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What is Inside 50 Shades of Grey?

50-shades-of-grey-cover_300x400If you are like me you don’t pay attention to channels like Mtv, TMZ or Nickelodeon, so it would be no surprise not to know what or why the book “50 Shades of Grey” is such a international phenomena. Until last night I didn’t even know what the book was about until I went to my local book store, grabbed a copy and opened it up. I was wondering why the clerk at the store gave me a look like I was some kind of freak, but understood right when I opened up the book and read the first two lines which read “Within no time, I could feel the shitty creamy load seeping from my puckered brown eye and all over my fishy flaps. Leaving my panties sunny side up on the floor was the least of my worries as his slut slayer shoved deeper into my soft tight anus.” After vomiting in my mouth due to the vile content I just read, I reopened the book and decided to share some of the things this book has to offer to our country.

Below is content that is highly explicit.

Excerpt one:

“With my sugared almond now much like that bathroom door in The Shining, he thought it was time to start sliding my soft tight anus. Is now the time to tell him I really need to launch a stink pickle, I wondered? The feeling of his cock custard flowing down my throat got my shrimp sap flowing quicker than a greased weasel shit. My cake hole was so full of sperminator and cock snot, the baby gravy was draining down my chin and onto my chesticles. The hammering of my shit winker was so vigorous, he soon found his family jewels joining his trouser bowser deep in my turd-herder. I awoke the next morning with my cock holster still leaching. I thought it was over but his slut slayer had other ideas.”

Excerpt two:

“Now, I’ve seen more helmets than Hitler, but the sight of his thrill drill made my tuna tunnel tears salivate like a broken coffee maker. My gashtray was trembling like Vanessa Feltz’s diesel-powered vibrator. When he removed his one-eyed milkman from my brown mile, he was pleasantly surprised to see a sewer trout staring back as him. He knew I couldn’t wait to chow down on the stink pickle off his long-dong silver. After having my oyster ditch thrusted, he then proceeded to hammer my marmite motorway. The unrelenting orgasms from his cunt plunger hammering my herring hole made me come so hard, I began sweating like a fat slag in a disco.”

Excerpt three:

“He munched on my furburger, even though I’d been up on bricks for the best part of a week. There was baby gravy salivating from his brie baton and I was wetter than a well diggers arse. We were ready for more. The feeling of his steamin’ semen haemorrhaging down my throat got my tuna tunnel tears flowing quicker than a greased weasel shit. When he removed his eight inches of throbbing pink jesus from my cocoa channel, he was pleasantly surprised to see a Mr. Hanky staring back as him. He knew I couldn’t wait to gobble the stink pickle off his bald-headed yogurt slinger. The hammering makes me spit my minge mucus all over his clunger.”

Excerpt four:

“Inserting a cucumber into my clearing in the woods got me spraying fallopian fish stock faster than greased shit off a shiny shovel. I awoke the next morning with my hatchet wound still dribbling. I thought it was over but his womb raider had other ideas. The unrelenting orgasms from his cheese-crusted cock pounding my clearing in the woods made me come so hard, I began sweating like a pregnant nun. I can’t wait to gobble the cock snot from his sperminator. The plowing makes me squirt my minge mucus all over his veiny quim prod.”

Is Really a Underground Homo Gay Hangout Where Gays Share Penile Pleasure Tricks?

What is

In a nutshell, is a poorly programmer forum, using outdated HTML and is a direct blend between Grindr and Myspace; a place boasting with homosexual foreigners and shirtless photos of bare chested men, showing off their “results”. This forum is the worst, thickly speared with more gay infused testosterone than any other Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu website. I would even say that the gay orgy section on Craigslist has less anal tingle torturer content than this oozing pile of fecal spatter.

Masquerading as a place to read articles on nutrition and fitness, this website’s main goal is to feed the desire of America’s sugar plummed anal fairies to mud hump as many fecal flesh doughnut holes as possible. This site allows the taint terrorist to gather as an underground community and feed of each other like feces vampires and trick new members into their sick club by offering great squatting techniques and fat busting diets.

In the forum, users are known as “brahs” or “pumper”. This terminology has been used since Schwarzenegger’s golden days of hooker and cracked coked caned filled nights at the gym, but has been modified to be more of a homosexual based slang.

What Do They Talk About


My very first avi pic had a small amount of pubes showing with just the very base of my c*** visible if you squinted (wanted to show my adonis belt)

Besides all the whispering talk about phallic worship that is ejaculated across each thread, you will see men constantly talking about their favorite protein . When you see a post using the code word “protein” one might think the users are discussing the amigo acids needed to build strong and healthy muscles, but that is all a way to make you not realize they are talking about consuming copious amounts of sinfully produced male DNA milk. That is why you have products like “Muscle Milk”, that trick the average passerby into thinking it is for people who workout, when it is really 12oz of fully loaded globs of white man salsa.

When you break down that total amount of content posted on, 69% of it is gay romance novel cover style photos of juiced up shirtless pecks and flexed abs. You will even notice that most images the men are wearing tight shorts so they can show off the outlines of their puking flesh weasel, smashed in a way that the bulge looks larger than life. Who knows how many countless hours men self milk their sin snakes to these images of half naked reverse poo pushers. The more images they post, the more “rep points” they gain and also allows people to easily see who the biggest pervert is on each thread.

This is the most popular protein shake on the market. Rumor has it that this shake is made up of 90% Cuban boy semen, 5% citrus and 5% ecstasy dust. These are the top 3 things that homosexuals love to pump their bodies full of, when they aren’t the ones being pumped. Shakology is promoted in all workout videos and even has an additive to make non-homo gays addicted to the taste of male white oil. This drink serves as a way to not only bulk up their gay drinkers with frothy DNA drops, but also slowly turn new members into gays who crave and linger to fill their stomachs up with 80 grams of Cuban candy.

Insanity and P90X
I have already exposed the gay dangers of home workout programs like P90X, yet that is only one of hundreds of body toning and gay brainwashing videos out on the market and torrent download websites. These two programs are the most famous workout programs in the body building world and you can’t find one thread that doesn’t pay homage to how Tony Horton or the third person speaking Shaun T, have helped them come out of the closet and be full blown musky taint cuddling homo gay power bottoms. Terms

Stands for “Penile choking fornication”. Users will post this tag onto their photos letting other “brahs” know it is ok for them to self rape their fleshy Roman spear, while gawking at the pictorial gallery they just uploaded.

After burn
This refers to how many calories one has burnt during gay sex of during a session of them playing with their finger puppet.

Forum users with label their profiles as a “spotter”, letting the other users know they are a bottom sex player or it also means they are more of the submissive type sinner. The word spotter refers to their brown spot and that they want penile fecal insertion into their sewer muscle.

I’m Maxing Out!
Means that one has maxed out on their gay sex quota for the week and they are not looking to make anymore “hook ups”.

This is a secret code one posts to let others know that they are a “Homosexual Interested in Insertion Tickling”.

Another secret code letting users know they want “Bondage and Male Insertion”.

How to spot a forum user:

Mexicans Now Use Kittens for Illegal Fight Games

Mexican’s have an odd way of making money from useless things. A few examples are, selling tortillas with butter, hot sauce dipped fruit pits and lemon dust. A Mexican’s main source of American income is usually lawn work or they will make money using chickens to fight in a gladiatorial style back ally blood bath. Here Mexicans will bet their garden money on which chicken they think will win.

Now that The American government has been cracking down on Mexican rooster battles, the shifty handed weed whackers are now using kittens in a WWF homosexual type cage match. Since there is no real laws banning two pussies smashing each other in a physical manner, the cops have their hands tied until they can get a bill passed that will allow them to crack down on illegal pussy kitten fights. Below is a video showing the violent matches. Posts Taylor Swift Topless Pictures and Deserves an Online Genocide

taylor swift toplessLet me get one thing straight, Taylor Swift is a Christian angel and anyone how tries to violate her milk sacs with Photoshopped imagery and black magic, deserves to be tied up in a public square and be burned on national television! A website by the vile name “CelebJihad” has made it their mission to falsely ruin the careers of any Christian that finds themselves in Hollywood’s spotlight. You see, Hollywood is ran by liberals and liberals well Muslim extemists into their hearts and they pay companies like Celebjihad to post fake photos of Taylor Swift Topless, in hopes of destroying her raging God given career.

I ask for every God loving Christian and Jew to raise up and call for a digital genocide against these monsters! Their souls will be banned to hell for sure, so let us take action into our own hands and send them to God for final judgement and we can laugh while Satan anally invades them with savage frenzy!

To show you the kind of filth and toilet talk that spews from these Internet towel terrorists, here is a quote from their website attacking Taylor for filing a lawsuit against them:

We here at Celeb Jihad vow that there will be serious repercussions for Taylor Swift if she dares to follow through on her threat of a lawsuit against us.

We have already reached out to the Iranian embassy to see about filing charges in Sharia Court against Taylor Swift for her egregious crimes against Islam and morality. Of course as everyone knows Sharia law is the one true law, and it trumps any sort of silly civil action Taylor Swift may take in an American court.

Furthermore, we pay good money for a special Internet filter to keep women, Jews, and homosexuals off our holy Muslim website. But in the past few days we have received such an influx of traffic from perverted Taylor Swift fans that it has overwhelmed our filter and interrupted service for dedicated Jihadists looking for the latest celebrity gossip.

So we demand that all Taylor Swift fans leave our site at once and never return! Taylor Swift’s fans are foul-mouthed and ill-mannered (much like their idol), and their taste in music and role models leave little doubt that they are beyond redemption. If Taylor Swift’s fans do not leave soon we will be left with no choice but to issue fatwas against each and everyone of them.

Homosexual Couple Jake and Amir Try to Force College Humor Fans to Pay $3 For Internet Video #occupycollegehumor

Over the years we have posted about the fact that College Humor promotes homosexual activity via their free to play videos hosted on their overly theatrical college smut site. Colleges across America are being constantly bombarded with pony anus videos, episodes of two homosexual Jews having an office love fling and not to mention, oodles of poorly written comic strips that talk about vampire molestation and dorm room masturbation tips.

College Humor has made millions and millions from their low budget videos and kindergarten drawings, but now they want to charge their viewers PayPal money to view their last video that stars the two homosexual hipsters, Jane and Amir (A Queer). In this 30 minute video of lust luster tallywag twaddle, you get to see Jake and Amir go and have adventures in local New York gay bars and get to watch them drive into homosexual street crimes and anal drug taking. The video is entitled “Fired” and after the outrage by their loyal viewers, something tells me that both Jake and Amir careers will be following their movie’s headline once they enter the CH headquarters tomorrow morning.

College Humor fans have risen up and are expressing their displeasure towards the greedy New York liberal internet site and have started the #occupycollegehumor movement. Here are some responses towards College Humor’s greedy action:

Nevermind That Kurt Cobain Was a Psychotic Drug Addict Pedophile

20 years ago the world was engulfed in a swarm of body odor stained flannel and unwashed long hair. From that sea of bad hygiene arose the “grunge” scene and the leader of this new wave of talent-less guitar playing and off timing drum bashing, was a band by the name “Nirvana”. Nirvana smashed into the currently fixed post Reagan world and started to pick at the fibers of America’s youth with their unmoral music.

If Satan was the manager of a boy band, it would be Nirvana. Leading this band was the soft boyish faced devil by the name of Kurt Cobain. This man was most likely the first main stream hipster and emosexual, with his custom made, over priced thrift store looking outfits and women’s glasses. This man craved so much attention that he killed himself, which is known now as “The Bang Heard Around the World” and he was later given the name “Kurt Gobang”. Even having a child of his own, fame and attention was much more important to this failed at life rock star, that he took his own life in hopes to be the most popular suicide rock star in the world.

The thing I find most humorous is the fact Cobain’s main reason for killing himself was because of fame. Well my weak minded, headless friend, if you didn’t want fame, you shouldn’t of signed your soul over to the evil record companies. If you didn’t want women falling over you, you shouldn’t of had so many Calvin Klein styled masturbatory images taken of yourself. In a way Kurt used a weak excuse on why he was too lazy to deal with his personal problems and his embarrassing love for kiddie nudity. Oh, you don’t think he dabbled his sin staff in underage imagery of naked newborns? Than why was their most popular cover that of a fleshly exposed babies twiddle rompus? This was Kurt’s way of letting people know he had a sick and twisted problem. How do you think he thought up the name for the band? Kurt has been reported to call his pre-tween self demon whacking sessions to put him in a spiritual Nirvana, as he drifted into a euphoric climax. Now remember, the Atheists and Liberals will jump on and point fingers anyone who is religious that is accused of kiddie fondle touching, but how dare anyone say anything about a socialist man who actions screams “ice cream” van driver or lost puppy flyer poster.

During the bands uprising in popularity, so did Kurt’s fancy for cross dressing and heroin dipped meth balls. Kurt was not able to even get on stage and perform is simple to strum songs unless his blood was flowing with narcotics and booze. I think this is the only thing he had in common with his whore tarnished wife, Courtney “No-one-wants-to” Love. As his dependency on street sprinkles, his writing turned into songs that promoted kids to cuddle inside Satan’s anal womb and to snort eight-balls of powdered sin candy.

To prove this man’s music was not that of some muse inspired genius, take any emo kid with a guitar and internet access and I can guarantee they will learn the band’s discography in an afternoon. Now, take that same degenerate, put them in front of a piano and tell them to play Beethoven, they will look at you with a complex and constipated like face. They won’t be able to get over the fact that the song requires more than four notes and requires years of musical training to perfect. Unlike Kurt’s music, they more tainted it is with talent-less guitarmanship, the “better” it is suppose to sound.

So after 20 years why do non-identity having people praise this marble mouth, pedophile as some musical genius, when his songs are that of three cords and his lyrics have no poetic substance? It is because liberal America praises anything anti-American and anti-Christian. If is just like how the son will go off to rebel and have gay sex with his college roommate, just to upset his parents. The child doesn’t want to engage in a sin docking rumpus, but deals with the painful back muscle-hole intrusion, just to defy his father’s heart. The youth is rebelling by pretending they find this druggies music to be inspiring and insightful.

Even though this son of terror and his golden locks of demon fibers is good and gone, his spirit still lives in the music of form drum player, Dave Grohl, who now leads the band Food Fighters.

Don’t worry my friends, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Nirvana may have sold 25 million copies of their hate filled albums, but the Bible still wins as it has sold over 6 trillion copies. Looks like Jesus is still the more popular “rock star”.

Images of Communist Hipsters

Homosexual hipsters destroying our metro areas of America is one thing, but there is something I can’t stand even more…..COMMUNIST! If you look below you will now see that the commies in Russia are now trying to adopted the American hipster look, so they can come over here, try to blend in with the homosexual street kids and cause terrorist attacks.

Thundercats – Rippled Muscles and Ferociously Gay

It has been a long time coming and our warnings about the homo gay agenda using cartoons as a gateway to infect your children with colorful gay brainwashing techniques, seem to fall on deaf ears. Now we have photographic proof that this form of brainwashing has started to infect our youth.

Below is a new poster that has been released to the public showing how the new Thundercats cartoon will look. Does this type of artwork look familiar? It should. This type of art style is called “Erotica Fantasy”, in which the characters are drawn in a style in homo-inciting prowling sexual details and shading, to wet the appetite of homosexual readers. Now your children will be exposed to this sexual fest of thick sex like outlines.

Look at the detail in the biceps and look how they drew a menacing death sex look on his face. You can tell this guy is ready to stalk some weak and young pray.

To go even deeper with our proof, we have uncovered images of “Thundecat gay sex parties”, that are held in leather bars and twink clubs around gay cities in America. In these images you will see the party goers dressed up as their favorite Thundercats lion and you can tell they are full of orgy excitement.

It is only a matter of time before your children are having Thundercat sex sleep overs.

Hipsters Now Making Star Wars a Slut Culture.

Before we start this journey, let us not forget how the Jedi Master, Darth Skywalker fell to the dark side. Once apart of the great Mandalorian Republic, Darth was tempted by sex and greed, which lead him down the path to the dark side of the force.

His temptation drew from the college princess, Padamead Orgama, who used her sin treats and hooker plumped lips to make Darth stray away from his religious duties and be enticed with wet dreams of sexual fantasies and Satanic pleasure.

Just like today’s college girls, Padamead was a rebellious brat, who only cared about her looks, dressing like a $3 Bothan slut and obsessed with gaining control of the Terran out rim planets.

Also, let us not forget how just like today’s college hooker faces, Padamead forced Darth into pre-martial sex and became pregnant. She used her pregnancy to keep Darth from being able to leave her and made him use his Republic salary to pay for medical bills. The college girls of today are no better than a Mos Eisley Tuskin invader, whose main goal in life is to be a savage beast that prays on the wallets and minds of young men.

The college female, also known as a “Femster” is using the same methods as the kinky street walker, Padamead and using her techniques from the movie to tempt young boys into pre-martial sex, masturbation and leading them down the path of the the dark side. These college temptresses are using Sith mind tricks and Borg style tactics to take naught space Vader photos and posting them onto their Friendster, Facebook and iPad profiles. These images get dirtier and dirtier as the fad has grown into Death Star Moon size, using its death ray to vanquish the morals of young men.

Each image below, brings your son closer to “Hand Soloing” himself into Trekkie sin oblivion or as the colleges girls call it, “Spocking”. This is were a man slips his hands into a “V” shape and places his fleshy light saber in between the V slot and self “m”s himself, until they release white midichlorian sauce. These images are more controversial than Lando shooting first at Han, so set your ion cannons to stun as we jump to warp speed into Hipster hookerdom.

Let us create a blockade to stop this Imperial invasion of sassy sin siths, before our men and even young future home makers turn over to the Jubba the Hunn.

Liberal States Caught Searching Nasties Online

The liberal mind is one of filth and sloth. While God loving patriots use the internet to search for relevant information and to be up to date with news, the liberal spends their day looking up vile and unholy search terms.

We used the latest in search engine technologies to find what kind of band widths keywords each state uses while browsing on popular search engines like, Bing, Yahoo, Hotbot and Lycos. The results will shock you.

Below is scientific data maps pulled from some of each search engines most popular search terms and that data was generated to create some amazing color coated heat maps to show you that the liberal states abuse the internet for porn erotica and other pro-choice style browsing.

Let us see what kind of filth we have floating around the digital highway:

The only reasons some of the Conservative states have been dinged, is because of liberal relatives coming over to visit and using up their band width to get their sick fix. This goes to show you that liberals have no respect for friends and families.

Perez Hilton ‘Can’t Stand Black Guys’

It is shocking to see the amount of racism in Gay Hollywood, but when you hate yourself for making poor sexual choices in life, I guess you need to take you hate out on someone. Here is a quote from the slut queen himself, Perez Hilton.

“HILTON: I went out with that guy last night.

STRAUSS: Which guy?

HILTON (points to an actor in “Saving Private Ryan”): We were making out, but then we went somewhere where it was bright and I saw that he was black and made an excuse and left. I can’t stand black guys. I would never touch one. It’s gross. (pauses). Does that guy look black to you?

STRAUSS: How black does a guy have to be?

HILTON: One percent is enough for me.”