Google Even Knows The Truth About Blacks

Even Google corrects which is untrue when someone tries to enter a savage search term.

In the photo below some racist heathen actually tries to enter “white people stole my car” and by the power of God, Google is corrected.

Notice in the correction it directly targets blacks, that is because Google knows 99% of news stories online about cars being stole are due to the savage afro culture. The other 1% is most likely Orientals, Jews, Mexican illegals or anything else that roots are from savage behavior.

Bravo Google.

Google Hates African Americans

29 thoughts on “Google Even Knows The Truth About Blacks

  1. Cindy

    I’m a white Christian female and you are sounding pretty wacko here. All of us are created equal but you sir, are going to be judged for your hate-filled commentaries. In case you didn’t know, Christ IS coming VERY soon. You need to grow up and portray the love of Jesus in your words and in your heart. I wish you well and I hope you’ll check out “The”. Creating hate and discontent is what satan wants.

    1. Dr. Charles Fucku

      And you are batshit crazy. By the way, Jesus was Middle Eastern, specifically JEWISH!! What now cocksucka?????

  2. Tyson Bowers IIIAdam Nelson Post author

    Why do black people enjoy stealing things that don’t belong to them? Even if you put one of them in the White House, they still can’t resist their genetic urge to rob people who earn a living.

      1. TheWordOfThelord

        k you need to close the bb code tags properly


        Disclaimer; I dont know what this pic is, just correcting the post above.

  3. Tyson Bowers IIISeriph0 Post author

    You know I find this site to be pretty funny at times, except when they speak racist bullshit. Can they really believe that their god wants them to act like this? If he’s supposed to be loving of everyone how can they justify their hate of everyone that is not white?

  4. JaniceFun

    I love how the address bar is mysteriously not shown, It is almost like they clicked “I’m feeling lucky” which goes to the first search result which is NOT google, but a seperate website made as a joke. If you do not believe me type French military victories and hit the I’m feeling lucky button. God hates you Tyson Bowers III. HAVE A GREAT DAY!

  5. K

    anyone can photoshop morons[img][/img]

  6. Durp

    This is the best site I’ve ever been too. Finally some people who make sense.
    Durn yallz know them Mexicanz ruining our cuntry? Dem and the homosexuals are building landing fields fer Gay Martians! I swear to god!

  7. chuck

    This is slapped together. Someone originally searched blck people stole my car (a reasonable guess) and then it coreccted it. Once they had that image they searched for white people stole my car, then put the two together.


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