16 thoughts on “Halo Appears Over Mile High Stadium, God Shows His Support For Tim Tebow

  1. OddAtheist

    Bitch please, it’s called a smoke ring. They are usually created when explosives go off, like the Bronco victory fireworks

    There you go, explanation

    1. Jesus is a Raver

      Um actually no you cant see an angel. However, please do tell us exactly what type of hallucinogenic drugs you are using because what ever it is it sounds good.

    2. OddAtheist

      Are you referring to the blurry thing in and around the smoke ring? That’d be smoke…and it dosen’t look like an angel, it looks like smoke

  2. Dubersam

    I can say that this smoke-hole is in fact our holy and great God’s anus. Don’t look at it anymore you sinny pervert!


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