God Scares Child, By Pushing Him Onto Train Tracks For Playing Japanese Video Games

Remember God is our father and the father’s job is to make sure their children learn valuable lessons.

In the video below you will see a child sucked into playing his communist video game made by some tentacle porn loving Japanese software company. As the child’s mind is being bombarded with images of sex and drugs, God steps in to take matters in his own hands. Obviously the parents don’t give a rat’s backside about the health of their child, so God love taps the boy onto an oncoming train to scary him out of his slant eyed brain hold.

Let this be a lesson to all who play with Satanic video games.

32 thoughts on “God Scares Child, By Pushing Him Onto Train Tracks For Playing Japanese Video Games

  1. Amber Cooper

    My husband and I screen every video game and supervise our children’s internet access now, due to all these demonic games. The kids do not understand the spiritual implications of such and it is good to see this divine reminder.

  2. Blanche Beecham


    My word! after reading your article, I rounded up the grandchildren and calmly explained why we needed to remove all the electronic devil’s work from Nanna’s house.

    I know it will be hard on them, but the advantage is we can family nights playing scrabble and Trivial Pursuits.

    Thank you for bringing my family together.

    Praise be,

  3. Captain Obvious

    And you know he wasn’t texting how? That camera doesn’t have any sort of decent resolution (image quality for you hicks), and not all video games are satanic, or even from asia-based developers.

  4. MeAwesome

    Yes, these games are a scourge. Long ago we only had wholesome games like Combat, pong and Billy Graham’s Bible blaster. Here is list of games that our church has approved to be forbidden:
    1, Pokemon
    2, Breakout
    3, Resident Evil 3
    #Four, The origin of species
    5, Anything that starts with the letters M or X
    6, Super Breakout
    7, Mike Tysons Punch out
    8, Pac-Man
    9, Grand Piano theft.
    10, Frogger
    11, Anything that comes with a guitar.

    Games on the approved list
    1 Duck Hunt
    2 19four2
    3 Cabellas Hunting games
    #Four Resident evil 2
    5 Billy Graham’s Bible Blaster.

    Now Kids with their i-blackberries and playboy micro’s can hide their games from their parent more easily. I suggest checking kids, backpacks, rooms and lockers at school for dangerous games

    1. E.G.

      I’m surprised Mortal Kombat isn’t on there haha of all the games Mortal Kombat is not on there so i guesss its good

  5. RD

    And this proves why kids need to pay more attention while walking.

    Regardless, video games are hardly “satanic”. But, then again, I enjoy playing such games as Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Super Mario World. I’ve been known to walk while playing my Gameboy or other handheld gaming device, and have yet to fall or be “love tapped” by your god at all for doing so. In fact, my grades have INCREASED as a result of playing video games.

    So. If they’re so bad, why doesn’t your god smite me where I am? Or is it that he doesn’t see them as a danger?

      1. RD

        Oh, hey, I have that game! It’s a fun one.

        Violent, yes. Certainly not for squeamish little sissies who think some omnipotent god is going to smite them for playing a video game for ENTERTAINMENT.

        Besides, the rating? M. Mature. Means you can’t buy it unless you are 17 years or older, by which point most teenagers have formed their own beliefs, morals, and ideas about the world.

        Why are you so scared of a form of entertainment? You support games which condone violence against other creatures, but anything that is OBVIOUSLY fantasy is evil and “satanic”?

        You know that most of the world laughs at you and your ilk for calling Pokemon “satanic”, right?

          1. RD

            And I will tell you, Pokemon promotes such things as friendship, independence, and responsibility. My younger brother has been playing it since he was three, when I would help him with pretty much everything. Now, for him, it is something fun, something social that he can do with his friends. They look forward to the newest game or movie, they get together to trade and play with them, they ENJOY them. I support him in his academic endeavours by taking him and his friends to Pokemon events in the area, as do my parents. Both my brother and his friends are far more advanced in reading than their peers, and understand science and the like remarkably well.

            My brother and family go to church every week, and he has discussed Pokemon with his priest, who is ALSO the abbot of the monastery (as that is where my family attends church). The priest listened as my brother explained the games and their premise, and said that they were, in fact, just FINE. They were clearly fantasy, and promoted friendship. What’s demonic about that?

          2. MeAwesome

            How is Pokémon Demonic?
            well first it stands for POCKEt MONster. Which is a term like Pocket Rocket which describes something in a man’s pants, I remember my uncle calling to us kids and asking if anyone would like to ride his pocket rocket or pet his pocket monster.
            Second they are stepping stones to the Magic cards which are openly satanic.
            Third they cause kids to explore other evil things like Comic Books, Star Wars and Meth.

          3. RD

            My younger brother and his friends collect Magic cards. My parents encourage him to do so, because it is a SAFE HOBBY, particularly for a twelve-year-old boy who has always preferred books and video games to contact sports. Perhaps, yes, there is a correlation between Magic cards and Pokemon, but Magic cards are HARDLY “satanic”; the same goes for Pokemon.

            Star Wars: a tale of good versus evil, set in the future and in SPACE. Because, you know, if it isn’t full of Bible quotes, it must be “evil”.

            Comic books: No harm there, either. My older brother has collected them since he was a small child. I’ve read comic books since I was in middle school, and my younger brother has enjoyed them since he was in the third grade. They were a good way to encourage him to read, as they had plots he enjoyed and encouraged him to grow a more vivid imagination.

            In that same vein, manga (Japanese graphic novels) aren’t “evil”, either. The ones that are constantly discussed on this site, with comments that they’re “pornographic”, are not only nigh-impossible to acquire, but are ONLY sold to those who are age 18 or older, in ANY country. I’ve been reading manga since I was 11; my friends and I traded books at lunch so that we could have some entertainment during class. We got top marks in our classes.

            …And how do ANY of these have to do with drug use? I don’t get the correlation you’re attempting to draw.

      2. Conser

        I find it funny that you’re posting about a game that’s about a man supposedly doing God’s work during the crusades then, when he gets home, because he commited adultery, his lover is cast into hell and so he goes through all nine circles to release her and send her to heaven/paradise.

        And you call that a satanic video game? I laugh.

  6. Tyson Bowers IIIAdam Nelson Post author

    God created all people, RD. And yes, the free will that allows you to proudly post your defiance of womanhood all over the place. The Pope is to lead people back to morality so he deserved what he got and he admitted it.

    1. RD

      Really? I’m “defiant of womanhood”? Or am I just defying your intolerant, bigoted, chauvinistic view of what womanhood should be?

      If your god created free will, then why is he so obsessed with condemning and injuring people for their choices? If, you know, that’s what he’s doing.

  7. Blanche Beecham

    Playing games is great fun. Pretending to be someone else in the context of a game is “safe” because it isn’t real life. Games can bring out the very best in people and sometimes the very worst. Games can help strengthen traits that already exist, or in some cases highlight problems.

    When one’s self worth and value are low, they will sometimes exhibit for the world what appears to be strong self esteem and confidence. But in the act of play, there will be “tells” that signal the opposite is true.

    Within the context of this thread a game should be enjoyable and healthy. As parents, grandparents and perhaps even participants we need to recognize when games are not enjoyable or healthy.

    Kind regards,

  8. Lord English

    >Implying that wasn’t me pushing some kid onto some train tracks for no reason other than simple desire and humor.

  9. Eric

    God should’ve just had the train sever one of the boys legs to further drive home his point.

    You honestly believe God made the kid fall into the tracks? He wasn’t paying attention, thats all, thankfully some one decided to jump in and rescue him. Furthermore, you have no idea what game the kid is playing! You have no reason what so ever to start denigrating Japanese people. Your article is not only ludicrous it is xenophobic.

  10. God

    yes I did push him but the train was late….damn you humans cant even get your trains to run on time… btw i also kill 9 million children a year using hunger…so these kids who cant afford bread I guess they must be spending all their money on Japanese video games.

  11. Richard Baldwin Cook

    The idea that a loving God, our Father in Heaven, Yahweh (or Jehovah, if you prefer), the idea that a purposing, caring, benevolent Creator, would push a kid – or even allow a kid to fall – on tracks in front of a moving train – makes a lot of sense. Really. Think of Jesus. What happened to him was kind of like going under a train, only worse since it took longer, though not as bad as enduring a lifetime of hunchback pain, like Ingmar Bergman put in a movie one time, which I never forgot, although Bergman also put it in Ingrid Thulin . . . where was I?

  12. wtf

    Wait, is this a serious website or is it a spoof site like the Onion…I seriously can’ tell. If you guys are serious you are as bad as the Westborough Babtist Church

  13. Tiafoni

    Kids fall all the time.
    Where did that other part of the article come from? lol no proof at all, sorry to see you’re using this horrifying incident to try and scare moms from allowing their kids video games (that’s what you were implying right?)

  14. OKaY

    Okay How do You Know He Was Playing Video Games……Second Pokemon Is Not Satanic it is a Game of Creatures That Dont Exist,i Know they Use The Theory That Pokemon Evolve But it is just that the Pokemon Grow into A Different State just like Caterpillars Turn to Butterflies. Third, My Family is Really Religous But they Know That God Created Free will and that Every Person may Live their Lives just like They Want To, and Last people will Continue to lose faith and to praise God because Religion Wants to be A Part of Everything, i will always Pray to God Because i Truely Believe in him But this is just Annoying

  15. jesuschristsalvationmagic

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. After reading this, me and my family burned all of our video games and board games (you can never be too safe) in the backyard along with the rest of the trash. From now on, we will be reading the bible after schools and during the weekend instead of wasting our lives on satanic video games.

    God Bless.


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