Hillary Clinton Shows Her Racism Against Herman Cain

Like all liberals, Hillary Clinton is a pig faced racist and hates the fact that she not only works for a black man, but that the blacks are actually gaining some kind of equality in the world. It burns Hillary’s skin knowing that she has to wake up every morning and not be “Da Boss” to the black man. She hates the fact that her parties racist colors are showing and in the video below it proves that she is going around the world and making off colored black jokes about African Americans in the political world.

In the video, you can clearly hear Hillary making stereotypical blacks jokes about Herman Cain and she even states how she thinks because he is black, that his intelligence is too low to be a presidential candidate.

If Hillary had her way, Obama would be sweeping the White House floors and using a separate bathroom than her white elite liberal friends.

20 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Shows Her Racism Against Herman Cain

    1. L.N

      So Hillary should shut her mouth, but Blanche and ‘Susan’ are able to run theirs off whenever?

      Then again, you’re a self-proclaimed hypocrite and coward, so I’m not surprised.

      1. Cassidy Pen

        I can’t believe how dumb some liberal emosexuals are. Hillary Clinton is a racist leftist as described in this well researched article. Blanche and Susan do not have one racist bone in their body.
        Liberal emosexuals should quit trying to accuse the Chis†Wire of sexism.

        1. L.N

          Sexism is the belief that one gender is inferior to the other, you believe women are inferior to men, thus you’re sexist. Try disproving it, you’re going to fail. Oh, and they don’t have one racist bone in their body, even after ‘Susan’ flat-out said that it hates Mexicans simply because they’re Mexican?

          1. Adam Nelson

            Mexicans are not allowed in America. The only thing I like about Herman Cain’s platform so far is building a giant electric fence to scare all Mexicans away. I don’t like the tax portions though, he’s trying to increase sales taxes and I enjoy buying new things.

          2. L.N

            Why does Clownboy think racism is Jesus?

            Oh, and Adam, good job on showing how you don’t want to support this country whatsoever.

          3. NellieBVB

            @ Albert:
            I’m a straight A student
            I’m eligible to skip 2 grades
            I made a perfect score on the ACT’s (They had multiple high school students, college students, and adults take the same test)
            I scored better than 84% of the high school students, better than 60% of the college students, and better than 94% of the adults.
            @ Adam:
            I’m a legal U.S. Citizen.

          4. Susan B. Xenu

            So LN shows her true racist nature in that she doesnt think that Blanche and I have the right to express ourselves as women.

            Nellie, you are a dirty mexican. And by the looks of it a dirty mexican with 1960s big slut hair.

  1. Millennium

    OH Boner boenr boner what we gonna do with you … well nothing you are a desesperate case

    How many time you showed blatant racism toward Obama even if you have not voted for him he is your President and you show respect to them even if you don’t like them

    Therefore herman cain is not even president we can shove anything at him all we want if we don’t agree with his Idea

    You got a Problem with that ?

  2. Chase

    I honestly can’t tell if your site is a joke, or if the people running this site and those who are agreeing with what you are saying are idiots. I’m going to go with the second option though. Praise Satan!

    1. Albert Toppers

      You’re going to hell in a hand basket, sir.

      Regarding this article, once again liberals prove they are racists. Only good Republicans believe in equality for all.

  3. Adam Nelson

    What a dour and sick woman. I remember Abe posted a video evidence piece about Hillary Clinton and Bill making anti-semetic remarks and poking fun at black people. Hillary so wishes she could cut off Cain’s foot and call him Kunta Kinte.

  4. mark

    Whuh? This video shows absolutely nothing. She goofs around about Cain being a pizza bigwig, which is sort of a “funny” background for a potential Presidential candidate. What else happens? Where does she say he’s inferior due to skin color? I guess I missed that part. The guy who wrote this is either 1. super baked 2. crazy 3. just making shit up to stir the pot. If I had to guess, I’d go with a little bit of all three…


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