also plan to change the famous Target dog with a chihuahua. They feel these subtle changes will give homosexuals a open and carefree shopping experience. Fağet’s mother stores will be in San Francisco, Palm Springs, CA, Indianapolis and Lincoln, Nebraska.

Gays Claim Gay Marriage Movement Was Just A Joke To Annoy Christians

Thousand of gays came out today to announce their fight on gay marriage was a hoax and just to irritate Christians.

San Francisco, CA– Laughter is always the best medicine, unless that medicine is forcefully injected into the blood stream intentional hurt someone or a group of innocent people. Today we learned that the gay community had pulled off one of the biggest jokes in modern day history when they announced they don’t support gay marriage at all and the only reason they were pushing the movement was to irritate and annoy Christians around the world. The equal marriage moment has been called off completely, leaving many heterosexuals dumbfounded.

After hearing this, Christian leaders are scrambling to find their new crusade cause. At the moment they can still pray the gay away, try to cripple teenage abort death chambers or change course entirely and go after a new minority or lifestyle. We feel Asians maybe their next target. They have weird fetishes and have been flying under the ridicule radar since 1989.

Aaron Heier

Aaron Heier, aka “The Glory Hole Bandit”, was quoted saying on his internationally known gay talk show, HSSS.TV, “Isn’t it finally fun to be on the receiving in of an uncomfortable situation for once? After all the years of rough pounding from The Christian Right, we finally got the last laugh. Just watching them squirm was worth all the work we put in to attack them with  fake protests and lawsuits. Bravo my brave community, bravo!” Heier also stated he will be celebrating with his mob of pranksters’ victory by sipping down fruity martinis and gossiping they night away with hetero-bashing toned conversations.

Les and Bo’s – New Clothing Company Catering To Lesbian Wear

Logo and marketing branding for Les and Bo’s.

The toughest decision for a butchy lesbian is not their choice of becoming gay, but the difficult feat of how to dress in the most “I don’t care what I look like for sympathy attention” manner. Buying XXXL flannels and baggy mom pants can be hard when today’s fashion outlets only carry outfits tailored to non-testicled lumberjacks. But if you are a flat top haircut wearing scissor slammer, you are in luck! Today a company by the name of Les and Bo’s has announced their line of dykey friendly fem wear and will be partnering with Target’s custom gay demographic targeted stores coming this fall to fill up the racks with oversize flannels, studded belts, Disney branded accessories, Looney Tunes stickers, scarfs and more. I’m sure men-dykes around the world today are cheering in joy knowing that Les & Bo’s will now be finally bringing “Formal Wear For Informal Women” as their slogan states.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is Fecal Jousting Its Commie Porn Into The Souls of Your Children

What is Final Fantasy XIII-2?

The side eyed communist game makers of Japan have ejaculated a new pornographic video game. They have ejaculated it right into the eyes of your beautiful children! They seek to tantalize youthful taints with sinful pleasures and violent tugs of weasel flesh to the point of forced climaxtic DNA release. In a nutshell, Final Fantasy XIII-2 is a homo erotic sin slit worshiping story about two lesbian lovers who are on a mission to satifify their demonic sin slits with copious amounts of mutant orgy parties and violate their pudding blowholes with battle ramming force.

Throughout the game, your child is forced to fight demonic monsters with black magic spells, while their minds are caked with homo gay imagery of twink power bottom companions engaging in ass play battles. Each battle, the monster and your child take turns casing spells, which is really the Japanese cleaver way of having the characters demon whack off each monster without parents being able to tell. They also take turns conjuring up pets from hell to cast “power spells” at the monsters. The super monsters are the symbol of lesbianism and it is teaching your son that lesbians are the power breed of the world and that boys should hide in closets and play “yanky spank” with the local gay pedophile.

What Does the Title Mean?

In the pron world, things are rated with an “X”. Since Japan’s porn industry it so marinated with musky Satanic juices, the American rating required the X to be times by 3 and at the power of 2. So the pornography equation for the rating of this game gives it its name. X x 3 power of 2 = XIII3 or the international rating of “large amounts of violent taint and vaginal exposure.

Cover Art Analysis

Just look at it, look at the plastic phallic sex defilers they have strapped to their belts, ready to battle in a game of sinful insertions. Just the cover art alone should send off a red flag to parents and letting them know by buying this game they are sending their son or daughter down a dark path of clitoral sin play and we all know the clitoral muscle is Satan’s doorbell and by ringing it opens a gateway into your soul for him to take control of the body and mind.

FFXIII-2 PSA Posters
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