Celebjihad.com Posts Taylor Swift Topless Pictures and Deserves an Online Genocide

taylor swift toplessLet me get one thing straight, Taylor Swift is a Christian angel and anyone how tries to violate her milk sacs with Photoshopped imagery and black magic, deserves to be tied up in a public square and be burned on national television! A website by the vile name “CelebJihad” has made it their mission to falsely ruin the careers of any Christian that finds themselves in Hollywood’s spotlight. You see, Hollywood is ran by liberals and liberals well Muslim extemists into their hearts and they pay companies like Celebjihad to post fake photos of Taylor Swift Topless, in hopes of destroying her raging God given career.

I ask for every God loving Christian and Jew to raise up and call for a digital genocide against these monsters! Their souls will be banned to hell for sure, so let us take action into our own hands and send them to God for final judgement and we can laugh while Satan anally invades them with savage frenzy!

To show you the kind of filth and toilet talk that spews from these Internet towel terrorists, here is a quote from their website attacking Taylor for filing a lawsuit against them:

We here at Celeb Jihad vow that there will be serious repercussions for Taylor Swift if she dares to follow through on her threat of a lawsuit against us.

We have already reached out to the Iranian embassy to see about filing charges in Sharia Court against Taylor Swift for her egregious crimes against Islam and morality. Of course as everyone knows Sharia law is the one true law, and it trumps any sort of silly civil action Taylor Swift may take in an American court.

Furthermore, we pay good money for a special Internet filter to keep women, Jews, and homosexuals off our holy Muslim website. But in the past few days we have received such an influx of traffic from perverted Taylor Swift fans that it has overwhelmed our filter and interrupted service for dedicated Jihadists looking for the latest celebrity gossip.

So we demand that all Taylor Swift fans leave our site at once and never return! Taylor Swift’s fans are foul-mouthed and ill-mannered (much like their idol), and their taste in music and role models leave little doubt that they are beyond redemption. If Taylor Swift’s fans do not leave soon we will be left with no choice but to issue fatwas against each and everyone of them.

8 thoughts on “Celebjihad.com Posts Taylor Swift Topless Pictures and Deserves an Online Genocide

        1. The atheist one

          “He’s Canadian; they don’t have electricity or taste.”

          We have as much electricity as we need. In FACT, WE are the ones that supply Americas electricity as well as our own, because you arrogant stupids don’t have the resources to do that on your own.

          We have taste. For instance, are obesity rates are much, much less than yours. We have better hockey players. Better sportsmen (baseball and golf don’t count; there just games for old farts who can’t move at all)

          so yeah, we are better than you are, you xenophobic assholes

          1. Glaringly Obvious Man

            When faced with absurdity, respond with greater absurdity. Fight fire with fire. Other assorted sayings about futility.

        2. Millennium

          we have electricity actually your main source from quebec In Canada

          As for Obesity we have Lower rate than the american one considering you were declared in 2006 the fattest people in the world

          sport we have the best Hockey player like the atheist one said we actually make one of the best food ever as well

          and we can actually invented useful stuff since american all they can do is destroying thing


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