G4TV Uses Games to Lurer Young Boys Into Sin

I’m in utter disgust this morning as I research this website G4TV. It is a classic case of “devil in sheeps clothing.” I could get into all the different way this filth is against God, but I want to focus on one show and mainly one person….Olivia Munn on Attack of the Show.

This female acts like she is into gaming, cartoons and nerds. What she is doing is, using this wool to lure young men into watching her and then she starts using her devil powers to expose them to breasts, uncovers legs, mouth sex acts, sexual suggestions and other unholy things.

Even her website is full of scum and sin. She posts photos of her half naked and posts videos partaking in simulated sexual acts. On her “blog” she tries to act like she is an every women, who loves regular men. We all know she is using this on youth to gain ratings and to drive traffic to her website, when in reality she is doing drugs with her high dollar pimps.

Here is one of her sin marinated videos, entitled “Talk Dirty”

Please write and call this show and demand this devil women be pulled off the air!

247 thoughts on “G4TV Uses Games to Lurer Young Boys Into Sin

  1. The Anti-Christ

    o man that girl is hoooot….i need to get one that!!! LOL SCUM OF THE EARTH G4TV IS lol…your evil god-like preaching powers have no effect on the anti-christ 😛 lol!!! You are the biggest joke on this site, Admin!!! lol wats so bad about porn? it teaches young people how to have sex so they at least seem like they kinda know what they’re doin the first time!!! o man i want that bunny baaaaaaad lol 😛

  2. Lulz

    So she is the devil because she gets boys to watch girls???
    what does that make the pope and all of his priests considering they like to watch young boys??
    and if being gay is a sin then almost everyone that preaches religion is going to burn in hell

    and BTW she is NOT the devil I am the DEVIL and i will eat you

  3. Scott Edward

    You my friend are totally crazy.Cristians like you need to stop raping alter boys and just shoot yourself…Please!

  4. Scott Edward

    If anyone would like to sell their soul to the devil you can reach her here: Oliviamunn.com sign up for OMFG and your soul will belong to her. :) Hope to see you all in hell.

  5. misanthropy today

    Tyson Bowers III (sweet name btw), let me tell you two things you don’t do on the internet: say anything bad about hot chicks or video games. This is like saying bad things about black people at a bar in Harlem.

    Since everyone on the internet are nerdy fappers obsessed with hot babes and video games writing something like this will have you running down 125th street with like 950 angry black people chasing you, figuratively.

    Say you were just kidding before they start photoshopping your picture into gay sex photographs. I’m not kidding.

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  7. Muhammad al-Shabib

    I agree with the author. The rest of you commentatters don’t understand GODS word and expectations that we live without sin. HE did not send HIS son to die for us for no reason. Please, unite against this type of sin and flagrant disrespect of our naturel GOD GIVEN bodies. This “woman” should be ashamed of herself for not wearing the traditional burka.

  8. Jeff

    The whole sex is evil shtick is old, wrong and played out. And you wonder why schools like Baylor are so full of kids going out of their mind having as much sex as possible. It is because they grew up in repressed households that had parents with this kind of “evil” bunk. Grow up.

  9. misanthropy today

    yeah christian fundamentalism is fun until you realize its only a milder form of the fundamentalist islam that we’re trying to eradicate. all of you are freaks and need to get hobbies and more decent spiritual beliefs that aren’t predicated on telling someone else what they should be doing

    1. anarchisteve

      Adam, you are a fucking moron. Just because you don’t blow up Americans does not mean you are innocent. Just look at the estimated 1,300,000 dead in Iraq.

  10. darkhorse23

    Sounds to me like the writer is either A) jealous of a pretty girl or B) completely aroused by a pretty girl. Thou dost protest too much…

  11. Mr. Sin

    This article is hilarious. This author could say this about every single female personality on television, and the video he says backs up his case is about as tame as it gets. Do people still really think this way in our modern society? We seriously need to have some kind of intelligence test before people are allowed to access the Internet.

  12. sugardave

    HAHAHAHAHA……HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…….wait, this is serious?

    Go away, freak. Don’t watch the show if you can’t handle it. It would seem that you’re just a depraved pervert who gets off on girls dressed up as animals….bestiality, really?

  13. Newly Saved

    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! DAMN THE DAMNERS AND THOSE THEY HAVE DAMNED TO DAMNATION! Wait… Is it spelled DAMNATION or DAMNNATION? I really can’t tell. I must say, this annoys me…


  14. Mike

    Yum I want some of that Munn. Ohhh and by the way G4 doesn’t use games to lure young men to Munn, they use Munn and games to lure young men to their channel so that they can sell ads to people who want to buy them, thus making profit. Hard concept to grasp I know, “companies trying to make money?” weird.

  15. Drjekel_mrhyde

    A repressed Gay guy wanting a pretty female off TV impossible[img]http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=15y8cpz&s=5[/img]

  16. Anonymous

    breasts, uncovers legs, mouth sex acts, sexual suggestions MASTURBATION!!!


    The devil is hot. Nice tits. 😀

  17. J. Christ

    Ha Ha christian fucktards! This type of shit is why religion is dying in America.

    Keep up the self defeating work.

  18. HappyCthulhu

    I really need to thank the author cause I had not seen all of those pics of the evil devil temptress Olivia Munn.

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  20. Loon

    You sir, are an idiot, a hypocrite, a pharisee, and sinner just like everyone else, get off your high horse and lead by example.

  21. Wow

    God does not “expect” us to live without sin. That’s a ridiculous expectation, and if God truly is omniscient, God realizes that we will sin throughout our lives. It is part of the human condition.

    For claiming to be Christians, some of these commentators’ grasp of scripture is lacking. Romans 3:23 says we have all sinned. The point of John 8:1-11, where Jesus says, “Go, and sin no more,” is not an expectation, but a goal to strive for, and in the particular case of the woman at the well, it applies in particular to her sin of adultery and is not a command but a way to become free.

  22. Chubbs

    Hey Tyson Boners, I got a little something for you. Ready?


  23. Dr. Tentpants

    Oh noes, she’s got the lesbianism gay too!


  24. Oliviafindsmesexy

    lulz at her defenders…

    Do you want me to believe that Olivia Munn is excited by the 13-22 year old male demographic that watch her on G4TV? Yea I am sure she will want to come home to your bedroom in mom and dads house. I can see you kissing her in your tie fighter shaped bed. You can take her to Mc Donalds after your done. That is if you ask daddy for some money to get her a cab ride from the airport. After all your Mc Donalds dinner will use up most of your allowance! Your love Olivia might even decide to move in and be your “girl”. I am sure she will see that having a bunk bed for both of you will be a real keen idea to save space!

  25. Justin

    HAHA!! You jesus freaks are hiliarious! How do you think your mommy made you? By showing some leg, giving your dad a hard on, and then they had SEX *gasp*. You spend your impotent christian wrath on the ONE common denominator that EVERY human has.. The desire to HAVE SEX. And to have SEX, you need to ENTICE. Your mother did it. HER mother did it. JESUS’s MOTHER DID IT. LOL. Imagine the un-virgin Mary eating a cucumber to get Josephs attention.. thats funny as hell!

  26. Jehosephat

    Dear Christians,

    This is why we don’t like you anymore. Please go back to feeding the hungry and housing the homeless again. You know, like Jesus told you to.

    Thanks bunches,
    The rest of the world.

  27. Christopher

    Being one christian to another… lighten it up some. Take the bible for what it is black and white. I have seen worse on PBS… why not blast PBS… naked african woman walking around exposing their breats. Blood and gore on TLC during operations. “A devil in sheepskin”… seriously? If you have met her like several of has, she is the most down to earth person ever.

    “she acts like she is into gaming, cartoons and nerds.” You must watch G4TV alot then to come to this conclusion… Look at the bottom of this website “Values, MORALITY, concervation”… MORALLY, you think it is cool and fun to call someone out on how they are… if you see a prostitute on the streets do you confront them? Tell them they are whore? I think not.

    You need to get your moral compass in check.

    Feel free to email me and i’d love to talk more with your biblically if you wish. But what this blod post is about is biased and one sided… which most overthaught christians tend to do.

    “We all know she is using this on youth to gain ratings and to drive traffic to her website, when in reality she is doing drugs with her high dollar pimps.”… seriously dude… for real… these are deep words for a christian… shouldn’t you be trying to reach out on her? Not bash her?

    Seriously, feel free to email me, I would love to discuss with you reasonably.

    Proverbs 6:16 These six [things] the Lord hates, Yes, seven [are] an abomination to Him: 17 A proud look, A lying tongue, Hands that shed innocent blood, 18 A HEAR THAT DEVISES WICKED PLANS, Feet that are swift in running to evil, 19 A false witness [who] speaks lies, AND ONE WHO SOWS DISCORD AMOUNG BRETHERN.

    What I capitalized is what you are doing. Black and white Proverbs.

  28. Vaughn

    dear church people,

    g4 is just showing boys that its ok for girls to like and touch them. showing them something different rather than having the priests touching the boys.

  29. Amber Cooper

    Thanks for sharing this, Tyson. Several of my friends and I were discussing our teens and gaming, and how all the rampant lustful material this immoral industry is really harming our society and kids. It’s pretty sad.

    People wonder why there is so much teen pregnancy and acts of aggression these days, and they really don’t have to look no farther than the face of a lot of these games and gaming shows. They are tempting are kids to do very bad, unnatural things.

  30. tom

    For the second time in a week I’m lured to your ridiculous site to laugh at your pointless, dull-witted ravings. Good job.

  31. J.Christ



  32. edub

    I would like to thank everybody at this site for pointing to this great woman, and her fantastic site. With a woman like that, maybe there is a god!

    Personally, I feel the site is a little tame for my taste. But I will keep watching. Thank you.

    Anyways, please help your cult/ followers, and help people like Sarah Palin’s teenage, daughter Britsol, from having unprotected, pre-marital sex, and bastard children.
    What is she learning in your church ?

  33. Pat Heinkel

    Now all the sinful scanty images are enough, but the one in the nursing outfit is just over the line. You guys kindly knock the nonsense off right now.

    In regard to the topic, this is definitely encouraging teen boys to have very unnatural lusts in their hearts. Back when I was young we were encouraged to do good things with spare time, like playing baseball and creeking it during the summers. Of course we were expected to keep up with the good word too.

    Now we have stuff like this as entertainment and people wonder why we have such high divorce rates and economic troubles. It’s all tied in. Thanks for sharing, Tyson.

  34. NS

    I think the author was just hoping to get Olivia’s attention with this article because he masturbates to her every night while watching AOTS.

  35. rraws

    you my friend have the ugliest trait a human being can have and that is ignorance. How dare you say such things solely on a circumstantial persona you see on tv. Get your facts right. People like you are why we have things like hate crimes, you should be downright ashamed for spreading our filth around

  36. Frank Stallone

    Fortunately, I am flaming pederastic homosexual and therefore immune to her sinful lure.

    Praise the Lord and suffer the little children to come unto me!

  37. Frolie

    How dare someone put an attractive female on TV!

    Jesus fucking christ, pun intended, you people are fucking pathetic. Turn the TV off if you don’t like it and shut your miserable fucking mouths.

  38. americaneric01

    Don’t you love not getting any support on your own website. If Olivia fans are sinners, you are totally outnumbered by evil. You should give up now. You give religion a bad name. Who gives you the right to judge. I thought only god had that power. Worry about yourself. Live your bland life in peace. We’ll certainly enjoy living our colorful, joyous and liberty filled lives.

  39. anonymous

    way to go man, you tell everyone how dirty and sexy Olivia Munn is, then how she is Satan, the guve us, not just a link of her, but a video of her dirty talking. Do you drink drain cleaner daily, or is your grasp on reality really so tenuous that you think that you are actually doing god’s work? In Conclusion, this:

    i;;, ‘ ‘h’ ` ‘:;;;;;;;;, “.`.`.`h
    `$;;;;, $r `:;;;;;;;;, .`.`.`.$
    J$i;;h $; `;;;;;;;, “.`.`h$,
    .$$$$h;, ,C; `;t;;;;, `.`.`.?c
    $$$$$$h;, $;, .j???c, :?);;, `.`.’?h,
    $$$$$$$; j'; J;;;;i;L. `:?);;, `’,C?h.
    ?$$$$$$; $;, `$;;;$h9;L `;L;;, `(C;;?;
    3$$$$?; J?;, `$;?ii$;;h ;L;, $;;$?h’
    $$$$;;’ ,C;;, h;;;;;;P ;3;, $;;?h$’
    ‘$$;;: $;;;, `?CjjF `;3; `h;;;F
    (?;; `.JF;;;, `;3; `hiF
    ‘?;’ .`.`.c$h;;;;, ;;f;, ,;iF
    ,;; .`.`JCCC$;;;;; ;;$;;;; `;i;, ,;;J
    ;; .`.` JF;;??$hi;;;;. ..;;$;;;;;, ;?$;;, ,;i$$,
    ‘ `.`. ,C;;;;, `”h;;;;;,,,,,,;;;;i$?;;;;;;;, :;?h;;;.,;;;9″ ?.
    .`.` .$;;;;’ “??iijjjjii?””`.`;;;;;;;, `;;?h;;;;iP’ $,
    `.`. ,C;;;, “””” `;;;;, `;;;J;” `h
    .`. ,C;;;;’ ;;, ;;;9$ $.
    `.` ,C;;;;f `;;, `;;J”r ‘;
    .` z$;;;;, `;, ;;9 ‘$ ;.
    j”‘h;;;’ `,;, ;;$; r; ‘;
    j’ ;c;;, ,; ;;$, ‘$ :;
    .P $;;, `;,, .;;$. ‘? ”';.
    ,C ‘;;;; ,;; `;;J; ;r ‘;,
    ;;;;, `r’., ;;9; ‘$ ‘;.
    h;;;` $@)’ ;;$. r; ‘3
    ,c;;, ‘$'” ;;$; ‘$ ‘h
    <$;;, ‘;, ‘;;$. ‘? ‘$.


  40. Mags

    To whoever wrote this: Im Mags, and im a female who watches G4TV. I am also in a CYO program and I volunteer at a homeless shelter every week as well as help clothe the needy ect. I am a Christian. I also, however, am a huge fan of Ms. Munn. For one, she ISNT doing drugs, and thats that. No pimps either (do we even use that term anymore?) And I think that she is an awesome attribute to AOTS and to the G4 family. If you dont, im sorry but too bad. God forgives and allows other to live their own lives. Live yours the way you Lord taught you. Also, the “freedom of speech” thing in that thingy we call the Constitution? It gives her a right to do and say things without being punished. everything she does on g4tv and her website is completley legal, as well as sinless. she dosent do any of it for personal gain; she does it to inform her fans.
    as much as i respect the Catholic Church and Holy Father, I must say that this is going over the line from duty to crazy.

  41. ndmann55

    “But Rabshakeh said unto them, Hath my master sent me to thy master, and to thee, to speak these words? hath he not sent me to the men which sit on the wall, that they may eat their own dung, and drink their own piss with you?” (II Kings 18:27)

    Its people like you I stopped going to church.

  42. M. Giffin

    First of all, Attack of the Show was never intended to be seen by children or anybody too young to handle mildly suggestive language or humor. Monitoring the rating content of what your children watch is your job, not the industry’s. If you can’t do that, let someone responsible know so that the children can be taken away from you and placed into the care of someone competent.

    Secondly, yes, Olivia misrepresents herself as being indicative of the average female gamer. She isn’t, by about 40 pounds. Other than that, she’s identical in personality and behavior (the two traits that matter most) to most of the intelligent gamer females I’ve met.

    Thirdly, there is no such thing as a ‘devil’. There never was. There never will be. Just as there is no such thing as ‘sin’, ‘angels’, ‘Yggdrassil’, ‘Thoth’, ‘Bast’, and ‘God’. These are antiquated concepts used as social control mechanisms and stand-ins for scientific understanding. Our ancient ancestors found that using these concepts made it easier to unite groups of people and encourage them to cooperate than attempting to explain the sociological benefits of following codified rules, hence the old saw “Don’t do that or god will get you!”. In no way, shape, or form should these concepts be taken seriously by any human being in a first world country in the twenty-first century. We no longer need to cower in fear from the wrath of Zeus, because we know that lightning is simply caused by imbalances in the relative electrical charges between two masses, at least one of which is likely to be in a state of instability or extreme motion. We no longer need to pray or sacrifice small animals at the bedside of sick people, because we know that sicknesses are caused by bacteria and viruses, not demons or cats or witches. These obsolete beliefs, like so many before them, need to be discarded as we move forward and grow as a civilized people.

    And lastly, I suggest you proofread your ill-thought-out and under-informed rants before posting them, as poor spelling makes such rambling and incoherent nonsense even less likely to convey whatever point it is you were attempting to make.

  43. TheFlyingRobinson

    Dear author…
    In Soviet Russia,
    Your ass would have been Gulagged.
    Fundamentalists of any sort remind me how fucked up humanity is.
    And I…do not like being reminded that the world is filled with little, brainless, Nazi freaks like you and your ilk.
    I’d spit on you, but spit does not travel well across the ether.
    So, instead…
    I’ll just send out a jolly: “Fuck you!”
    From free thinking men and women everywhere.

  44. Heather

    This is absurd! She’s hot and she talks about video games on TV what is so sinful about that? The real issue?… Religion and all of the people involved trying to convert and destroy culture, personality and free will. There is no need. Sure if you believe in that whole after-life hell/heaven thing who cares? Think about it, you only get one life to live so go crazy enjoying it.
    Olivia Munn has a smile on her face everyday when I watch her, she’s doing it right. That minister or whatever he is has no business calling people whores or anything like that, after all aren’t we all god’s children? Who is he to judge? Isn’t there a judgment day for that???????

  45. Steveo

    there is no god, it’s just superstitious garbage used to control people’s minds. jesus never lived, you are all sheep.

    religion should come to an end, it does nothing good for the world and every bible and quran is merely a fairy tale for the ignorant

  46. M. Giffin

    Also I have made it a point to notify Ms. Munn that she is being publicly defamed. I am assuming that, since you have internet access, you live in a country with anti-slander and anti-libel laws. Such things are taken rather seriously. I expect you’ll be hearing from Ms. Munn’s lawyer soon.

    1. Kallios

      and actually the first ammendment can’t be used On the “net” if it’s hurt someone publicly

      so yes MS Munn has a HIGHEST rate to win her lawsuit :)

  47. hahah


    wtf. i think deeeming olivia munn an incubus is giving her a little too much credit.

    IMHO she’s NOT a gamer and thus should NOT be on G4 or AOTS.

    However, she’s extremely witty, personable and makes the show fun to watch, and her website is hilarious, whoever maintains it and writes those witty blogs =)

    Hah, to the author of this article, you’re a retard. You don’t need Olivia Munn to drag impressionable young gamer boys into sin.

    Video games do that all on their own.

    To the author of this article, please do us all a favor, get over your attraction to Olivia Munn, by admitting it, expressing it on this board like the rest of us, accept that you will probably never sleep with her, and move on with your life rather than punish yourself and others around you… especially underage boys.

    p.s. i’m a girl, and yeah if olivia was bi, and if i were bi – i’d so do her in a second =)

    1. anarchisteve

      Wow, even the creator of the Daleks is cooler than Bowers. And Davros, well done for escaping the destruction of the crucible, I always knew you’d find some way to escape.

  48. katie

    it always amazes me how christians act so un-evangelically. Jesus wouldn’t accuse Oliva of doing drugs and prostituting her body! What a wild assumption! Take a class in basic logic and try not to post such trashy, fallacious arguments.

  49. Raquel

    You’re kidding, right? Tell me you’re kidding, video games are not sins waiting to happen. It’s people in the real world that steal, kill, rape and kidnap that are the sinners. I’m a happy video gamer who met her loving husband and now devoted father to her child through an online video game. Much better than the drug addict and abusive ex boyfriend (non gamer, I might add) that I had a while back. I think Olivia Munn has a great sense of humor, an artful body and doesn’t go too far with things. Sure, it’s a little suggestive from time to time but have you SEEN the rest of the world of television? You’re on the internet, I’m KNOW you’ve seen much worse in your email. Suggestion is not a sin, consider it a trial… good Christians believe that everything is one of His trials and GOOD Christians do NOT judge other people. Leave that to the big man upstairs and leave your neighbors alone.

  50. Satan's Buttplug

    Oooh, marinated in sin, that’s just how I like my women. Slow-roast them in depravity and vice after that and the meat just falls right off the bone.

  51. Namae

    Thank you for letting me know about her. Because of your article, I have found my soulmate.

    Thanks again for the introduction! I’ll see if she will let me name our first three kids after you.

  52. Franklin

    Is this article some sort of joke? I mean it seemed almost believable until the author claimed she was doing drugs. That seemed over-the-top, so I assume the whole thing is a joke to get clicks on this website.

  53. Justin Vest

    The author of this site is fighting religion with an elaborate hoax. What kind of sniveling coward does this? Are you going to tell these deranged commenters that this is a fake, satirical site, or are you going to let them stew in their self-righteous juices? Where’s the disclaimer? This is a sick, sick website written by a sick, sick man. Also, it’s not clever or funny, which is the saddest part of all considering how much work was put into it.

  54. Gimmie A Break

    a videogame station and tech show a way for young men to sin? please christians quit preaching till you can get your own people under control and stop the shoving relegion onto people who are already happy and do not do bad things to people. till then i must be rude and say well…fuck off please.

  55. Beefquake

    I wonder if all those priests that abuse young boys visited that website first? If I surf the web for pornographic fapping material but act outraged when I finish up, is that OK?

  56. Rasciar

    So… out of curiosity? How does it feel to practice idolatry? As much as I hate to say it… Jesus was not God. Son of God? Maybe… The problem is that I’ve met others who thought the same and we call them schizophrenic.

  57. Ian

    Um ok, so I think what the author said was a little over the top. The show is not intended for kids, in fact the entire network isn’t….

    so don’t let your kids watch it…period.

    Calling Olivia Munn evil or the devil isn’t an insult to her, its just giving her WAY to much credit. There are better looking women out there (not many, but there are), who do a lot more sexual and provocative stuff than Ms Munn. Why aren’t they the devil?
    I guess that his site is Catholic, Im not really interested in giving you the Statpress rankings to find out, but realize that i am writing from the standpoint of a born-again Christian. I believe that Jesus is the son of God, that He came to earth to live among us as a man, and that He died to pay the cost of the sin that we had committed, were committing, and were going to commit. The world is bad, that’s Biblical. So instead of throwing stones in the wrong places, maybe focus on other issues such as church reform and spiritual growth before you post an article calling a person, who just simply living like a person who doesn’t know Christ, the devil. It most likely has hurt her in some way, and I am wondering if that was your intention in the first place…if so, YOU, Christwire.org, are in the wrong, and should apologize.

    Alright, now to the secular…everybody that has gotten on here and decided to have “let’s see how offensive and outrageous we can be” piss fest, think about this:
    This man’s misguided opinion (and I agree it IS misguided, see above) was posted on a website geared towards people that share his fundamental beliefs. He didn’t get on CNN and make these statements. He didn’t hold a press conference, or even write an editorial. He posted something he believed on a website who’s core audience shared his faith. He has the right to his opinion, even if you don’t agree with it. All that any of you have achieved by these vile and hateful comments is make him appear to be right in front of his people.
    Don’t care if your an atheist, don’t care if you are an “intellectual”, the strategy used here to refute the article was just bad. All you have done is make yourself appear immature and petty.
    Engage this issue on a neutral ground, use language that you don’t read on a bathroom stall, and make you voice heard in a lasting and meaningful way.

  58. Michael Bauer

    Dear Tyson Bowers III:
    Here are some scriptures that you should memorize. Please stop writing gossip in the disguise of religion.

    1 Timothy 5:13
    “they will learn to be lazy and will spend their time gossiping from house to house, meddling in other people’s business and talking about things they shouldn’t.”

    James 3: 7 – 12
    People can tame all kinds of animals, birds, reptiles, and fish, but no one can tame the tongue. It is restless and evil, full of deadly poison. Sometimes it praises our Lord and Father, and sometimes it curses those who have been made in the image of God. And so blessing and cursing come pouring out of the same mouth. Surely, my brothers and sisters, this is not right! Does a spring of water bubble out with both fresh water and bitter water? Does a fig tree produce olives, or a grapevine produce figs? No, and you can’t draw fresh water from a salty spring.

  59. DeaconFireblade

    I think it’s more of a “sin” to teach bigotry and hatred then it is to promote a normal natural thing such as sex. If you don’t like the show so much THEN DON’T WATCH. Simple, go off and train your children to be ignorant psychos in the back woods somewhere and stop trying to push your views onto others. Keep your hatred spew to yourselves so those of us who value free-thinking and individualism and intelligence can actually try to make the world a better place.

    1. anarchisteve

      Of course they’re mocking you, you’re a fucking idiot! That’s why very nearly every person on this site is mocking you and your fellow retards (Blogger Billings, Amber, Abe and the rest of the Mentally Challenged Crew). If you tried not being fucking stupid people wouldn’t have anything to take the piss out of.

  60. Joel Vinson

    In a world where lonliness has taken countless less-than-attractive young men and mad them do some real sinning, like taking lives due to the mental duress of peers saying they don’t fit in, Ms. Munn is actually doing the world a favor. What commandment is she breaking? Though shall not dress like Chun Li from Street Fighter? Olivia Munn isn’t prostituting herself out like a cheap (what’s a safe, religious word for ‘whore’?) *piece of meat*. If you had any knowledge of Attack Of The Show, you’d know that sure, she is eye candy for nerds. But she’s also entertaining, to boot. If you feel that because she’s a woman, and *gasp* has boobs, then you’re going to be in for a real shock when I say this: All women have boobs. And if you can’t deal with a little cleavage ( I like to call it the “Devil’s Barcalounger”), then maybe we should cover up all of our women in long, black robes, and cover their faces with shrouds.

    Oh, wait. there’s already a religion for that. They like to blow stuff up, I hear.

  61. Imaginary Sky Buddy

    Um, you know your deity is imaginary right? Btw, boys dont need boobs to want to play video games. Princess Peach is flat as a chessboard and people have been playing Mario Bros. for years.

  62. hasan yildiz

    Hey, i thought you religous freaks were all super-homo phobic? If so, why are you so against a young woman who is encouraging boys to engage in heterosexual activities as god intended? “Be fruitful and multiply” right? Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go masturbate while looking at photos of miss Munn.

  63. B. Allen

    You know… I was going to leave some angry little remark. I was going to try to get through to you. Then I realized that you are the kind of person that occasionally has that second cup of crazy with his breakfast. There is no getting through to someone who has an IQ somewhere between that of a ham and a functionally retarded adolescent.
    On the positive side of things, it appears that my angry remark turned into a pretty damn funny remark! Have a nice day and fuck you very much!
    Oh yeah, one other thing. Be careful with how much you attack other peoples closets. Eventually the skeletons in yours may come calling. Just a thought.

  64. AtheistGamer

    Alright, wheres your proof? Where is your proof that this woman is “doing drugs with her high dollar pimps”? You have none. Your spouting lies based on poor judgement caused by blindly following a book written thousands of years ago. I’m not criticizing your religion, but I AM criticizing the fact that you can’t think for yourself and place some of the blame on the parent who allow their children to watch this “filth” as you call it.

  65. Vertdang

    Tyson, wanna know how I know that you’re gay?
    You’re overcompensating. You think that if you scream about your faith LOUDER than anyone else, that you’re more holy… seems like there’s a verse about that somewhere. Hmm.

    And in regards to Ms. Munn, only GOD could create a beauty like that.

  66. Abaddon

    you small minded christian. went from “responsible adult” to “simple minded child” pretty quick there didn’t yah.? and did you actually contextually try to use the words “devil woman” in an actual published article.? WOW. you try to aline yourself with such fucks as Fallwell etc. i am so sorry for you.

    .. when the end of the world comes, and the dead walk the earth etc, im going to visit your house in hopes that the rapture DID take you. so i can shit all over your stuff before i light it on fire.

  67. Malorie

    I think the most offensive thing, between this site and hers is the fact that you end your article with “when in reality she is doing drugs with her high dollar pimps”

    So, you know this how exactly? Or better yet, one would think if you’re trying to take the high road you wouldn’t lower yourself to such a pathetic insult. You can’t sound high and mighty when you sink lower then your intended target.

  68. pyxlated

    I can’t decide what would be more delicious- if this website is serious, or if it’s satire. Either way I’m delighted- it’s like I just discovered some rare species of lunatic in its natural habitat. We are now faced with a Prime Directive question; do we allow the creature to develop naturally, or enlighten it before it’s ready for modern society?


  69. simple sim0n

    Umm are you castrated sir? The woman is a woman. This site is another front for right wing conservatives to find each other in gay sex and chat about thier pedophilic exploits. I know about the underbelly of this site. God hate you all.

  70. Rafter

    Out of curiosity, how serious is this place? I mean, of all the things in the world there are to whine about, you complain about a TV show with a beautiful woman as a co-host. It doesn’t occur to you that G4 is aimed at the 18-34 year old demographic, and that much of what Miss Munn does on screen is for the sake of comedy. This makes me fear for the future of humankind. I must say that I am glad I find similar grains of sense in commenters such as pyxlated. At least there is some hope.

  71. Link

    how was that video really that dirty? Olivia shows nothing and agrees to nothing… she just says she wants to beat the crap out of the guy asking to touch her. this site probably is fake since half the pictures and videos don’t show what the idiots writing the articles are against, at least this guy, Bowers III, who is one of the worst idiots on this site if not the worst. but it is good for a few laughs XD

  72. Christian Young

    Hey, this is the video with Chris Gore! Cool.

    But really, rabbi, or priest or whatever, do you really know what you’re getting into here? Ok, I digress, I’m not going to say I know a lot about the television business, but we all know it’s show. What Ms. Munn does behind closed doors is probably a lot less provocative and more womanly than what is portrayed on television; likewise, she must be the ‘sex symbol’ for ‘Attack’ because she is in face a very attractive, smart, and techno-savvy woman. Guys who watch the show, will undoubtedly be into her for that – and with that said, she must be somewhat provocative to keep viewers and recruit others. It’s just that simple; a numbers game. In reality, she’s actually pretty cold-hearted and condescending. Somewhat narcissistic too. But no one would know that, or much less care, because she’s a spectacle on television. Rabbi/Priest/Pastor, it’s the media – and if you want a general consensus of the game world, try playing the ‘God of War’ series; where there’s more blood and gore than you have ever seen in your life, and there’s always a sex mini-game. Involving threesomes. Ms. Olivia Munn is just a regurgitation of that, please aim your fire elsewhere.

  73. Zack

    This is a prime reason why im starting to hate you religious nuts. Can i get a lol? Seriously dude its a show. We live in new times and if you keep living in the past the world will pass you buy. This is reality you might not like it but it is as it is.

  74. Dave

    First off I will say I do not exactly LOVE Christian people and this article and this SITE is exactly why they have a bad name. It is becoming very fanatical, it makes them all seem looney in the head, I know they ALL aren’t, but stuff like this makes it seem that way. I look at like the titles of all these articles and I just hope this is like a spoof site like The Onion…

  75. eddie

    Its funny how “christians” try to make every1 act a certin way or you condem ppl for how they live their lives I used to go 2 church untill ppl pushed me away so yeah if you took time out to watch the show you’d then see that is worse then you think cuz of the undergament consordem and the mark of the beast everywhere and the 12 headded beasts rising from th ocean


    Are you really kidding? All this BS cuz Olivia is supposedly a devil woman? Last time I check god loves us for who we are and no matter what we are his children! Meaning if even if u show your body, are gay, have piercing and tattoos regardless of all that he is still going to love us and by the way ur talking all this Bull sh*t of Olivia you are sinning too you are talking shit of another person! You are judging her u can’t do that if u call urself to be the christian you are. What happen to only god can judge us? Think about all the stuff you are doing before you start contracting yourself! OLIVIA YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!

  77. mark rose

    WOW you god damn bible humping dumb asses look its people like you that need to just keep your genetic code out of the gene pool. she shows her legs..never has she been topless EVER…but yet you seem to want to slander her name what gives you the right? i would wager that you have forced more people to her site and on be half of olivia thank you for the free publicity… olivia munn takes time out of her life to update her site for her FANS…she has a LIVE daly tv show where she keeps up with the men witch is a great inspiration for young ladys….and in closing the “DEVIL” is you…you slander innocent people if for no reason than to get some fame from taking a proverbial shit on the name of a celebrity….STFU NOOBS!

  78. MtL

    At first I considered leaving a rude comment but then figured that’s just adding fuel to the fire. So then I decided maybe I should just point out that by linking to her site you’re increasing the amount of people who will see her content. Though again I was baffled at how that idea is fairly meaningless as well. So lastly I looked through the comments to see what others have said and decided on this.

    Though I am concerned with the accuracy of your statements that doesn’t stop you from having the right to voice them. Nor does that make your accusations incorrect. That being said I feel sorry for all the negative if even “hate-filled” messages that have been left in response to your article.

    People seem to be demonizing you because you said something they don’t like. Registering the fact that they don’t agree with your sentiments is one thing but attacking you as a person, attacking your faith is something completely different. If I could apologize for the “angry” parties in question for their offensive replies, I would. Because as I stated earlier I don’t particularly agree with what you’ve written. But with that said, even I found some of the things that were posted by users to be offensive.

    All said and done, although the reaction you’re receiving may very well support and even validate your views for you, I would like to state that I harbor no grudges against you and sincerely hope you live a prosperous and enjoyable life. As one human being to another, life is precious and putting people down with insults or verbal attacks is just unnecessary.

    Take care.


    This is why I left u guys! Seriously, what are you crazy nut job doing in my name. Olivia is just displaying what I gave her. She a true Beauty that is Mildly (who wouldn’t want to see more?) showing my gifts to the world. You only live once. There is plenty of worse things out there.

    BY THE WAY SHE ISN’T A DRUG USER and isn’t weak enough to need a pimp. She is a pimp.

  80. DC

    I’m gay and I love Olivia Munn and all of G4TV’s programming. And BTW, isn’t this site satrical. I’ve been reading some of the posts and if the authors are serious about what they’re writing they are approaching things at a totally wrong way. I mean, everybody knows that the pink dolphin is natural and not something created by “homo-scientists”. And Olivia Munn does love nerds… If anyone has actually been following her you’d know that she’s even writing a book called “Why I Love Dating Nerds”. Seriously, this site HAS to be satircal. I’ve been laughing at all their posts since I tumbled upon it.

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  82. jg

    This site is hilarious! You even have Coulter and Palin paying for ad space on a site that mocks them. A thing of beauty.

  83. the devil himself

    hahahhahaha….fucking christians, is this site for real??? All posts from this site make you all look like retards. Here’s a little present for y’all, it might turn some christians.

    CSB Note: Image censored for blasphemy.

  84. Nick

    What a joke. Please continue wasting your time with petty stuff like this instead of trying to force others to believe what you believe. It would be nice if all religious attacks were this stupid.

  85. Ohkayluv

    Everyone feel free to visit my live journal that counter Mr. Tyson Bowers III posts. Will be updated regularly (according to when he posts) Thanks!

  86. GuywiththeYellowHat

    knightmare says:
    February 27, 2009 at 12:55 am

    [b]dude shut up[/b]…this guy and everyone else who runs this site are a mix of raving lunatics and brain dead retards….[b]its people like this that give christianity a bad name[/b]. and no wonder , [b]if i wasn’t christian[/b] these people would piss me the fuck off even more then they do but still, [b]dont go around posting hate for people who aren’t going to listen to you anyway[/b]. why wont they listen? cuz they are fucking RETARDED [b]dont expect these people to think logicly[/b].

    I think that proves my point nicely. *laughs*

    My response: see bolded text.

  87. Sam H. Costello

    You do realize that you’re promoting her website and G4, don’t you? Anyway, she is very beautiful and I don’t think personal attacks at her are very Christian-like. Right now I am trying to decide whether this website is actually a place for Christians or just satire. I’m leaning toward satire because Christians aren’t supposed to attack or offend anyone in any way, nor are they supposed to judge, under any circumstances.

    This seems more like a website aimed at spreading fear and hate toward homosexuals and non-Christian people. I don’t agree with that, nor do I agree with your criticism of Ms. Olivia Munn, as I am a fan of her and her show as well as the G4 television network. G4, FYI, is not intended for children anyway.

  88. God Of All Gods

    Too Many Gods on here, I condemn you all to hell…

    BTW This woman is luring men to like woman.. That is good.

    Tyson Bowers III (The articles author) doesn’t like woman.. I Know cus well I’m God!!!

  89. Jesus H. Juice

    “Please write and call this show and demand this devil women be pulled off the air!”

    So……..with this logic who can I write, call and/or demand that you stop putting filth like this on a website with such a positive message. Due to the extreme sexual nature of some of the content posted here, as result of your article, I found myself aroused and have shammed myself using your content.

    Since you are the one that provided the filth on THIS website did you commit a sin by enabling me?

    The only website my parents let me go to is tysonbowersiii.com and thanks to you I’ll be back again…SOON!

    All glory to you and God for letting everyone (including children) that might not have been exposed to this, see the fuccubus that is Olivia Munn.

    “I Can Only Imagine” how proud God must be of you…keep fighting the good fight soldier.

  90. This site is a Parody!

    yes this site is a pardoy, yes these ignorant people are making it up…

    it is fucking hilarious though! 😀 thank you all!!! :D:D:D

    God Bless!

  91. JesusFreak

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA This is a major lawlzerfest! Attack of the show is hilarious. I love it. Where else am i gonna get my daily fix of videogame news? Also, she is not just acting when she says she loves videogames. Many hot women love videogames. Look at several of the playboy bunnies, they love playing videogames with Hugh Heffner. Also encouraging young women to dress up where next to no skin is showing is just like those “evil little terrorists in the middle east” and we dont want to become like them now do we?

    1. Kallios

      a lot of asian hot girl play videogame and also western Hot women play as well actually they begin to play more violent game than before and they enjoy it

  92. ben

    and then you post it on your website exposing everyone that didn’t see it to the filth… and who’s the wolf in sheeps skin?

  93. anon

    omg what is this is this real. ha go f yourself fundamentalist christian before i throw the sin that is shrimp at you.

  94. Satan-Spawn

    It’s people like you that give religion a bad name, you ARE the reason that when a kid does something stupid like shoot up a school, everyone blames violent videogames! Well i tell you this you self righteous, bible-banging bitchs, if i cant get a good violent game, next time i need to let off a little steam…. I’M COMIN FOR YOU BITCHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  95. Matt

    I cant belive this? I think this site is a joke but at the same time I think it might be real and thats kinda freaky. If it is real, psyco religious nuts are no joke people. They are the root cause of most war and other problems in the world.

    1. Camilla

      Uh…. Overtly religious people should be eradicated, but just one thing….
      Name one major war that was caused by conervative Christians.
      Actually, just name any major war caused by any overtly religious group.

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  97. JJBangBang

    OH NO! She shows breasts!?!? We’re all gonna die!

    By the way, I don’t think you know for certain that she is “doing drugs”. You might want to post a retraction if you don’t want a liable suit.

  98. Sammantha

    I love Olivia Munn and I am female. I masturbate to her. Does that make her even more of a devil. That she lures young women aswell as men

  99. obozobot leftard freaks wont be in power much longer

    ALL of you fuckin wackjobs are way beyond any help from the worlds best mental therapists! That goes not only for the author that created this nutjob extremist site to the sick freakin libyturd demoshits that have apparently slithered out of their shitholes to respond in mass as they apparently have nothing to do with their useless time aside from collecting gov welfare and wacking off to tranny porn sites all day. The pedo pervert that posted a picture of his fav dildo collection and lefty lunatic that thinks saddam hussein only killed 150 people(as if thats somehow a good thing), thinks hes a fuckin ‘icon’ (yeah to terrorists like him which reveals another typicle example to all sane Americans of the inverted depraved mental state from the average far left dumboshit) and then comes up with typical lefty babble somehow blaming bush for everything bad that has ever happened since the beginning of time I’d say take the cake. Bravo leftard obozo-bots! Keep exposing yourselves to the world so no one has any doubt how truly fucked up you all are and go ahead just start pissing your crap stained fishnet tranny panties now because this ELECTION year it starts and eventually 2012 will be your inevitable mutherfuckin armageddon LMAO and OHH what a sweet fuckin day it will be!
    OH BTW oliva munn sucks.. as a fuckin host as a supposed ‘gamer’ and especially at sexy.. soo SORRY littledick fanboys but a skank as sweaty and flat as her could only attract a bunch of nambla members, hence all her fanboys posting here.

  100. obozobot leftard freaks wont be in power much longer

    ALL of you fuckin wackjobs are way beyond any help from the worlds best mental therapists! That goes not only for the author that created this nutjob extremist site to the sick freakin libyturd demoshits that have apparently slithered out of their shitholes to respond in mass as they apparently have nothing to do with their useless time aside from collecting gov welfare and wacking off to tranny porn sites all day. The pedo pervert that posted a picture of his fav dildo collection and lefty lunatic that thinks saddam hussein only killed 150 people(as if thats somehow a good thing), thinks hes a fuckin ‘icon’ (yeah to terrorists like him which reveals another typicle example to all sane Americans of the inverted depraved mental state of the average far left dumboshit party member) and then comes up with typical lefty babble somehow blaming bush for everything bad that has ever happened since the beginning of time I’d say take the cake. Bravo leftard obozo-bots! Keep exposing yourselves to the world so no one has any doubt how truly fucked up you all are and go ahead just start pissing your crap stained fishnet tranny panties now because this ELECTION year it starts and eventually 2012 will be your inevitable mutherfuckin armageddon LMAO and OHH what a sweet fuckin day it will be!
    OH BTW oliva munn sucks.. as a fuckin host as a supposed ‘gamer’ and especially at sexy.. soo SORRY littledick fanboys but a skank as sweaty and flat as her could only attract a bunch of nambla members, hence all her fanboys posting here. [img]http://www.fuckfrance.com/images/i545/202576.010libs.jpg[/img]

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  103. thomas the train

    Tyson Bower III:

    Relax. This is not your life. It is someone else’s. You are not responsible for her, or anyone else except for yourself. Let go. Doesn’t that feel great?

    And I’m a Christian! Just the difference between me, and you. A crazy person.

  104. Jeff

    Face it, you are brainwashed and we are not. If you want to piss your life away with guilt, fear and intolerance, fine. Just leave the rest of the world to us adults that make rational decisions.

  105. sugardave

    I smell troll. Or really stupid Muslim fanatic. It’s hard to tell the difference sometimes.

    If you’re the former, I rate your performance 1/10.

    If the latter, please go martyr yourself.

  106. J. Ebus

    what exactly is “naturel”?

    And wear a burka? wtf? the Qu’ran does not require women to wear a burka. It’s a choice.

    Go ahead and join the flat earth society while you idiots are at it.

  107. Joey Pete

    Muhammad al-Shabib, I’d feel better about your comments if you used the apostrophe when denoting the possessive tense. A concept such as “God’s will” is indicated with the “‘” apostrophe between the noun and the possession. Also, it would be nice if you used just one capital letter at the beginning of your proper nouns, instead of capitalizing the whole word. That said, I commend you for not typing your entire comment in all-caps.

  108. R Gillies

    When was the last time you heard of an atheist bomb blowing up ANYBODY.

    Science teaches people how to fly — religion teaches people how to fly into buildings!!!!!

  109. Adam Nelson

    Timothy McVeigh was deranged and not in his right mind. These Arab suicide bombers and builders of IEDs are doing their work AS RELIGION.

    How many people like McVeigh do we have in the US blowing up a building every day? Care to provide a list. I didn’t think so.

    Now look at international news, in every country, at how many Arabs are blowing up stuff. Sure, not the whole lot of the billion of them are bad, but there are MANY who want nothing more than constant warfare.

    You know it’s true so don’t go and try to get around it, or if you think otherwise, why don’t you go prance about in Iraq or Iran while waering a shirt with a nice, big American flag and cross on it. Let’s see how long it takes before you end up on a terror video, begging to not be tortured and such.

    That’s just how their society and culture works, my friend, and you see proof of it day in and day out.

  110. Brad

    If sex is evil, why did got create the clitoris? The entire purpose of that organ is to give sexual pleasure? One would think that would make sex and sexual pleasure an act which honors God, wouldn’t it?

    Face it, you’re trying to preach to us about what God wants and have no idea yourself. You sit here, espousing the word of MEN as though it were God. Sex as a sin is not part of the Bible, it was injected into religious doctrine in the 17th century during a time of reformation, and only injected to the most restrictive of faiths – the ones that went off to found America because they felt that the Catholic Church in England wasn’t restrictive enough.

    Who’s the real devil in sheep’s clothing? You push lies on us, telling us to deny God’s greatest gift to mankind – love and compassion. And for what? What could you possibly have to gain? You must know you’re preaching lies, or you haven’t really read the book you so devoutly support.

    Coward. The world isn’t afraid anymore, just you.

  111. Meaddie Cook

    “shouldn’t you be trying to reach out on her? Not bash her?”

    I’d love to reach out to her, and bash her pelvis into mine!!

  112. Christopher

    “They are tempting are kids to do very bad, unnatural things.”
    Tempting maybe, unnatural… not.

    We as humans have the drive and urge for such things… just depends on how you control them.

    Having kids and thinking unpure thoughts are not unnatural. As we are all born sinners… its second hand nature.

  113. Tony

    That’s right parents, blame all the things your kids do on the evil video games instead of taking responsibility for raising and disciplining your children. And as far as the author of this article goes, get a life. It a comedy show and if you don’t like it, that’s what the power button on your tv is for. Fanatics like you make the rest of the world hate us.

  114. edub

    I would like to thank everybody at this site for pointing to this great woman, and her fantastic site. With a woman like Ms. Munn, maybe there is a god!?!

    Personally, I feel the site is a little tame for my taste. But I will keep watching. Thank you.

    Anyways, please help your cult/ followers, and help people like Sarah Palin’s teen-age daughter Britsol, from having unprotected, pre-marital sex, and bastard children.
    What is she learning in your church ?

  115. Scott Edward

    Im a HUGE sinner, And by “Huge” I mean my penis.Does your wife like anal?I bet her dildo is shaped like a cross.

  116. edub

    Dear Tyson Bowers,

    Yes, I’m in your club of sinners, as you are as well. I’m human. Although I try not to sin any way that I would not like someone sinned against me. There seems to be the 10 golden rules that are fairly in common in many cultures around this earth. I try to abide by most of them. I don’t need to be brain washed, and have your Christianity imposed.

    I think there are many bad Christian frauds like Falwell, Ralph Reed,and Karl Rove, that should be profiled on your site, more so then this young aspiring actress. True, I have seen film clips of this young lady drinking beverages with caffeine and maybe even alcohol, but for you to write that Ms. Munn, “Is doing drugs with her high dollar pimps.”, I feel that you sir, are completely out of line, and that you are sinner by writing such an unfounded thing. You may also be guilty in a court of law for slander etc. You should ellaborate on that subject or remove it.

  117. Davros

    It probably means they’re going to ‘pray’ for us….or forward our names to Westboro Baptist Church for some righteous protestin’

  118. R Gillies

    So what exactly are you going to do with our names — pray we go to hell — that’s christ like. Turn us into the authorities — now that’s fascist like.

    Just what are you going to do with the names. Your whole existence is based on hollow threats – it doesn’t affect the rest of us so much. Sorry.

    Going straight to hell hear I’d like a window seat please where do we buy the ticket.

  119. Not Tragedi

    And…exactly what will you do with our names?

    If anything, the fact that an article condemning someone was posted to THE INTERNET, the author practically asked for such responses. And no offense, but posting “WE HAVE YOUR NAMES” only makes you sound like a demonized and possessed lunatic.

  120. junkyard

    The only reason there aren’t more Christian fundamentalists blowing shit up is because our government doesn’t allow religious batshittery to flourish the way theirs does. What about all the jerkoffs blowing up abortion clinics and what not? All fundamentalists are, to use your own phrasing “deranged and not in their right mind”, regardless of which religion it is.

  121. Mags

    Agreed. We are all human. What we decide to do is what we feel is how we should lead our lives.
    I respect you, Father, for your opinion and the Churches, even though it is something I do not agree with. Also, in the Ten Commandments, did it not say to “bear false witness against your neighbors?”

  122. Chuck Reagan

    I’m disgusted with many things on this thread, including the typical atheist attacks on good religious leaders, but you also attack Karl Rove?

    Karl Rove was one of the best things to happen to the United States. Even when the forces of terror and evil rose against the wise President George W. Bush and our nation under his divinely-inspired guidance, Karl Rove stood strong by the side of Bush. Brave, brash. Rove drafted some of the most astounding, brilliant policy that helped protect your freedom, now you just throw it back in his face.

    I just find the contempt kids have for good these days to be very heartbreaking. When considering the values being instilled in this culture this day and age, however, it is not surprising at all.

  123. Scott Edward

    I was thinking this was a joke.Then I heard a clip of them calling a radio show using the “N” word on people, threatening to beat a woman on the head with a lead pipe.They are also inbreed hillbillies.They are a bunch of racist pedophiles.

  124. Pat Heinkel

    If what you’re implying here is something of a sexual nature, I’ll have you know that I am a happily married man who would reject your sinful put-ons of fornication for all eternity.

    Hopefully you’re not one of those short-skirt harpies from that immoral BJ Radio show in New York, still set-upon stalking me and such.

  125. knightmare

    dude shut up…this guy and everyone else who runs this site are a mix of raving lunatics and brain dead retards….its people like this that give christianity a bad name. and no wonder , if i wasn’t christian these people would piss me the fuck off even more then they do but still, dont go around posting hate for people who aren’t going to listen to you anyway. why wont they listen? cuz they are fucking RETARDED dont expect these people to think logicly

  126. Craig

    Karl Rove is one of the best things that happened to America? Now I know you’re an idiot.

    Let me guess… you believe the Earth is only 6,000 years old too and all the animals once lived on a boat, right? You need to stop putting your faith in mystical zombie carpenters with fathers that let the Romans nail their kids to crosses and start letting your brain do your thinking for you instead of a poorly written, contradictory book.

  127. R Gillies

    How can you say that Rove was evil incarnate. Rolled rampant over the constitution and pandered to the religious right. You guys do know that was pandering don’t you nobody takes you people seriously. 6000 year old earth now there’s some bronze age thinking for you.

  128. gregor1942

    i just want to say that this guy does not speak for the christian community. i personally am a christian and i love attack of the show and all of g4’s programming. i dont honestly get what people are complaining about.

  129. Christopher

    why are you so hateful to everyone? Did you have a bad upraising maybe? Parents didn’t hug you much? Good old dad didn’t pitch you that baseball enough out in the fields?

  130. Luther

    Tyson, you must live a very boring life. The funny thing is, when you die there’s nothing, and you have waisted your life being a very boring person.

  131. Christopher

    GOOD SCRIPTURE! Black and White… word for word. No way to fight that… unless they decide to pervert that and change it to meet their views on the bible and what it says.

  132. disgusted by the hate spewing from this site

    I personally love Olivia’s devil powers, she can use them on me any day

  133. disgusted by the hate spewing from this site

    OMG me too, her devil powers have overtaken me! God save us all…….lol…hahahahaha

  134. disgusted by the hate spewing from this site

    Its turning me on too and I’m strait, I know your mad your wife wore that nun outfit but she took it off after we were done having some luscious buttsex
    Ill be nice enough to let you watch next time though.

  135. disgusted by the hate spewing from this site

    mmmmmmm….marinate…tastes soo good

    oh no I just sinned all in my pants

  136. GOD

    LOL. God likes this comment. You made God laugh after a hard day at the office watching people “living.”

  137. Amber Cooper.

    Okay…but we have to use these.

  138. Kallios

    our name … our face what he is going to do Suing us to USA JUSTICE COURT ?

    Too bad I’m canadian your JUSTICE COURT can’t reach me and anyway if it’s reach me … you already Lost and we didnt even started

  139. Kallios

    Karl rove is not the Guys who helped Bush steal the election ? and I mean it STEALING THEM

    terror against bush … hmm let’s me guess you talk about the false flag and the Patriot Act ( who weird enough I’m pretty sure the daddy accepted this new act ) patriotism is good but it’s can lead to evil way like george W bush did

    Question why you are at war with IRAQ ? Saddam hussein is dead and actually he was a hero among US soldier he was an ICON of Freedom and prosperity yet he killed 150 people. How many people George Bush killed with the US army ?


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