Gays Building Secret Penile Shaped Resort Island

poplarislandaerial-300x226New photos of a man made island have surfaced this week. According to sources, this new structure is being created and funded by “Gays for Achievement and Growth” aka, “GAG” and will be a private resort for gay couples to vacation “gay freely”. GAG’s marketing director, Aaron Heier says, “Finally we will have a sanctuary to call our own. A place we will be able to roam freely without the annoyance of heteros. A place where we can openly listen to Cher and prance around in cut off Levis and queerishly snap our fingers in attitude”. Heier says the resort will not allow heterosexual visitors and it will be jam packed with gay themed entertainment and decor. When asked why shape the island like a man’s limp penile organ, Heier said “It is aerial advertisement. We want people in the sky to be able to look down and image themselves on a island where whispers of fantasies and magic come to life. Plus, what better way to piss off right-wing Americans than to draw a big penis on their map”.

3 thoughts on “Gays Building Secret Penile Shaped Resort Island

  1. Viktoria Michaelis

    Love it.

    One of the complaints from a certain north European country about the design of Euro coins is that, since their neighbor land is not in the Euro zone and not included on the coin, their country ends up looking like a limp penis hanging over Europe. And, indeed, it does.

  2. Leon

    This is sick. How can they have the right to ban heterosexual visitors but hotel owners are not allowed to ban gays? I, for one, thing this kind of heterophobia should be illegal.

    1. Anonymous

      Wow, you are a moron. This is a fucking joke website made for laughs. I find it hilarious that people actually believe the stuff that’s written on here. I hope the author keeps posting more articles so I can get a kick out of them, and see how many ignorant douches actually believe this stuff.


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