Do Your Children “Fred Figglehorn”?

Let us get to the direct point of this post. Fred Figglehorn is a fictional character created purely for homosexual tween smut films. Each episode tantalizes and tickles the taint of homosexual men across the globe in a fecal frenzy of pedophile urges. The man who plays Fred is not a 12 year old, but a 22 year old twink who runs around acting like a light footed fairy, just like a hyper homo after taking ecstasy pills up the rear tunnel muscle. Glistening with soft boyish, SkidID clear skin and lustful locks of puberty, Fred plays into every homosexuals fantasy of “Lost puppy, ignorant neighborhood kid”. His high pitch voice is auto tuned to hide his man voice and give his adult views the idea that he is a young boy.

This show is not meant for children to watch and can be highly dangerous to their heterosexuality. If your child is running around like a $4 crack whore, who has been up for 3 days, they are most likely subscribed to Fred’s adult content YouTube channel. You need to immediately click the “unsubscribe” and rid your child’s account of this filthy gutter smut. For ever view this man gets by a underage subscriber is one more dollar being sent to Satan’s bank account of Pedophile Exchange and Man Boy Union.

Besides the bombardment of homo erotic being displayed in 1080p, this show also promotes mothers taking up a drug or alcohol addiction. Fred is constantly talking about how his mother is a cock whore and how she walks the streets at night until the early morning, selling her body for cheap thrills in hopes of scoring a rock of devil dust. If America’s young girls see this lifestyle being promoted on YouTube and see that the views of each video are high, they will think they can get famous by becoming dirty French, $4 a handy street walkers.

Fred Figglehorn Name Breakdown:

Fred – Fred is by far the most common name in the homosexual world. Fred Mercury, flaming rock star gay. Fred Astaire, fancy dancing gay. Fred is also a acronym for Frequent Read End Driller.

Figgle – Figgle is a term used in the gay community to describe the jerking of their swizzle stick in a violent and hateful motion.

Horn – As in “horny” or a reference to the shape of a man’s skin twinkie.

Conclusion – Fred Figglehorn is a subliminal message for gay men to demon whack their Satan scepters in a violent act, while watching gay Fred’s videos.

Fred at a homosexual, cos-play event. Notice how happy the two ADULT homosexuals are to touch the YouTube boy toy.

Let us see what members of The Fellowship think about Fred:

Margot Shentish
"Shows like this are the direct cause for child homosexuality"
Dwanye Miller
"I have never felt so uncomfortable in my life. This show is dangerous to the heterosexual community."
Gunther Davis
"I was able to connect to the characther, until I found out he was gay"

28 thoughts on “Do Your Children “Fred Figglehorn”?

  1. Zombie Jesus

    In case you didn’t know, he edits his voice to be that high, and I agree with francisco, those pictures are terribly creepy

      1. Stormie Manson

        And your’s shows your face? The same face that belongs to Neoconstipated? You are a cartoon, dear sir? Did you know that cartoons “promote homosexuality”?

          1. Cassidy Pen

            I wasn’t picking on Damien Blade Spring “Emosexual” Extraordinaire and although I’m opposed to homosexual marriage, congrats to you both.

  2. Tonestar

    The author of this Article is secretly gay. It’s so obvious. Cool Tom Kimbo, you sir have some gay genes in you, so God hates you. The fact that you see a underage boy and the first thing that comes to your mind is butt sex and homosexuality…that means you guys are gay. Boycott this author! He shouldn’t be putting his homosexual views onto us like he put his penis on all those children’s faces!

  3. fredophobe

    Because of this demon spawn my 14 yr old son decided to be a gay, and now he is constantly asking to borrow his father’s clothes.

    1. NellieSix

      You don’t decide to be gay, it’s how you are born. He is attracted to men and that’s okay. If a guy was straight he’d be disgusted by even the thought of kissing another man.

    1. Tonestar

      I’m going to Fred Figglehorn you once your son is done is done. This is only because I agree with Maggot as well.

      Töten sie die Juden!

  4. Ice Van Winkle

    If this is the sort of filfth that my little ones will find on this youth tube, then they are not allowed on there ever! Child porn is a dangerous liberal creation that fills every corner of the internet, and my family must be protected.

  5. Ty

    I have seen this fred figglehorn on television, my kids were watching. I already knew about this homo brainwash being beamed at our kids. Im glad you brought the devil that is mr. figglehorn to our attention. Disgusting.


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