Gene Simmons Wants His Obama Vote Back

Always good to see Liberal Americans waking up and admitting what they did was wrong. Hopefully this will start a movement and everyone can change their vote and fix this problem.

5 thoughts on “Gene Simmons Wants His Obama Vote Back

  1. Millennium

    republican are Ok but Tea bagger … shit sadly a Lot of tea bagger are inveded the Republican party it’s not what is used to be

  2. Shallina

    Ummmm I think you should take head in your words Sir. I am certain Gene Simmons who is Israeli and may not be your idea of a supreme white folk persona

    Sit back right now after you read my words….and open your mind for ONCE!!

    First I was doing a search on the internet to stop a child abusing murdering father from getting free from prison and getting the prison address and parole board information…why? Because I am active in making my community safe and free from even the slightest tinge of HATE! Gods true word of love came to me years ago. Some of you have it terribly WRONG! God feels I should help, I was drawn to your words and just went crazy with what I say now to you….GOD IS NOT HEARING YOUR HATE IN FACT HE DOSNT KNOW YOUR TYPES EXIST AND THE DEVIL IS YOUR DRIVING FORCE!!!! CHANGE NOW BEFORE ITS FAR TOO LATE!!! YOUR TIME IS NEARING ITS PATHS END…in fact chew your food very well for a few months and wear your seat belt at all times not that that helps if your hit head on by a semi but its a safety measure you might want to heed….


    Unity….Stop singling white blacks reds and yellows would ya? We are all children of our Gods love…skin color, sexual preference, financial dominance saying hateful things and condemning people…are not what brings God’s true love to you…it is true acceptance of all Gods people. Besides you pass judgement where its not your place which is vainity and pride and well your rocking quite a few of God seven deadly now arent ya? See why I am writing you???

    Selfishness…To not help this world and sit on a computer and preach like you do some twisted word of God is being selfish. If you feel this strongly about God then… GO DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE YOUR WORLD RIGHT NOW DO SO MORE POSITIVELY!!! Give the same amount of energy to loving your fellow man..OF ANY COLOR AND SEXUAL PREFERENCE as you do to truely hating and trying to spread your ignorance and hate and ensue more to join your cause….Your leading people to a hellish reality that that is wrong and I cry right now and pray you do find God and let the demon of hate the devil has bestowed apon your beliefs and CHANGE TODAY!!!!!

    The devil has run into Christians like the plague. You preach hate and twist the true word to the point where people hate you….Do you really think God would be proud that you oppressed the very people he creates instead of help and love them all as you would him and yourself? Go to Africa and see how the whites rape they’re resources and have kept they’re countries in poverty just to make themselves succeed and keep everything for themselves. India…the Middle East…it is all the same. White men come threw and take take take.

    I am white….I am German and Norwegian…My heritage would concur I either will or strive to, take over the world…Does that mean I am the next Hitler or a Viking ready to plunder a village and murder everyone? NO!!I come from a VERY religious Lutheran family from the wholesomeness of the Wisconsin farmland I am educated very well I have a career, family & lifetime friends. I GIVE BACK TO MY COMMUNITY AND BRING MY FELLOW MAN UP WITH ME. I am spreading the real true word to all I can…
    I was pulled to your blog…..change Sir because truly God is watching you fling this devilish hate over the internet just as you were standing on a box in the village square…and he is crying for his people who are constantly being put to hate by people just like you and yourself because they are Black and impoverished, working illegally in the country from Mexico, Homosexual or Lesbian Its YOU not THEM who the devil has begotten and YOU who will need to change….

    god asks now Tyson…Do you think I want hate in Heaven?

  3. josh

    Amen bruther! you preach it n teach it! i dont no what happened to all the good preachers preachin hell fire and brimestone. we need more of that to make are kids learn better. all this killer drugs like pot kill our kids!!! it need to stop.

    i found this crazy bastard liberal website i want everybody to come with me an give em a piece of our minds! here he goes rite here

    lets gitting boys! hallaluya! praise the lord and pass the ammunition!!! i miss that ol song.

    if yer a real conservativ a redneck and american go to that sight and tell that stupid liberal queen where to go!

  4. Wally Shallot

    What little respect I had for that conceited Gene Simmons f*ck is gone. He’s a dual US / Israeli citizen, and for President of the US, he votes for a non US citizen committed to the destruction of Israel and the US. Thanks you sex crazed perverted sick makeup queen.


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