God Shows His Disgust With Modeling Whores

Modeling is a career path of late night orgies and snorting fine cut coke off flat stomachs of other devil whore fiends.

To show his disgust with these prancing, high fashion street walkers, God has used his light tap of love to push them off their cat walks to let them know he is watching.

13 thoughts on “God Shows His Disgust With Modeling Whores

  1. JesusLover

    Mortification of the flesh is one of the most important penances that God has given us in His most un-ending love for us. Some people forget that and he needs to gently remind them of his love.

  2. Bob

    I’m pretty sure God doesn’t want you calling people “whores” regardless of whether or not you agree with their profession. Don’t you think it’s a little hypocritical to revel in the pain inflicted on these women, while you yourself can’t even use decent language??

    1. Blanche Beecham

      Hi Bob,

      Whore is not a derogatory slur if someone is principled or avoids compromising a personal ethos for selfish gain. We sometimes see the term used in conjunction with other words to convey a comprise in principles regarding the individual’s ethics. Examples: Imelda Marcos – Shoe-whore; Anyone on a reality TV program – Fame-whore; The puffed-cheese Cheeto’s cartoon character – Cheese-whore; Little Debbie Snack-whore; Chef-Boyardee tasteless-whore

      In this case it is not use to demean women in particular. Great comment and question.

      Kind regards,

  3. MeAwesome

    While I applaud their keeping their shape for their husbands. Their lack of character and tithing is definitely poor taste.

  4. RD

    So, when you trip or stumble, it’s just your god giving you a little love tap to show you that he’s disgusted with you? Interesting. I haven’t tripped since I came out as a lesbian. Hmm….

    Also, the term “whore” can only be properly applied to individuals who are selling sex and sexual favours for monetary gain. As you cannot prove that these women photographed here are doing so, and are only modeling clothing items, you are misusing the term in a horrendous matter.

    …Oh, right.

    Tyson, you sure seem obsessed with placing photographs of women in various poses, with varying degrees of visible skin and breast, today. Is there something you want to admit to? Such as an addiction to pictures such as these? You seem to have quite a few.

      1. RD

        You stated earlier that, “In this case it is not use to demean women in particular.” Yet the term itself is demeaning and injurious, even if meant in jest. You are clearly not only taking pleasure in the misfortune of others, of women whose jobs are to wear clothing and present it for sale, while insulting them and their profession. I do not believe that these women have “compromised principles for personal gain”; if anything, they compromise their own lives because they have to shoehorn themselves into a narrow, patriarchal vision of what “beauty” is, that is, thin, airbrushed skin, tall, and confident, forced into clothing and shoes that are often uncomfortable or impractical, but LOOK good.

        These women are not “whores”. They’re women with careers, just like any actress, singer, or television personality.


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