Homo Gay Agenda Unveils New Gay Weapon – Foursquare

I posted a story a while ago about Apple’s secret plan to turn your children gay.

Now, iPhone application developers are at it again with their new Foursquare application. This application allows gay’s to add children as their friends (victims) and then they can see what places they check into. This allows the gay to create a weekly agenda on where each of their victims will be throughout the week. Now the gay can make sure to “run into” your child at all the cool and hip places they hang out at, to hopefully “run into” their back side.

Here is the setup: Ashlee (gay mean now go by girl names spelled differently) finds a target by searching the pedo database on foursquare, they add their victim and start watching where they check into. Once they have a daily routine figured out, they make sure to run into that victim on a daily occurrence, once that has happened the gay will try to identify with your child’s interests and try to become friends with them. They gay will then start to fill your child’s mind with santanic sexual thoughts like sinful mouth sex acts and sin tunnel drilling. If the gay can’t brain wash the child they will wait to meet your child late at night and rape them.

Gays also use this application to add new venues, so that when your child goes to check in, they see locations like “Jim’s Mustache Bath House” or “Diversity Bar.” These locations are used to send subliminal messages to your child via new cell phone technology. Each time you child wants to check into youth group, they are bombarded with homo gay clubs, message parlors, orgy houses, rape rooms and more!!

Here is a screen shot of some of the filth on this application:

31 thoughts on “Homo Gay Agenda Unveils New Gay Weapon – Foursquare

  1. That guy

    I don’t think that you even need this four square app. I got an ad for a gay dating site right here on tysonbowersiii.com. So if you don’t want them exposed to the gay culture, I would keep them off here.


  2. Tyson Bowers IIIStephenson Billings Post author

    There is such a disgusting amount of homosexuality on the internet, from porno video sites to hookup sex sites to flamboyant gay music videos to gay fantasy story writing to teens sexting to fetish sites for sodomy to activist forums, etc. etc. I find it un-human.

    1. Woody

      You sure were mighty quick to post it on your website. We can’t be the only ones that recall your near-pornographic shots of the young Mr. Palin that you so brazenly posted to this christian website, Mr. Billings.

      And the fact that this site is now hosting advice for how to find and stalk young men… every now and again, we wonder why you folk even bother draping this filthy hole in the robes of the sacred.

      What’s next? A “shameful” look at how filthy homosexuals lube themselves up to prevent painful tearing? An in-depth look at a stalking session, “so that you can keep your children safe?” Your masturbatory filth sickens us. And the holy robes you drape it in will not fool God.

  3. An American

    I find you “un-human”, for they are fellow humans, and possibly Christians, and for homosexuals living in America, they are given natural rights, including the Pursuit of Happiness. I am not gay, but I believe that all humans are created equal.

  4. Tyson Bowers IIITyson Bowers III Post author

    Mr. Billings, don’t forget that Ricky Martin is now gay too! Funny he came out of the closet the same time this app became popular.

      1. Woody

        Or perhaps he isn’t a pedophile- perhaps he just likes children. There are not pedophiles around every corner. Michael Jackson was not a pedophile. If anyone is a pedophile, it would be someone who posts advice (in the form of an in-depth analysis, of course) as to how to pick up and stalk young children.

    1. DarkRomanek

      OMFG! Please they are Ricky Martin’s sons Valentino and Mateo, are you stupid?
      Ricky Martin is a father of two beautiful children, they are no Undenefied they are Ricky’s children you stupid fucking redneck!

  5. jesus christ II

    look out, the terrifiying gay’s are coming!
    look at how their so well groomed and freindly!AAHHHHHHH!!!!!
    seriouly, christians crack me up…
    on a passing note; ancient texts that were conviniently left out of the the commonly used “holy bible” record “going into the room of a young boy” and “spending a part of the night there”

  6. STFU man!


  7. sli

    Oh shit. That means non-gays can add me as a friend, too! And people that live in Spain! And people with the last name “Williams!” And people with that are age 32!

  8. Some Gay Dude

    Finally! A fast and convenient way to keep in touch (haha, it’s a pun!) with all the kids I like to have sex with!

  9. MikeyBoobs

    What are you going to say next. That gay are creating new hats that they can use to contol boys minds.

    1. Tatsmcgee

      It’s true, hats have been linked to gay men wearing them. Alleged straight men wear them too… and women… AND CHILDRED… OH GOD THEY ARE ALL GAY. Seriously… it is called logic people. Not “thoughts” or “thinking” logic, but actual mathematical computations for an argument. 99% of these “factual” articles are just full of argumentative fallacies. Slippery slope and straw man are just two of the 30-some-odd fallacies that are known and USED on this site. I feel bad for the people who believe all this crap they read. Get your head OUT of a book that is a compilation of stories that many were NOT factual but simply meant to teach lessons. The tortoise and the hare was not factual but a mere teaching tool for children… so is the bible. (Granted I don’t believe in some of the tools this book is armed with) But take it for face value, NOT FACT… just like this damned site. If only you were as loving and forgiving and ACCEPTING as the “god” you worship… maybe the world wouldn’t be so corrupt.

  10. Psysfushede

    Hey guys, I this web address for nudism. Its a brand new website to find many different kinds of nude teenagers, kids, parents that live a lifestyle together in a nudist society. Can anybody advise me if indeed its a great website too go to or if its just another scam. I think it was solid cause none of the torrent cites carry anything like this.

  11. DarkRomanek

    “Ashlee (gay mean now go by girl names spelled differently)” so Ashlee Simpson is in fact a men, a gay horrible men I knew it!!!
    Please stop being so stupid, Gay men are not pedophiles, all the kids rapist are men like you Xtians with familys and shit.
    So I think you are a Pedophile!

  12. Matt

    What if I walked into your church, and called you all retarded, and faggots. I bet you’d all be mad, But, you deserve worse, Maybe your church will burn down someday, then we’d all be happy, and you’d have no place to spread your Gay-hating, Ass-stretched bible faggotry.


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