Christina Aguilera’s New Video “Not Myself Tonight” Is Marinated In Devil Nectar And Sin

One of our internet spies has just sent me this new video by Christine Aguilera called “Not Myself Tonight” and I must say it is the most homo supporting music video I have ever seen in my life! Move over Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga, Katie Perry, Freddie Mercury and all those other crack smoking prostitutes, there’s a new whore in town!

In this video Christina prances around with a large group of homo sexual men and sin whore lesbians. The video is about homosexuals having a large orgy with one another and it is clip after clip of gay exotica.

I know Miss Aguilera has a black voice and I know that makes he feel like she needs to be like the blacks, but there is no need for her to be promoting unsafe sex, orgies, sewer hole insertion and homo sex play. I could understand if her video had her breaking into cares, drug dealing and other things blacks do, but this is way to far!

This video should be taken down right away as this i harmful to our children! There should be a facebook page called “People against the afro singing white women!”

Does she know this video is teaching our young women to go out and be raped by lesbian women, gay men and to partake in mixed raced orgies?? PURE FILTH!!

Please view the video before and see it’s pure hatred towards anything holy!

35 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera’s New Video “Not Myself Tonight” Is Marinated In Devil Nectar And Sin

    1. Belial

      I think that the author of this article makes a wonderfully valid point. This country is full of sin and lust, and Christina Ag u can’t spell my name because I am an illegal alien should be tried in Shariah court. Although Muslims are also backwards and sinful, they may be able to drive their dirty brown spears into Miss Aguileria in order to save a good christian man the disgrace. Lesbians commit more murders than any other female category, and black lesbians commit more assault. Mexican lesbians commit the most thefts of any female group, we must put an end to this.

  1. millenium

    she is from USA legally she was even Born there

    as for your Homosexual we said Men dancer and don,t tell me because they are dancer that they are gay You actually don’t know the meaning of Homosexual it,s seems

    here is an exemple of homosexual : billings want to see thight short boy in football locker room after shower THAT IS GAY

    1. Edge

      She’s as american as you. She was born and raised in New York (don’t know if the state or the city) and the fact that her father was a legal immigrant from Equador doesn’t make her less american than you.

  2. Bryan Philips

    “Marinated in Devil Nectar”
    Sounds like she got jizzed on by the dark lord. That’s a video I’d like to see.

  3. Jesus

    lulz this is the funniest site I have ever been on. At first I was scared because you guys actually believe in this nazi/dark ages crap, but reading your comments and imagining what you must look like crying to your fairytale god and noise.I cant help from lolling! I bet you don’t even know the rest of see you guys as hilarious psychos. I am going to add this site to my favorites. Christards!

  4. Jesus Antichrist

    Homo lesbian filth? Whores? You’re imaginary god and ‘son of god’ must be so proud of you. Keep judging.

  5. 13

    I’m 13 years old and I watched this video and its not that bad. It doesn’t make me want to be a lez or have unprotected sex or anything like that. Seriously, I picked up more swear words and shit from your posts then the video. Cry a river, build a bridge and get over your fuckin selves.

  6. Merican

    Having not seen the video, I can safely say that it is sinful. And Agulara is teaching our children how to be gay.

    1. Just for the Craic

      Having not read the Bible, I can safely say it is an outdated piece of crap which has no relevence in this day and age.

  7. Sally

    Is this serious or a joke? You are so pathetic and racist – there is a place in hell for you. God would never condone such hate. You should be embarrassed and appalled at yourself.

    1. Leslie

      This entire site is a joke. Literally.

      Run by a bunch of fat, bald guys who have nothing better to to than troll the intrawebz whilst whacking off to little boy porn.

      Best way to run them out of business? Don’t feed the trolls. :)

  8. H.G. Wellington

    Tyson Bowers III. Please, please edit your work. Of all the contributors, I think your work is the most poorly structured. You need an editor. You also need a researcher, you know, to make a valid argument. As a matter of fact, perhaps you ought to think about persuing a new field. I think you would be well suited for a repetitive menial task, like stuffing pimento’s in olives. Give it a thought.

    As for your “internet spies”, what do they do? Go on youtube? Is that really spying? Come on. Christians have NO imagination whatsoever.

  9. Houston Homo!!

    I have a feeling that people have been gay or bi or hetero since the beginning of time. We are born with both a certain amount of testosterone and estrogen in our amazing bodies. Human sexuality is a beautiful expression of who we are as humans. Not too mention wonderful gift to being an adult. I am grateful to have had sex and more so to express and explore those same intimate feelings with another human. I admire those people that break down walls and barriers put up by those individuals that are not as secure as I have become. Christina keep breaking down those walls!!!

  10. jes rocs

    The tomfoolery…. Christina looks amazing, and her video is quasi homo erotic, but i would definitely lean more towards it being accepting of all people. As much as i disagree with what the author says about Christina, African Americans, and gays. He or she, i can’t tell what the person’s sex, i guess i will you the term “they” for the author’s androgynous nature.

    Personally I believe if you are going to publish an article criticizing someone, the least you could do is use spell check. i think the flaws in your article are horrendous. I mean, i’m just saying, you should type this in microsoft word first or something. and yes, i am making grammatical errors myself, but more as a pun due to the criticizing i am doing myself.

    you can believe what you want, but some of the videos i have seen of the christians are far more damning than this is. and if you don’t want your children watching it, supervise them. and if you don’t want to raise your children properly, than maybe you should have used birth control or aborted. but you should really teach that hate is not a family value.

    but most importantly you should edit your writing, believe what you want. but remember christianity or catholicism does promote being transgender by having the spirit of your lord switching sexes to marry the nuns and priests. it also is promoting polygamy because all these people are taking an oath to stay faithful to someone who is not being only faithful to them. maybe everyone should try acceptance.

    love always,
    the lesbian.

  11. Sin Whore Lesbian

    Thank you for sharing this awesome video! I’d have never seen it if you hadn’t.

    The most reliable method for finding the best art is to let the hysterical fundamentalists point them out to you.

  12. AreYouForReal

    When i came to this site, i thought i’d be reading about these ant-christian themes i’ve heard about in christina’s vid. However, after reading your intro, i didn’t even bother to watch the vid. How can someone who calls himself a “soldier of God” make such RACIST comments?

    “I could understand if her video had her breaking into cares, drug dealing and other things blacks do”

    Because of course this is all that “blacks do” and only blacks do it. Unbelievable. Sir, a word of advice: when trying to walk in God’s light as you say you do, it’s probably best to leave racist notions like that behind. Otherwise, us Christians who actually practice the Christian love we preach will be left wondering “are you for real?”

  13. martinigirl

    I know Miss Aguilera has a black voice and I know that makes he feel like she needs to be like the blacks, but there is no need for her to be promoting unsafe sex, orgies, sewer hole insertion and homo sex play

    You are a racist man. You should be ashamed of yourself and pray you do not go to hell for all of the hate you have spread in the Lord’s name.

  14. Wyatt Mowat

    The movie Burlesque where Christina Aguilera is one of the actresses will be good to wait for. I always follow Christina’s music and I want to keep updated with her latest album, movies and videos.

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