College Humor Now Promotes Homo Gay Toys

We have had our run ins with the homo gay agenda supporting team at Now Promotes Having Sex With Pony Anus’
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And we have exposed the creators of toys that try to make our children gay:
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But, now both Collegehumor and the homo gay toy making agenda have teamed up to create and advertise their latest mouth sex act toy……”Homo Tarzan” That is right my friends, a gay Tarzan.

We all know gay men love strong and ripped muscle chested men and now they want your young boys to love them too. What better way then to make a young boy want to cuddle up to a gay then to make a “cool” toy showing it is ok to perform widdle rompus to mouth acts?

But this toy is not just targeted towards young boys, but to college students… The good ol’ pony anus’ loving people at college humor are flashing this video (view below) to all of their viewers who are all college students. They are taking advantage of kids who are far away from home and don’t have parents to over look at what they are internetings.

Shame on your Collegehumor and shame on the twisted devil gays for making another satan infested toy. All Collegehumor wants to do is make your children DEVIL WHORES!

11 thoughts on “College Humor Now Promotes Homo Gay Toys

  1. Jazze

    yeah….they are makeing fun of the toy buddy. not promoting it.
    this is a kind of internet humor based on finding kids toys which create kinda unlucky results when used.
    also:”We all know gay men love strong and ripped muscle chested men” yes but thats because thats what qualify as a hit man. all girls love that too so thats a really bad point to make.
    “and now they want your young boys to love them too.” no they don’t what is your proff of this? that toy? problably made by non-gay men who didn’t think it entirly through when they made it.
    gays do not i repeat DO NOT want to “make your kids gay” because they are fully aware that it’s not something you can do. either you are gay or you aren’t. if you aren’t then you never will be. if you are you’ll never not be.
    you can repress this but it won’t change who you are.

    1. Jazze

      well it is. since there is no place in the world where it’s “legal to bomb” it is as legal.
      then again there’s no such thing as baby death clinics. though for someone claiming to be prolife you sure are willing to kill people. seriously what did they ever do to you? they just made fun of a toy. there is no gay agenda. the only ones with an agenda is you guys.

    1. Jazze

      if that was suposed to be a reply to me….it has nothing to do with what i said. but folowing your own logic we need to take your kids away from you since you’d destroy them with your belif. they can’t protect themself from your brainwashing so we need to take them away.
      still you are welcome to try to reply to my original comment if you are capabel of actually takeing into regard what i wrote. i said that it’s not legal to bomb anywhere so logicaly it’s as legal to bomb these guys as the nonexistant babykilling clinics
      i’ll once again ask the question: would it truely be gods will to have child be born and raised in a world that whishes it wasn’t?
      if people choce abortion it’s because they do not want the child. is it really fair to ask the child(not the parent) to live in a world where mom and dad hate you just because you exists? where they will balme theire borken lives and economy on that kid because it was born at a bad time?
      and i still call you out on wanting to protect life by killing people(damn hypocrite)

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