Christwire Radio – Saving Souls One Show at a Time

Welcome to our new Christwire Radio Show! This is our first installment or what we like to call our introduction show.

Blake Schuart

Chandler McFloust

I would like to introduce our two knowledgeable interns, Chandler McFloust and Blake Schuart. They are making their way up the ranks here at Christwire and we are proud to give them their own radio show!

Listen to our show!

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15 thoughts on “Christwire Radio – Saving Souls One Show at a Time

  1. Lulz

    This guy actually believes all the shit you said


  2. Chuck Reagan

    Wow Lulz (is that a German name?), so you support genocide?

    As for you interns, I’ve heard great things about your passion for the ministry and look forward to meeting you guys at the next convention.

  3. Lulz

    nope not German and it seems like you misread my posts

    1) hitler pic because this seems like exactly the type of religious propagana he would spout

    2) because religion only serves as an excuse to kill people every day

  4. Pat Heinkel

    I recognize your alias. I demand an apology for me for what you did to my eyes that night. It was very embarrassing. You cast great sin upon my eyes and I’m very offended. Apologize and swear to never do it again.


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