Chaz Bono Kicked Off Dancing with the Stars Lineup For Not Being a Real Man

Dancing with the Stars has just reported that they have removed the bearded lesbian, known as Chaz Bono, from being able to attend the DWTS competition. The producers of the show must have been living under a rock for 10 years to not know that Chaz was actually a woman, who decided to defy God by mutilating her body. Her transgenetic modification is no different than a emosexual carving their favorite, talent-less black metal band into their arm or some pop punker having a barbed wire tattooed around their bicep.

The producers were looking for one more male slot to fill for this years competition and decided that since last year they had a washed up female cow on, that this year they should find some has been, overweight male. Once they saw photos of Tubby Bono, they couldn’t resist and had “him” booked right away. The line up was announced and on the first day of casting meeting, future cast member, Carson Kressley, or how he is known in the gay bars, “The Fashion Guru”, couldn’t hold in his gay giddiness and screamed “One big step for homogays, now that they are letting a transgenetic on the show!! HOP SCOTCH, WHAMMOOOO!”

The producers went into full shock and knew if they had a fat man who also had a lesbian fish cave on the show, that their ratings would drop off. They know their audience can handle the fecal faeries and clam dabblers, but no way would anyone accept the two ton tranny dancing around their living rooms.

After a two minute review, the producers told Chaz they were going to replace her with John Stamos and that they felt Chaz was not honest and that cast members like Nancy Grace do not feel comfortable around her kind and told her to leave.

You see, Chaz’ thinks that being able to release pre-made white tailed demons from her plastic penile apparatus or cutting off her saggy fat chest glans, makes her a man. This all fat beef man, woman is nothing but a disgrace to the human anatomy. God created man to look like man and woman to look like woman. He did not make you a certain sex, only for you to defile your body.

18 thoughts on “Chaz Bono Kicked Off Dancing with the Stars Lineup For Not Being a Real Man

  1. danceswithprozac

    I thought they kicked her off because they didn’t have the money in the budget to retrofit the dance floor.

  2. Equality

    “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.” Matthew 7:1-2

  3. Jane

    What in the world?

    First, he has not been kicked off and the show is going forward. Second, how can you call yourself a Christian after writing this nonsense. Several of you who commented above me should be ashamed of yourselves. Thanks Jenn and Equality for being Christ-like!

  4. JA

    You are very ignorant and mean spirited. People like Chaz have to battle with this thought in his/her head for years before making the kind of decision HE made.
    As for being kicked off the show….I haven’t heard that one yet. It seems as though he’s very much going to be on and if he’s good, I’ll be voting for him, you unkind person. Put a little compassion in your life.

  5. Marty from Modesto

    I love the humor in this. I just wish it would have been true. Chaz Bono is a fake, a fraud, and a liar!
    She is not trans-gendered, she still has everything God gave her below the waist. She has had a double mastectomy and is pumping herself full of testosterone. This is not natural. She has had a Judge change our laws to make her legally a “man”. This is highly offensive to me and my gender. I also think that Judge needs to be disbarred.
    If she would have done this and kept her life private, there would not be this garbage on TV and her calling out so many for hating her. Chaz, stop shoving your rhetoric at regular law abiding citizens.

    Chaz is an Abomination!

  6. Janis

    This is a sad human being, that is mentally ill. I was in the military for twenty five years, my heart broke when a man that retired & had a sex change. I am a Christian & don’t believe name calling etc. ever brought anyone to Christ. My mother was also a Christian & had other types of mental health problems, back then they locked people up for life; especially if they didn’t know who they were. My heart goes out to Chastity, we need to pray for her & stop making fun of her. I don’t condone this life style, but remember “Jesus said forgive them Father for they know not what they do” How sad it is to see a person so lost; remember a lot of people don’t like Christians. Could it be due to being harsh & judgmental

  7. reconquistar

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  8. Hmac

    Not a very Christlike attitude you have, sure you may not agree with their lifestyle, I don’t either, but that doesn’t mean you get to throw a stone. Christ even had a parable about it. Last I checked none of us, save Christ are perfect, so before you go attacking others for their trials and sins, fix your own! It’s not our place to judge them and when you do, it makes us look like hypocrites. No wonder people don’t like Christians so much, its because of people who say things like what were said in this article. Stop giving us Christians a bad face!

    1. Me Notyou

      Hmac; JA; Dave; Jane; Jenn; Equality: It’s nice to know there are still real Christians out there who are alive and well. Your replies to this worthless website were excellent!!!! Thank you…..from a proud parent of a gay child!!!!


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