Gaia Online Has Grown Into a Violent Breeding Ground for Future Transgenders and Drug Users

Evil Gaia Online homo gay avatar

Right off the bat, your children are given a grieve warning before entering in the world of musky phallic scented decay. The warning on the site reads:

Founded in 2003, Gaia Online has grown into one of the biggest forum communities in the world. Today, Gaia is the best place on the web to discuss anime, games, comics, sci-fi, fantasy and anything else you can imagine. Plus, there are tons of other free features to keep Gaia members permanently amused.

“Anime, games, comics, sci-fi, fantasy and anything else you can imagine“, does this mean there are rooms were people can talk about rainbow painted homosexual monkeys that fornicate with chocolate puppies? Does this mean Freddy “Fondle Fingers” can create a world of apple-johnny grabby fingers for underage Sponge Boy fans or a GLEE fan can concoct a cesspool of anal drug taking circles, mixed with a interracial orgies for your unsupervised child to gaze upon? Does this also mean that DDF Craiglist homosexuals will be able to create worlds of sexual violence and disease and openly invite your children to come play in their dungeon of mass destruction?

Joining Gaia is free, and it only takes a few clicks. Do it!

Transgender, Gaia Online player, who has a level 45 Rancor Mage, It is being presented with the Tutti-frutti Killstreak award.

With all the gay fantasy content and anti-God anime displayed, they tempt you child to click on the sign up button by saying there is tons of games to play and it is all “Free”. This is just like the ass assassin kid lover, who buys a ice cream truck, offers children “Free” ice cream and than lures them into the back of their van for a afternoon rompus on some fresh baby bait. The click free button is the lollipop to trap you kid into world of endless sugar plummed twiddle rompus violating.

Create your own style with thousands of avatar items, from clothes and accessories to hairstyles, pets, weapons and anything else you can imagine.

Weapons?!?!? Why in the world would kids need to play dress up and play with weapons? Are they trying to create some form of cross dressing, fashion forward, vampire gay army? Also, anything I can imagine? Does this mean an Atheist could have a golden spear with Our Lord Saviors head on it? Does this mean sick and twisted 4chan users could have t-shirts of tentacle Asian naughty photos on them?

ZOMG "Pimp Avatar" orgy party.

Kids are taught to sell drugs during daily chance games, where they play a game called “ZOMG”. In this game they try to sell as many drugs to rainbow fairies and than create a “Pimp Avatar” to host a devil wizard induced, roguish beef-whipping drug orgy. Players come to the party and pay “Gaia Gold” to the pimp avatar to attend the festivities. The word “ZOMG”, stands for “Zombie Orgy Money Game” and these are the types of moral dysfunctions being planted into the minds of young Gaia members.

Kids are also tricked into doing online dating surveys, in where they put in their age, physical description and photo and in return they are granted limited time chance “uber” items. These surveys are directly sent to N.A.M.B.L.A. mailing list database, where members can scout and scour the list of players to see if any prey lives within a Meagan’s law distance away from them.

Players are also convinced to post on forums where they spend late hours talking to fickle masturbating, pedophilic international predators, who dwell in Communist Mexican states like, Cuban and Brazil. For every post the player leaves, they are rewarded with more Gaia Gold and also open up their IP addresses for these sweaty field workers to find out where they live.

The only good thing I can say about this game, is the lack of chocolate exposure.

Different Types of Gaias

Making the avatar is teaching kids how to use cosmetic surgery to mutalate themselves into a different sex and to plaster make and tattoos all over their body. Each avatar always comes out looking like something you would find in Lady Gaga’s toilet after a defecation session, with glitter sprinkled all over it. It might come out sparkly and artistic, but it still smells of homosexuality and vile demonic stench. This game screams “Turn my daughter into Chaz Bono” or “Sew up my daughter’s canker-blossom and slap a plastic twiddle dalus on her”.

Below are the most common Gaia Avatar styles.

Futuristic Sex Toy Pirate

Cross Dressing Emosexual

Hermaphroditic Reptile

Concubine Commie

Gay-sha Girl

Intergalactic Cracker Coke Canned Dealer

Cyber Sex Princess

Gaia Lingo

Avi – This is the file format that Gaia players use to record their sex adventures in Gaia Online. Other players will go around the forums and chat rooms asking for “Avi” and they get bombarded with personal messages and IM’s with download links.

GD – General Dungeon is the part of the forum that is dedicated to sex role playing. Most thread titles are cleaver, so that a kids will curiously click on them and be sucked into a digital interracial butt busting foreplay. Some of the thread titles will be something like, “Candy Apple Cinnamon”, “Pony Rides and Magic” or even “Milk and Berries”.

Elitist – A player who voted for Obama.

PURE- Someone who plays a minimum of 20 hours a day.

Slagga/knoppa – This is a word used during “ZOMG” parties. This word is used if a user’s parent or spouse walks in the room. If the user types “Slagga” or “Knoppa” into the “ZOMG” chat window, the pimp player will know to blank out the user’s screen. It is like a safe word used when two homosexuals are torturing each other.

Gaia Leet Speaking or 13375p34k

AFAIK: Another Freak Anal Encounter Killstreak
ATM: Avatar to Mouth
AYT: A Yummy Taint
BTW: Bi-sexual to Women
HAND: Have Any Naughty Drugs
HTH: Homosexual to Homosexual
IANAL: I-ANAL (Short for I need anal)
IMHO: I’m a Homo
NHOH: New Homo Ogy Here
TAM: Tonging A Man

How would you like it if your son of daughter became the full time sex slave to a Cuban pot dealing lord, who forces them to call him “poppy”, while they perform unprotected mouth sex acts on his sin snake? Well, if you keep letting your children play these types of fantasy games, it is only a matter of time before they are hoping on South West Airlines and landing in Satan’s pony adventure of double dipped sin. If you don’t want this happening, you need to remove any band widths access to the internet from your child’s iBook Air Mac and make sure they are not able to still any neighbor’s why-fi connect. They may hate you for not being able to log onto their Satanic digital world, but remember that kids don’t understand a parent’s love until they have kids of their own. Yes, that means if you choice to deny God by not having kids, you are a sinner.

85 thoughts on “Gaia Online Has Grown Into a Violent Breeding Ground for Future Transgenders and Drug Users

    1. TheRavenlord

      hey not all furries are porn stories those are just the ones you hear about bc people like to assume a small majority define the total pop

  1. Bass Cannon

    Lol you guys picked the worst “avis” for the examples. Mine is sorta like a transgender/transexual demon prostitute. Anyways I don’t go on there anymore lol.

    Also there is an age limit that your “supposed” too listen too, no one under 13 is allowed to join.

    You missed “cybering” also.

  2. sissington judcox

    the fact that there are so many ridiculously obvious grammar errors in this article supports that christians dont know anything
    i dont care if this isnt posted by you nazis
    my free speech in action: you guys are a joke. have fun protesting a website……….essentially a collective idea. godlessness will prevail.

    1. ExMachina

      You lost your soul to the internets sir. Even good guy Greg thinks you’re a lost cause. I found your soul tho, no sorry Chuck Testa. Not sure if mentally handicapped, or brainwashed.

  3. Holly

    Fist of all this is all UNTRUE. Iv been on gaia since I was in 7th grade, I am almost twenty now. It was my outlet and still is, nothing this person said is true. On every site you have people who are gay or straight, on every site you are subjected to bad behavior of others, The internet it self is dangerous. Your pointing out things that are on any sites. By the way those avi’s are normal avi’s you put titles ontop of them to scare people, I will say that the site does have alot of people who are bixsexual or like the opposite sex, but so what. As a christian your taught by God to not be judgemental, to be kind, to help others who have lost their way in your eyes to see God again or if they havent find him. Yet you are claiming to be all good christian. As a Catholic, I do not look at all the negatives you are pointing out and see bad people, I see LOST people, I see people who are using gaia as on OUTLET for their troubles in life. Your judgemental and cruel, mean for everything you said and you just LIED, people are viewing this and your LYING to them. Dont take what this person is saying into consideration, go sign up yourself and see, remind yourself what you were like as a teenager or young adult, remind yourself that some people are lost, remind yourseld that there is good and bad to all things in life and remind yourself the only one who can pass judgement is God himself and God isnt cruel or mean, or hateful and when their time comes I DOUBT he will be as hateful as you, I believe he will FORGIVE them for any sins as long as they were the best people they could be through their lives. God is GOOD.

    1. ExMachina

      Fist of all!!! LOL! Anyways, sweet mother gaia you don’t realize what kind of site this is. Leave before you get any more offended.

  4. Get a Life Dracula

    Also, try posting everyday, all day. Other than that, I cant think of anything else that you would need to do.

    One thing that I want to know though is why do you want to be modded?

  5. Horrified

    “rainbow painted homosexual monkeys that fornicate with chocolate puppies”? What kind of imagination is this author using? You sir should see a psychiatrist because something obviously had gone wrong with your subconscious.

    1. Avid

      I for one wouldn’t miss the sight of rainbow painted homosexual monkeys fornicating chocolate puppies. If half of what you read on here was true it would actually make life and internet lurking that much more fun and interesting. Satan’s pony adventure sounds like the next Halloween ride at Six Flags.

  6. Blanche Beecham

    This is disgusting. These cartoons obviously bade the unsuspecting into those dangerous role playing games. It is just a hop, skip and jump to hours of self abuse and the barbarism of the home sexual lifestyle.

    Where’s the straight character that loves Jesus and makes good grades? I’ll tell you where – not in this cartoon. This is another way to wage war on faith based lifestyles. It isn’t about acceptance, it is about teaching young people to feel justified in hating people that don’t dress up like animals and roll around in a puppy pile. It is about hating the family that prays together before meals. It is about rejecting compassion and freedom of modesty and allowing your daughter to be a weed monkey.

    Truly a disgusting comic picture.


          1. Damien Blade Spring Emosexual Extraordinaire

            Well, the fact that Ms. Bitcham has no reason to be on this site according you your restrictions on women, yes, i feel that “shut up Bitcham” is perfectly appropriate.

          2. August Weisz

            You know nothing about our restrictions and with that attitude never will. BB is a great person and friend and if you show her that disrespect I would prefer if you just go away.

          3. Damien Blade Spring "Emosexual" Extraordinaire, Jew

            Wow, I love the double standards you have. Please, make up your mind about whether women are allowed on the internet or not.

          1. Damien Blade Spring "Emosexual" Extraordinaire, Jew

            Oh, I was just doing what clownboy was doing yesterday. So…thanks for saying that he has nothing worth listening to.

      1. Blanche Beecham

        Hi Kitten,

        How’s school going for you? Any school dances or social gatherings on the schedule?

        Kind regards,

        1. Claire

          Hi Cunt,

          Why do you care? As for school dances or social gatherings, I wouldn’t know because I don’t give two fucks about shit like that. Why do you?

          1. Blanche Beecham

            Because I do care about you, Kitten.

            I think some good old fashioned face to to face time with your peers in a healthy environment would really help with your self esteem issues. All this “I don’t care” is such a whimpering cry for aid!

            You aren’t alone, little tiger. I bet if you put on a nice dress and got that hair out of your eyes you could even meet a nice boy that sees you for the smart sophisticated woman you could become rather than the snarling cousin “it” with a potty mouth.

            Maybe if you cared about a few things, like your social health, you might be a little happier. All things are possible.

            Kind regards,

          1. Bruce Danus

            Claire aka Fake Adam, Did you get kicked out of Trade School? You seem to have extra time on your hands lately since you decided to dredge up your Fake “Adam Nelson” account again.

          2. Bruce Danus

            She is in my nightmares, yes. You try being married to that Shrew for a few months. Every time I hear a cat outside my window, I wake up in a cold sweat. Living with 402 cats and a frigid wife will make any man have nightmares though. Thankfully, God saved me from that giant mistake I made, and I can start living a normal life again.

          3. Claire

            Your mom woke up with cold sweats every night that she was pregnant with you, you little cocksucker. She knew that she had the spawn of Satan inside her. She underwent hypnosis and remembered that the stranger she slept with during a night of drunken passion had cloven hooves. After you were born she hanged herself out of shame.

          4. Blanche Beecham

            No, Fake Adam, I don’t have a penis. What I do have is faith and spirituality. When I say the “rod and staff” comfort me, it is analogous to the safety one feels as a Christian who is armed with belief and scriptural knowledge.

      1. Blanche Beecham

        Don’t call yourself names, Kitty. You are a precious blessing.

        I know the Dance team’s name “Musktangs” is a little risqué, but I think this would be very healthy for you to overcome some of the social anxiety. Maybe you could make it to captain and change the name to KitKats or Idahos.

        Kind regards,

          1. Blanche Beecham

            It’s all in affection, Kitten.

            I hope you post your first dance number so we can all see your accomplishment.

          2. Adam Nelson

            If you need funding for uniforms, I’d be more than happy to buy them for you gals. You can just try on the one I send to you and dance around in it, and then send me the video and if it looks okay I’ll supply your trade school with uniforms for ten years. Deal?

          3. Adam Nelson

            Just make sure you get the most boyish-looking one of you to try the uniform on for me so I can jack off to it. A cucumber down the pants wouldn’t hurt, either.

          4. Blanche Beecham

            Claire, why can’t you accept that I want to see you succeed? Why is motherly affection so difficult for you to accept? Don’t you deserve the same unconditional affection that you show your cats?

            I know your profanity is just your secret way of telling me not to stop.

          5. Claire

            I get more than enough unconditional love from my parents.

            “I know your profanity is just your secret way of telling me not to stop.”

            Is that what you tell to the little boys that you tie up and rape? That their kicking and screaming is them actually telling you not to stop?

          6. Blanche Beecham


            Now you’re just trying too hard to reject me. I’ve got a lot to accomplish today and I think it is time for both of us to take a break from the online world.

            I’ll check in with you later. Try to have some fun today and interact with new people.

            Kind regards,

    1. Bruce Danus

      Do they allow cats in the locker room? If not, Claire probably won’t do it. First, she can’t be away from her cats for those extra two hours. Second, they only Dance she knows is the “M” dance she does everyday.

      1. Blanche Beecham


        Yes, our Claire will need to face some tough challenges. I think if she could direct her very willful nature to something constructive there would be no stopping her.

        Kind regards,

        1. August Weisz

          Claire has posted many times on her Annie message board about her fears of societal interactions, especially when it comes to public performance. It’s clear that chrisTwire is her only social outlet. I think this would be a great opportunity for Claire to get some real life experience.

          1. Blanche Beecham

            Oh Claire, I’m so proud of you for taking this step. You’re on your way to becoming an independent woman. Praise!

  7. Alexandra Reesh

    This is beyond profound. Is this a joke? (as I honestly hope it is)

    What in the world is with the religious? First Pokemon is the Devil and now Gaia is a cesspool of raging homophilia and drug abuse.

    Also.. If one is to write a sermon article, (especially one trashing a moderately literate internet community) at least be intelligent enough to use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and usage, as well as getting the facts straight. The acronym is ‘IMO’ for “in my opinion” not ‘IMHO.’It is quite difficult to take this seriously since it is so poorly written and outlandish.

    However, thank you for a good laugh

    A Gaian of Class and Intellectual Superiority

  8. Anonymous

    Ok, first off, you’ve got your facts completely wrong. Do some research before bashing a site. Secondly, your logic is very warped, as quite a few of your points contradict each other. Thirdly, the site is not meant for young kids, it’s appealing to people over the age of thirteen years. It’s not a cotton-candy filled site for three-year-olds, it’s appealing to teenagers and young adults. Lastly, not everyone on the site is raging with hormones, there are actually quite a lot of friendly, normal people who find the many different styles, from steampunk to casual street clothes, as a way to visually express themselves, especially if they’ve lived a very conservative lifestyle. It’s a place to unwind, a place for people to be themselves without fear of being judged.

    And so ends my little tirade.

    1. Anonymous

      Adding to this, there are a lot of religiously affiliated groups on Gaia, I highly suggest that you seek them out on the site and try to talk to them. They can vouch for the overall good intentions of the site.

      Enjoy the site as it was meant to be, as a gathering place for all to interact.

  9. Miss Lullabies

    This gave me a good laugh.

    First of all, you’re stereotyping all of us. I’m an intellectual Gaian, who’s been on this site since 2007. I read, I write, my music is a passion. There are amazing people on that site, not all of us are druggies (I’d kill myself before smoking or that crap). And even if they do do drugs, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad people.

    Second of all, you’re only pointing out the bad things. ‘Cyber Princess’? Oh please. I’ve gone through multiple usernames, and not one of them were sexual. And again, just because some people do, doesn’t mean they go around asking to have ‘cyber sex’ with a pixel person. Those people are clearly little children who need to grow a functional brain and use it.

    I never accept a friend request unless I’ve talked to the person. I don’t reveal my home town, or what school I’m going to. I usually prefer being called by a nickname (which is Emi if you must know).

    You pricks need to grow some balls and try it some time.


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