11 thoughts on “Christian Phrases with Bryan Blake – 51 Christian Friendly Word For "Vagina"

  1. Stephanie Bones

    why don’t you just say vagina? its not like its against God or anything, its a medical term. No offense, but its only a word.

  2. SoHot!

    Satans sponge, satans trap, devils doorbell, sin flower, satans fun slide, satans rosebud, sin sliver, sin flower… The least he can do is give the devil credit! If god could make something like that EVERYONE would be a Christian : D

  3. Janice

    Wow, what’s with all the negative names for a vagina? If a vagina is the spawn of evil and satan, I guess God doesn’t want women to have children, and would just prefer that the human race die out. That’s cool. Yay extinction!

  4. Jess

    I’m sorry, but when did the term ‘vagina’ become a bad word? I thought it was an anatomical part of the human body. The body which God created? Am I wrong in assuming this?
    Your is ‘personal favorite’ sin flower? Really? I am sick and tired of listening to everything from pop culture to religion trying to demean and shame woman just for the fact that they have a ‘bullet-wound.’
    It is sick and perverted and just plain rude.
    We women are powerful, and frankly, deserve respect. Where do you think you came from, Bryan? You came into this world by means of your mother, who carried you for nine months and gave birth to you through her vagina.
    Women should not have to be ashamed because of what they are. We should be proud! We have the ability to give birth, witness the miracle of birth first-hand! And we aren’t even allowed to say that we have a vagina?
    We deserve more than that. We deserve better.


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