Gay Homo Agenda Makes New Penis Toy For Children

Well it looks like our anal sin pounding enemies are out targeting our children with gay toys again. The gays have been getting more and more blunt with their agenda on making our youngsters gay. Their newest homo creation is the “ToyPedo” and is shaped like a large adult gay toy.

This toy is a prime example of how the homos are trying to get our children use to gay things. They are hoping that kids will be so use to toys like this, that they can run up on them and pull out a “toy” and ask young Billy to come over and play. I mean if all the kids are playing with the “ToyPedo” and mister homo queer is playing with it, then it must be ok for me to goto his house and let him shove it in my naught spot after he drugs me and it won’t be a bad thing.

These gays are very sick people! If they like their gay anus love so much, then let us take 20 of these toys, fill them up with gun power, ram them up their dirty tunnel and set a fire under their rumps.

50 thoughts on “Gay Homo Agenda Makes New Penis Toy For Children

  1. Richard

    You sir, are delusional. There is no ‘gay agenda’. Doesn’t exist. Sure, some gay persons pursue equal rights in a social-economic arena, but that is not “an agenda”.

    You have no substantiated evidence that the creators of this toy are homosexuals. A similar argument would be to proclaim that grocers who sell bananas and cucumbers to children are clearly gays pushing their agenda, trying to get children to be gay.

    Admittedly, the toy does look a bit like a penis. But so do a lot of things. If you are so immature that you can’t deal with phallic imagery, then just close your eyes and shut the fuck up.

  2. Adam Nelson

    Perhaps while you were busy salivating at the thought of sins, you missed this toy is called the “ToyPedo”? Does that not strike you as wrong, or are you one who would peddle toypedo to children?

  3. Calder

    I think it is funny that your website has banner adds for “gay thug dating” I hope this website was made as a joke. I don’t believe anyone could actually be this ignorant and stupid. It says in the bible that Jesus kissed his disciples on the mouth, maybe he was gay too.

  4. Amber Cooper

    Gay men are simply without morals or decency. It’s one thing to pervert among themselves, but to form a toy company to put out these sort of items is utterly repulsive.

    1. Em

      How ignorant are you! Do you really beleive what this man is saying? This utterly contrived, made-up argument? I feel truely sorry for people without the strength to draw their own conclusions and think objectively.

  5. Dan Nordgren

    See, this is exactly what I’m talking about. Gays are always looking to rape and exploit, even with toys.

  6. TheWretched

    Hey Amish boy! Are you that paranoid that the only thing you’ll ask is this?

    Watch it mother fucker.

  7. Claire

    I guess you guys are too stupid to realize that the name “Toypedo” is a play on the word “torpedo”, which has absolutely nothing to do with penises or homosexuals. Rather than focusing on some subliminal gay agenda that isn’t there, perhaps you should be more concerned with the fact that this is essentially an object used to take people’s lives, being marketed to children.

  8. Claire

    “Their newest homo creation is the “ToyPedo” and is shaped like a large adult gay toy.”

    I certainly hope you realize that the majority of phallic-shaped sex toys are marketed towards straight women. I’m considering buying one myself.

  9. Anonymous

    I agree with Claire, you should be more concerned with us marketing “weapons of mass destruction” type toys to our youth, instead of pretending there’s a secret gay agenda associated with it.

    Furthermore, it makes me wonder about the author’s sexuality, because it seems like everything you look at you think is towards the “gay agenda”.

    1. Millenium

      actually the toypedo ( torpedo ) is used to learn how to swim ( gooogle it ) and they used “torpedo” term for the shape of it (looked like a rocket)

      of another concern GAY MEN have sex with other Gay men ( or gay women with gay women )

      you said it’s aim at children we said PEDOPHILIA or we can said christian priest it’s the same thing as well

  10. Elizabeth

    How do you even know what ‘gay’ sex toys look like? Spend your time trolling around gay sex stores?

    Did it occur to you that the toy was modeled after a torpedo? Maybe you should take up your cause with all of those homosexual military contractors for making phallic weapons.

    Anyway, agree w/ Richard: entirely delusional.

  11. Jonathan

    So the creators of phallic objects are pushing a gay agenda, are they? As a Christian, who would you say created, say, bananas or cucumbers? I presume your answer is God – we disagree there, but never mind – so is God pushing a gay agenda? Surely it’s the only explanation.

    My congratulations to all of you involved in this site. It is really is a spectacular monument to hate-filled, ignorant bigotry. Gays, blacks, people who actually understand the scientific process… it’s great to see fourteenth century views flourishing as strongly amongst Christian fundamentalists as it is Islamic.

  12. David Karl Rowe

    How about those people that sell bananas…they probably wanna put it in our butts too!

    just something to think about. cover your butts in the grocery isle!

  13. Reed Rushaupt

    hey david rowe

    how bout we meet up and put bananas in our butts together?
    and maybe in our mouths?
    im gay!!!! yay!!!

  14. Mickey Moorewood

    Skeptical, I bought one and checked it out a couple months ago. Honestly, it didn’t phase me one way or the other, so I threw it out. A few days later, my wife was out of town attending a funeral and I come home to gales of laughter. I knocked on the door to my son’s room and opened it. It seemed he found it and told a couple of his buddies. They seemed to enjoy it and showed me a few things I hadn’t thought of. Then, like everything else, they were bored with it.

  15. B-Girl

    What the hell are you talking about??? The Toypedo is a toy torpedo, as in a weapon of war. It is not a buttplug, dong or any other sex toy. Sure some kids will use it in ways it was not intended, but they do that with anything and it is part of natural childhood curiosity to experiment with their bodies. Take some child psychology classes. Classes on the psychology of sexuality would probably be helpful to you as well

  16. Gonzo


    note how links for far left websites are CONVENIENTLY located on every page as ‘the axis of evil’

    why would a real christian site display such links?

    everyone arguing on these stories is arguing with people like themselves… far left, liberal, athiest trolls…

    no offense to the arguers… it is pretty stupid… but you have to realize that REAL christians who read the BIBLE and have a PERSONAL relationship with Jesus and God dont believe ANY of this stuff.

    1. Millenium

      WHy Atheist will waste their time talking about Nonsense and God ? actually a lot of fundamentalist christian american Thinks Like that (mostly In south states) actually even George Bush Thought Like that and most of the so0uthern republican ( the eastern one I know are More Intelligent)

    2. Jerrica

      It looks like a torpedo to me. Not a penis at all. So you must be a complete pervert yourself. Unless your dick looks like a torpedo. Who knows.

  17. Michael

    It’s a toypedo…. That’s the way a young child, about 4 years of age, would say “torpedo”. God, you people at ChristWire really are homosexual. Only a homosexual would find such an imagination to say that a toy torpedo is used as a “penis toy for children”. You are sick people. Honestly, I am disgusted. I thought this site was a joke, but I suppose it’s a bit too real. You all sound like rapists, who thinks of the title “penis toy for children”? Sickening.

    You all sicken me. May the gods save your blackened souls.

  18. Weillsmidt der Grosse von Preussen

    I think it’s great that we as Americans are teaching our kids more about sex and puberty. Leaving them in the dark until they are adults is dangerous. We need more children, and these kids have to do it right.

  19. Zack W

    I think it’s funny… That would have never reminded me of a penis and shoving it up anyone’s butt never crossed my mind… It sounds like you have some deep-rooted issues you need to talk to someone about. It’s pretty obvious that you yourself have tried similar things if you got so excited about a toy that would easily fit in your ass.

  20. Jacqueline S. Homan

    Preferential treatment my arse! Why would anyone feel that their “rigts” were attacked simply if gays were getting EQUAL rights to benefit as citizens of this country? Being a privileged straight white Christian male and all, I suppose you’re blinded by your own UNEARNED privilege — because your privileges have insulated you from the consequences it posed for others. Gays want to be able to marry like anyone else. Don’t like it? Don’t marry a gay person. Or better yet, advocate for more access to birth control and abortion so that less gays will be born. Now there’s a thought.

  21. Tommie StarChild

    The author of this article and this website is clearly GAY. Only a homosexual would devote so much of their time surfing the web to find homo related materials such as this. Obviously this website is determined to advertise for homos by organizing all these obscure materials all into one central location. Only a true homo would spend so much time and energy on all this homo related information. If there is any one person and website with a “gay agenda” it is this author and this website.

  22. Elinkubus

    To quote Stephen Colbert: “That’s the craziest f#*king thing I ever heard.”

    And no pictures of that sinister “pedotoy”. What a tease!

  23. God

    matthewGee your a fucking idiot. God isnt real all of you are fucking delusional peices of shit who think the world was made 10,000 years ago. You all sound like your on crack with what your saying.

  24. justin

    I know i shouldn’t be surprised, but just the fact that anyone is stupid enough to believe gays have an agenda at all is stupid… very, very stupid.

    In fact, strait people (especially strait catholic people!) are the ones with the agenda. The delusional rant above says nothing less than “I want all gays dead.” Honestly if i had a child I would much rather him/her be gay than a heartless, derogatory, bastard.

    This is the main fault with all religions, you have nothing good to say about the people who don’t follow your precious god.

  25. Gay Men

    It?s really a nice and helpful piece of information. I?m satisfied that you shared this useful information with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  26. B-Girl

    Boy Dan, you really are an idiot. 1. Most rapist are straight men and attack woman and it is not all about the sex, it is largely about power (take some psychology classes while you are taking the sex ed classes Claire told you to take on another page.

    2. What does this toy have to do with gays or rape? It is a pool and bath toy, shaped like a weapon, not a penis. The company is not saying “shove this up another boy’s butt.”

  27. matthewGee

    Anyone who cannot see that homosexuals have a clear and present agenda is blind and ignorant.Homosexuals don’t “pursue equal rights”, they pursue PREFERENTIAL rights and treatment. If any of you homo loving idiots want to see the result of a clear homo-mafia take over, visit San Fagsicko, especially during their “Homo Holiday”. Get an eyeful of what they “pursue” and allow in their city streets. I have seen the sickest,
    most vile, and perverted sex acts being done yes IN THE STREETS in front of CHILDREN. THAT is what you are ALL in for, I hope you all enjoy it. It made me so sick I PUKED right there.

  28. Adam Nelson

    Why can a Christian not be a liberal. Though I find all those sites offensive but one (Huffington Post is sometimes has good stuff) I person can be a moral Democrat, though it’s rare. They tend to be more middle of the line and just think the government should be bigger, but still don’t agree with gay marriage, abortion and so forth. They are like anti-Rinos.


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