College Humor Gives Out Badges To Promote Sexual Activities In Elementary Schools

College Humor, the most vile and left wing website online (next to Dirty Shirty and The Atlantic Wire) are now passing out badges in hopes to promote children to perform in premarital sex acts.

Why do these wannabe homosexual comedians think it is funny to attack our children? Why do they feel the need to fecal fist little Timmy? Why do they want to sprinkle whore dust onto little Mary?

Because they are sick and twisted liberals with mommy and daddy money.

Here is some more nonsense they have been apart of: Makes Mouth Sex Act Practice Toys Now Promotes Having Sex With Pony Anus’

College Humor Promotes Gay Office Relationships Now Promoting Child Molestation

15 thoughts on “College Humor Gives Out Badges To Promote Sexual Activities In Elementary Schools

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  2. Blanche Beecham


    Another notch of victory and righteous triumph for your prayer switch. You are taking them down and separating the chaff from the wheat, my friend. The kids can sleep a little more sound because of you.

    Praise be,

  3. meawesome

    It seems some people dismiss these sex cards as satire. And maybe it started out that way. I’m sure terrorists began their plans for 9/11 as a twitters joke. “Hey lets crash infidels own airplanes into their stuff-ROFL!!!” But it sure did not end funny. In these badges I see trouble brewing.

      1. MeAwesome

        I am a civil engineer that specializes in large scale projects. I am not very educated in the ways of the internets. However my quote was an allegory. Not meant to be an exact quote. Most of the readers here are aware of what I was saying. Right BB?

          1. MeAwesome

            That is a really great skill. Can you tell me what other things you are aware of now that don’t exist yet.

        1. Blanche Beecham

          I think your analogy was right on. I’m a bit disturbed that child abuse is taken so lightly and ridiculed by some as satire. The justification for this hate seems to be “I don’t like MeAwesome, therefore I will disagree with the premise of the article.” For most reasoned and rational people, this is flawed thinking.

          I think you are right on target, MeAwesome.

          1. MeAwesome

            It’s like some people here are pro-child abuse! I think they want child abuse to happen so there can me more abortions.

            Thanks BB

  4. Blanche Beecham

    This is not even funny to try and categorize the introduction of sex to young children with explicit games? No. Some will comment this is a “joke” or “satire” to promote the homo-gay agenda and sell our children’s tender souls into a life of enslavement and sexual congress with Satan.

  5. Tyson Bowers IIIAdam Nelson Post author

    College Humor is a gay breeding ground. They have the Jake and Amire show on MTV and it is basically two homosexual office secretaries preying on college students in the office, trying to ‘liberalize’ their mind into same-same thrusts. Then if that’s not enough you see stuff like this and the site is littered with minority aggrandizing and not anything to really help out the college mind. Parents should ensure the laptop/desktop they buy for their child is prohibited from using college humor.

  6. Jr

    All rigth these cards are satire and a joke and as far as i remember these were not and are not given to anyone jeesus are you really that stupid?


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