Homo Gay Agenda Releases the GS2 – GayStation

If you need solid proof on how Satanic a homosexuals mind is, look no further then their new invention to turn your children into fecal friendly fantasizer. The gays have yet again blatantly created a toy to spread their sinful disease of homosexuality by creating a new gaming console called “GayStation” or as the communist Japanese call it “GS2″.

The GS2 comes with everything needed to get Billy to crave the urge to perform mouth sex acts on sin snakes. The console has a large twinkie stick as the controller, so your young Timmy will learn how to man handle a Satan specter, when the preying homosexual down the street invites him over for cookies and drugs him, so he can get his kicks off rape games.

It also comes with a video game to teach your young Tommys all the newest gay lingo and dance moves, turning them into little vein skin trunk lusters.

We have warned you for years now about the dangers of allowing homosexuals walk the streets of America and because our message is not being taken seriously, we have sick toys like this being sold at stores across America.

Don’t cry when you find out your son has been intoxicated with Ecstasy and made to wear pink underwear with rainbows and unicorns, while dancing on table tops for greased up, bearded gays. You asked for it.

27 thoughts on “Homo Gay Agenda Releases the GS2 – GayStation

  1. RD

    Wow. Are you done making shit up?

    There is no such thing as a “GayStation”, much less a GS2. The closest system to that, in terms of name, is the PlayStation 2, or PS2, which was released about 11 years ago. The PS2 console is similar to that of the obviously Photoshopped picture in your “article” (if that is what you can call a piece of writing full of homophobic bias and wild claims), except that the PlayStation 2 has its acronym on the top (“PS2″), and the controller looks nothing like a penis. There are no “gay” games for the PS2; the games are standard, enjoyable video games, and the system and its games have been widely successful and remarkably popular among gamers. I should know. I own a PlayStation 2. I was playing it most of yesterday, in fact. Got to love the Kingdom Hearts series.

    But I digress. There is no such thing as a “GayStation” system. The PlayStation 3 was mocked for its controller for its PlayStation Move software, as the controller was compared to the appearance of a dildo. There are no “gay” games or games to “teach your young Tommys all the newest gay lingo and dance moves, turning them into little vein skin trunk lusters”.

    I won’t even bother telling you how ridiculous your claims that homosexuals are “child molesters” who are trying to “convert” or “rape” children and other people. You know that you’re lying and making things up.

  2. Tyson Bowers IIIRaptor Jesus Post author

    Boy, Tyson, you sure were eager to review that product. How was the test run? I bet you enjoyed it.

  3. Anthony

    And the worst part, it only comes in a black model! It’s bad enough the gays are seducing our children, but this is simply unforgivable.

  4. Rick

    For God’s sake Tyson, I’m begging you; use the your brain! Its ‘Satan Scepters’, not ‘Satan Specters’.

  5. Tyson Bowers IIIBlanche Beecham Post author


    Thank you for bringing this disgusting evil into the light of day. It makes me want to cry for these young ones clenching and controlling their little purple spyro’s about.

  6. James D.

    I would appreciate if you wouldn’t post pictures like these. I teach a Bible study at an inner city school and often visit Christwire at the end of the class to read news of the day with my students.

    You can imagine my embarrassment when this black member appeared on the screen. My kids were visibly shaken by this experience. Please for the love of Him don’t do this again.

    1. reason

      you Teach this shit to Children?? You know there is no gaystation, it doesn’t exist other than in this sicko’s mind..and you’re teaching it to children? it’s funny watching you nutters spread this hilarity amongst yourselves, but spreading this spew to children is the saddest thing i’ll hear all week.

    2. Tyson Bowers IIITyson Bowers III Post author

      James remember the Gays are vile, so any story that involves gaydom will most likely have shocking photos.

  7. theguywithwings

    The penis was poorly done, but the lettering on the console was well done. bravo; photoshop for dummies paid off.

  8. Millennium

    sniff sniff it’s smell photoshop here I have 2 hypothesis for that

    1. someone was making fun of the PS3 move
    2. a Hater (xbox 360 especially) was making fun of playstation

  9. Jr

    Oh yeah Tyson Bowels i have that famous Gaystation 2 and also the even more sinister one the SexBox 360 oh and dont forget the Titsendo Bii.
    I think this guy is working for microsoft.

  10. Me

    Wow, just wow. I’m looking around for the ‘report’ button… Oh look, there isn’t one. Strange, that. No wonder people are dubious of Christianity when you psychos spread outrageous homophobic spew like this.

  11. Jethro

    What’s the obsession with gays on this website? Are the authors afraid people will know that the writers on this site are actually gay themselves? That doesn’t matter, Jesus loves all people.

  12. Zombie Jesus

    This is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever read. Not only is this obviously photoshopped but the position of the buttons would be completely unmanageable. How are you supposed to press x to suck while gripping your black dildo joystick? The buttons are in the least accessoble part of the controller. Wouldn’t it make more sense to put the buttons on the side like every arcade game in history? This is just further proof that christians just can’t wrap their puny minds around concepts like logic and evidence.

  13. Zombie Jesus

    this guy obviously didn’t take into consideration how this dildo controller is supposed to work. First of all the supposed dildo jotstick doesn’t even have moving parts so it’s useless as a joystick. Second those little things on the balls are basically miniature joysticks as any gamer will tell you so that completely defeats the purpose of the dildo joystick. Third the placement if the buttons is completely ridiculous. If you’re supposed to be holding the dildo how are you supposed to press the buttons? Even if the gay porn industry came out with a system like this the buttons would be on the side and the control system would actually work. The person who photoshopped this abviously never played a video game in their life and just randomly placed buttons on a dildo without even thinking about how this thing is supposed to work.

  14. SanePerson

    This makes me sick, not the “gaystation” but the way thain which this website simply lies to people. All it does is damage their cause. After seeing this website any person with a decent brain in their head would turn away from christianity, the sheer ammount of racist, bigamist and sexist content on this website makes sure of that.


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