CSUF – Cal State Fullerton Protests the Arrival of Christwire on Campus

This week Bryan Blake and Mike Waston were invited to speak to students at California State University of Fullerton. They were asked to educate the students on how communism, lesbianism, anti-Christian and homo gay beliefs were infiltrating college campuses across America. Once word got out the rich kid hippies, they decided to protest their appearance with a sit-in. Knowing that Christwire was also behind the awesome budget cut decision, these cry baby, below average GPA students used this to give them a reason to not goto class, not shower, play devil music in the hallways and to party for a few days without any repercussions.

When Bryan and Mike showed up they saw the halls filled with trash, sleeping bags and non-showered hipsters. It looked like any sidewalk in downtown Los Angeles. We believe most of them were mad that they weren’t able to goto Coachella Festival, so they were trying to create their own mini-hippie drug fest at the expense of tax payer dollars. Anti-Christwire posters and displays were posted all over the campus as well.

These kids have nothing to cry about! First of all, these are all rich kids who drive fancy European cars, they don’t have jobs, atleast 96% of them are heathen snorting drug addicts or rapist alcoholics and their average grade point was a 2.8. Such a tough life. Go cry somewhere else hippies! Hallways are not to be used as a camp ground, so you can sing Kumbaya. Also, did you know Kumbaya has “Lord” in it’s lyrics, you hateful anti-Christs.

Look at all this cry for attention. These wannabe hippies wish they had a true cause to protest, but instead they just confirm how worthless and meaningless their cause is. Are they just really mad that mommy and daddy aren’t buying them the new BWM or Lexus this year? All in all this was just a fashion show for these hipsters to show off their new high end thrift store clothes and their factory antiqued musical instruments. These kids make CSUF stand for Crybaby, Smug, Ungrateful Failures.

Here is a quick promo of our special video that will be posted this week.

25 thoughts on “CSUF – Cal State Fullerton Protests the Arrival of Christwire on Campus

  1. James D.

    It breaks my heart that these empty headed children of liberals are closing their hearts to good Lord. There is even a petition to shut down Christwire.org signed by these eighteen sorry souls:

    18. photi
    17. Kelly Cassandra Solheiem This site is just WRONG…pure slander IL 26
    16. brian Ratkovich
    15. Dwayne Mitchell
    14. Scott Friedman CA 24
    13. Ramona This is disgusting.
    12. Sharyn Scott NJ
    11. Michael Ca
    10. Homogay Agenda
    9. Jonathan Rotten It’s satire you morons sanityville, ON
    8. Fred Ricewood this needs to come down. How is this site still up? California 23
    7. Cody Woodman Im Helping tell the world about how Bad this site can make people feel. Arizona 25
    6. Amanda Bree I dont know how this is even still on the Web. Very Offensive California 36
    5. Jonathan English Highly offensive towards all human rights and Women California 45
    4. Cody Cornish This site is highly offensive California 21
    3. Blake Dollive United States, IN
    2. Overlord RP Fukken signed.
    1. Vanesa Ephron

    1. A. Lidell

      This is wonderful, I bet that if this get posted on facebook that list can come up to the hundreds of thousands. But of course, I would lose my new guilty pleasure if you guys shut down.

      I’m on to you, I’m convinced that you guys are highly paid comedians.

      Admit it, the more offensive uneducated material you put here, the more hits the website gets and the more money you make.

      I am worried about younger people seeing this website and reading the language you are using. A lot of this content needs to be Flagged. It is not appropriate to use the language of a crack whore, aren’t you guys supposed to play “christian-wannabe” sect leaders?

      If this was a real christian web site, I’d be pretty sure it was led by the devil himself, not god. God is light and light is knowledge.

    1. Tyson Bowers III

      From what they reported back, they have turned quite a few atheists into God fearing believers.

      1. RD

        Considering that atheists don’t believe in any god, I’d have to say that PERHAPS they were agnostics.

        Either that, or you’re just lying outright. Probably the latter, knowing your record.

    2. RD

      “Gaids”? What’s that? You really should stop making things up, Alex.

      And, for the record: Not all liberals are homosexual. Not all homosexuals are liberals. I, for one, am fiscally conservative, but, on social matters, I am very strongly liberal.

    3. susanbxenu

      jedism is a pagan religion practiced by science fiction characters, let’s not muddy up christian purity

  2. RD

    I’m very proud of the CSUF students for protesting Christwire’s appearance on their campus. Not only are we guaranteed the right to assembly (and to protest) under the Constitution, but the “reasons” for Christwire’s appearance on their campus was ridiculous.

    “[E]ducate the students on how communism, lesbianism, anti-Christian and homo gay beliefs were infiltrating college campuses across America”? Really? Of COURSE such a presentation would be protested; the presentation was a presentation filled with hatred, ignorance, fear-mongering, and bigotry.

    Hell, if I’d been there, I would have been protesting as loudly as possible.

        1. susanbxenu

          spoken like a true homosexual. Dont fear a real relationship with a woman RD. It is perfectly fine within the confines of marriage.

    1. randum

      RD is a wako.. shegay always tells lies like being a homogay has not been a mental disorder since the 60-70s

      clearly it was a mental disorder up until 1999 in major countries
      “the Russian list of mental illnesses in 1999″
      regarding gayooz

      here’s your jew media that is the only thing you ever believe

      April 18, 2011
      9:01 pm

      Homosexuality isn’t a mental disorder. In fact, it was REMOVED from the diagnosis manual for mental disorders back in the early 1970s.


      lezbees are full of sin

      1. RD

        And where are we? America. It was removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (published by the American Psychiatric Association) in 1973.

        And, in Great Britain (another “major country”):

        “Discrimination on the basis of both sexual orientation and gender identity is illegal in housing, employment and the provision of goods and services, and Her Majesty’s Armed Forces allows LGBT individuals to serve openly. Same-sex couples have had the right to adopt since 2002 and to enter into civil partnerships since 2005. The Gender Recognition Act also gave transsexuals the right to change their legal gender. Same-sex marriage is not recognised in the United Kingdom. However, in 2011 the coalition government outlined plans to begin a consultation to make both religious same-sex ceremonies and civil marriage for same-sex couples legal.”

  3. Blanche Beecham

    The group of homosexual anti-Christian protesters continues to diminish because of the sustained outreach and ministries of young warriors for Jesus like Bryan and Mike.

    Just compare how well dressed and frankly cleanMike and Bryan look compared to the drug addled hobos cutting class and sleeping in the hallway. Of course the lack of personal discipline and hygiene are hallmarks of the Atheist sloth ethic as is blaming all the ills of learning on conservatism. These squeaky wheels on the Devil’s motorcade are leaving skid marks that soon will fade as others learn the fast track is the Convoy for Christ.

    Ten-Four Godly Buddies, well done.

  4. Crystal

    LOL. Absolutely ridiculous and unfounded:

    “…atleast 96% of them are heathen snorting drug addicts or rapist alcoholics and their average grade point was a 2.8.”

    Where did you get these statistics from? You guys are DELUSIONAL. Please don’t say you are “Christians” when you type articles like these. How is this “Biblical” ?

    You guys are under some serious DECEPTION or are the real angry pagans, making lies up to get some attention.

    Please get some help.

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  6. Ice Van Winkle

    Did you see that terrorist wearing the french beret? It made my blood run cold. Nothing good is happening with these dangerous free loaders, unless they accept Christ.

    1. RD

      And, funnily enough, they probably won’t.

      After all, they aren’t the ones running around spouting lies, fear-mongering, and demanding that their xenophobic, sexist, bigoted ideas be the only ones present.

  7. Jesus

    Maybe the protestes showed up not because they are hippie wanna be’s; but instead because tysonbowersiii.com spreads loads of horseshit extremist Christian propaganda.

    Also you are all horrible people, from a human point of view, I’m sure you all consider yourselves awesome Christians; but your not.

    1. susanbxenu

      you sir are clearly not the JESUS I believe in. I suspect your a dirty mexican illegal named hey-zues

  8. not telling

    this is complete bs, being a CSUF student i know that that protest was not even about this god fearing ignorant site. it was about the price hikes in tuition… seriously it sickens me that there are people this ignorant and upset in the world, what upsets me the most is if children are raised by the clearly crazy people who support this site because that means that they will be my peers.


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