26 thoughts on “How To Tell If You Are a Illegal Alien – Flowchart

  1. Daniel

    I’m sorry… but as a Mexican I do find this highly offensive, I do have a sense of humor about this kind of things and I do respect everyone’s opinion but this is just wrong

      1. August Weisz

        Hey Tyson,

        Quit tapping you foot under my bathroom stall. I’m already spoken for and you’re too old for me.

          1. August Weisz

            Is there more than one August Weisz in the world? Maybe. No fantasies here. We all know you’re the biggest closet queen in the U.S. Perhaps even the world.

      2. Claire

        Let’s take a look at all of Tyson’s mistakes in creating the flowchart, shall we?

        “Can you speak English”

        Ever heard of a question mark, douchebag?

        “Does you last name have a Ñ in it?”

        Should be “your” and “an Ñ” or “a tilde”.

        “Do you pay taxes”

        Once again, try adding a question mark at the end.

        “You’re not a illegal then”

        Should be “an illegal”

        “Do you work as a gardener or do you get a check from the govt for you 14 kids and preg wife”

        Should be “your 14 kids”, and there should be a question mark at the end. Also, what if it’s a woman reading the chart? Would she have to be a lesbian with 14 kids whose domestic partner is currently pregnant with their 15th?


        Should be “you’re”, as in “you are”.

      3. Sam

        Well tyson,nice that you pointed out his spelling mistakes..apparently that makes him an immigrant. Maybe you should check out the grammar in some of your other posts then do the flowchart yourself?

  2. Blanche Beecham

    I met a friend for lunch out today at our local Mexican restaurant. I love chile relano, so as you can imagine I was pretty concerned I was going to be eating a lot more of it if I didn’t pass this examination.

    Good news, I passed. Bad News, Juanita is off to Querétaro.

    (Be sure and send me a big bottle of Vanilla, Juanita. I’ll take care of your Mercedes.)

    1. Abigail Williams

      Chile Rellano, is satan’s sustenance. Only devil worshipers like their peppers stuffed mexican fashion.

  3. Ice Van Winkle

    Tyson, what a timely and relevant article given the confusion that the Democrats are creating in the minds of the voters with their “Dream Act” and outreach to Mexican voters. Some people think they they are a USA citizen just because their illegal immigrant padres had them here as an anchor baby. No way Jose, as they say south of the border.

    The true constitution was written by Christ through the inspired founders, and these socialist amendments that allow a pathway to citizenship for Mexicans are just polluting our constitution. I trust that when Trump / Bachman win the election they will clean that dirty little mess right up and restore things to their pure state again.

    Truly, illegal immigrants are the greatest threat to our country today.

  4. Aryan Klein

    No puedo entendar esos idiotas que decen que nosotros no estamos americanos. Solomente porque no quiero hablar ingles todo del tiempo no pienso algo que no puedo. El rey del cielo, Jesus, nosama.

    1. Abigail Williams

      Can you speak English? No——-> Aryan Klein = Your an Illegal Alien, Go Back To Mexico!

    2. Christian Intellectual

      Your mexican is terrible. Being Illiterate is not a valid excuse for breaking the law.

  5. Ghost

    So if you don’t know english because you are an old man from a country that doesn’t speak english you need to go back to mexico?



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