Daniel Tosh Spreading Gay Disease Across Viral America. Tosh Point Homo.

We all know gays are Satan’s sugar and this little sugar plummed anal fairy is sprinkling his gay pixie dust onto your children’s TV sets with his full onslaught bombardment of homo gay videos, sexually masturbation photos and the promotion of college girls becoming whore candy prostitutes.

This cheerful sinner of Satan has his own TV show on Comedy Central called Tosh.0, or as we call it, Tosh.homo. This is the same station that has the anti-God Jon Stewart and pro baby eating, mangy Mexican, Steven Colbert. The only difference is instead of promoting the liberal whore propaganda machine, his show is trying to promote kids into become gay day walkers for Satan. This underweight TV host might only look like a trans-gender botched dyke, but he has a large following of brainwashed hipsters and fecal frenzy phallic dabbers and your children are his next targets.

This man wants to trick your children into supporting the homo gay race, who chose to be outcasts and teach them how to be cross-dressing maggots. Just look at the photo below, he tries to show young boys that it is ok to dress up in mommies outfits and prance around like a silly sally while duct taping their twiddle rompus in between their legs.

In other episodes he has danced around fully naked to expose your child to images of sin snakes and bare skin. He has even gone as far to show his own sewerhole in hopes to entice male views to be tempted by homosexual Satanic thoughts of gay mouth to man hole acts.

Just like all socialist homosexuals, he hates American because his dog’s name is Castro. He named it after his favorite commie whore dictator, Fidel Castro. I don’t see how it is funny to name your dog after a Mexican terrorist. He cheers for the downfall of America and hopes one day to turn children into gay commie, red, white and blue flag burners.

Judging by this photo of him and his gay lover, you can tell this man is part of the weaker species of gay and by knowing that, we know we can have him removed from TV with easy physical force. The lady man gay role doesn’t put up much of a fight when you attack their weak emotional wall. He most likely became this way due to a childhood rape by another gay male.

Unless you want your son to be apart of late night gay coke binges or if you want your daughter to be another victim of lesbian feminism, we need to remove Satan’s gay warlocks off the television and we should start with this necromancer of anal urges.

357 thoughts on “Daniel Tosh Spreading Gay Disease Across Viral America. Tosh Point Homo.

    1. Ilyanna

      I’m a teenager who last Sunday had finally decided to let the lord enter my life. But now I will enter a christain church again. You guys are rude homo-phobes who have nothing better to do but try to ruin a mans life. Not only are you guys terribly retarted you are the ones who make the christan religon look horrible. Yo are also the ones who will hold back your religon. I’ve been watching Tosh.0 for over a year and I have yet to part of late night coke binges or have been turned lesibian. And for people who said he was denomic you seem to know more about the gay life then he problaly does. Not to metion you people are also extreamly rascis. Get out of the 1800’s and step into the 21 century.

        1. Barabusgotoffeasy

          I loved the maybe you need to open the door for the Lord a little wider. Ya like a altar boy having there back door opened a little wider by the clergy.Looking at your pics I don’t see a face of compassion I see hate, just remember Jesus Loves you but I think your a complete jerk.

        2. Appauled

          Wow, seriously? How dare you judge someone’s faith like that! If Jesus is anything – he is love! He is the man who spent time with prostitutes and tax payers of the time. The only thing that infuriated him were religious hypocrites of the time driving people away with hateful “religious rules” and acting so much holier than everyone else.

          Your interpretation of Tosh.O seems to mimic your interpretation of the Bible – excessively rigid and misses the point. No one has ever confirmed that Daniel Tosh is gay and most of his antics are jokes. This entire article is distasteful and gives Christians a terrible name. I am ashamed to be apart of the same religion as you. I think you need to give the Bible another read focusing on the story of God drawing a broken mankind to himself and redeeming the world through love.

          1. Angel

            I completely agree. I have been christian my whole life. And people always say that god is against gays blah blah blah being gay I sinful. Well when you honestly think about that everyone also says that god plans and makes people a certain way by how he wants them to be. So hello! Obviously it does not matter who is gay or who is straight cause god made them that way. And trust me I’m not on of those god is legit everything kind of chistians either. And if you think the show tosh.0 or any shows like it is so bad and makes coke binges? Don’t watch it and don’t let you kids what it like forreal it’s not that hard it’s not like people or toeing you up an forcing you to watch it. Cause honestly I love him. He is funny he speaks what he thinks and he acts the way he wants to act and he’s not scared of it lol. And yes my name is actually Angel.(:

        3. Detillion

          Christ died for my sins (allegedly), so now we have no consequences. An ominent being, able to anything, only has one son??? open your eyes and shut your mouth. Being a Van Winkle, you have probly been asleep the past 200 years. Moron

          1. Braxton

            Dude, if your going to insult someones intelligence for believing in the bible, you should learn how to spell and write with proper grammar. You sound even more ignorant than the people you are trying insult. It’s omipotent not ominent and probably not probly. Jackass.

          2. Captain Obvious

            Internet translator:

            “If Christ died for my sins as professed in the Christian canon, then why would I worry about earthly matters at all? And why, if this God is omnipotent, does he have only 1 son? Look at the state of things before randomly posting misinformation. Being a Van Winkle, you can be excused for missing two hundred years of history, but missing that much more makes you look stupid.”

      1. HJ

        When I first stumbled onto this site I thought… Here we go again…. Hate mongers in the name of the Lord dominating a large portion of our country.

        BUT… when I saw so many posts that showed intelligence,compassion, and acceptance, I have to say I felt far more in tune with my Christianity!!

        If Jesus came back, it would be to slap the face of all these hateful mongers.

        By the way… not that it matters, I believe Daniel Tosh is straight

      2. J. montero

        Not all Christians are racist, homophobic extremists. Just the ones who lost the concept that God didn’t tell us to condemn people, he told us to love one another as He loved us. No one is perfect and no one has to be. Christians need to stop judging and pointing the finger because God is the only one who has the right to do so. Being Homosexual never came from watching Tosh.0 it was around long before him and will be around long after he is gone. God knows whats in the hearts of your children and if you teach them your standards from early on, those are the standards they will live with for the rest of their lives. I watch Tosh.0, some stuff is funny some isn’t. I’m not going to become a lesbian or engage in homosexual activity because of it. And its not like if we cut his show from the air, the inappropriate ways of the world will disappear. God never intended for us as humans to judge other humans. Why? because we’re all born with sin, into sin and have a sin nature. just because you accept Christ into your heart doesnt mean you’re not a sinner, it just means you are forgiven of your sins. But you still may fall. Your not perfect nor is anyone else. So to condemn others is really hypocritical unless you’re condemning yourselves as well. And we all know as humans we wont do that. So stop taking on the role of little Gods because we’re nowhere near it no matter how many Hail Marys and father forgive mes we pray, and do what God put us here to do. Love One Another. God is love so let him work though our hearts as we walk in love and he will move in the hearts of others.

      3. ron swanson

        what are you talking about this is the funniest stuff i have ever read! there is no way that the person that wrote this really believes this. you would have to be the most uneducated hick in the world to even believe any of this. the whole time i was reading this I was laughing.oh and by the way to anybody who actually believes this site, I’m Christian. I go to church and believe in god and everything, but you guys make all us regular upstanding and loving Christians look bad, and i love Tosh.0 (tosh.homo,really now i know why republicans are not funny)its hilarious. get a load of this i’m still a straight male. i know, its crazy, who knew you can’t change your sexual orientaion more than you can change your skin color.

      4. Angel

        I completely agree. I have been christian my whole life. And people always say that god is against gays blah blah blah being gay I sinful. Well when you honestly think about that everyone also says that god plans and makes people a certain way by how he wants them to be. So hello! Obviously it does not matter who is gay or who is straight cause god made them that way. And trust me I’m not on of those god is legit everything kind of chistians either. And if you think the show tosh.0 or any shows like it is so bad and makes coke binges? Don’t watch it and don’t let you kids what it like forreal it’s not that hard it’s not like people or toeing you up an forcing you to watch it. Cause honestly I love him. He is funny he speaks what he thinks and he acts the way he wants to act and he’s not scared of it lol. And yes my name is actually Angel.(:

    2. Adam Jones

      Come Out.
      Homophobia=Latent Homosexuality
      Christ will still love you
      Come out already.
      With a name like TYSON
      Come on.

    3. Alisonmanson

      he is American and, he’s actually gets people to make choices unlike u ass-faces, he simply acts out a stereotypical homosexual and it’s funny. Oh Weisz is Irish not American by the way. All the things u hate he hates too, well not really. look god doesn’t hate gays he’s just upset that we found a loop-hole in the system!

      No American would spread lies, so looks like none of u fuckers are American awww so sad! I have i white name and in,…….. universal!

    4. Her_pagan

      The point is, who really fuckin cares this much. IMO the person writing this must have Satanic homosexual fantasies about him too, sounds like guilt if he wants to go out of his way to bash a celebrity this much. Get over yourselves. A true follower of the witchdoctor you call Jesus wouldn’t bash or make disgusting judgements like these. Have a nice life of fear. Ta-ta

    5. Bryan

      You do realize Tosh is straight and only makes those videos for…get this….laughs! Who would have thought your anti christ would come in the form of a comedian on Comedy Central, right between south park and puppets making prank calls. Of all the bad people in this world…you are placing your time and effort on a comedian. And you don’t think that’s pathetic.

      By the way I found this article by accident and I’m glad I did. It gave me a GREAT laugh to see people are really so stupid as this writer and many who commented. Get a life people, Daniel Tosh is so funny, and you all are idiots. Like seriously you people are weird and messed up.

    6. PetFox

      I really think that Daniel is just a comedian trying to push the limits of our sensibilities. Honestly, I don’t think he is a homosexual but I can’t know for sure. I did wind up at this article by googling “is Daniel Tosh gay?” I doubt it. He might just be secure enough to do what it takes to get a laugh. Sometimes, he makes crude, ironic gay jokes and they don’t even usually seem flattering to gay people. Don’t the best women find funny men attractive? I bet Daniel is up to his elbows in T and A right as I post this comment. If he is gay, which is extremely doubtful, what’s the big deal? Do you really think that homosexuality is a disease? If this article is not meant to be taken seriously, then you just must be a fool. If it is meant to be ironic, then you must be a brilliant author. You have captivatingly illustrated an ironic parody of a good Christian’s perspective. Bravo! Jesus didn’t hate the sinner, he hated the sin. Yes, the same Jesus that didn’t even warn us that homosexuality was a sin. It’s a good thing we have people like you to put words into your own lord’s mouth. That sounds really, really fucking gay. haha FAG!

      1. Dustin

        Oh I love this whole article and its comments. It makes me lose faith in christianity and gain it back all in a few minutes. To the man who wrote this article, hats off to you sir! You made me legitimately Roll On the Floor Laughing. I cannot take this article seriously at all. But seriously internets, THANK YOU.

    7. Y

      who cares if hes gay or straight hes funny as shit u guys are all wrong im not religous but god loves everyone made everyone even gays

    8. Bush

      LoL, are you real? Like, really really real? LoL, your not even a Bible Thump-er, your a tool of Satan Mr. Tyson Bowers III. From what I come to understand from my reading of the Bible were a few thousand verses that specifically point towards treating other humans with compassion, ALL HUMANS, regardless of race and creed, as your entry into heaven is determined upon your ability to LOVE not to HATE and that means to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY, which by the excludes every from of derogatory slur you felt was necessary here.

      Hence why I find you to be a troll, which in forum lingo, is someone saying bulls**t that they know for a fact will get a rise of others, just to watch them squirm and think they are the puppet master. Hence the downfall of internet anonymity.

      As for you, I honestly think your a troll, but if your not, then by all means sir, you are a Demon. A lap-bi**h of Satan. You spread hate, racisism and the firm belief that being white empowers you somehow. But blame that on King James, the sinner of sinners, what other human gets to rewrite the words of God’s original, true, spiritual children and get away with it? Oh wait, a rich fat white guy, go figure.

      Or we should all jump into your logical lifestyle. God put all sorts of other races on earth (LOL and ‘Gay’ is a race to this guy, when it stop being a condition we all suffered from? rofl)just for us white men to kill and remove from the earth. God made it all buddy, ALL OF IT, including gays. He said free will, and HUMANS who tainted the true writings then added in the famous “You have Free Will, but you shalt not do……’ lol, how contradictory of itself that is. Free will determines our place in the heavens. Using our Free Will to LOVE not to hate. Love is God, Love is life, Love is being in existence, LOVE IS GOD’S GIFT! and YOU Mr. Bowers III have squandered his gift. YOU Mr. Bowers III have taken his gift and s**t all over it when your idea of a perfect world. YOU Mr. Bowers III are a willing tool of Satan with every word of discriminatory hate you spread to others. Good day to you, Demon.

      and Lesbian Feminism? Really, that is a seriously good one…Feminism is evil now? Honey, your a Demon to the core, and Satan loves it. How did feminism become evil? Are women also not your equal? High and Mighty….God hates that by the way. Equal and compassionate…God desires you walk this road in your life. As life is Free Will, freely walk the path of LOVE not hate. Fool

      1. alex

        3 “Blessed are the poor in spirit,
        for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
        4 Blessed are those who mourn,
        for they will be comforted.
        5 Blessed are the meek,
        for they will inherit the earth.
        6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
        for they will be filled.
        7 Blessed are the merciful,
        for they will be shown mercy.
        8 Blessed are the pure in heart,
        for they will see God.
        9 Blessed are the peacemakers,
        for they will be called children of God.
        10 Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
        for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

    9. Jonny Blevins

      You are a crazy man and someone needs to put a stop to you. People can’t help it that they are gay as you can’t help it that your straight. To throw off on other people like you do doesn’t seem very christian like to me. In my opinion you seem to be more like one of “satan’s minions”. This bullshit is nothing but stupidity and if I had it my way you’d be thrown in jail. You don’t see gay people going around throwing off on straight people, and if they do it’s because of stuff like what you’ve written. Before I end this comment Daniel Tosh is hilarious, gay or straight, and has an awesome show that I love. I think someone is a little jealous that he makes good money, is famous because of his show, and that people actually pay attention to his work. You must be a very lonely and angry man.

    10. Blake

      Wow you fucktards are idiots! How about figuring out what a website is about before you start judging it just because you goggled ” is daniel tosh gay”. What we have here is what I would refer to as satirical genius!(refer to Poe’s law) For the remaining morons, whose intellectual capacity retards from understanding the above mentioned statements, the following is for you…..It’s a joke poking fun at conservative christian values. The style it is written is a beautiful, colorful, satirical article.

    11. Clayton

      You must be kidding! I dont even understand you line of thinking. You just sound like retard which makes you outrageously ignorant. Castro was a Mexican dicatator? He was Cuban you idiot. Reminiscent of Hitler I think hatemongering! So what if he is gay? Its “comedy” you ignorant douche!! “The mangy Mexican Stephen Colbert”? Do you even know what you’re talking about? Hes not even Mexican you tool! What I’ve come to notice throughout time is that most people that despise gay people are secretly gay themselves which I think might string a possible chord with you huh? Its people like you that deter children from even attempting a life with religion. Man’s interpretation of the bible is just that. It’s a book written by man for his own benefit to scare people into doing what is right, and fear is never a good way of encouraging someone to do what you want unless it’s someone like you or Mr. Koresh of The Branch Dividians. You’re just a hater and someone that shouldn’t be allowed to share the same air as the general public. If the bible preaches to love your fellow man then you’re a sinner along with the gay people, so I hope your “hell” is surrounded by naked gay men, but then again as I said earlier that may be your “heaven”. You could live the life outside of the closet finally Tyson. Wont that be nice?

    12. Emily

      You DO realize that Fidel is Cuban, not Mexican?!
      You’re post is full of misinformation.
      Also, I’m Christian and believe in eternal life.
      But God Is LOVE, you are dispersing hate, not love.
      Do you reallly believe that hating on homosexuals is a good example of God’s love?

        1. L.N

          It matters quite a bit Clownboy. He’s not in Mexico, therefore attacking Mexico does not mean you’re attacking Castro, are you really that fucking stupid?

        1. Some Random Guy

          Mexicans refers to those in Mexico. Castro was not located in Mexico, therefore he is not Mexican.

          ~Elyon’s Strength~

        2. Laxer

          where the fuck do you get your information?? Cuba is an independent nation not a state of Mexico… and all Mexicans? if that is your logic then if someone reads your articles they can all assume that us as Christians are all racist, non-educated, irrational fuck-ups that have no knowledge of history. You’re an extremest and i fear that no amount of criticism will make you see your twisted understanding of the Lord’s word.

    13. Kyle

      This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a while. I, too, love Daniel Tosh, and I live in the hope that I’ll run into him in some random airport restroom someday…

    14. Get foqued

      It is hard to believe that this place is real, even on the internet. If Jesus is a god of love and forgiveness, then you people are truly missing your mark. Did God not teach us how to love one another? Have you ever thought that when you scream of hatred from the pulpit that perhaps you’re keeping people from following your faith? This is so bad it’s funny, because it is so pathetic, like the rest of you f*ing a*holes. I work in a bar for crying out loud, and am not half as hateful as YOU PEOPLE. You suck, along with the rest of your pathetic little sentiments. You really ARE PATHETIC!

    15. Zack

      This article lacks any vestige of Christianity so I find it hard to believe this is real. I’ve been a Christian all my life, and of everything I’ve learned, one of the most important lessons is that Christians’ first and foremost duty is to spread God’s love. All this article does is promote the stereotype that Christians are judgmental hypocrites. But I know that they’re not.

    16. Thetruth

      You nut job right wing religious morons kill me. You act so holier than thou and you are the biggest perverts, sex offenders and molesters out there. You preach hate and no God i know is so full of hate as you people. God created gay people just like he created (and is ashamed of) you phoney holier than thou JERKS. Get a life and get your nose out of everyones ass and bedroom. Mind your own life , i am sure it needs pleanty of attention judging by how you act! God might tolerate you but the rest of us think you SUCK!

    17. Laxer

      I’m a Christian and always have been but one thing that really confuses me is why the hell people feel that the need to go bat shit crazy over the whole gay phobia thing. If you’re an extreme anti-gay person you say God is love and the creator of free will then aren’t gay people just using what God gave them? Now yes I have heard over 347532745 times that it’s in the bible that being a homosexual is wrong but this is what many forget. The bible has been re-written so many times who’s to say what was in the original bible? Let people do what they want it’s not like their bending you over an altar. I’m not gay and I’m not a gay basher I just believe that god’s greatest gift was free will. Besides Daniel Tosh is funny and easily amuses me.

  1. Blanche Beecham

    Oh Tyson, I am torn by this Daniel Tosh.

    On the one hand, he has eyes like a puppy and the body build of a toddler. It is endearing and just makes me want to hold him and squeeze his little baby white body.

    On the other hand, he needs his bottom spanked for being a potty mouth.

      1. Blanche Beecham


        Much like America’s sweetheart, Sandra B, I’ve always had a weakness for the soft glow of red-haired bad boys and black babies.

        Yes he is sick and most likely a Bastille child; but Jesus is the cure. He can give this man-child the better defined eyebrows and maybe the love that is missing from his homo-unitard lifestyle.

        We cannot dismiss his illness and plea for our attentions.


      2. Dan

        Again, Shut your old hag mouth, your brain has obviously withered with age…. It’s time you return to Falling Oaks Retirement Center… where you belong.

          1. Dan

            haha that was posted on the wrong prof again! im sorry, everything i accidently said to you was an accident, it was meant fot the old lady above ^. And I will cut your brake lines. Touche’

          2. YouHaveNoClue

            Wowza, you religious people appear to be capable of terrible things– to just SAY these things is terrible, and then to POST them online!?! Unbelievable!

          3. Some Random Guy

            You do realize how un-Chriatian-like you sound by saying this, do you not? No Christian would threaten to run someone over.

            ~Elyon’s Strength~

    1. Dan

      You are a disgrace to side with Tyson! So immediately remove the handsome face of Ronald Wilson Reagan as your avatar!

      1. You'reKiddingMeRight?

        I believe I’ve located the source of your problem, it starts by calling any American exercising their God given right to free expression a ‘disgrace’ and ends with the demand that they conform to your ideological opinions about Reagan (Which, hells, if we’re going to call people names, your opinions there are about as fucked up as he was while in office, you homophobic, misanthropic, walking organ donor….)

        The only true disgrace here is the one in your mind that tells you that you are somehow superior to any other human being in any form or fashion. You’re not, and it’s not bad that you can’t see that… it’s sad.

    2. namaste

      ooooh, i just got this name. these name games are fun. alex p. keaton, family ties, loves ronald reagan…decoding these names is more fun than liscense place bingo…

    3. Ryan Kent

      Not a shock that those who support this are republican. Not saying all republicans support this, but all who support this view happen to be republican.
      I find it amazing how people try to use God to be hateful. The bible says to follow in the example of Jesus. It makes a point to remind us that His word is all that matters, yet these gay bashers seem to make up scripture as it suits them.
      I’ll give $3000 to anyone who can show me where in the bible it says “homo” “fag” or “queer.” I’ll add a thousand if you can show me ver batum where it says to “hate” gay people. Last I checked, God was all about love and compassion when the New Testament appeared. His punishment of people was over and done with at the end of the Old Testament.
      When judgement day comes, those who don’t conform will get their punishment. Their judgement.

      From the mouth of the Lord to the pages of the bible, it says not to judge others. That the only one with that right is God.

      So what right do you have to pass hate filled judgement of others? Do you fancy yourselves on the same level as God?
      The first to do that was named Lucifer and we all know what his end will be.

      I hope you gay bashers, racists, and hateful cowards realize you are on par with Satan. I won’t wish you to be blessed with understanding because you’ve already closed God out of your lives and let’s face it: you made a website to pass hate speech in God’s name.

    4. Shawna Falero

      Actually, considering his humor and the fact that he’s a comedian, he’ll probably find the ridiculousness of this article absolutely hilarious and then feature it on his show. Accompanied, of course, by a full-agreement that he’s trying to turn everyone’s children into homosexuals to start an army of child-gays.
      My suggestion to you: find something to do other than be paranoid.

    5. ~thimble~

      What is so disappointing and actually quite shocking to me (in addition to the unbelievable level of ignorance being shared through this site) is the obvious lack of any real intelligence displayed by the people contributing. Frankly, using the word people may be a bit unfair to those out there that are not blinded by hatred and stupidity.
      And by the way, instead of wasting your time writing this tripe and thinking that you are spreading ‘the lord’s word’, maybe investing in a few classes would be a good thing for you. Maybe start with remedial grammar and spelling, remedial geography and remedial history.
      Oh, actually, don’t do that. I would hate to think of anyone wasting their time trying to educate someone as clearly broken and ridiculous as any of you are. I am actually disappointed in myself now for wasting the precious one minute of my life that it took to read your bullshit, and the subsequent 2 minutes that is it taking me to respond. Never again.

  2. Ice Van Winkle

    This man is the spigot of liberal filth that is filling the holy tub of USA righteousness with 2 girls 1 cup scat. He is the greatest threat that is facing Christ’s country today.

    1. Not Ice Van Winkle

      Ummmm… this isn’t Christ’s country. And why are you so familiar with 2 girls 1 cup?

    2. Les Shots

      Um…. just an FYI… this isn’t Christ’s country.. seeing as ALL religions are welcome in this FREE country. How about you get your facts straight, like your priests butt fucking the altar boys.

      1. Randall

        This talk of Christ’s country is, I believe, the inherent problem. I find it so ironic that there is so much of this talk, in a country that was founded by people who came here to ESCAPE RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION.

    3. PetFox

      hahahaha Christ’s country? Would Jesus Christ build a country on genocide and slavery? I am not a christian but I do admire Christ. Since your hate is opposite of what he is about, does that make you the antichrist? This article seems to be very unpopular and for good reason but before you find false affirmation in the scriptures about how true Christians are persecuted and oppressed for their beliefs, you should know that that isn’t the case. You aren’t popular because you are a idiot, a hypocrite, and a bigot. You are a product of fear and hatred and I feel very bad for you.

    4. Shawna Falero

      Ice – At first I bounced around between whether Tyson was serious when he wrote this article (I can’t believe I actually thought he was at first) but the fact that you seem to be taking it so seriously, and with so much SPITE is absolutely hilarious. xD

    5. LoveIsAllYouNeed

      So Ice, are you going to respond to the VALID points people on here made? I would really enjoy hearing your explanations for ignoring the “judge not lest ye be judged” part of THE BIBLE, you know, “the only book you need to live a holy and moral life” not that pack of lies this site is selling.
      Speaking of, how dare you sell such a book, making money on a book claiming THAT, when you are supposedly here to spread gods word, you’re no better than the people at temple when Jesus turned over their tables, making money off the fear and persecution of others in the name of god.
      Just more liars who pick and choose the parts that sell their point and ignore the rest, right? Satan comes in many forms and will have the cleverest ways of tricking you… even disguised as a messenger of god.
      AND CASTRO IS FROM CUBA! These people are stupid, they don’t even know what they’re hating any more, how can you take people seriously when they don’t know the difference between Cuba and Mexico. Typical “Pro-USA” ignorance, don’t worry, I’m sure the Bush family has plenty of room for you in their bomb shelter once you people screw religion up enough that it’s banned globally and Armageddon comes, you’re the people helping Revelations come about… and if you don’t know what I’m talking about I SUGGEST YOU ACTUALLY READ THE WHOLE BIBLE FOR ONCE!

    6. Laxer

      Mustaches like yours are the greatest threat to Christ’s country today…..and it is rather freaky you know about 2 girls 1 cup…just saying

    7. angry

      HE is THE GREATEST threat that is facing “christ’s” country??? that doesn’t even make sense. You are an idiot. First of all, this is not “christ’s country”. If Christ had just one country, it certainly wouldn’t be the U.S..especially with your dumb ass living here. I’m pretty sure in the Bible the Israelites are actually God’s chosen people. If you think that this ONE man who does stand-up comedy for a living is the biggest problem our country faces then CLEARLY you live under a rock.

    1. Tyson Parks

      i hope this disgrace of a preacher burns in HELL! you should be ashamed of trying to represent the christain faith.

    2. Not Ice Van Winkle

      Wow… you are such a great example of living the Christ way. Glad to see such tolerance and love.

        1. Christopher

          Firstly, the terms “homo” and “gay” are synonomous so using them in the same sentance, especailly back-to-back, is obnoxiously redundant and represents the ignorance shared on this website. Secondly, the pattern of blind hatred is astonishing! I would venture a guess that none of you can cite any biblical presidence that refers to homosexuality. Thirdly, “thou shalt not take the Lords name in vein” refers to hateful biggots like yourselfs smearing Christ’s name with your ignorant spewings of self-righeousness. No one listed here is innocent, and most of you have committed sexual sins of one form or another. In conclusion, get off your high horses and stop talking like you have never masterbated, thought sinful thoughts, had premarital sex, or experimented in your youth. Get a grip and put down the stones!

          1. LoveIsAllYouNeed

            Did you see the add for their “book” it said “This book is as powerful as mine.” -God
            One of the MOST disgusting things I have seen in my life… I don’t think you can expect them to really know anything about the Mosaic law or what that is all about and remember that part that explains god and Jesus are not the same person and that Jesus is not to be worshipped and the part about not worshipping false idols (like Jesus on a cross)… there’s just too much, I’m surprised no one has come on here ranting ignorantly about Judges 19 or something, but I guess they would have had to READ their bible to know about it, not just been shown key scriptures that support their argument. LOL
            I read the bible because I didn’t feel it was right having an opinion about something I didn’t know anything about, unlike other people.
            Only people who don’t understand what they are reading would come to this sort of nonsense, and now I’va already let my feelings get the best of me.

        2. Randall

          Good job on catching that sarcasm, Christian ‘Intellectual’.

          Honestly, you cannot be so full of hate and intolerance and claim to be open to Christ’s love. You and all just like you are a disgrace to the Christian faith.

    3. Actual Intellectual

      Seriously your going to make a comment like that with the word Intellectual in your name?… well i guess it does say Christian Intellectual so that being an oximoron in the first place…

  3. Atheist

    I think you all need to understand that things are changing. Your holy book of bullshit doesn’t really apply to much anymore. And why, Christian Intellectual, does it matter that he’s a German? Also, isn’t God all about accepting who you are? Why would he make gays if he just finds them disgusting? So you should burn in Hell for damning somebody to a FICTIONAL place when it isn’t your job.

    1. Christian Intellectual

      “why, Christian Intellectual, does it matter that he’s a German?”

      Because most foreigners are deviant heathens (also the germans are the descendants of the NAZI).

      “Also, isn’t God all about accepting who you are? Why would he make gays if he just finds them disgusting?”

      NO, God will accept you only if you REPENT FOR YOUR SINS.
      “I tell you, no; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish” Luke 13:1-5.

      God did not create the homogays. homogayness is a choice they are not born like that. I am not damning them, they are damning themselves to Hell.

      1. L.N

        Germans are NOT the descendants of the Nazis. The Nazi party was twisted into an image that suited Hitler best. If you’re going to use that as a reason why foreigners are evil, then I get to say that the Crusades mean that all Christians are vicious psychotic evil bastards who need to be eradicated at once.

        I also find it funny that you people refuse to allow people to repent, somehow thinking that one fault means that you’re going to Hell and that Christians are flawless simply because they claim that they’re followers of Christ. Not only that, but only YOUR particular branch of Christianity is acceptable, and you think all others are frauds made up by ‘teh homogayz’.

        You ARE damning them, you’re telling them that by being themselves and accepting what God DID make them, that they’re going to Hell. It sounds more like Hell is worth it if it means avoiding a tyrannical ruler who gives people things, yet demands that they don’t touch or use them, and that if he makes them into a certain way, they have to deny it if it conflicts with his interests.

        1. Christian Intellectual

          The “Crusades” had nothing to do with Christianity or the teachings of Jesus. The Catholic church is a corrupt institution and those involved weren’t real Christians.

          “You ARE damning them, you’re telling them that by being themselves and accepting what God DID make them, that they’re going to Hell.”

          I am not damning them, Homogayness is a SIN (read your Bible). GOD did NOT make them homogay. Homogayness is a choice/sin like stealing, incest, murder and rape.

          Homogayness CAN BE CURED:

          1. L.N

            So just deny your own checkered past. Just say ‘they weren’t real Christians’. Just completely disassociate yourselves from people you don’t like and somehow that makes it all better.

            And being gay isn’t something you can ‘cure’. People who make the claim that they were once gay and were ‘cured’ of it were either bicurious or lying to themselves. There are people who go through years of self-hatred and torture because assholes like you think that they’re abnormal. The bible was written by man, man can err, and man HAS erred many times before, so how can the bible be nothing but the truth if man has lied throughout history?

          2. Second-In-Command Joseph

            I’m not exactly sure that you can “cure” homosexuality, but I do know that there is scientific reasoning behind how a person can be a homosexual. Something to do with babies being foreign objects in the womb and estrogen. It was a very interesting to read, mind you I read it a few years ago, but it isn’t something I normally look up out of interest.

          3. Aenima

            You’re a fucking idiot Mr. Christian Intelectual. Also, Jesus loves to take hot steaming dick up his ass.

          4. Mainiac58

            Perhaps Mr. Intellectual, you should check into how many of those…..cures ended in suicide. I’ve seen the result of your so-called “cure”. Men who are made to feel so ashamed of the way that they feel that they’ll say and do anything to be “forgiven”. The statistics are staggering as to how many of these men wind up so twisted up inside that they are willing to commit one of the most ultimate of sins to escape the shame. But of course that wouldn’t bother any of you people too much, now would it. One less “homogay” in the World. So sad really that you would actually believe there is a “cure”. SURPRISE!!!! There isn’t. 😉

          5. Christopher

            Mr “Christian Intellectual”, The article you reference is from Feduary 12th 1965, and so is your mentality. To put it in perspective, 1965 was when the hot moral debate was interracial marriage which was still illegal. Also, at the time of the crusades, the catholics were the ONLY christians, so who else could it have been? Modern day christians are the descendants of catholics, you know…like you believe modern germans are the descendants of Nazi’s. Check the date on your calendar, and pull your head out! Your not nearly as intellectual as you think you are, Jesus lied to you!

      2. Sirarchiethethird

        So, anyone who isn’t your own races You think they’re the devil? It’s not your choice to let them in “Heaven” it is Gods. I think God is a caring person. But, Preachers think other wise. They think hat if you make one mistake such as, “touching yourself” you will go to hell.

        1. Christian Intellectual

          NO, I am not racist.
          Your preacher is right, if you don’t stop selfsexing and repent you are going to burn in hell.

          1. L.N

            You’re not racist, you just think non-whites are devil children.

            Also, if masturbation is a sin, then sex as a whole is a sin since many a sperm never reach the egg, and thus never become children, which means you committed murder in the middle of an orgasm.

          2. Mainiac58

            Not a racist? Really? Are you really saying that without a twitch in your eye? To think it was only nine posts back. Now had it been a page or two, maybe. But nine posts?

            “Because most foreigners are deviant heathens (also the germans are the descendants of the NAZI).”

            Okay, no racism there. Nope. (Oh and the Germans are NOT the descendants of the Nazis. The Nazis WERE Germans.)

            My head is spinning from the twisted and wobbly spin you people put on things.

          3. J. montero

            So let them. it isnt your job to condemn them because in doing so, you’d be in sin for having hate in your heart. Which means unless you repent you’ll be going to hell too…you’ll all probably continue this conversation there as well and drive Satan insane….lol thats hysterical.

      3. ChristiansSuck

        YOu are a fucking douche bag and crazy to boot. I can’t believe that you actually believe the minutia that is cumming out of your mouth (and yes, I spelled it like that on purpose). Your probably one of those creepy, sexually frustrated married men (although I don’t know how unless your wife is dumber than you are) that secretly masturbates to the thoughts of alter boys sucking your cock and then goes out gay bashing. Who gives a fuck if someone is gay? Mind your own damn business, it’s called freedom bitch. If I want to do a bunch of cocaine and fuck my girlfriend in the ass then I think gay people have the same damn right. And as far as the German comment, are you fucking ignorant? Why don’t we just say that anyone who isn’t white, straight, and from America is the devil? I want to strangle people like you and smack you in the face with a bible after I wipe my ass with it.

      4. religious ass-holes

        intellectual? more like the biggest fucking idiot ever! i like how these parasites are letting a book tell them how to live. IT’S A FUCKING BOOK! holy shit you guys are fucking stupid. there is no god. there is no sin. there is not need for this shit.

      5. Appauled

        I’m pretty sure you’re protestant, where exactly do you think Protestantism started? It was most definitely Germany and “Christiandom” is actually Europe.

        I’m pretty sure Christ is sad to have his name in included in your website’s name. Seems you don’t get him at all…

      6. erika

        That’s not racist or anything.

        My family hosted a foregin exchange student and her was incredibly nice and OPEN MINDED.

    2. Blanche Beecham


      The Devil, not God, is about excepting who you are. Remember it was the love for himself over God that got him evicted from Heaven.

      “Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty; You corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor.” Ezekiel 28:17


      1. L.N

        You can’t even keep a track of what the hell you say, how do you expect anyone to take you seriously? You once said that ‘it was because the devil loved man more than god’ that got him kicked out, now it’s because the devil is about ACCEPTING (hell, you can’t even use words properly, go back to the kitchen, you vile woman)?

        Not only that, but you seriously expect God to tell people that he gave us free will, yet will smite us the moment we use it? Not only that, but you think Christians are the only people that deserve respect, and you yourself DEMAND it after you lie and present false evidence that demonizes others.

      2. Ice Van Winkle

        Blanche is right again.

        God said we are all sinners (because of what women did to mankind in the Garden of Eden) and we must hate that part of ourselves and constantly repress our sinful sides. We walk down the hard, narrow path instead of easy street. Reject what is inside you and who you are, then you will know Christ.

        1. Claire

          “God said we are all sinners (because of what women did to mankind in the Garden of Eden)”

          Men are pussies – they always blame shit on other people.

        2. L.N

          If man is such a shining beacon of what’s right and what’s wrong, why did Adam allow himself to eat the apple alongside Eve? Why didn’t he just give her the finger and ask God if he could get a new partner or something?

        3. Sinamoi Black

          U need to go back up to the hills where u belong u fuckin hillbilly people like u are one of the reasons the world is such a bad place u should probably stop fucking ur cuzins long enough to actually read the bible u fucking hypocrite we are all wretched sinners some of us more than others why don’t u go back to the hills where u belong and isolate yourself from the world then maybe it’ll be a slightly better place I pray for u and all u other atheists and hypocrites that have posted on this blog

  4. Susan B. Xenu

    He even mocks jesus with his “web redemption’s” only GOD JESUS CHRIST can redeem you!

  5. What?

    What a disgusting piece of hate. Ugh I want to scrub my brain and pretend I didn’t read this…pretend there are not people out there who think this crap.

    I wouldn’t let my child watch Tosh.0 but I wouldn’t let him anywhere near you either. You’re just as bad if not worse. You give Christians a bad name. Shame on you.

  6. Jesus Christ

    Why so much hate? You people are assholes. Fuck, I can’t believe I died on the cross so you bastards could run around gay bashing, and hating people that are different in any way. You are horrible people…enjoy hell!

          1. Offended

            One of my kids is mentally handicapped. Your use of that word is both offensive and inhumane. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      1. Jesus Christ

        Telling Jesus Christ that he’s lieing isn’t too great, but hey, I forgive you…..you asshat.

      2. Ryan

        You should get closer to the camera when you take your picture. The are some dark spots in the corners that aren’t being covered by your enormous head.

  7. Guy on the Sidelines

    ….ummmm im pretty sure Tosh does this kind of shit because its funny, which it is. i have friends that do homo things just for a laugh. The thing that made me laugh about this article was when guy refereed to gay’s as a “race”. But on to the point, hate and prejudice like this only serves to show how far mankind has to go before we realize shit like the issues discussed here dont matter when compared real issues like world poverty, hunger, suffering on a global basis outside of the “developed countries”. Stuff like that should be looked at more than “This man is gay and he has a TV show!?”, i mean really? does that REALLY matter?

    1. Ice Van Winkle

      Wrong again, homo liberal.

      Poverty, hunger, and suffering are just temporary problems that will go away in the afterlife. Choosing to be a sinner is a decision that will last for eternity.

      Focus on saving souls in the short time that you are here on this earth.

      1. Christopher

        Ikkey van Winkle, put your child-molester mustache away or the shit you spew will coat it and you’ll end up with a dirty sanchez! “Poverty, hunger, and suffering are just temporary problems that will go away in the afterlife” Your forgetting Christs main lesson, caring for the sick, meak, less fortunate, and even the undeserving. NOT to just look the other way and say to yourself, “God will take care of it” I’ll be seeing you in Hell you dumb-shit!

      2. Randall

        Matthew 25:34 – Matthew 25:45

        “Then I, the King, shall say to those at my right,
        ‘Come, blessed of my Father, into the Kingdom prepared for you from the founding of the world. For I was hungry and you fed me; I was thirsty and you gave me water; I was a stranger and you invited me into your homes;
        naked and you clothed me; sick and in prison, and you visited me.’

        “Then these righteous ones will reply, ‘Sir, when did we ever see you hungry and feed you? Or thirsty and give you anything to drink?
        Or a stranger, and help you? Or naked, and clothe you?
        When did we ever see you sick or in prison, and visit you?’
        “And I, the King, will tell them, ‘When you did it to these my brothers you were doing it to me!’

        Then I will turn to those on my left and say, ‘Away with you, you cursed ones, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his demons.
        For I was hungry and you wouldn’t feed me; thirsty, and you wouldn’t give me anything to drink;
        a stranger, and you refused me hospitality; naked, and you wouldn’t clothe me; sick, and in prison, and you didn’t visit me.’

        “Then they will reply, ‘Lord, when did we ever see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and not help you?’
        “And I will answer, ‘When you refused to help the least of these my brothers, you were refusing help me.’

      3. alex

        1. Calling people names is immature and inappropriate

        2″What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? can faith save him? If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food, And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit? Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.” James 2:14-17

      4. Sinamoi Black

        Hey rip van Winkle gods main wish for us as his children is for us to love each other and help each other not hate everyone who’s different so far I’m pretty sure you’ve hated on blacks gays and women and apparently you haven’t been out of the hills long enough to meet any of those kinds of people you’ve been too busy playing ur banjo up in the hills

    1. Second-In-Command Joseph

      It appears so. After all, every aspect of the world has it’s conservatives, radicals and others. It’s just human behaviour is all. After a while they’ll get tired and move onto something else and a fresh wave of them will fill in. I’ve learned to simply laugh at them and, from time to time, shamefully stoop to their level in debate when I’ve nothing better to do. They’re just a good a source of entertainment as the lastest videogame if you can tolerate them.

  8. Elllie

    I am a devout Christian and go to church every Sunday. The last time I missed church was when I had the flu and was in the hospital for a week.

    Anyway, I think Daniel Tosh is crass and his show is inappropriate for children and young teenagers. I don’t even watch it. But condemning him for sexual orientation is ridiculous. We should accept all people and bring them to the light of God’s glory.

    Also, I take offence to the comment about Germans. I am nearly 100% German. I’d also like to point out that many German’s were over here in America before WWII.

    Reflect on yourselves and your actions. Before you find fault in others you must look deep within yourself.

  9. Sirarchiethethird

    Is it only that he says, “girlfriend” all the time? Do you, “Hardcore Christians” find it gay that he says that? Or are you just be dumbasses? Angry christan mommies are going to be mad at their own son for being German? So what, I though this world as suppesoed to come together in peace and harmony. For “god”. But, I guess you guys are to ignorent to understand that.
    Did you know that Romans burned christans? Hopefully, if there is a hell I’ll see all of you in it. Don’t try to cover up your past and say that you never drank. Beaten your kid. For, if there Is a Jesus then, the first people he’ll choose is the ones that are truthful with themselves.
    Daniel Tosh is not homo sexual. Your just too ignorent to laugh at a comedian.

    1. Christian Intellectual

      He claims that he has a “girlfriend” because he is ashamed of his depraved homogay lifestyle choice.

      1. L.N

        How do you know? Do you know him personally? Do you talk to him on a regular basis? Do you know his darkest secrets because he told you?

          1. L.N

            There’s still no proof that he’s gay. I did read the blog post, no mention of how the author found how he’s gay. He just said that Tosh is, no proof.

      2. baldbart@msn,com

        You people need to get a life? Are you that unsure of your own sexuality that you have to question that of others. Besides that, what business is it of yours. There is no reason to be so homophobic. In this case you need like I said GET A LIFE?

  10. God_Loving_Christian

    Well, if you look at the whole issue from a mathematical stand point, it all makes some sense. Then again, I’ve never much been one for the politics of media and would much rather go back to my daily life. I mean, Christ, the only reason I’m ever on this site is because I find it rather interesting to see what others think on such matters. I think, in the name of good sportsmanship, that we should try to convert him into heterosexuality and if he does not comply or that course of action proves unfruitful that he should then be either A)castrated, B)euthanized, or C)suspended by a flaming rope tied around his balls. Condemn me if you want, but that’s just my personal view. If we don’t make an example of his to others of his kind how will they ever take us seriously?

    1. fuck the world

      Jesus liked to take huge cock up his asshole all the time…maybe thats why they crucified him. Also, fuck the bible, its boring as hell and fucking stupid.

      1. Randall

        Number six, I do believe 😀

        Unless he and his kind believe that they are above the Ten Commandments, or can twist them any way they want…which would explain a lot.

    2. Ethan McClain Divine

      “If we don’t make an example of his to others of his kind”? i’m not even gay and i take offense to that. We are all people you ignorant self important bastard. If anyone needs to be made example of, it is your kind. no greater war or more horrible genocide has been committed than those in the name of your god. Can anyone say repressed homosexuality? By the way holy man, you broke 2 commandments in that post.

  11. Zachary Chancey

    Really. I was surfing the web and I happened to find this website. You guys are worse than the people that actually do sin. I am a christian and I believe that this website and all who endorse it are going to Hell. You guys are not christian you are another generation of wierd neo-nazis. Have fun burning in hell :).

  12. Tyrone the Faggot

    Haha, I love this website. Tyson and the gang sure know how to entertain faggots like us. [img][/img]

  13. IsraDima

    So, I take it, your hypocrisy, intolerance, disillusioned opinion and judgmental rant has something to do with the fact you can’t come out of the closet and Join the elite “Satan’s sugar” Guild, you were denied fun from “whore candy prostitutes”, Or perhaps it upsets you that you can’t fondle “young boys who dress up in mommies outfits and prance around like a silly sally while duct taping their twiddle rompus in between their legs.”Although I can understand you being pissed off that he beat you “to name your dog after a Mexican terrorist.”(you racist bastard) Now, out of curiosity, was this a threat or a bit of jealousy envy poking through into your rant? “The lady man gay role doesn’t put up much of a fight when you attack their weak emotional wall. He most likely became this way due to a childhood rape by another gay male.” so, your a homophobic, pedophile racist, gender confused sexist who hides under the guise of a Christian…what are you? a minister? with a mouth like that? such impure thoughts… just admit you are what you are, stop pointing out others humanity like it is a sin, and go climb back into your closet with your hatred. anyone who follows or listens to your rants is as brain dead , clueless and judgmental as you are and people like you are why people like me would rather worship Satan.

    1. bearwolf

      Well Said!!!! I think it is high time people no the truth about you so called christians point blank you are sheep and if you fallow your good shepard to the promised land you will all be slaves. Stop Hating others because of a book writen by a schizoid and maybe just maybe you can come up with an origianal opinion about someone other than jesus, I call the deciever, said so. Gays are gays becasue they are gay not becasue of some satanic virtue. Please sheep stop thinking with your shepards brain think with your own brain an dthen grow up this isnt the middleages were all is sin sin sin your going to hell pay me now. this is 2011 grow up and evolve damn it.

  14. Pingback: May is National Masturbation Month, Let’s Make It Reach Out and Touch a Selfo Month | ChristWire

  15. Toshlover

    Your just jealous of Tosh. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have bothered writing this crap. Homophobes are sexually confused, and it sounds like you are one.

  16. Andrew

    It’s so funny how alot of you call yourselves Christian & have no type of conviction for the things you have said in articles & on top of it no shame either. 1st off, Castro is Cuban not Mexican. Second, who gives you guys the right to pass any type of judgement on any human being when God says that He’s the beginning & the end meaning that His word is first & last (the Supreme Judge). You people really need to follow Jesus path & throw you Hick doctrine out of the window.

  17. Daniel_Tosh_Lover

    Alright for one when you watch this guys TV show, It clearly says that is intended for a mature audience. Not 5 year olds. And Plus with the technology these days you able to block any channel or programing you want. And as for the fag above that said this is christ’s Country. You sir are a retard. This county was made for people with many different beliefs any you are saying yours is right over everyone elses.

  18. My Dick is a Crucifix

    oh Tyson, I’m sure your German ancestors would be proud of you today. You’ve accomplished SO much! You’ve come so far ever since you were raped by your father at age 8, molested by your priest at age 10, and raped your little brother at age 16. Who knew you would’ve been able to “cure” that little gay Nazi voice inside your brain telling you “it’s OK to wear mommy’s whore lipstick and put lightbulbs in your butt”. Oh I’m sure Jebus will forgive you for having to watch Tosh.O for “research” purposes when you wrote this article…because that’s just what Jebus does. Oh Tyson, my little gay gingerbread cookie, you.
    Don’t worry, when you get to the Hell that you envision for everyone who disagrees with you, your bigoted online fuck buddies will be there to play with you.

  19. kyle

    I see a lot of “Christians” doing a lot of judging… Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t NOT judging one of the biggest tenants of ANY religion? There are a lot of things which decorum is preventing me from saying, but seriously people… You obviously have a lot of hate in you, so direct it at some REAL problems, such as our country’s LACK of education, our homeless problem, our economical problems…. the list goes on but I don’t want to overload your microprocessors at once…



    I really hope you “Christians” would just go drink your cool-aid and take a long nap-More people in the history of this planet have been killed in the name of religion and yet you morons STILL profess to be the “chosen” class of our species?


  21. Nikita

    bahahaha… It’s quite amusing to read all of this… Christians think being gay is wrong the same way they thought the rapture was supposed to happen on May 21st, ignorantly.

    Bravo Christians.. Bravo.

  22. Supergay2011

    Sometimes I wonder who in the world could possibly still hate me, my family and friends who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, allied, pansexual, intersex, etc.

    I’m pretty happy that the only haters left can’t form a coherent sentence :)

    Good luck on your quest, chief, but we’re here. We’re queer. And we’re just going to continue making your life fabulous.


    Your Daughter’s Lesbian Feminist Recruiter and Lover. 😉

  23. Barabusgotoffeasy

    I so loved the maybe you need to open the door a little wider for Jesus, um ya no last time I opened the door a little wider it was my back door and the clergy was behind me. I say let people live the way they want if there is a Heaven then they will be judged but not until then as no man is perfect and we were all created equal.

  24. james

    First of all comedy comes at the exspense of someone or something next he’s not gay his new special proved that next just because you think it’s wrong doesn’t mean that it’s not accetable for everyone an unless its super important keep your opinion to your fuckin self and close friend you fucking asshole

  25. Nat

    Tyson, what a fucking idiot. What the fuck do you know about gay people? And you are one yourself you realize? There’s nothing wrong with that either. It’s ok, Americans are stupid and you’ll all be begging the rest of the world for a bailout as soon as your economy crashes.

  26. Les Shots

    Blah blah blah “I’m a homophobe that is too afraid to admit to myself that I am gay, so instead I will write this stupid article.” Blah blah blah…
    Honestly, you write something like this and think you can get his show cancelled? HAH! Daniel Tosh has a huge fan base, willing to keep his show on the air, and keep you anti-gay douche bags out of the way. So SMD Tyson.

  27. Wow

    This is just all racism and homophobia, also you sound like an un-educated fool saying Fidel Castro is a “Mexican Terrorist” he is a Cuban Politician dumbass

  28. morons

    Nothing will make me smile more than to see an ignorant Christian die with your idiotic hopes of a second life. You never let go of hope because you are afraid of death. You are weak. You need a false entity to create a feeling of peace within yourself for all of life’s unanswered questions. You are intolerant, disgusting, horrible people that don’t deserve the gift of life. Go ahead and say that I’m going to hell. Doesn’t mean shit. You people judge everyone before looking at your own faults. One of the greatest messages of the bible, love, is something that you morons neglect to live by. You hate all others who do not agree with you. You are also so stubborn that this entire comment will fly right over your head. So there’s no winning is there? I guess we just have to wait until all of you idiots die off.

    1. Tyson Bowers III

      All the things you listed, you are guilty of. Please read your post to yourself in a quiet corner.

      1. morons

        Are you a psychic now? I’m pretty sure that’s a form of sorcery. Now you’re just breaking your own rules. Have fun continuing your sorry excuse for a life, brainwashing innocent people who have so much more potential than you allow. Make sure to have this site write an obituary for you when you die so I can piss on your grave you piece of shit :) Until then, fuck you and your bullshit religion.

      2. Dan

        You humor me… I feel that you would be more useful as a hospital bed vegetable. You are being very unfair and removing some respectable people’s chances of finding God. This casts people out. Learn to love. Btw, change your picture… you look like special ed Satin

      3. Kari

        ” The divinity of Jesus is made a convenient cover for absurdity.” – John Adams

        “Question with boldness even the existence of God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear.” – Thomas Jefferson

        “The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason.” – Benjamin Franklin

        “I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do because I notice it always coincides with their own desires.” – Susan B. Anthony

        “Leave the matter of religion to the family altar, the church, and the private schools, supported entirely by private contributions. Keep the church and the state forever separated.” – Ulysses S. Grant

        “It ain’t the parts of the Bible that I can’t understand that bother me, it is the parts that I do understand.” – Mark Twain

  29. KYLE

    Honestly you all are complete retards. If you were so holy and devoted to god wouldn’t you be showing your devotion in a better and more productive way then sitting on a damn blog and trash talking daniel tosh. Get a life because you obviously don’t have one, which is why you envy daniel becuaes he lives the life he loves

  30. Kay

    HAHAHAHA, this post is GAY. I thought Christ preached kindness and love, not malevolence and hatred. Besides, why do you care what he’s doing? It’s his life. You sound like a self-righteous bigot who probably has homo-erotic fantasies about him. HAHAHAHAHA!

  31. Gretl

    This is very humoristic and I will be forwarding it to my tosh-loving friends here in Sweden!

    But, it’s also depressing that you are serious. If I were a true christian, unlike you, my prayers would be with you. But I’m atheist so I don’t do that shit.

  32. david

    Haha all you Christians or whatever you people are are the first ones that are going to accept Satan into your hearts and souls when the end of days come. So you really shouldn’t be preaching things that you yourselves don’t even practice. You call that a religion seems more like a brainwashing cult. Chrisianity… what a joke of a “religion”. Can’t wait to see you all in hell with the rest of us. Oh ahnd if the rapture does even happen it should happen soon because this world will do great without the likes of you lowlife confused people.

  33. Gary Gilmour

    Another silly post. This is why there are so many aggressive replies on Christwire. Can we not stick to posts about Jesus and his great works?

  34. Dan

    So I am officially pissed off.. I am a pastors son and follower of Christ… I am just very disappointed by this whole article and a portion of the comments.. OK so Tyson Bowers III needs to learn acceptance and remove the “Stone the Witch” attitude! I know many gay people and they are just fine the way they are. The ones I know are very kind and you can learn a lot about acceptance from a gay person. This will only cast people further from God! If this site wants to draw in more people, then try love and (again) acceptance. If any of you are offended by the article, I just want you to know that not all Christians are like this. I am sorry if this article was unfair to anyone and took away any interest to find God. If anyone wants to talk I am on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1472024209#!/DanDanDaFarmerMan

  35. The Truth

    Lololololol this is hilarious. Especially watching tons of people fight over this amazing satire.
    The only sad thing is that some people actually believe and agree with these works of genius fiction.
    It’s not real. Shut up, calm down, and laugh your ass off.

  36. namaste

    i’d like to fuck daniel tosh 8 ways to sunday. so hot. i love funny men. um, yeah, this site is 100% satire guys…lighten up, francis. at first i found all the bickering comments funny, now i’m questioning the intelligence of the population at large.

  37. Aaron Kelker

    I’m not sure if you are a troll site or serious.
    FYI People like you are the reason that people hate Christians.

  38. Steven

    He is not gay or a communist. He is a comedian. People who listen to him like to hear jokes and sarcasm. I am not a fan in any way but he is constantly mocking gay. He interviewed a Satan worshipper and when she said she can’t be Christian because they don’t accept gays he said that it was wrong (in his own way). And he has never said he hated America in a serious way, just once or twice sarcasticly

  39. Shay

    Am I the only person who couldn’t believe he called Castro a Mexican…geez, someone needs to brush up on their history.

  40. Mizz

    So let me get this straight, these people are all loving and tolerant members of the church? Ironic they bash the media and propaganda, what do you think this is? Propaganda, homophobic gay bashing propaganda.

    Spread love, not hate.

  41. Peggy Davis

    It is just amazing to me the way so called jesus loving christian spew poison and hatred while condeming everyone who doesn’t believe the same crazy nonsence they do

  42. Shawna Falero

    HAHAHA you’re so funny Tyson. ^_^ Great article! I think Tosh would get a kick outta this. Oh, I’m sorry – were you being serious?

  43. Steve R

    So much hatred and ignorance. Gay is not a disease or morally wrong. Why should we be able to take away peoples rights to be happy by acting ignorant towards them? They face bullying and pressure everyday by bigots and people with a large fear of that which they do not understand. If god did truly love us then he wouldn’t hate someone for something as small as different sexual preferences. This is also like Fox news saying “All liberals hate christian.s, blah blah blah”, which is actually kind of humorous because I have friends who are christians and democrats

  44. Adam

    While reading this pointlessly hateful article, I couldn’t help but smirk at the overwhelming amount of irony in this. First off, this is called CHRISTwire, so I would expect this site to teach the principles of Christ. Instead, I found a site that is appalling and insensitive. I would gladly give you $5000 if you can show me when Christ ever referred to homosexuality as a “disease” or called gay men “fags.” What you are preaching is an absolute disgrace and a paradox against your own fucking beliefs (ex: the Golden Rule). God did not put you on Earth to incite hate against other people who are different than you.

    Second, do you really think you are making a point by slandering a television host? Have you ever thought that his show is “comedy”, which means that it should not be taken seriously? You are not making points by insulting Daniel; it only makes you look ignorant.

    It is 2011. Society has changed; giving rights to everyone. Attempting to strip rights from God’s children, regardless of race, sex, or orientation is a sin.
    Being homosexual is not. Get your facts straight before you make complete jackass out of yourself.


  45. Ethan McClain Divine

    So if jesus died for our sins, and homosexuality is a sin, does that mean jesus died for homosexuality? Am i the only one that is confused about your “religion”? *cough*CULT*cough cough*. But let me try to understand this, on Sundays you go to church, kneel before an old man, take the body of your lord in your mouth, as well as drink his blood? Symbolically of course. And you do this because he died to get rid of an evil spirit that is inside all of us, because a man and a woman ,that was grown from one of his ribs, ate magical fruit that a talking snake told them too, which was supposed to give them the power to see all good and evil. and now you try to talk to a guy who nobody has ever seen, using telepathy, who will supposedly make all your dreams and wishes come true. And you got all your rules and guide lines from a guy who got a bunch of people lost in the desert for forty years, after being told to do it by a burning bush that could talk. And, on top of all that, your savior is the son of himself, who died and rose from the dead and now hangs out in heaven with… himself? So i think i get it, you all basically worship a cosmic zombie who grants wishes and tells you people telepathically to “do the right thing” and is constantly watching you. Oh and his messengers are half bird people. Makes complete sense.

  46. Ben T

    How can someone with so much faith spread lies on a massive level? Why must lies be told to further your agenda? Maybe because your bible along with other ancient scriptures have been written by man. We all know man lies. I read your bible and other scriptures and the answer is written on the walls. Your GOD is a flesh and blood Extraterrestrial and his powers are just technology the native could not explain.

  47. Stacey

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for the laugh, buddy. I needed it. This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time.

  48. Daniel

    You are so ignorant and uneducated. You’re the one who will be going to hell for hating gays. And I CANNOT believe that you said Castro is a Mexican terrorist… Where did you go to school? He is a Cuban communist!!!! Not a Mexican… You call this journalism? You’re an unprofessional amateur. Go to school.

  49. Swerve619

    Whoever wrote this is obviously the most ignorant idiot ive seen in some time.. First of all, Daniel Tosh isn’t even gay!!! He’s just comfotable with himself, which obviously you aren’t since u find the need to spout all this hate! You obviously have no sense of humor and you need to get a life and stop worrying so much about what other people do with theirs!

  50. YouHaveNoClue

    I believe this is the most hateful site I have ever come across on the web. What nerve to even mention God amidst such hateful words. Tosh gets the carrot, this guy gets a big stick– yep, you know where!

  51. Phelps

    It kill’s me to think you that you think of yourself as this Christian being of love and light when you preach so much hate. God is about love, not hate. You base your hate of gays off the scripture of Leviticus, Leviticus also say’s that it is wrong to talk to women while they are menstruating. Does that keep you from talking to your wife 5-7 day’s a month? Leviticus also said it’s okay to own slaves as long as they arent from a neighboring nation. Do you think it’s okay to own a slave at all? Leviticus also said it’s an abomination of god to touch the dead skin of a pig, does that keep you from watching Sunday Football after church?

    Point is, Leviticus says A LOT of ridiculous things, the “anti gay” thing is the only one people such as yourself tend to follow…

    The bible doesnt ever say pick and choose what’s convenient for you…

    If you had truly opened yourself up to god you wouldnt preach all this hate…

  52. Drum

    Enough people thinking like you Mr Bowers brought mankind the Dark Ages, and more recently this little event called the Holocaust. This kind of thinking is backwater and sadly it’s people such as yourself who set a negative stereotype for all Christians.
    PS. Fidel Castro is Cuban, not Mexican. Your radically racist, kinda like the Nazis.
    Dear Christ, save me…..from your followers

  53. matt costa

    Wow, you need mental help sir. If you walk this earth for Christ you should stop spewing hate. Your the real Devil worshipper here.

  54. Joe Mama

    Are you fucking serious?! People like you are the reason I think most Christian’s will burn in hell, and I hope you do.

  55. amanda

    Ohh wow. Soo, for someone who’s out their to preach the word of god you sure are a judgmental little fuck. But what would anyone expect given there’s a picture of a manual by the same said prick saying “This book is as powerful as mine” by ‘God’. Isn’t saying that considered a sin? You deserve to get your ass beat.

  56. amanda

    Ohh wow. Soo, for someone who’s out their to preach the word of god you sure are a judgmental little fuck. But what would anyone expect given there’s a picture of a manual by the same said prick saying “This book is as powerful as mine” by ‘God’. Isn’t saying that considered a sin? You deserve to get your ass beat.

    PS: even if God did by some off chance not let gays in Heaven then why the fuck would you care if you’re ‘so sure that your getting in’?! Dipshit..

  57. Nel

    Wow..to the the writer of this article, you’ve brought a tear to my eye.. Why is that, i’m sure some of you are dying to know..*rolls eyes*

    Because I could NOT blink at ALL while reading this and my eyes dried up…

    To call YOURSELF a CHRISTIAN, still, after writing THIS, is in its-self a sin. Sir, you have beraided ALL OF HUMANKIND in this ONE article! I myself feel as if I should print this out so I were to have proof for the rest of my life and yours, that this was written. Then walk it to my pastor, with a copy for him as well, and ask him if he thought that YOU would still be let into Heaven. How can you still call yourself a PROUD Christian? That’s really all I can say to you, you’ve honestly left me speechless with disgust for YOU, and YOUR FAMILY. You’ve made MANY Christians ASHAMED to know that you apparently follow the same Religion.

  58. chris

    Wow, this article is ridiculous on so many levels! What does Colbert’s race have to do with anything? And for the record, he’s Irish. Whoever wrote this is obviously uneducated, Castro is Cuban… I’m so embarrassed for you. Did you ever stop to think this is why the radical christian image has such a bad rap? Look at the amount of hate you project! I don’t know which Bible you read, but Christ’s message is definitely not one of hate, it’s one of tolerance. And wow lesbian feminism? Strong women have to be lesbians? So sad. Get help.

    1. averagejoe

      yeah… but unlike the onion, it isn’t tactful/subtle humor. And when the Onion is your standard for “tactful/subtle” humor, you know the bar is set pretty low…

  59. Hatesracists

    Hey you homo-phobic prick. Your probably getting raped by your preist you dick. And Castro wasn’t Mexican you dumbass. Go back to your radical christian ways.

  60. dkwoeiur

    What the fuck? whoever wrote/believes in this shit is obviously not a true christian your supposed to be respectful of everyone. your the same people who say god tells you to beat your children do the world a favor and go get raped in the ass by satan

  61. Jeffrey

    Isn’t God like, nice or whatever? And that Jesus fellow, Him as well, very nice. I think YOU just hate gay people, not God. And why would Satan want a bunch of gays on his team if the ultimate rapture battle or whatever between Heaven and Hell comes, America doesn’t even let them be in the military so they probably stink at fighting. Also they’re not athletic. But they are very nice, like Jesus. And God. I feel God when I’m outside during a hurricane and when I go to church, and His presence, I think that God loves all of his creations equally. Wait, did Satan create gay people in your opinion? Lots of God’s creations like gay people, they are, as aforementioned, nice, and fruity and hilarious. Why do you hate gay people? Is it the Bible? The priests don’t even read about gay people in church. Why? Because they don’t suck. You do, probably because gay people could tap so many females and don’t, and you can’t even tap your foot. lol. And you’re afraid of them. But don’t be, you could beat them in a fight if you wanted, except the cops would arrest you for a hate crime since it’s a crime to hate people for something like that, you criminal. Then you would go to jail, and get homosexually raped in the shower. Yeah. But those people are evil. Like you. And priests rape boys all the time. Pretty gay. They cheat on God. OMG. What’s worse to you, a man raping a woman or two eleven year-old boys touching wee-wees at camp? I don’t care, U PHAGGET. Yes, you spell it with a ph, because that’s how phone is spelled. And you suck, Tyson. Tyson Bowers. Tyson is a pretty gay name.

  62. you fucking idiots

    your aN idiot. god loves everybody i know that and im not even religous…go screw yourself BTW DOESNT GOD WANT YOU TO SPREAD LOVE? NOT GAY BASHING HATE? I LOVE TOSH.0 <3 ITS LIKE THE FUNNIEST SHOW EVERY. as a matter of fact the new season starts soon (becaus clearly you have yet to take action on getting the show cancled)I plan on tuning in! have fun being hateful you fuck

  63. Flumgord

    Once I finished fingerbanging my sexy bunghole and pulled the pencil from penis i realized Jesus Christ that was gay. I will never watch TOSH.0 again if that’s what it does to me. I have found your God and am so relieved to be going to ass pounding heaven with you Mr. Tyson Bowers the 3rd. Are you a member of royalty because that name is so sweet. Maybe if you have time you could send a pic of yourself to me @ slapyourpeniswithmyremote@gmail.com.
    Seacrest out

  64. J. montero

    I wonder if Mr. Tosh has realized he has sparked a very heated, racist, homophobic stereotypical conversation. He probably doesn’t care. I don’t blame him. People are stupid.

  65. FAN

    OMG HAHAHA i loved it my favorite website now! wouldnt be suprised if Mr. Tosh himself is the one behind it, whether it is or not I LOVED it you guys are hilarious. “little sugar plummed anal fairy is sprinkling his gay pixie dust” haha i havent even heard shit like this!
    keep the good humor guys, especially for these dumbasses taking some of this shit seriously haha which makes it even more funny stupid fuckin fags lol
    oh and who da fuck is Ice Van Winkle hahaha or Blanche Beecham lol …..ohhhh…..this is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Enrique

    This article was meant as a joke right? Because obviously Castro is not Mexican and neither is Colbert. Was the author just trying to be funny?

  67. rob i

    dear author, you and anyone like you (jesus believers that is) are literally retarded, dumb and/or of limited intelligence. let me shout my feelings to the heavens and here on your ridiculous hate mongering website: THERE IS NO GOD! HEY JESUS FUCK YOU! HEY HOLY GHOST, YOU DONT EXIST! and again in case you didnt hear it: HEY JESUS FUCK YOU! ahhh that feels good. also, its amazing how dumb you christians are – do you really believe anyone can become gay by watching a TV show? do you really believe the world is only 6000 years old and the fossils of dinosaurs are just put there by god to reveal the non-believers (or whatever the hell you think is the reason they werent REALLY alive)? why arent you all concentrating more on THE GAY PRIESTS IN ALL THE CHURCHES?
    i sincerely look forward to executing you all in the future religion wars.

    1. reason

      Every Christian is not like this. I believe in a higher being and still believe in Evolution. Although this man is crazy and wrong, it does not mean all Christians are like him so please do not form one-sided opinions over a group.

    2. hollie

      I am a Jesus believer. Jesus loves all of us, even the mean people on this website. Please do not let the hypocrites turn you away from the love of God. They are satins best friends. I am so truely sorry for the hateful comments on this website. I am sorry for the discrimination that is spread by ignorant people. I am sorry this debate has spread such negativity. I hope the kind, descent people of the world can change your mind and soften your heart.
      It is easy to love your friends and harder to love your enemy.
      With sincere love for all people.

  68. theresa maria

    Wow. I’m sure ur e-gossip and words of HATRED are things Jesus Christ and Our Father would approve of. Tosh spreads laughter and your spreading words of hate and evil. You’re obviously among the chosen for your valued opinion. Good luck with that creep, it almost seems like you’d really enjoy Daniels 8inches up your own anal cavity.

  69. rimmaster

    Aren’t all of these “Christians” on here so loving to mankind? You stupid buttfucking dumbass mother fuckers are sooooooooooooo close minded I wish all of you an eternity in hell, because that’s where you whore’s are all going. God, everyone knows you were shit from your mother’s ass rather than being properly born into this world. You’re nothing but a bunch of cock sucking loving mother fuckers like the rest of us. See you in hell you bitches of the “Christian world”. lmfao

  70. God lover

    It’s funny how all of you religious freaks spend time researching two girls one cup, homosexuals etc. Are you kidding? God has taught you to hate? No, it’s only okay for you pricks to rape minor girls and force them into marriage for your own sick purpose. Keep hiding behind God, and when you meet Him one day, he will bitch slap you for even using His name! Filth mongering hypocrites!

  71. Cuddles

    goodness is spreading the joy of laughter.
    not condemning it.
    quit being stuck up hypocrites and pull the crosses out of your asses.

  72. Mike

    Wow. You sure are concerned about other people’s sex lives. Sin snake? Really? I’m not gay nor do I find tosh.0 funny. When did the church decide that sex was a sin? When they were trying to figure out when to control people. I mean sheeple. You are a really self rightious bigot. I know like every other religious person from ANY religion. You cling to your holier than thou attitude. How many people have died because of the, my god is better than your god attitude?
    Or the my book say to live this way not that way. Hey guess what according to that book the human race is here because of incest. That’s hilarious. Well gotta go a talking snake is trying to give me a piece of fruit. tp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeSSwKffj9o&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  73. tatianna

    Wow, think you need to look at your parenting if your child can access shows designed and aimed at MATURE adults. Grow up, your the reason I have a huge problem with organised religion, bunch of hypocrites sprouting hate and judgement one minute and getting sucked off by a pro in their BMW the next. Why dont you focus your attention on the child raping priests in a position of trust before judging a COMEDIAN. Or perhaps ask your greed driven televangelists why 100% of the money they rake in isn’t put to starving children and homeless. If the vatican sold its crap off world hunger would be solved, but no, theirs big dollars in trading off GODS name and business is good. Dipshits.

  74. bobthebuilder

    Im gay. So am i Satan. I dont know maybe you should ask the retirement home i worked at for a month or ask my friends from peacecor. Maybe you should also know i donated 12,000 dollars to UNICEF lat week. So if you think that gay people are satan then you resemble 1 person. Adolf Hitler. I know Jesus love every one but im sure if he knew how you felt and how you act hed fucking hate you. I thought we moved passed this horrible time, but i guess that there are still these racist, predudist hipocrits still inhabiting our world. Just to let you know im jewish and so was Jesus so please dont hate Gays.

  75. erika

    Right now, Tosh is reading this article and laughing his ass off. Next he will be doing an entire skit on this joke of a website.

    Does anyone with two brain cells to rub together seriously believe any of this shit?

  76. Daedalus

    As for the article, wow. I do not believe i have ever heard of daniel tosh being the antichrist haha. Second, really? Must everyone conform to the eyes of the unknown? Why hush when truths must be shown? You call it faith, others call it a joke. Stop preaching about this bullshit and let people live their lives. Only inform when there are those that seek information.

  77. alex

    Calling someone a “sinner” stupid. We’re all sinners.

    I John 1:10 “If we say we have not sinned we make Him a liar and His word is not in us.” We have sinned

    James 2:10 “for whosoever shall keep the whole law, yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all” i.e. we are guilty of homosexuality.

    I Cor. 6:9-11 “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,
    Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.
    And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.”

    Homosexuality is a bad decision, not a “race” of people. People can stop practicing homosexuality.

    Why are you calling this Christwire? If you want a self-justifying moralistic religion where God has no mercy, I think you want Allah, not Jesus.

    Ditto the other comments on: Jesus got the most mad at the religious hypocrites.

  78. Mike

    Fucking judgemental haters…can’t you just go on with your own business and leave the judging to the man upstairs. You don’t like it…walk away,change the channel or direct yourself to something you do like. But stop being a hater…god doesn’t like haters…it is also said Judge NOT, least ye be judged. Who here can really be the one to cast the first stone ? Get a fucking life already !!!!

  79. CJ

    I read this article, laughing at it’s ridiculousness. Then I stopped for a moment thinking, “Is this real? I know the internet has bred invisible empowerment, allowing people to write whatever opinions they want, regardless of whom they hurt.” So I decided to do a little looking into the writer. Something it seems no one else bothered to do.

    Tyson Bowers III is not a real person. His name is Bryan Butvidas (if that’s even real). This is a site that was created as a joke to see how far people would go to express their beliefs.

    Quote: “We write to see how far we can get people to believe our nonsense. People believe anything they read on the Internet.”

    Reading the comments, I’ve decided this isn’t a joke anymore. Bryan, I implore you. This isn’t a good thing. Please stop this. There’s a fine line between heated discussion and hate.

  80. E

    …This. This is hilarious. Sometimes I can’t tell if they’re kidding or not.
    Just reading the comments is amusing.
    Oh the Bible. World’s greatest work of fantasy.
    Gosh, you guys are worse than Twilight fans.
    You wanna bash “homogays”? Go bash Twilight.

  81. Nate

    This is what is wrong with America when you get people from the church and all about the church persecuting people an starting stuff. If your gay and happy that’s fine don’t try converting or anything what kind of god would want to change someone into someone their not. Maybe you guys should start thinking about who you really are as a human…

  82. Tyson is a fag

    GOD IS NOT REAL! God hates fags. and by fags, I mean YOU! You are clearly in love with Daniel Tosh. Tyson is so gay. HAIL SATAN!

  83. Tansy

    Excuse me but as far as I know, Christians are supposed to spread love and acceptance are they not? This is blatant ignorance. It reminds me all too much of the members of the Westboro Baptist Church spreading their hatred for people who just happen to be interested in the same sex. Do you seriously think that gay people would CHOOSE to be gay in a society so full of idiots like yourself? People don’t get to choose who they are or what their personalities entail. Let’s get real. If you really gave a shit about Jesus Christ or God or whomever you would not be spreading messages of such hatred. You would get out from behind that computer screen you hide behind and help people like “God” would want you to.

      1. Jasmine

        YOU WANT SIN? READ YOUR FREAKING ARTICLE! HOW DARE YOU! “gays spread sin” what, did your boyfriend break up with you this week? Feeling down? Your “God” would be terribly disappointed were he to ever see such hatred towards his own children. YOU, my fiend give religion a bad name – you slanderous pig. Absolutely revolting. Homosexuals have just as much right to being as do heterosexuals. There is absolutely no proof that Daniel Tosh is gay, if her were – that is no valid cause to write such sick ramblings, and NO CHILD IS WATCHING MTV AT MIDNIGHT! Daniel’s mission is to entertain – spread some form of joy in a world SO contaminated by sick bastards like yourself, not to convert children to homosexuality. Have a nice time in hell, dude. Say hi to the devil for me.

  84. Mr. Wowzers

    Well, this is exactly why christianity is loosing it’s relevancy. Any one into this hype is the kind of hypocrite that has no voice of their own.

  85. Stan

    This makes me sick to my very soul. God simply states: Love thy neighbor. This is nothing but hate! As a christian i’m angry that this is still posted on the internet. We christians already have such a terrible reputation (thanks catholisism). Can we get this borderline Nazi propaganda taken down? I have gay friends and, as the lord instructs, I love them to death. Do I agree with their lifestyle? No. I mind my own business and give them advice when they have god related questions….again, as Christ himself commanded. Anyone who reads this, just understand, that as every religion has their Jerry Fallwells and Osama Bin Ladens, they also have good decent people, who get a bad rep because of misinformed people like this.

  86. JesusWalksAmongYou

    Is this site for real? It can’t be!

    First of all, the punctuation & grammar used on here is atrocious: is this written by a 4th grader?

    Secondly, the ignorance of the writer is astronomical! Fidel Castro is a Mexican…?!?!? Try Cuba. Different country, different people. Stephen Colbert is Mexican?!? (He’s actually Irisg Catholic.) Sounds like you hate Mexicans, huh?

    Lastly (and MOST importantly): how dare you use such foul language while judging others! How very Christian-like of you to spew such hatred on a site where you are promoting Christ’s teachings! Please, wise one, point me to any & all of the passages in the New Testament where Jesus judged anyone and show me where to look to read about how He judged them with the harsh/hateful words you have used.

      1. L.N

        I wouldn’t be commenting on the spelling errors of others if I were you Tyson, you can barely form a grammatically correct sentence.

        1. johny nasty

          barely form means that he can do it though. Should be good enough. After all we cannot see how long it took you to type out that 3 line insult.

  87. johny nasty

    If homosexuality is a choice at what age were you when you chose to be straight? Were you gay before that time? Is that how you know it is a choice?

  88. alex

    once again more radicals that give christians a bad name,these people hide behind religion to spread hate…they ARE as bad as Westboro Baptist..dont be surprised if you start seeing them picket soldiers funerals soon

  89. mothertheresa

    I know your little hate article is a joke, but do some people actually think you’re serious? NOBODY would believe a total piece of shit like that exists outside of a fuckin’ cartoon. There is NO god or jesus christ with “special powers”, so wake up and eat a big piece of shit you fuckin’ ignorant ass!

  90. Michael Craig

    Does anyone else find it funny that the people who are so quick to through around the bible were the same people who nailed jesus to the cross 2000 years ago? If you all *really* read the bible on Sunday’s then you would know that Jesus told his followers to love their enemies. To do evil to your enemy is doing the same evil to jesus…

    Matthew 5.43-45 ESV
    Matthew 25.35-40 ESV

    But I imagine y’all didn’t read that “loving” part….

  91. Mike

    Hey watch out everyone! Tyson is finding any small error with what we are saying and using it as foothold to make him act better than us. Completely ignoring key facts that are wrong with his articly anyone is stating.

  92. Ace the Creator

    This makes your faith look bad. I mean f*** faggots and everything they weird me out. I don’t represent a worldwide religion though so I can hate who I want. It’s American. But you need to show a little discretion if you want to convince the normal world you’re not as completely insane as the fag that wrote this article leave the gay bashing to professionals. OFWGKTA

  93. Mike O

    you people realize that he is a comedian, it is an act to be funny. Just like black comics constantly rip on whites, they aren’t racist, they are comics.

    Daniel Tosh is playing towards a certain demographic and it works very well. He is smart, not gay.

    This is exactly why i am not religious, it takes the fun and sarcasm out of everything. Put down the book for a little bit, open your mind and live and laugh a little. Just reading this little “article” really made me laugh. The author is so freakin dense. “exposing your children to images of sin snakes and bare skin” HAHAHAHAHAH

    This almost seems to funny to be a serious article. If i lived my life by the way this guy does i would put a bullet in my head tomorrow. OH wait, suicide is a sin, well so is premarital sex and i have had lots of that.

    Bible thumpers are worse than tabloids, no point is the right point unless it has to do with god. it seems odd to me that with the economy the way it is, we have new, massive churches being constructed or older churches adding huge additions. I am sorry, but when you love your house to foreclosure, god is not paying your bills.

    BTW, the world is still here. so much for that rapture, i hope all the morons that gave that guy money feel really stupid now.

    If Daniel Tosh started do make jokes about religion, you people would call him a worker of the devil. Well, working for the devil could pay pretty well, i think he would be happy.

  94. Stop the H8 :-)

    Tosh and gays are kinder, happier, funnier, and more Christ-like than this author. Christ didn’t spread hatred or use your kind of language. Yet he’d still take you in his arms and forgive you for this article. Open your heart and focus on that 2X4 in your eye.

  95. Mitch

    Oh you christians are do fun to watch.

    You must like that faggot if you can write a whole post about him. Wouldn’t be the first time a perverted faggot priest fucked a young boy.

    Unlike you, I don’t care that he is a faggot. It doesn’t bother me one bit. So long as he stays away from me. Who cares if two (or more) faggots want to fuck? Hey, you probably wanna fuck some boys right now. Oh well, unlike you, I’m not here to judge, just analyze.

    God doesn’t love you people. That’s why he made you so ugly. I hate to tell ya reverend, but god isn’t keeping score of what you are doing. He doesn’t care how much you condemn or persecute. If there is a hell, you would be first in line. But you tell yourself otherwise which is just hilarious to me!

    Have fun wasting your time beleiving in your jealous, hateful (yet somehow loving?) god. You are apart of the biggest joke ever played on mankind. You believe in these insane scriblings by retarded people who lived in a desert 2000 years ago.

    After all, people don’t believe a small lie, they fall for a big lie. Have fun wasting your life for something that will never happen.

    Kill yourself. If god loves you that much, there shouldn’t be any problem getting in, right?

  96. Anthony P. swizzle

    IT sounds like your the dumbass warlock here. At least T Brezy is WINNING unlike your stupid, whie powered, autistic self. I Cant even tell if your serious but it pisses me off that they let you and other predators on the internet.

  97. Intelligent person

    I have never met a group of more hate filled people than on sites like this. There is NOTHING wrong with being gay, and if people want to be homosexual that is none of your goddamned business. Daniel Tosh is hilarious and I love the show. Homophobic fuckwits.

  98. Danny

    Homosexuals are not a race of people you dipshit. Jesus Christ embodies the idea of love, not the hate that oozes from your words. If anyone is going to hell, it’s you Tyson.

  99. Logistics

    The only reason why I continued reading this was to be able to make an intelligent review against everything stated. Firstly, Jonathan Stewart is an obvious democrat, however, he is Jewish, so I’d assume that he believes in somewhat of a higher power. He was also part of a fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha, and as a fellow member of the same organization, the fraternity is founded on Southern Baptist beliefs, and much of the Bible is used in the teachings. Secondly, Stephen Colbert is Catholic, probable democrat, but who cares, people grow up and are raised differently, get over it. Now onto the main topic, Daniel Tosh. Daniel Tosh does have homosexual jokes, and from the pictures you’ve shown does come off as homosexual himself; However, they are all taken out of context, as they are all jokes of people’s youtube videos. Tosh is not feeding homosexual “vibes” to any parents child, and if you feel differently about it, block the show from being viewed. My main advice to the author: Next time you plan to make an article that is going to be viewed by, what I’m sure are thousands of people, make sure you do somewhat of a decent job on your spelling and grammar. I had to stop multiple times to figure out what message you were trying to convey, which was obvious bigotry, which in my opinion turns many people from Christianity, stop passing judgement on a topic you don’t know and making yourself look like an idiot, and learn to respect other people’s way of life, and if you don’t accept it then go to a middle east country where you can share the same ideology of not accepting certain religions, beliefs, and behavior. The founding fathers foresaw a country with freedom of religion and speech. With you trying to silence speech, you are no better than Obama trying to silence the media. Also, the statement of child rape, was completely unnecessary, as it is something that is dealt with many children, and something you may not be aware of is that the children aren’t the ones who are at fault. You say that he chose to be gay, but then you come back to how he was probably raped as a child, which led to being gay. Wouldn’t that be a controversial statement to what you believe as being gay is a choice? Just playing “Devil’s Advocate”, but seeing as you like to take things out of context, you might just believe I’m the Devil.

  100. Satansasshole

    There is no god.. There is no jesus, religon makes the world an awful hateful not to mention highly judgemental place and is counter productive to the growth of mankind as a whole, everything in the bible can be disproven by modern science and a little common sense .. Only desperate gullible people believe in this fairy tale, there has been thousands of religons throughout the ages, whats to say this is the right one?

  101. Eric

    Hey Tyson! Looks like you’ve watched more episodes of Tosh.O than I do, and I’m a huge fan of the show! Why you hating on such a talented comedian just because more than 50% of his acts are questionably gay? I’ve been watching the show over 2 years now, and i’m straight and have a full time job and live life like any other person that wants to do anything with their lives. How about you stop coming off like you’re perfect and do nothing wrong and stop judging others. Only GOD can judge anyone, so in a jist, arent you sinning as well? C’mon now, how many times have you really watched Tosh.o and laughed? or pulled out your disgusting crab infested dick and beat off to the scenes of Daniel Tosh being naked? lol Sounds like you’re in love bro. Give him a call, i’m pretty sure he’ll be glad to have u on the show for a web redemption! ONE LOVE BRO! =D

  102. Kyle Hanson

    Hey douchebag, what happened to love thy neighbor you piece of shit? If he’s gay let him who cares I bet you have a little mexican boy locked up in your basement that you sodomize daily you piece of human trash.

  103. Jazielsoto

    First of all, this debate on gays, im not gay but i support gays being gays everyone is what they are, not the goverment or any religious addicted assholes will tell people what to be and what they cant be. Daniel Tosh is just trying to entertain us. He does do some pretty ignorant stuff, but it makes us laugh. On the other hand, if this is about the kids, look around, nudity is everywhere in tvs in the internet, theyll be exposed to that sooner or later, stop hiding the world from them.

  104. Zigster

    Your all fags go fuck your self and this horse shit hyour spreading no where in the fucking does it say your not allowed to be gay now go fuck your self and suck your mothers cock

  105. armatura łazienkowa

    I beloved up to you’ll obtain carried out proper here. The comic strip is attractive, your authored material stylish. nonetheless, you command get got an nervousness over that you would like be handing over the following. unwell definitely come further in the past once more since precisely the same just about very often inside case you defend this hike.

  106. Superqueer69

    I’d rather spend every day of my life surrounded by gays masturbating with the same crucifix over and over than one day with Tyson’s bitch ass. I only read this whole thing because I thought it was a joke. I can’t believe there really are people out there who think Tosh.0’s sole purpose is to make children gay. Not ONE compelling argument in the article. Not one.

  107. i'myourmom

    ya know this is the kind of crap that forced me out of the church at age 15. btw, im still age 15. c’mon, you racist homophobes, try and turn my life around with your extremist views of anyone who differs in your opinion! i have come to DESPISE the church, but how the F*** can i considering i don’t have a soul to do it with?

  108. mcgyversdog

    Sometimes people are ignorant. You are one of them, you appear to be misinformed. The bible is in fact alright, get ready: the bible isn’t always right. News right? Well your’e ignorant and I doubt I’ll get through to you.

  109. Oklahoma

    Dear Author….

    You are a disgusting waste of breath. And you’re likely gay yourself, which if true, would be your only redeeming quality, you ignorant prick. Bad grammar aside, you are a bigoted, hateful man. Did you get the memo that God loves everyone? No? Well fortunately for you God loves everyone, and he forgives everyone, because what you’ve done here is spread lies, anti-gay propaganda, hate, and slander a man who is only trying to entertain, and is pretty darn funny at the same time. Do us all a favor, and don’t post anything else. Ever. Go live in a cave.

  110. Marce

    Dear author-If you truely loved God you would never have posted such a ridiculous article. I believe you will be burning in hell for having so much hate in your heart. I pity you so much.

  111. Danielle

    Wow…I’m still debating whether you guys are serious about this or not..really? Satans gay warlock? you need some serious help. If “Jesus” is real, he would be very disappointed in you.

  112. Caitlin

    I am a Christian with open values. If you don’t like what Tosh is doing then there is a simpler solution than being a hypocrite on this site and using slanderous, disgusting vocabulary and accusations…which seems to be the main point you are complaining about with Daniel Tosh. Here’s the solution…don’t get cable. I have good morals, good faith, and a good heart…and I also have a good sense of humor…which if you all could just peek your head out of your self righteous holes you’d realize it was meant for a laugh. So quit complaining about something NO ONE is making you watch, NO ONE is telling you to watch…and believe something NO ONE WOULD EVVVVER consider asking you to watch. Cancel the channel, block the channel, whatever…but seriously get a life. The writer of this article writes as if they are such a wonderful human being, that is above the rest of the world. Well here’s an eyeopener…you are no better than what you write in your article. You use crude, cruel, and unnecessary terms to get your overly conservative, and frankly archaic ideals across to your just as nosy, lifeless audience. There are so many worse things in this world like I dunno…poverty, world hunger, our own nation depleting economy…these all seem to be a better and actually important topic of conversation. I highly doubt Daniel Tosh has any affect on you or Christianity or views, so try being a good human being and if you really feel he is on Satans path (which is silly because its a COMEDY show, you know comedy haha, jokes, not real, making fun of…that stuff, comedy) then pray for him, don’t be a down right miserable human and child of God and resort to hate. Shame on you.

      1. L.N

        Because why the hell would he want to get into contact with a bunch of idiots who do nothing but lie? There’s hundreds of thousands of douchebags like you, what makes you all so special?

      2. Laxer

        Bro you need to chill your on the same level as final solution and pro-Jihad, death to America, extremists. This is the problem, right here, people like you, Hitler and Hassan al-Turabi(Muslim extremest)take a idea warp it. “Why hasn’t his Jews contacted us?” really man? you believe putting others who do not follow your strict ideology down will get you into heaven? maybe your the one with the demented ideas…

  113. Caitlin

    Sir I foresee Daniel Tosh receiving a spot on the Lords good side wayyyy before you. Something tells me, perhaps its my actual human morals…that God might be a little forgiving to someone who tells a few jokes, rather than someone who writes pure slanderous, lying, hate…dunno hate just doesn’t ever seem to be a nice or right thing. That’s a basic act of kindness I learned in 1st grade. That one must have slipped by ya though.
    Do you have nothing better to do than sit around dissecting Americana that obviously should have NO influence on you if you hate it so much, and relating it to archaic ideals that have literally NOTHING to do with it. What pleasure or feeling of relief do you get out of that? Just DVR the 700 Club 24 hours a day, kick back in your leather chair, and look down upon all those YOU deem not worthy, and I doubt you’ll ever have a problem with Tosh again. Problem solved. Jesus loves you, your work is done.

  114. Jasmine

    Really? Was this at ALL necessary? I spent 9 years in religious private school and quite honestly, it’s this psychopathic garbage that made grew such an acute hatred for church in me. “Gay disease” you sicken me. Please do not reproduce. First off, there is no proof that Daniel is gay – and, regardless, what does that matter? Nobody’s “children” are watching MTV at night. And second, your GOD which you so fervently shove down people’s throats “loves all of his children” which would include homosexuals. He created them, afterall. How dare you write such a disgusting article. What if homosexuals made the same argument – because feasibly, they could? Christwire spreading the heterosexual disease. I hope you feel REALLY accomplished right now….disgusting example of humanity…

  115. Tyler Cyrus

    Lol, people like the person who wrote this article make me SICK.
    God would never let someone like you into heaven. You’ll be in hell just like everyone else that’s like you.

    Pedophiles and rapists have a better chance of getting into heaven than you.

    Do yourself a favor and remove your pathetic self from the internet.

    You’re a disgusting human being.

  116. Tyler Cyrus

    Lol, people like the person who wrote this article make me SICK.
    God would never let someone like you into heaven. You’ll be in hell just like everyone else that’s like you.

    Pedophiles and rapists have a better chance of getting into heaven than you.

    Do yourself a favor and remove your pathetic self from the internet.

    You’re a disgusting human being.


  117. Antichrist

    This that plagues the world will reach your Christian children who understand not the consequences of indulgences with sin. This will infect the rest of your family and you will fall ill under my father!

  118. Kat

    This website is pathetic. You’re misrepresenting christianity and the God you claim to live for. You should stop marketing yourself as christians and take the name of God out of your website. We are not called to hate, but to show Christ’s love and grace. We will ALL face God on judgment day. Be careful, you are being used as a tool of satan. I’m sorry for anyone who comes across this sorry excuse for a christian website. These people show no signs of having a relationship with God, so don’t be misled by their misrepresentation of Him.

  119. Sinamoi Black

    Apparently idiocy is a disease to or at least it spreads like one u hypocrites almost made me catch it well I pray for all of u sad people who haven’t yet found Jesus y’all just need to stop wit the hate I don’t understand why u people wanna hate everyone and fight all the time show some love people if wed all just show a little love this world would be a better place and for all u atheists and hypocrites our there I pray that someday soon u find god and finally learn to be happy

  120. Like fun you are

    I am twelve and what is this?

    Seriously, though, I wish there were a certain signal to let others know you are trolling/being sarcastic. Sarcasm doesn’t translate well over the interwebs. The author is (quite obviously) sarcastic. Didn’t take long to figure that out. My problem is with the commenters. Are they appreciating the irony and merely reciprocating, or are they genuinely disturbed that Christianity should be thusly (as they perceive) misrepresented? Should I lol or gently point out the irony? I find it difficult to believe that there are as many people taking this seriously as the comments might lead a stranger to the internet to believe. Did these people just discover the web?

    Oh, and the comment that said August Weisz was either a troll or a demon? trololololo. I see what you did there. It’s funny because the people you disagree with think anyone with different views than them is a demon. That was delightfully facetious, and for that, we thank you.

  121. holygoat

    It is kinda funny. The Bible actually says that if Jesus comes back, the people running this site will go to hell. Promoting hate and the killing and abuse of other humans because they are different. You cannot judge whether someone is evil. That is for the God you say you believe in. I could quote some scripture for you, but you know I am right, and I’m not here to argue with people who I know will probably condemn me along with everything else they hate. You are taking your views and opinions and then claiming God said them. I know the Bible very well, was raised in the Bible belt of America, in a very fundamentalist church. I also know that the majority of the stuff I read here has nothing to do with what Jesus preached, or in the actions he took with people he came in contact with. You guys are a disgrace to Christianity and one of the reasons why so many people today, especially the children you claim to care about, want nothing to do with church. You are mixing God with politics, preaching hate and fear, all sorts of stuff that Jesus was against. Please keep praying, hopefully God will listen.

  122. YourMother

    Does Tyson Bowers, III write for the Onion? If not, he should definately send them some writing samples. This is the funniest damn thing I’ve read in a long time. Words were strung together that I have never fathomed before like “sugar plummed anal fairy”, “twiddle rompus”. and my favorite: “sin snake.”
    Just one thing bothers me though. Fidel Castro is Cuban, not Mexican.
    I suppose that’s a common mistake?
    Keep up the hilarious work, Tyson!

    (Shakes head “Twiddle rompus?” where does he come up with this shit? Haha)

  123. FuckOff

    You’re a fucking retard, he does this all in the sake of comedy. I used to be Christian, but people like you made me turn to atheism. Great, all-loving god? Then why would he hate homozygous human beings? You’re a fucking couch fucker arrogant incoherent with today’s times retard.

    1. Hilarious? Not so much

      Okay, here’s what I think. I’m a young Christian and honestly, I read this article, thought it was serious, and felt extremely sick. Anyone with an ounce of wisdom knows that the article is frankly disgusting (not referring to the person in the article, but the actual article itself- and the person who wrote it). I don’t see how someone could even write this, it’s so ridiculous and literally AWFUL. So assuming that this was written satyrically, which apparently it was, I’m not going to laugh. Because what have you done, Tyson person or whoever wrote this article? You’ve angered a lot of people and falsely made them feel hurt, betrayed, and disturbed by the sad truth of supposed “Christians” who boil in their own hatred. Sorry, but it’s not funny. What’s the point of condensing the world into lies for the sake of so-called humor when there are real people who discuss their true opinions and genuinely need to be heard? Then they get dismissed as being like you, “idiots”, and guess what? NOBODY gets to be heard. I’m glad this started a conversation…but I don’t really believe in lying for the sake of humor. So I guess I’m criticizing this entire website, which maybe you’re happy about because it’s more publicity for you. But I’m just saying, if you writers ARE Christians, then maybe you should reconsider how you’re coming across to those who might not be. That was long, but I hope someone-anyone- read this.

  124. Cheyenna

    This is the stupidest argument I have ever seen. It’s OBVIOUS the show is NOT meant for children. It’s for adults who have SENSES OF HUMOR.

  125. Bible Humppington

    i didn’t know people like you still existed. i thought you were all a myth. i guess you’re just a dying breed. thanks for the laugh. you’re an awful human being. :)

  126. chris

    Fidel Castro is Cuban, not Mexican first of all. Also most of the sex offenders that “turn people gay” are clergy, sports coaches and scout leaders. NOT comedians you cock knocker. You suck and your argument is a joke. God bless.

  127. Greg

    Wow you must really have a major crush on this guy to go on such a rampage…You need to get out of your closet a self hating gay man is no way to go through life….

  128. Brando

    Why is it that so many supposedly Christian individuals are so much more hateful, judgmental, and downright vicious and evil than the “heathens” you look down your nose at?
    You sir, are a moron. Your writing is hardly even readable with your numerous grammatical and spelling errors, not to mention the several flat out incorrect statements (Stephen Colbert is not Mexican you silly twit)
    Belligerent, ignorant people like yourself are what is wrong with the world today. I don’t really see how you can live with yourself.
    I am sad for you…

  129. Jeebus

    Holy crap this is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. I read it aloud to my husband on the couch and we both were laughing so hard we could barely breathe. Thank you, Tyson, for your hi-lar-i-ous post from five years ago that I stumbled upon today. With hatred so prevalent in the news today, it’s nice to get a good belly laugh from your satiric post. There are so many gems I need to add to my lexicon! My husband’s favorite was “homo gay”. I have a hard time picking just one, but I definitely want to reuse “twiddle rompus”. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


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