Homosexuals Create New Torture Device for Their Child Victims

homo hotcakes

Well it looks like the Homo Gay Agenda is back at their sin seeking ways again. New plans have been found showing a new device masked as a “banana filler” , but in reality my friends, we know it’s a new device to fill our children’s waste shoots up like HOMO HOTCAKES!

The gays will most likely drug the young child first, tie them up, call over their sugar plum fairy friends, bake their favorite pastry and then shove this up young white boys sewage outputs with “fabulous” cream fillings.

Gays are sick sick people and find the most despicable ways to harm our children.

The gays are also getting smart. They know if a police officer comes to their home looking for evidence of “bad touch” play, the officer will over look this device as a kitchen utensil.

Parents, beware! Please call the authorities of any gay activity in your neighborhoods . These homos are out there to harm your children and just look at the kind of things they are creating to have fun time with our kids.

72 thoughts on “Homosexuals Create New Torture Device for Their Child Victims

  1. JaniceFun

    I’m going to venture to guess that you were the one the prototype was tested on. But then again, maybe not, since the date is July 4, 1933 according to the picture.

    I’ll try to use small words on this so you’re sure to understand: a homosexual and a pedophile are NOT the same thing.

    Now, get back to sucking cock like a good Christian.

      1. Tyson Bowers IIITyson Bowers III Post author

        False witness? I follow in the light of God. I only see truth and speak the word of my Lord. You sir are a homo supporter if you don’t agree with this. Now be gone.

        1. JaniceFun

          I really hope this is a bad joke but if not I hope you have fun burning in the eternal fires of Hell Tyson Bowers III. Why would you write this article? Did you have a bad experience with your priest with banana ice cream filler? If not your mind must be extremely demented and you are the pedophile hiding behind your god(note the little “g”, not that I don’t believe in God, you just could not follow the one I know) because your thoughts about this subject are just as much a sin as if you were actually doing it yourself.

        2. Heather Miller

          Point one: Already mentioned – Homosexual does not equal pedofile

          Point two: A homosexual male derives their sexual pleasure from inserting their equipment or receiving someone else’s equipment in their backside. They would not get any pleasure using a different device to do the job.

          1. Sam

            I would give anything to see the look on the person who posted this article’s face when they are punished by God for their paranoia and bigotry.

          2. Sam

            … also, though i am a christian, I respect the gay community, after all God has His reasons for all that occurs in this world.

    1. Brenton

      Yeah hi… im a fagg mkay i dont wanna fuck 10 year olds or molest kids… and i sure as fuck dont inject food into kids asses you prick… you shold be shot… i dont believe in god but i do believe in morals… there is no gay agenda… i may not believe in god but i know god never said that faggs are pedophiles… im 17 and im smarter then you dick wipe so pleas die and burn in hell if you believe. you know what im in love with a man and guess what!!!we have never molested a child and you and your fucking retard mind can suck gods cock!

    2. Ash

      I really dislike people like you. You give everyone one who believes in God a bad name. Well do you know what? I believe in God and try to follow all his commands. But every article on this sit has shown that you do not. What happen to love thy neighbour?

  2. JaniceFun

    No, you’re bearing false witness and lying in this article.

    Here’s the patent information:

    Inventors:Phillip, Marchio
    Publication Date:07/04/1933 View Patent Images:Images are available in PDF form when logged in. To view PDFs, Login or Create Account (Free!) Export Citation:Click for automatic bibliography generation Assignee:Phillip, Marchio
    Primary Class:99/450.700 Other Classes:29/428, 99/450.800, 426/102, 425/110, 408/207, 426/101, 99/450.500, 30/130 International Classes:A23G9/24; A23G9/04

    You can also find this information at the US Patent Office. Which, no doubt, you’ll claim is run by devil worshipping atheists.

    1. Austin Popper

      We DEMAND to see the LONG FORM patent Application!


          1. christhunter

            if you quote the bible quote it right

            “How to Stand in the Storms of Life”

            Matthew 7:24-27

    1. asdf

      I’m pretty sure that thing is just a caulking gun.

      No – not COCKING gun, idiots. But seriously, you guys are all missing the point – God is explicit when he explains that he HATES desserts.

      All praises be to the FSM who provides us with all the bananas, ice cream, and pasta we can eat!

  3. gakmoth

    this site isnt real its a fake to try and bring up some random asswipe religious nutjobs from watching porn to preaching god on the internet

  4. inteligance

    wow a new device from 1933, wow, funny with all kinds of dildos and other sex toys you pick a regular kitchen utensil. Let me give you this little bit of information, almost any object can be used like that. Also to connect gays to phediphiles why not look at priests. looks to me like someone is looking just looking for shock value here with no brain power behind it. really dude come on and think use yoru brain. and if you are a soldier of god go look at hte bible the WORD of god and read it. find all the homosexuality in it than tell me its wrong buddy.

    1. V

      Ashley: “Wow…. Are you fucking kidding me? This site is SO ASININE!!!”

      …Ass-hley, ass-inine..
      I can see you homo supporting agenda 7000 miles away.

      1. Cory

        OK its spelled A-S-H-L-E-Y and the “AS” is does not sound like the would ass. Sounds like you need to go back to school.

  5. Tusachi

    Perhaps you should be going out and getting a job instead of sitting at home to type these things up.
    That or go to encyclopediadramatica.com.

  6. Michael Serenity

    Is this a Troll site? Please tell me this stuff that you claim is not how you actually think. You seem to know nothing. A homosexual is one who loves another of the same gender, not someone who is a paedophile. Did you know (at least in common report) paedophilia is more common among straight people? as is violence. But you are to ignorant, uninformed, and unintelligent to understand. I’m curious though, where are you getting the idea that gays are paedophiles from? or is it your imagination? here are some biblical versus for you, also with hard to debate interpretations.

    1 Samuel 18:1

    “…Jonathan became one in spirit with David and he loved him as himself.” (NIV)

    “…the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul” (KJV)

    Most translations use the term “soul” rather than “spirit” to describe the bond. They speak of an “immediate bond of love”, their souls being “in unison,” their souls being “knit”, etc. Genesis 2:7, as written in the original Hebrew, describes how God blew the spirit into the body of Adam that God had formed from earth, so that Adam became a living soul. This means that “soul”, in the ancient Israelite times, represents a combination of body and spirit. Thus the two men appear to have loved each other both physically and emotionally.

    bullet 2 Samuel 1:26

    “I grieve for you, Jonathan my brother; you were very dear to me. Your love for me was wonderful, more wonderful than that of women.”

    In the society of ancient Israel, it was not considered proper for a man and woman to have a platonic relationship. Men and women rarely spoke to each other in public. Since David’s only relationships with women would have been sexual in nature, then he must be referring to sexual love here. It would not make sense in this verse to compare platonic love for a man with sexual love for a woman; they are two completely different phenomena. It would appear that David is referring to his sexual love for Jonathan.

    bullet 1 Samuel 18:3-4

    “And Jonathan made a covenant with David because he loved him as himself. Jonathan took off the robe he was wearing and gave it to David, along with his tunic, and even his sword, his bow and his belt.” (NIV)

    Since people in those days did not wear underwear, Jonathan stripped himself naked in front of David. That would be considered extremely unusual behavior (then and now) unless their relationship was physical.

    have fun reading.

    ~~~~~~ Michael Serenity

  7. IcanDoitToo

    Today on CNN we bring you this decade’s most stunning discovery. A Christian bigot by the name of Tyson Bowers has found what was and is actually the first page of the Bible. This long forgotten piece gives us valuable in-sight to the teachings of god, and the church. And why the bible was written. The first page reads “The Bible, is a work of fiction, any and all details described from here on forward should not be taken seriously.”

  8. IcanDoitToo

    something intrigues me here, look at this site, and you can see a lot of it has to do with the idea of gays being paedophiles… to common of a theme here. Possibly the people here are people accused of paedophilia themselves and they do not want to be the only ones? that they are trying to get innocent gay people to be accused as well? it seems more than just a possible goal for this site… accept you crimes punishment for what it is you “”righteous” people… or corrupted would fit better, or maybe they are jealous… which is a sin, but maybe the envy gays, for being care-free, and having longer lasting relationships than straight people. envy sparks hate, hate is a road to hell… mildly entertaining here, especially with the trolls trolling this site as well.

  9. Tyson Bowers lll

    Sorry people, I meant not to offend, I was in a bad mood when I posted this. My favourite Gay-Bar was closed temporarily. And I have not been laid in months.

      1. ilovejesusandthegays

        Please don’t be serious. Do you realize how ignorant and arrogant you sound? No doubt you have read the Bible and had it read to you every Sunday and probably every Wednesday in church, but have you understood any of the words? Jesus loved EVERYBODY! Mary Magdaline was a crazy person, shunned from her society because of her illness and yet Jesus took her into his disciples and taught her along side the others. Matthew was a tax collector (a corrupt tax collector at that!) and everyone hated him. Jesus sought him out to be one of his chosen disciples! My father was a pastor for all of my “formative years” as some of you have put it and he taught me that God loves all of his creations, he may not like what they are doing and they will be punished, but he still loves them. We are supposed to love all of God’s creations, even the gays. If God decides to punish them that’s his business not ours. He is so much bigger than anything we could ever even dream of being and he will decide. So if you could please stop bashing your fellow man I, God, heck EVERYONE would greatly appreciate it.

  10. MArsha Parnell

    What I’m thinking is is that it’s the sort of ludicrous nonsense you publish that gives Christians a bad name…..you really are very very sick, because only a very sick imagination would ever dream of hurting other fellow human beings with such horrible lies as the ones you publish online.

  11. john

    Again, wow, i was not aware of gods commandment calling for hate and judgment of our fellow humans. Granted i am sure you will come back with “homos aint humans”. And to that i have to say…”what would jesus do?” Probably hate, thats seems very Christ like.

  12. Scott

    We care about our children. I suggest all of you read the bible. HOMOSEXUALITY IS WRONG. Its imperative you keep your kids away from gay people so they wont be victimized or converted.

  13. Jason Swanson

    This bull shit seems typical from a ite that promotes domestic violence. You faith or facts people need to pull ur head out of ur ass’s and stop bringing the worst discrimination to a people in america since the slave trade.

  14. Bearcub

    Wow, This site is AWESOME! I haven’t laughed so hard in a while! All this is so out there, and most of you actually believe it! Man, Homo here, and loving every minute of it. If your God didn’t like the gays, He’d smite us all at birth. Ok, he wants to give us a chance to change? Well, if it was clear we weren’t, why doesn’t he smite us then? I don’t think your God hates at all. You guys are the haters. But regardless, Not interested in little boys here. I’m much more interested in the men who know what they are doing, or some of you religious zealots in a glory hole. The funny thing is, the more vocal the Christians are against homosexuals, the more they get caught with the little boys. LMAO! I say, Let the hypocrites get caught, I think its awesome to see them on the news. It’s the regular gays who don’t really get in trouble, nor do the christians who just mind their own. Keep at it guys! I’ll be checking this site for more laughs! :))


    THIS IS FAKE IT IS GROSS COMEDY go to his website by clickin his name if you like this kind of comedy or just ignore this

  16. 13

    i’m 13 and even I know that this is retarded. Everyone knows its your fuckin priests who prey on little boys. I bet this one was made by one of your priests. Oh, and “god” aint real. Bitch.

  17. Merican

    Christian Warriors, do not allow your youngin’s to be sodomized by these wicked homogays.

    Protect their virgin nether-parts with a series of plugs designed for the male rectum.
    I wear my custom plug that is engraved with the Lords words, “Thou Shall Not Pass!”

    To let all the homosexuals near my rectum know that my anus is an impenitable fortress of God’s loves.

    1. Lisa

      you are putting somethin in there , must mean you are gay, and as for the children….thats a big no-no

    1. nojesuschrist

      Also… is it a “New” invention? That date at the top looks like it says July 4th 1993.

  18. Derek

    You religious freaks have done more to turn people to athieism than anything else on the planet. Get a life and a mind of your own and stop relying on some falso god to dictate how to live your pathetic lives. What are you people smoking to come up with such ludicrous nonsense?

  19. usedtobeChristian

    Well, It is official. It has been a rough year, and I stumbled upon this site while reaching out for affirmation of my faith in God. Now, after all these years, because of this site, I am truly embarrased to call myself a Christian. After reading articles by Tyson Bowers III and Amber, etc., I have been convinced that the Christian faith leads no where. These people actually believe what they are writing, but what is more disturbing is the fact that they think they are doing it as a part of God’s Will. I’m so tired of making excuses for other people in my own religion.

    You have convinced me, though not in the way that you intended. I give up.

  20. jasome

    I feel that only God truly knows who is right and who is wrong in the interpretation of His word. In the mean time, I think He would just like us to get along, stop fighting, and stop scaring each other. He is our Father, and like any other parent He would like some peace in His House.
    Think on that, people.

  21. Daisy Jones

    Is this serious? I genuinly thought this was a pisstake… You can’t actually be a real self respecting person and write this stuff…

    All homosexuals rape children… Yes, and all Jews have horns…

    Nazi germany anyone?

    You are by far one of the most offensive, ridiculous people I have ever had the misfortune to stumble across on the internet. You call yourself a Christian, but you spread hatred and slander, and propogander against people who don’t fit into your narrow minded little world.

    Jesus spits on you.

    Also, dude, you spelt ‘soldier’ incorrectly in your ‘About the Author’ bit, just a heads up.

  22. flsjf1212

    What the fuck is wrong with you? “Gays” are not some subdivision of people out there to harm children. Most of child molesters are just fucked up people, and most aren’t gay. You ignorant, ignorant fuck.

  23. Jeramy

    I am so going to bookmark this site, it is some of the best reading in awhile…so full of fabulous humor!

  24. A catholic parent

    I find this site very remarkable. Full of brain washing material. If anyone took it serious they should book a permanent room at park view medical center. And their reproduction organs removed. With Nuts like these, watch out for another Waco.

    1. A catholic parent

      Oh and another thing, I think you must be a black hatter. As you did refer “young white boys”. Sounds like an endearing term from a KKK member.

  25. rita

    so, this design for a banana extractor/ice cream injector came with instructions for usage, and of course that is how you knew what it’s intended purpose was, right? how else would you have been able to describe your interpretation for usage right?
    “The gays will most likely drug the young child first, tie them up, call over their sugar plum fairy friends, bake their favorite pastry and then shove this up young white boys sewage outputs with “fabulous” cream fillings.” or is that how the manual read? step one: drug young child, step two: tie up young child, step three: call your friends, have them pick up flour, sugar, eggs, cream filling….
    unless, obviously, you are a really fucked-up sicko that would conjure up these scernios in your mind and publish them. because you would have to be a sick fuck to even invent such an idea, you would have to be a SICK FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT to be sitting around fanatasing that this is what anyone would do to a child. unless you’ve 1. seen it done 2. had it done to you 3. done it to somebody else, you wouldn’t know about it because only a SICK FUCK would invent this idea. normal people don’t imagine abuse in such graphic detail. you are a really sick fuck man.

    1. Millennium

      interesting conception seriously I think those wacko are very sick in their mind and Maybe the FBI need to see it

      seriously Only rapist and murderer will have weird idea like that

  26. loudnprouddyke

    wow dude, let me guess.. your dad molested you? or was it your preacher? either way.. you are as equal as to any homosexual out there, just because of your judgement. no sinner is greater than another sin.. and really most folks hate against us because they are scared that, they too, might have the same intentions.. so maybe you should take that device and stick it up your own ass.. you may like it… and fyi. you are no christian. true christians don’t hate others. they accept them for who they are.


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