Deee-Lite is the Reason Gay Became Popular in the 90’s

What is a Dee-lite? (A Brief History)

How do you say deee-sinful?
(information pulled from our “What is a Raver” article)

The first popular Happy Hardcore song in American was called “Groove is in the Heart” by a Los Angeles band named “Deee-Lite”.

The band was created by New York born Kierin Magenta Kirby or also known by her candy rave name “Lady Miss Kier”. Lady Kier was a Gogo dancer in New York and wanted to start making her own music, so she moved out to the sinful “terror”itories or LA where she met a “beat maker” and started to create electro tunes. They named the band “Deee-Lite” which once broken down, meaning the “D” for drugs “eee” for all the “e” or ecstasy they did and the “lite” comes from the fact that they liked to “litely” lace their drugs with acid.

They became popular after their first album in 1992 called “Dewdrops in the Garden” which is a drug reference in itself. The intro sound of the album was that of a small female child who sounds like they just inhaled a large amount of “funny balloon juice” and speaks the words “Dewdrops in the Garden.” Right off the bat we can tell this album will be covered and oozing with black street drug references and homo erotic lyrical flesh sword tingles.

These one hit wonders were far from musical geniuses. Their music was made from pawn shop electronic keyboards, kitchen pots and stolen samples from popular 70’s vinyl black songs.

From that album a song called “Grooving into the Heart” hit the top 10 on the pop charts in 1993. This song was the number one played song not only in gay clubs, but normal sex having bars and discos. With its sassy bass lines and gay agenda lyrics, this song was brainwashing young America to dabble with the thoughts of a late night “stick and lick” behind a run down gay leather bar. Their BPMs were the most dangerous type to the American public and still is to this day.

The chart below shows that exactly after this band had their song put on the air waves, homo cases increased in the US.

Their second album called “Infinity Within” was a direct called for gay males to have “Infinity” lovers “Within” their sinful DNA juice cover man holes.

Who Are the Members of Dee-lite?

Lady Miss Kier – This lolly gagging lesbian is so self aborded she tried to sue a dancing video game for supposably stealing her image. I’m sorry, you’re not the only pig tail wearing, overly priced retro dress wearing, lazy eyed, female drug addict in the world.

Now over weight and now showing her age, Lady Keir looks more like a post op fat transgenic who has a drinking problem. The only gigs she can get is to be the opening act at gay cross dressing pageants.

Super DJ Dmitri – If I had to sum up this man in two words, I would freely use “Gay Terrorist”. What self respecting Muslim wears pig tails and dances around to homosexual music?

DJ Ani – An Asian gay version of Andy Warhol, who was later replaced by San Fransisco DJ,Towa Tei in 1995 for his heavy sex addiction.

46 thoughts on “Deee-Lite is the Reason Gay Became Popular in the 90’s

  1. Alison Manson

    wow i can’t believe u guys blame one person foe everything, ok so people represent people so the KKK represents white ahhhh makes sense right? NO! so no one is to blame for a life choice one chooses! morons!

    1. Lenard neemoy

      Alison you dumb whore, is that your brain your holding in that picture? I see it is dark and diseased. Deee-light is not one person they are 3.

      But they do make my old ass want to dance. I always thought they were black, they are to funky to be white. Did they pull a milivanilli?

      1. Jokerman666

        number uno, its a snowflake! 2. sorry, i never heard of these guys and im gay so it obviously is a bunch of bullshit, and 3. the dickface moron and the old bitch under me are just mad cause i gave up on “God”.

        Oh susan fuck face McAsshole jokerman666 is my brother and he said he wants to fuck u up the ass the pee in ur eye. See i told u it runs in the family!

          1. Alisonmanson

            i use his profile moron, its me, alison the one u all hate, and yes its SPANISH for one un, or une if french and so on, and i was not talking to u, u old used douchbag get out sometime instead of watching porn all the time!

        1. Alisonmanson

          oh look at u ali! u used my profile now ima use urs! hahahahahahahahaha, jk anyways yea mcAsshole, (haha, good one) yea ima fuck u and pee in ur eye!

        2. good christain

          young man take a deep breath and pray for salvation. the way to christ is through a dark hole but not the one you’re following. put down the poppers and the amyl and step away from the lubricant. get on your knees to jeesus not you know what

          1. Dennis

            how’s your “end of the world” theory treating you? How do you feel about the idiots who believed the b.s you’re spouting and drained their bank accounts, only to realize that you’re a lunatic!! so friggin’ hilarious that people actually believe all this nonsense

  2. L.N

    “Have I mentioned I hate gays and think they’re responsible for the world’s ills inside 20 minutes? I haven’t? Well here’s another piece of shit that I shat out that says just that!”

    That’s really the common theme you have going on for EVERYTHING you write out here, Tyson. You pick something you don’t like, say the gays are behind it, or you pick something that has gay people behind it and say it’s evil.

  3. Stephenson Billings

    Reading your article is like a Berlitz course, Tyson. All these weird words and phrases– dewdrops and “funny balloon juice”, no wonder the older generation can barely understand what kids are saying. I remember the band Dee Lite very slightly from long ago and it’s rather sad to see that age has not treated them well. Obseity, alcoholism, just sad. I guess the same fate has met their fans as well.

    1. Tyson Bowers III

      SB, this was the hardest piece to make any math out of. This band has so many secrets and demonic urges.

      1. Stephenson Billings

        I understand what you’re saying… I just find it particularly interesting in terms of the old adage, “you reap what you sow.” These people thought it was fun to abuse themselves as youngsters, know they’re old and suffering from addiction and health problems. It should be a warning sign for the youth generation of today and their music excess. Is this the future that awaits them unless they clean up their acts?

  4. n900mixalot

    Hehehe. I LOVE Deee-lite and I agree, they were the reason I became a gay-homosexual druggie!!

    Okay, so not a druggie, but since I’m “gay” I’ll probably end up a druggie at some point.

    Okay, I won’t, but … anyway, I’m pretty sure Ani actually replaced Towa-Tei before the Dewdrops in the Garden [of Sin!] album.

    Oh Deee-lite, their safe-sex promotion and encouragement to American youth to get out and “Vote Baby Vote” were only drug-induced invitations for responsible sexual sinning and democratic participation.

    For that, they will probably burn in hell.

  5. Blanche Beecham

    That steadily climbing graph looks like a Dugger family Christmas card. It is unbelievable how such growth can be achieved in such a short period of time.

    Fantastic article. I am always a little wiser after reading your work, Tyson.

    Praise Clicks!

  6. Rhea Pollstry

    I must sheepishly admit that I may have danced to “Groove is in the Heart”. At a nightclub of ill repute. In the early nineties. It was before I found Jesus, I swear!

    1. Blanche Beecham

      We must temper our passions, sister. Dancing leads to Zumba. Zumba leads to a life of reprobate sin.

      Praise clicks for rejecting sin!


  7. randum

    looks like the 90s saw a large wave in homogayness

    the liberals lie and say there is only 9% homogays, but anyone with a brain knows that at any homogay parade, there are a million – in an average city..

  8. good christain

    teh homogays have taken over a lot of the more popular professions like magicians are pertty gay and i wonder about the firemen with their lean muscle and overly macho outfits and big mustaches

  9. good christain

    i just found this site and while i love the insightful articles i’m somewhat taken back by the people that are commenting here. it seems many of them are against good christain values. i understand if you dont agree with us but please let us have this place to ourselves. the outside world has been corrupted by you people cant we just have this one place left?

    1. Dennis

      whats a “Good Christain”? If it means so much to you, wouldn’t you spell it right? thats blasphemy

    2. Osvaldo

      If you want a place like this just for a close circle of people; What good is going to do for you to chat with people that think only like you. I don’t mean that you should change your mind just because someone told you so, but when you interact with people that think different than you, you can be more empathic and be a “good christian”.
      Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
      John 8:7

  10. good girl (not a lesbian)

    Oh, my.

    The homo-gays are easily the most threatening race that has ever tried to annihilate the United States of America. Though, there is something even worse.

    That is the fact that every race besides the elite-white-readers are joining together to build a massive army. I am warned that they won’t even be using a weapon that is proven to be safe by the dependable NRA. This weapon is called “self-expression”.

    Some of this army are descendants of those shipped here from Africa to do the work that would hurt the elite-white-readers. They helped one another learn dangerous things like how to sing loudly and become literate. Some of this army have s-x with each other outside of marriage, even boys with boys and girls with girls. Some of these people have even gone on to make songs and win spelling bees that include phrases and confusing words like “James Brown” and “homogenous”.

    These words in quotes are both brown or black, much like the outside of an Oreo. Black things with too many curvy-looking words in them form a horrible scar on the white page and encourage young woman and men to fornicate with one another rather than have s-x after they get married.

    Paper should remain blank and without words, so that it is not tarnished by curvy things like two women together, assholes or non-white-homo-readers.

    This is why I will stop here.

  11. Osvaldo

    That article is FULL of wrong and missing information. I am a Deee-Lite fun and follow their carreer. Everything is wrong! Name of albums, date of release, why the band was named Deee-lite. I would have to rewrite the whole article. Deee-Lite and specially Lady Kier always sang song of tolerance, respect, freedom, etc. All the good things in life that are not tolerated by extremist righ wingers.

  12. buck shine

    your facts are wrong Mr Bore-us…which leads me to believe this might be an attempt at sarcasm and not really pushing hatred and intolerance at all. who knows…because the news is filled with so much misinformation and attempts to divide and conquer , that sarcasm is harder and harder to determine… there are also many religious fanatics that really believe this sort of hate-filled nonsense so your sarcasm just turns to confusion. if this is not a sarcastic article then i can only pray you learn to have tolerance for ALL god’s children on this planet…the hate will only continue to shrink your ice-cold heart

  13. Jamison

    I thought this was going to be an article about how Deee-Lite allowed Gay culture to flourish in the 90’s. I don’t know who the fuck Tyson Bowers is but he’s obviously a sad and pathetic (probably homosexual) man. It’s never too late to let go of hate and be free, Tyson. Also, just about everyone in the comments is a true sick freak. Not the good kind either. Why are y’all so damn hateful? Ain’t you tired? Why not live out the rest of your shitty life minding your own business. Go have sex with y’alls wives or something. Actually…… don’t do that. I don’t want to subject your wives to your misogynistic ways and tiny wieners. I bet y’all love to have her stick a finger up and/or lick your asshole during the weekly fornication lmaooooooo. Y’all nasty straight old white men should be ASHAMED.

  14. Jacques

    Someone has a serious case of mental illness, and it isn’t Deee-lite. In the next DSM medical book, religious fanaticism will be included. Being gay was not popular in the 90’s, it isn’t “popular” now. It occurs in approximately ten percent of the population, so it will never become “popular”. Times have certainly evolved, and ignorance regarding homosexuality is being eradicated, but ridiculous homophobic sites such as this will always allow the topic of conversation to remain controversially. Jesus loves everyone, including gays. Jesus himself was homosexual. How many straight men do you know that have a dinner party for a dozen men without a single female in site? ;P


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