Homo Gay Agenda Uses Comic Movie to Encourage Homosexual Activities

Yes my friends, the gays have flaunted their disrespect to God in a new action or what I like to call “gay action” film, geared towards our youth. In this new movie called “Watchmen” there is a bald gay man who walks around with his satan scepter exposed for everyone to see.

You would think that this blockbuster movie would have people talking about how much blood and gore was in it, or how great the liberal hollywood acting was. No, people have been talking about a dingle twinkie.

I guess nudity is “accepted” in our sinful world for adults, but this is now been approved for our children to be talking about a man’s thing.

So let’s have all our little men walking around naked painted all in blue and parade them around san fagsisco for all the queers to look at. I hope you find it cute and amusing when your son comes home after playing “Watchmen” with your closeted gay sinner from down the street……BECAUSE YOU ASKED FOR IT!

49 thoughts on “Homo Gay Agenda Uses Comic Movie to Encourage Homosexual Activities

  1. Cray Zayer

    Imagine the message this movie is sending our children. That women will flock to you if you have a large, glowing, bright, member, and don’t bother to hide it for the sake of human decency. This movie is an underhanded attempt to instill vulnerable children’s minds with the desire for genetic manipulation as well as premarital sex.

  2. you people obviously need some help here

    ok well i saw the watchmen and im not gay im a totaly fine straight 16 year old and i have a girlfreind where do you get off bashing gay people if there disrespecting god why did god create them in the first place and dont try and pass out some B.S about them defying gods will just because you dont like them and think there an insult to god why dont you blame your god for causing them in the first place. also as a final thought if you belive that watching a movie will cause someone to suddenly become gay why are you sitting there talking about it sorta shows where your mind was sitting at the entier time and what this gay agenda you babbaling on about feel free to try and flame me im immune to redneck insults and as with my previous post i will inform you im jewish and see how you try and insult me based on that ,have fun you poor misguided rednecks

  3. Ruan Joubert

    God made you naked you dumb fucking fundamentalist asshole. Even Jesus had to be naked at some point, fuck you and your bigotry. I hope everyone in heaven is naked one day and you dont wanna take your clothes off, is this the fucking 19th Century? Get a grip motherfucker!

    1. xtina

      hmm…where to start; 1. being a christian u should know that YOU have no right to judge anyone you are a sinner as well as everyone else so shut the fuck up. 2. y does it bother u so much what some one else is doing in ones bedroom…not ur fucking buisness. 3. as a note to the person about amereicans being ignorant…. not all are this is a psyco extreamists… kinda like terrorists…..they try to ruin others lives simply because they don’t understand…grow up people really

  4. Yoriko

    Just, cuz your penis isn’t as awesome as this STRAIGHT male character, who is mentally far gone from the shame of not wearing clothing, doesn’t make this a pro gay movie.

    I’m sure YOUR favorite part was when those lesbians were murdered in the opening credits. Oh, wait, You didn’t watch this movie, did you? You heard Blue Penis and decided to choke a bitch. Grow up, closet case.

  5. lolwut

    Christianity is the biggest troll of them all. All religion is just a joke and exists just to shake the money out of our hard working people and warp their minds against what other people don’t like.

  6. Homophobic priest

    Oh no! now all the boys I molest privately will actually want to get fondled!!! That takes the fun out of everything!!!!


  7. Theater Usher

    Hey! there Bowers jr, jr. Did you know this movie was a rated R movie?

    Its for people who are 18 and older only. It has adult themes in this movie. Since you are neither 18 nor capable of thinking like one. I’ll have to ask you to get up from your seat and escort you out of the cinema.

    Take it as a warning, next time, Im going to have to call your parents junior. Ok, kiddies, run along now.

  8. The Agnostic

    Woot. I love GraphJam! You finally used it as a source. IT IS RATED R! Nevertheless, is still saw it because i love the graphic novel. The guy wasn’t naked when they filmed it, it was all edited in later. All hail the great Necrowizard!

  9. Scotia

    Oh for Christ’s sake. This is an adult movie, people. Alan Moore’s intended audience is an adult audience. Alan Moore as far as I know it isn’t gay. Besides, he’s a scary person. He scares all the sissy boys away!

  10. Tyson Bowers III

    Damn, how i’d love to have a strong man hold me tight while he puts such an enormous dong in my devilhole right now.

  11. Pat Heinkel


    /this will take up many days of repenting

  12. Meg Walsh

    BAHAHAHAHA. this is a hilarious piece of comedy! surely this must be comedy, as i hope God would not make people so stupid.

  13. Kip

    This is too funny. People are soooo serious and nobody has realized that this website exist just to mock everybody (a bit like MadTV or South Park). This website is not Christian in the least, it’s run by the same people of The Onion and everything is just a big joke.
    But it always makes me laugh seeing so many narrow minded bigots, especially the self proclaimed christians, make a*ses out of themselves.

  14. jos

    well, i’m not gay, and i’m an athiest. i have gay friends though, and christian friends too. none of them are like this. but this article, and people who represent it. are the reason I hate organized religion, and the majority of the moron, one track minded, days of the old, mother fuckers who are a part of it. As far as i can tell. All you really do is hate everything that you can’t be and want to(GAY) and than, say it’s gods will. Well, if it really is god’s will. than Fuck him, and fuck you for being so absolutely ignorant.

  15. Jesus

    Yo I’m the mother fucking son of God bitches and I fucking loved this movie. Doc Manhattan is my shit! Boo on the movie producers for no Giant Squid Aliens, boo!

  16. Reshi

    I think it’s beautiful that you guys forget that God INTENDED for us to be naked all the time. Hello? You can’t even manage to read GENESIS?!! My,my and you call yourself a Christian

    I’m a lesbian… are we okay to survive?

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  18. Feminist

    So, if I get this right, it’s okay to have naked women, but not naked men because women aren’t allowed to go to the movies, and everyone knows women are property anyway? Just to clarify…

  19. Cameron Prescott

    so is this site a joke or did i just discover why the entire world thinks Americans are ignorant dicks?

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  22. Your Mother

    I dont know about you, but I went straight home and painted my dick blue than fapped to gay bestiality on the intertubes.

  23. Scott Jackson

    It is true I was born naked. But I was also born crying, screaming and living on breast milk. It doesn’t mean I should still do those things now that I’m a grown Christian.

  24. Your Mother

    I have this in my ass right now.[img]http://www.bedroompleasures.co.uk/sex-toys/images/pipedrebasix7.5blue_med.jpg[/img]

  25. anon


    op is in denial about own sexuality. masks it with a fake girlfriend. takes shots at religion.


    op is a massive faggot.

  26. anonymous

    By your reasoning,


    anon is in denial about own sexuality. masks it by being a homophobic christian. takes shots at an obviously straight boy.


    anon is a massive faggot.

  27. Anon

    Upon the rise of Adolf Hitler, gay men and, to a lesser extent, lesbians,[1] were two of several groups targeted by the Nazi Party and were ultimately among the roster of Holocaust victims. Beginning in 1933, gay organizations were banned, scholarly books about homosexuality, and sexuality in general, were burned, and homosexuals within the Nazi Party itself were murdered. The Gestapo compiled lists of homosexuals, and they were compelled to sexually conform to the German norm. An estimated 1.2 million men were out homosexuals in Germany in 1928.[citation needed] Between 1933-45, more than 100,000 men were registered by police as homosexuals (“Rosa Listen” or “Pink List”), and of these, some 50,000 were officially sentenced. Most of these men spent time in regular prisons, and an estimated 5,000 to 15,000 of the total sentenced were incarcerated in concentration camps. It is unclear how many of these 5,000 to 15,000 eventually perished in the concentration camps. The leading scholar Ruediger Lautman however believes that the death rate in concentration camps of imprisoned homosexuals may have been as high as 60%. Homosexuals in camps were treated in an unusually cruel manner by their captors, and were also persecuted by their fellow inmates. This was a factor in the relatively high death rate for homosexuals, compared to other “anti-social groups”.

    Congratulations, you’re just like Hitler. i bet Jesus is so proud of you.[img]http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/9625/tikkunjesus1fy6.jpg[/img]


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