Gay Break Up Caught on Camera

Gays are a funny little breed, with their $400 skinny jeans, v-neck American Apparel tees and their side combed “bed head” hair. In this rare footage of a gay power bottom twink, you get to see him taking a break up call from his sin filled boyfriend. You get to see how the twink reacts to this rainbow love infused phone call of rejection. You can tell this twink welcomes the verbal and mental abuse. Notice he begs for his sex master to take him back and how he lets him know that his style of dress and softness of his skin is better than the new anal sin docking boy toy. This is proof that gays don’t have feelings and only care about looks.

Let us take a glimpse into the odd world of gay communications.

We have learned via a homosexual insider, Facebook fan that: “facial cleansers are made with a chemical that come from aborted fetuses!!! THE GAYS AND THEIR “PRODUCTS” ARE SENDING A LOT OF PPL TO HELL!!!”

7 thoughts on “Gay Break Up Caught on Camera

  1. Alison Manson

    aww my poor baby gay boy! dont worry hunny plenty of fish in the sea and u can have whoever u want i mean look at u!

  2. Anna

    You people disgust me. What’s the matter with you, posting all of this BS about homosexuals being ‘less than’ heterosexuals? You all should be ashamed, and I think your ‘God’ and Jesus would be ashamed too! Gays, lesbians, and bisexuals have just as much right to happiness as everyone else. I’m straight and I’m saying this! And I’m a young teen who has more brains than you mean, narrow people!


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