Craig Ferguson Forced To Promote Homo Gay Agenda Via Technology

It’s sad when a grown man is forced to promote sin docking between two men as a form of humor, so a network can gain ratings from the fish cave to fish cave worshipers and the San Fagsico iGay generation. The network thought it would be funny to use a talking skeleton (bones and we know that the gay men love bones) to brain wash gay agenda in the form of humor. They have even forced him to act sissy in a few of his open acts and skits.

His first name is Geoff and spelled like a gay man would spell “Jeff” and notice it has the would “off” in it and his last name has the word “Peter” in it, which is a word that gays use for twiddle rompus. So the secret gay message is “Off Peter” which translates into “Sin tug another man’s pe***, until it produces devil DNA.”

Even when Craig introduced ABC’s (Always Been Commie) new gay agenda robot they made him do a homo erotic song and dance, that includes communist asian strippers and a sin hole loving gay biker. Notice the catch phase in the song is “The Monster is Coming.” FILTH! Subliminal filth!

Here the robot shows his disgust of females by Dissin’ (as the urban kids would say) a beautiful actress when she tries to kiss him.

Look how excited they make the robot about a naked cowboy.

Recently they added some new moves to the robot. One of them is making him touch his satan scepter. Fast forward to 3:28.

Here the robot is talking about his love for Craig’s tadpole torpedo with the phase “In Your Pants!” Now kids across America are saying it and they have no idea they are promoting gay speak.

They even have the nerve to promote terrorism in their “Tweets and Email” theme song.

Click here to see when they subliminally put a man’s sugar plummed pee pee on camera.

Mr. Craig, please remove this gay brain washing machine off your show or we will start a international boycott!

TO show our power and to prove we are right. They have now blocked us from viewing his Tweet account.

12 thoughts on “Craig Ferguson Forced To Promote Homo Gay Agenda Via Technology

  1. millenium

    mr boner strike back
    oh and before you start harassing me because of my english lets me tell you i found multiple grammatical error throuh your anti gay article

    since i pushed you near the cliff i will continue to bash on you, tell me did a gay or lesbian hurt you personnally, did they rob you of your wallet? Did they bash on you with baseball bat or crowbar? Did you see them from your eyes that they raped children? and do you have REAL picture of what you claim?

    if the answer above IS no than you should just shut up about it nobody cares your fake statesment anymore christianity is obsolete like your view on the world

  2. Fanny

    I believe anyone who sees “gay agenda” literally everywhere they look is trying desperately to suppress their own latent homosexuality.

    Your hateful diatribe disgusts me and all true Christians. But I don’t hate you. God is love. I just feel sad for you and your pathetic life which has caused you to have hate in your heart. I will pray for you, that you may find peace in your heart and so you can begin to love your neighbors as God intended.

  3. goddess

    What the Hell are you smoking you racist bastard? Call yourself a christian? Who gave you the job of judging anything. This is all in good fun & if you are homophobic i suggest you go back & re-read that bible of yours. Get a grip & let us fans of the late late show enjoy it. Shut the hell up nobody asked for your worthlesd opinion anyway

  4. millenium

    we all know its an hoax redneck like abe know nothing to computer(uploading picture is not a basic class)

    tyson bowers doesn’t exist neither

    only stephen billings and shamefu_truth were real for the matters

    other then that they created thi site to show how stupid are influenced by the media and become stupid paranoid and ignorant

    but even though these people are teaching a lesson some people(even on thi site) are serious and there is a real threat coming from uneducated christian in USA mostly.

    I don’t know if you ever heard of the dominionist? Google it

  5. s.f. girl

    Hey have you guys ever noticed the Google ads on your site? They promote gay sex too. How Ironic. Maybe you should stay away from Google. It is very close to S.F. you know.. possible infiltration ?

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  7. Nelson

    I just wanted to point out that you called this ABC’S(always been commie) but this is actually a cbs show as is made obvious by the iconic eye… This is only my second time on this site and it seems from what I have seen that you kinda jump around with ideas instead of giving accurate ideas.

    This post is the perfect case since you try to link communism, homosexuality, and the media all together in one post although communism had nothing to do with this post…

    Have a nice day

  8. Jack

    I love bones and other gay things.
    I only wish that no one was ‘forcing’ Craig to be gay.
    He’d be a great addition to the gay community.


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