Grandma Drugged At Mexican Techno Concert

It is sad times when white folk can’t even enjoy a lovely college football game without having to be mixed with lower class people. A video has surfaced of a grandmother who was drugged by Chilean Mexicans at a football party. Notice that they aren’t even allowed inside due to their violent nature. Why can’t we just go someplace and have good ol’ fashion entertainment without being afraid of being raped, murdered or in this case drugged.

In the video below you will see a seemingly normal grandmother dancing to homo gay created techno music, while being cheered on by the normal welfare recipient abuser, tortilla throwing, alcoholic gardener. Instead of using that money they steal from our pockets for can goods, they decide to use it to by beer and drugs.

The poor lady was leaving the game to go home and make Christmas cookies for her grandkids, when she was ambushed by a bean brigade and forced to take drugs filled with satan nectar. We all know techno music mixed with drugs opens up a portal in the mind and allows demons to take over your body and make you perform ritual dances to amuse the dark lord. This is why you always see gays dancing like sugar plum fairies in night clubs.

Once the drugs have entered the soul of this lady, you can see the Mexicans starting to invisible sex her body. You also see the female breed of Mexican including herself in this act of sin, by doing typical lesbian sex dances with the grandmother. You can see in the background that the white on lookers want to stop this, but are afraid of being throw in jail for “hate crimes” or not being sensitive to the latino’s culture.

The only way to stop this is to ban Mexicans, ban techno music and ban satan from our country!

19 thoughts on “Grandma Drugged At Mexican Techno Concert

  1. Millennium

    seriously Bryan you can do more in effort for satire it’s almost Boring The blatant Racism is too evident anyway, Try harder will you

  2. Jacky Maille

    Wow Tyson! Your Mom sure is hot! After the party she took me back to her place and did the Macarena while sitting on my face. I still haven’t gotten all of her vagina slime out of my goatee.

      1. Jacky Maille

        Oh sorry Tyson III, I got confused for a second. That was actually your wife I was thinking of in that video. And on my face.

        She’s a kinky little bitch! She begged and begged and begged me until I gave her a Dirty Sanchez. She told me you used to give them to her but stopped after you hooked up with Abe.

        Silly Tyson3, you have no idea what you’re missing out on at home…

          1. Jacky Maille

            “evil slut whore of satan”???

            Do you know what a ‘Dirty Sanchez’ is, Tyson? Of course you do. Do you want to explain it to your readers, or would you like me to?

  3. rae

    That was a wonderful video! everyone should get down like that at least once before they go! oh and P.S. that was definitely not a “lesbian” dance. You are the worst human being i’ve ever heard.

  4. Jim

    Literally the funniest thing i’ve ever watched/read. If this website is a joke, you got me for sure. You christians are not helping yourself out.

  5. pecaloca

    I love the “Chilean Mexicans!” hahaha You could identify their dual heritage? I was really sad when I first saw the site, to think people could be so silly and proudly racist, but I think the more I read, this is someone trying to piss everyone off, and Tyson is the equivalent to a Borat. lol. Thanks for the giggles.

  6. pecaloca

    I’m impressed you could tell they were “Chilean Mexican!” jejeje When I first saw this site, I was sad that anyone could be so silly and proudly racist, but the more I read, I get the feeling you are more akin to a Borat and this is meant to incite debate and draw out those morons who actually SUPPORT you! lol. Thanks for the giggles!

  7. Ty Bowers IV

    Dammit Dad!!! I can’t believe you would post pictures of Grandma online like that! You know her dying wish was to do peyote at Burning Man. I made that video to honor her memory, not for you to make some cash on your stupid preachy website!

  8. mexpride

    First of all, that place for sure is not Mexico, the videos title is MOM AT SC TAILGATE,

    so, get your facts straight.

    Second, is incredible that after all this years people have not learned yet that

    religions are a human invention for a need of believing of something, thats why all

    religions are so full of crap.

    Finally. FUCK YOURSELF.

    Conservative values make your brain numb. WAKE UP YOU FUCK.

  9. allen

    Tyson is surely the stupidest racist excuse for a pseudo-human. Did you ever ask your parents why they named you after a chicken farm?


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