He Said She Said Again Tries to Bash Our Holy Site

After many requests to have their NC17 television show banned from the airwaves, the deep anal duo known as super man dyke and P90X boy, have ignore our Holy gesture and continue to pollute the world with vicious gayness and homosexual antics. Last Monday, the quivering penile worshipers yet again went on their show to not only spread their gay agenda, but to also try and butt bash our Holy name.

To prove how disgusting and immoral the show is, Man Dyke decides to even give an anal fisting tip called “Gerbil Tickling”, which is a sex technique “She” uses when “She” is involved in an interracial gay sex party.

After the demonic sex tip, the team reads our article about them and they giggle in gay dismay. They even tried to praise one of their homo supporters, who falsely commented on our post, but we have anti gay technologies that block iPads and other homo gay products from praising such filth.

You can also follow Aaron on his Tweeter @AHizz and see how the homosexuals are turning Twitter into a cesspool of power bottoms and rough riding deep slammer tops. Also make sure to visit their site and contact their producer and request the show be removed. Instead of the hippies fighting for their laziness, they should be occupying HeSaidSheSaid instead. Gays are far more dangerous than any Wall Street stock broker.

The anti-God jibberish starts at 15:20 into the show.

11 thoughts on “He Said She Said Again Tries to Bash Our Holy Site

  1. Queerisgay

    These homos actually make the gay community look less “threatening”. You guys better watch out before they make people think gays should be allowed to get married and have equal rights!!

  2. Father Felch

    Oh Lord please help me to resist my urges to fornicate and touch the Man Dyke in her no no special place. Lord save me from the evils of the flesh.

      1. Father Felch

        Please help me to save my soul, I need good Christian counseling. Maybe I should see a Catholic priest, or am I too old?


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