Gays Claim Gay Marriage Movement Was Just A Joke To Annoy Christians

Thousand of gays came out today to announce their fight on gay marriage was a hoax and just to irritate Christians.

San Francisco, CA– Laughter is always the best medicine, unless that medicine is forcefully injected into the blood stream intentional hurt someone or a group of innocent people. Today we learned that the gay community had pulled off one of the biggest jokes in modern day history when they announced they don’t support gay marriage at all and the only reason they were pushing the movement was to irritate and annoy Christians around the world. The equal marriage moment has been called off completely, leaving many heterosexuals dumbfounded.

After hearing this, Christian leaders are scrambling to find their new crusade cause. At the moment they can still pray the gay away, try to cripple teenage abort death chambers or change course entirely and go after a new minority or lifestyle. We feel Asians maybe their next target. They have weird fetishes and have been flying under the ridicule radar since 1989.

Aaron Heier

Aaron Heier, aka “The Glory Hole Bandit”, was quoted saying on his internationally known gay talk show, HSSS.TV, “Isn’t it finally fun to be on the receiving in of an uncomfortable situation for once? After all the years of rough pounding from The Christian Right, we finally got the last laugh. Just watching them squirm was worth all the work we put in to attack them with  fake protests and lawsuits. Bravo my brave community, bravo!” Heier also stated he will be celebrating with his mob of pranksters’ victory by sipping down fruity martinis and gossiping they night away with hetero-bashing toned conversations.

One thought on “Gays Claim Gay Marriage Movement Was Just A Joke To Annoy Christians

  1. caleb smith

    That article is a bunch of bullshit. I’m pretty sure my marriage wasn’t to give someone a good chuckle. Its a simple thing called LOVE that is why i did it. Who voted for your marriage to be valid?


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