Chelsea Handler Has Lately Been a Drug Hussy Extraordinaire

What do you get when you mix a ecstasy snorting, cracked coked cane smoking, hack comedian, binge whiskey drinking, interracial sex having, white devil? In two gag reflux vulgar words, Chelsea Handler.

Chelsea Handler is the half brained host on E! Entertainment’s late night called, “Chelsea Lately”. The shows was named after Chelsea’s many pre-abortion, late period experiences and is far from anything you could call comedy. The only thing comical about this show is Chelsea herself. With her veins full of crystal meth rocks from late night upskirt orgies and cheap whiskey naked poker games, Chelsea tries to put on a talk show every night and fails to meet the marker of laughter.

So how did such a failure at life get to be a host on a semi-minor watched cable station? Well after you have mouth sex acted every CEO and executive producer your chances of success get increased in the land of Hollywood. There have been reports that she has even allowed large groups of suits take turns performing chocolate star hole sin docking on her while she snorts heroin off the ads of female super models. This is what people in Hollywood call “blowing to the top” or “poke for a script”.

To prove her whoredom we have some photos of Chelsea after a long nights worth of drinking Michelob Ultra and shots of sour apple flavored scotch. Only a slutty devil whore would expose her milk sacs and then post them on a entertainment blog. You can notice the dark color of her baby nubs, which is the sign of spoiled milk docks. This is due to large amounts of sinful pleasures and abuse to her baby door.

When she isn’t doing body shots off her co-hosts, she is off having interracial relationships with sin skinned gangster hipped hopped stars. Recently she released a sex tape of her can 50 cent in hopes to be cool like the sand terrorist Kim K and white trash princess Paris Hilton. In the internet porn video, you can see Chelsea being “doggy styled” by the rapper and the video is called “50 Cents Worth of a Whore”. From reports we have gotten, it has been said that not much band widths has been used to view her video, which means no one really cares to see her naked, as they have already seen enough of her saggy exposed flesh.

To add insult to injury, Chelsea has hired not only an illegal Cuban to be her co-host, she hired a midget Cuban. This is a smack in the face to America and says that not only does she support Castro and Che, but she always hates American midgets. There are plenty of legal midgets looking for work in Hollywood, but she rather pay a lower wage to get her little pet. I bet a real American midget would be a lot more entertaining and would help the midget economy.

So have fun having Cuban midget sex, while American midgets are staving on the streets of Burbank Chelsea, you heartless pig.

This woman needs to be removed from the television and her comedy tours need to be put to a stop. Even if we have to burn down every venue she has marked on her tour to keep her away from the ears of Americans, than so be it.

15 thoughts on “Chelsea Handler Has Lately Been a Drug Hussy Extraordinaire

  1. Malin

    Dude are you psychotic? You are such a hypocrite calling yourself ‘Christian’ but using conjecture and vile words to describe someone you don’t even know. Oh my god! Get help! Narrow minded people like you who think your way is the only way are the most vile people on Earth, but you are blind to your own wrong-doing, you just notice the missteps of other people. How very Christ-like.

    1. Reverend S. Mutt

      Well, since we make so few missteps it is easier to recognize the many of others.

      And it is rude of you to call Brother TB3 “psychotic.” As long as he takes his medications it is totally under control.

      I will pray for you.

      1. Sith Lord

        Hey look they admit they are on drugs so they stay in their mental state! You all should stop the medication then maybe you will understand true humanity and not your religious zealotry which causes nothing but hate

  2. Stephenson Billings

    I’ve heard “Chelsea Handler” before and thought it was a brand of something, not the women’s full name. She just sounds odd. It’s so funny to switch to cable tv, you see all these faces and you wonder, “How in the world did they become famous?” I agree with you Tyson on that point especially! I am particularly surprised this station would air such photos as you have posted. Is this lady so desperate for attention that she has to show off flesh and shriek around? Shouldn’t be a sign to tv execs that she no future anyhow? Could you imagine being this girl’s mother and seeing such filth? It’s just pathetic.

    1. Tyson Bowers III

      She has so much blackmail on these producers that they can’t cancel her show. Non of these guys want their wives knowing about the deviant sex parties they have been apart of.

      1. Stephenson Billings

        The poor women probably has an innocent child deep inside yearning to be set free by the love of Jesus Christ. Sometimes this promiscuous types use sex to cover up the intense shame for being such a failure in life. Well, she shouldn’t be on television in any event. Her agenda is clearly one of undermining morality and selling perversion.

  3. randum

    it looks like her cousin parents and her jewish-ness has just become drugish

    nobody watches the show.. i have seen 5 minutes with a guest.. and the guest only gets 5 minutes anyway.. why would anyone waste 30 minutes to see her drivel

  4. Renee

    Are you guys serious? How can you hate on someone you dont even know? It’s called entertainment, violence is against our religion meanwhile u condone boxing? What happen to thou shall not judge.. if you dont like her dont watch her .There’s ur simple solution!!!!

  5. Chelsea Fan

    This ain’t nothing but a hate page!! Chelsea is funny as hell and is obviously funny enough to have her own show. So get over your jealousy, I will continue to watch her show!!


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