God Is Doing A Nu Thang

I love seeing young white youth spreading The Word of God via music and dance. This youngster is using the talents of jive and sway to educate his fellow buddies how awesome God is. You can see God flowing though each move that he performs and all the black hipped hoppers out here should take notes on his flashy leg kicks and non auto tuned lyrical raps.

He even “throws down” some black talk by changing the word “Thing” to “Thang” how generous! Kanye West couldn’t even think of something on that level of verbal nectar.

It is good to finally see modern day poetry done right and holy.

36 thoughts on “God Is Doing A Nu Thang

    1. Tyson Bowers III

      Your hate even gets projected onto children. Were you abused Claire? This forum is open if you wish to talk about it.

      1. Claire

        So my dislike of this child’s horrid singing (and I use the word loosely) and dancing (also used loosely) translates to me having been an abused child? Just go onto YouTube where you found the video and you’ll find that 99.9% of viewers found it absolutely atrocious. I suppose they were all abused as children as well, rather than simply being able to recognize terrible song and dance when it’s presented to them?

        1. Tyson Bowers III

          SO I bet you make fun of preschoolers who can’t color in the lines. You’re so hateful and everyone is starting to see it.

          1. Claire

            No, I do not make fun of preschoolers for that, as kids of that age are not yet psychologically developed enough and are only just learning their motor skills. This kid is probably about ten – certainly capable of making a conscious decision to go up on stage and make a fool of himself.

          2. Tyson Bowers III

            I feel all children are off limits, but you do support homosexuals and homosexuals abuse children. It is only natural that you love the screams of children being raped.

          3. L.N

            Proof that homosexuals abuse children. Show me the studies. You keep making this claim whenever you talk about gay people, so you must have some source, so bring it.

          4. solo413

            No i show the child how to fix the problem, instead of supporting his issue.. maybe you should try the same and stop spreading ignorance with untalented children.

          5. solo413

            LOL, the only ones raping children are priests, like you. Someone who rapes children is a pedophile, not gay. maybe you shoudl look into a dictionary instead of spreading lies.. Bigot.

            You say children are off limits, except for religion right? its not right to influence them in any manner except only the ones you believe in BIGOT!!!

        1. L.N

          Tyson has patience? Then why is he so quick to call black people ‘monkeys’ and make other racial slurs. Why does he (and you all for that matter) seem to not understand the idea of ‘turn the other cheek’ and the concept of forgiveness?

    2. solo413

      I agree, these kids look like loose dogs, needing a little bit of direction, gnarling at the camera.

  1. Ice Van Winkle

    Watch out Rebecca Black! This kid is not only blessed with talent, he is bringing on new fashions to the streets.

    I felt this song ended all too soon. I could listen to that all day.

  2. Blanche Beecham

    I just can’t get enough of watching that little dickens dance and sing his heart out. I’ve watched this about 15 times now.

    I think I’m going to get out the sewing machine and whip up some pants for the grandkids.

          1. Sickened Mother

            Is he really a rapist or are you just calling him a rapist? My daughter was raped seven years ago and she was accused of making things up, she was labeled a whore and a false accuser by the prosecutor. If you are making up falsehoods Claire, it is people like you which make rape victims scared to come forward.

  3. Reverend Brownspot

    This was recorded last week in the basement of Holy Family Church. It is clear this child is possessed by one of the good Lord’s angels. That’s the only explanation for the body gyrations. I suspect St. Anthony had something to do with this.

    Regardless, it is beautiful. I think it says a lot about our society that this talent is misunderstood. I suspect the devout will appreciate it and we’ll hear more from this young man.


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