Four Examples of Afro Saxons Using Black Magic to Excel at Sports

1. Vijay Singh Uses Satan Powers to “Hole in one”.

It’s bad enough that we have let certain cultures into the world of golf, but now we have them using satanic powers to cheat in the game.

In the video below, we see Afro-Saxon golf pro, Vijay Singh use his magic to skip a ball across water and then has his ball roll backwards for a hole in one.

2. Jackie Robinson Uses Mind Trick to Get Signed to Brooklyn Dodgers.

Just like the demonic Jedi in the Star Trek films, Jackie used a primal mind trick that African tribe leaders used during the slave trading days to trick their African tribe mens to get on the slave ship boats.

3. Bob Beamon Uses Levitation Ritual in Long Jump.

In the Sudan, young boys are taught a levitation jumping technique that s used during the “Cow Jumping Rituals”. This ritual calls upon dark spirits to lift up ones body to jump over a long line of cows. This same cow jumping ritual was used when Bob Beamon was able to clear 29 ft. 2½ in. or 11 cows.

4. Mike Tyson Succomes to Black Cannibal Urges.

Roots of cannibalism runs deep within the Afro-Saxon blood line. During a blood enraged street fight style boxing match, Mike Tyson couldn’t deny his cannibalistic urges and had to take a nibble out of his opponents ear. Once Mike had the taste of human blood in his mouth, he couldn’t stop himself from taking more bites of flesh. until the match was stopped by the referee.

9 thoughts on “Four Examples of Afro Saxons Using Black Magic to Excel at Sports

  1. Blanche Beecham

    Sports is a gateway opiate for communism and ObamaCare. If People didn’t see these people succeed in ‘team’ sports, they would not elect them to office.

  2. Zombie Jesus

    Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha man I can not wait till militant Negro sees this shit, woah this is gonna be good, Haha kudos to you christwire, another “piss your pants laughing to hard” article, goddamn I can’t til people start reading this shit.

  3. Pastor Rod Harding

    I don’t know what’s so funny, Zombie Jesus, besides your name being really rude, and disrespectful. But N-E-Ways… This article failed to mention how black men also use their satanic powers to SEDUCE other men into bed with them. They lie, they promise you the world, and they give you little “ball taps” under the table during bible study. Bunch of satanist! Thanks for whipping this out Christwire!

  4. L.N

    So basically, you hate black people, and you think that if they win something, it’s because they cheated. To further prove your insanity and racist attitude, you say they used black magic.

  5. albion man

    bunch of bullshit racist, people hating, propaganda
    although if this is a joke website its pretty funny.

    anyways if its not. Get fucked, preferably by a six string snake, whose gonna ride you so hard, musical notes will flow from your mouth.

    boom shanka

  6. ahmed

    One reason why the colored people are good at sports is thanks to racist jerks such as you. You guys enslaved us and made us do all the hard labor which built our stamina, and we are genetically better off than you.
    On the other hand your post makes me laugh and feel better at your jealousy towards us, While we excel in sports and other fields, you with your fat southern belly may sit on your big lazy boy couch and watch us on TV. You may also write further comments and posts so that we blacks can read it and laugh at your stupidity… ha ha ha :)


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